Rookie super sweat website promotion method

today and a few small webmaster exchange. They asked me, my web site home, how quickly Baidu included, ah, you help me do some links, you teach me some way. Then I will give you my experience to talk about, I hope you also give advice:

how quickly Baidu and Google new station included it?

novice, very rubbish approach, is to submit Baidu and google. That’s what the book says, it’s true, but it’s slow. Just teach us how to make money. I feel the most promising is to read a book every day nerd. Then I’ll tell you, what is skill. What is a strong attack.

1 login site. Looking for his 100 Web site, many can be submitted directly through the kind of,…… Should not be less than 50. If you have submitted, your weight is too high to be reached. A few days to the line

industry first.

2 blog.

Sina blog:

Sohu blog:

blog network:


CCID blog:


Baidu space:


Tom blog:

Tianya blog:

NetEase blog:

Phoenix blog:

China Blog Network:

Google blog:

blog: h>.

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