See how 5 years to create a brilliant small city used sites


garbage station, decided to make a decent website. What to do to make sense, and finally decided to do a local station. This can serve the local people and realize my dream. After examining several local sites, it was found that none of them had been offered a complete commodity trading site. Finally decided to use the first to do keywords, in order to have a good ranking on Baidu.

website in order to increase popularity, I set up an online film and entertainment section of the site, but I still actively develop my second-hand trading.

on the site opened a second-hand car, second-hand housing, second-hand computers, second-hand furniture, used digital and other multiple sections. I started the local Post Bar do publicity, a member of a buy second-hand housing information, I will help him to other local information to see, really see a to sell second-hand housing, I contacted the seller on the phone, there are several sets of house sellers, now eager to when I put my contact telephone to inform me of the members, he was very moved! Said I did not expect this secondary network will be so responsible for him. The seller of the house to 220 thousand, through on-the-spot investigation and bargain for several days, in the final 185 thousand transactions, the seller said thanks to me give me one thousand, I do not want to. The site opened without a week to achieve the transaction volume of more than 180 thousand, even more strengthened my confidence.

in order to promote the website I print name card, print media to go to the local, to find a few, they say my station is not popular, not to cooperate with me, my heart sad, want to find small cooperation not find large, there are three big supermarkets in our local, I’ll find one of the biggest one, I told them, I think they have a mobile phone and video contest, as long as we can enroll in the mobile phone, shooting does not limit what, but must be the big supermarket in the video, the supermarket to do is provide the video contest look at the prize, they seem to have a crush, I told them, we have become partners and the local number of print media and local websites, they are willing to support this activity. Perhaps I was so afraid to find another two, it is very happy to agree that they are responsible for the activities of the prizes, and publicity costs. We are only responsible for the network, the management and the voting machine finishing video to participate in activities, with their support, I went to the print media, tell them the big supermarkets have decided to cooperate with us, they heard the big supermarkets and our cooperation, immediately agreed. With the cooperation of a large supermarket and several print media cooperation, it is easy to get a few local site.

mobile phone video contest began, the big supermarket mainly propaganda, their doors on the street are my website address, several print media and local web sites support this activity, their advantage is that in the publicity they are printed on the activities of the partners, finally, the media inside the supermarket, the supermarket, the street, the plane sent.

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