Following the mouse color text – Code

< STYLE>.Spanstyle{COLOR:  #0066ff;   FONT-FAMILY:  FONT-SIZE:9pt; FONT-WEIGHT:normal; POSITION:absolute; TOP:-50px; VISIBILITY:visible}< /STYLE>

< SCRIPT> < script> var  message=" you have to write the text; " var  X, y; var  step=12; var  flag=0; message=message.split (" " var  xpos=new  Array); (for );; (i=0; i< =message.length-1; {xpos[i]=-50; i++)}; var  ypos=new  Array; for  () (i=0; i< =message.length-1; i++ {ypos[i]=-50); function  handlerMM (E) {x= (document.layers) e.pageX:? Document.body.scrollLeft+event.clientX+10 (document.layers); y=  e.pageY:document.body.scrollTop+event.clientY; flag=1;?}; function  makesnake ({if) (flag==1& & document.all) {for (i=message.length-1; i> =1; {xpos[i]=xpos[i-1]+step; ypos[i]=ypos[i-1]; i–)}; xpos[0]=x+step; ypos[0]=y; for  (i=0;   i< =message.length-1;   {var  thissp i++) An=eval (" span" + (I) +".Style"); thisspan.posLeft=xpos[i]; thisspan.posTop=ypos[i>

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