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news source: "Computer News" in 2012 twenty-first (published on May 28, 2012) news review weekly

began in 1997, has been the emergence of knowledge heroes. The computer reported IT billboard also has long been concerned about these heroes, which has fought for decades old heroes, such as Wang Jiangmin, Qiu Baijun, Lei Jun, Liu Chuanzhi, also has the bright younger generation such as Zhou Hongyi, Ma Yun, Ding Lei, etc.. Once the "hero" of the knowledge they contain the countless heroes, new faces, latecomers become the first example of the Yangtze River is It is often seen., bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach…… The time has gone, but these heroes will not be forgotten, in the first time, they noted, with knowledge of the hero Chizha Zhongguancun, this group experiences and stories, and they founded the enterprise, at that time have been brilliant: Lenovo, founder, Jinshan, 8848, Jiang Min, rising……

1997-2001: This is a time of intellectual heroes


Wang Jiangmin


Lenovo founder Liu Chuanzhi


Yang Yuanqing


Qiu Baijun


Sina early head Wang Zhidong


e-commerce pioneer old banyan

time will not forget, those tragic, brilliant, led by their era, those stories, the first affected the entire Chinese IT industry, and even the world.

Lenovo three line

1997, the domestic IT industry situation is also very clear that foreign manufacturers such as IBM, Intel and Microsoft firmly in control of large systems, high-end products and core technologies of the market, domestic manufacturers in the PC market performance to make people happy. In the rapid expansion of the market, dozens of domestic PC manufacturers have different levels of gains, but the real competitiveness only lenovo. Lenovo with its good market behavior, for China’s information industry has played a great banner. Lenovo behind, Liu Chuanzhi, Yang Yuanqing, Guo Wei and other heroes are also now ringing to the line.

in 2006, Yang Yuanqing became the ten largest Chinese digital heroes in the IT newspaper.

Yang Yuanqing and Liu Chuanzhi



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