Car patrol MS was announced 30 million yuan investment holding an angel financing

news September 13th, car SaaS platform car guard IMS to I horse said, 30 million yuan has been holding angel financing in the near future the mason. Round of financing will be mainly used to improve the enterprise development strategy, the introduction of the industry’s core talent, to broaden the industry product service chain, etc..

IMS is to do a professional patrol car for auto dealers, marketing management platform of intelligent vehicle to promote the automobile industry, the automobile industry to accelerate the process of Internet plus electricity reform. At present, patrol car IMS has launched the "SaaS," second-hand car sales "SaaS" and "SaaS customer service" and based on the auto dealers and consumers of interconnection of social marketing platform "national car broker" and "patrol car | micro station" five products.

at the same time, as the car dealer management visualization and analysis of large data center, "patrol car IMS configuration of the visualization work report for dealers to users for decision makers to show the whole view of the business analysis model, realize the whole industry chain and dealer oriented customer lifecycle management of digital marketing.

car cloud technology CEO Hu Jianping told I dark horse, car patrol IMS cut into the two dimensions of the market there is a huge business prospects. In the enterprise software services market, the data show that China’s annual growth rate of up to 50% SaaS is expected to maintain the amount of up to 2017.

in addition, Chinese automobile market for 7 consecutive years to become the world’s largest car market, car end 2015 sales exceeded 24 million, customer service end throughout the year 700 billion the size of the market, radiation accessories, supplies, insurance, finance, automobile industry chain is also a great opportunity.

"the entire automotive Internet, product + service composition, service occupy a larger proportion, when Internet platform, C end expands to a certain stage will be found, with no line service of the closed-loop business model originally thought it is difficult to form, at present, the line using online resources to do the reverse" industry + Internet "will be more easy to implement, and car dealers are the main entities under the line of the core."

Hu Jianping said that at present, the patrol car IMS "series of products have been carried out in cooperation with more than 1600 car dealers, such as turnover in 2000 days by car / Tour" IMS "project sales solutions" output car sales management more than 2 clues / day, some cooperation to achieve more than 300 units single month sales dealers, to net electricity sales accounted for 51%.

patrol car IMS platform in addition to the completion of "build sales solutions", also the output of the "car customer service solutions" and "second-hand car dealer solutions" digital marketing management reform program, to help achieve the construction of large car dealer platform virtualization.

talked about the future, Hu Jianping said, car patrol IMS will continue to integrate to help car dealers cut including new car electricity supplier, used car electricity supplier, auto parts and automotive supplies market electricity supplier

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