OurGame chess website old through the dark world

Compared to

from inception to market in just four years of music funny game (DSKY.NASDAQ) and in July this year was incorporated in September announced the Hong Kong IPO technology, the same as the game company, Lianzhong (06899.HK) the story is clearly much longer.

was once the largest China casual game platform, the establishment of 16 years of the first game created by Bao Yueqiao, Jane Jing, Wang Jianhua three people, experienced Haihong Holdings (000503.SZ) injection, and "married" Korean giants NHN, finally in the year by Yang Qinghe Wu Guoliang to take the capital market stalls.

investors change, strategic swing, executives unrest and a series of "dark experience" has become the past, this time, as CEO Yang finally can speak together is how to survive and go back to the leading position.

can stand lonely

is not celebrating, no hype, the last day of June 2014, people around the sound of a surprise, China old chess website Lianzhong chose a rather low-key way of landing in Hong kong.

more than a month after the belated celebration is finally open. The three founders, Lianzhong the earliest and most prestigious users – "grandmaster Nie Weiping, the new investment, the air network (KONG.NASDAQ) and the Chinese cultural industry investment fund…… The role of witness Lianzhong a journey of one appearance, a no less.

Day celebration event, as the team of "the old man", a long haired, Lianzhong executive director and co chief executive officer Wu Guoliang just a few minutes of broken sound, emotion for a long time can not heal.

although compared to Wu Guoliang, the day of the performance of Yang Qing is quite calm, but after the face of the first Financial Daily reporters also admitted that there is a kind of like running two marathons finally ran to the end of the joy".

"we have regrets (because) this opportunity is not given to others, is their own back. The Internet (industry), there are too many cases of failure, success is to be mostly done in one vigorous effort rushed, rushed up a lot of it. But the breath rushed up, there had been so much like thousands of brilliant, slowly fall down, but also mention the breath up, this is not easy." Yang Qing explains.

public information, Lianzhong game from the end of November 2013 opened the listing plan, on 14 March this year the Hong Kong Stock Exchange submitted IPO application, in June 30th of this year officially listed, and only after 7 months of time.


has a 16 year history of Lianzhong, Yang Qingsuan is a new face. By the end of 2010, Lianzhong management to "Beijing Fu Wai Dvorak Investment Consultants Limited" status to repurchase the former controlling shareholder of Haihong holdings shareholders of NHN group and South Korea held Lianzhong shares, while the appointment of Greater China IBM Yang Qing served as executive chairman and joint Lianzhong >

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