Panguso CEO Wang Hongyu the ultimate goal is to exceed Baidu



NetEase Francisco June 21st 2012GSMA mobile Asia Expo, panguso CEO Ms. Wang Hongyu said in an interview with the NetEase of science and technology, the ultimate goal is to achieve the panguso is more than Baidu, the first to be exceeded in the mobile terminal, and said Pangu search is definitely to the profit center, rather than strategic the layout of the mobile.

in November last year, GSMA mobile Asia Congress held in Hongkong, the NetEase technology had interviewed Ms. Wang Hongyu, then just from the operator "transformation" of the Internet Ms. Wang Hongyu with a hint of stiff and serious, but just over half the time, her "Internet" traits will start to clear up.

The Internet or mobile Internet

, seems to be in the first half of this time panguso ideas have been clarified, which yesterday released a panguso gas two mobile applications, Wang Hongyu talked about their search for understanding, she believe that the search itself not to have the user stickiness, a change in the desktop search, do not need to the cost, as long as can enter the domain name. "While the mobile terminal depth will be more viscous, because the input domain is hard on the mobile phone, the user can click directly on the client, so we advocate personal, heart, trustworthy, and signing service life and China Meteorological Bureau, which is to enhance the viscosity."

is the dawn of the search by the Xinhua news agency and China Mobile formed a joint venture in the industry, so called "national team in search". Talking about the integration of resources on the shareholders of Wang Hongyu said, is not to say that the advantages of resources in lying there can be used, in fact is to rely on the ability to absorb, so the company has always stressed that technical staff accounted for 75%, although this is an advantage, but is currently the most difficult point. Wang Hongyu think the company’s personnel structure, including the quality of personnel also need to be further improved, the need to further tap the high-level talent, with the personnel base, some quality resources can be integrated.

Ms. Wang said last year,

, before doing a good job, will not abuse the mobile terminal channels". But this time when she applied the preset operation, said: "want to do first Coolpad prefabricated, but because it is the terminal operators to customize, there are some other terminals in the negotiations, but also through the operator testing process." For the visible channel, panguso was already on the agenda.

always love and panguso people search to sister match, after the people’s search made some changes to buy such a Shuangpin domain name, "is not considered, but this thing and consider the difference between. To tell the truth, you let me spend ten million to buy a shorter name, I think it is not necessary, the name "Panguso" is a meaning. The dreamtime, the chaos of the world into the heavens and the earth. In addition to our mobile clients

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