Asia domain name auction date postponed open registration on schedule

from the DotAsia Registration Bureau, registered the domain name auction period Asia time arrangement is expected in mid April. In the period of trademark registration applications in the Asia domain, is audited by qualified, two or two more than for the same domain auction, the auction of this type of audit and the domain registration bureau has 99.5%, there are also continuing treatment. The registration bureau will rush Asia domain name auction date postponed to mid April.

in the sunrise period and the period of cybersquatting, ".Asia" domain has received about 500000 applications. Among them, there are 45000 domain names received more than one application, and therefore will be determined by the auction winner. The auction has proven to be successful in avoiding the confusion that has been created by the registrar for high value domain names as a new domain name was launched. Asia domain name auction is conducted by, canada. The company will send a Email to the applicant tenth days before the auction to invite an auction. Email will include the details of the domain name auction: an account activation link, account name and password. As long as the applicant activated the account, you can enter the auction to see the information. This notification is sent by the [email protected], the registration authority to remind stakeholders not to filter out such mail.

At the same time

,.Asia domain name has been registered in March 26th 20:00 open Internet era and Asia registration bureau at the same time open registration Asia domain name, is the first domestic synchronous open registration business, and to $159 a year to seize the market price. Global users can register their own.Asia domain name in a first come first served. There are already a lot of valuable Asia domain name registration success in the era of internet. Due to the reasons for the retention of the Registrar, the place name and some other domain names can only be retained to the relevant government or organization to register. Zhong Hongan, chief executive officer of DotAsia, said: "there are 10 million domain names registered in China, and more than 150 million of the global domain name registration, the public are beginning to realize the potential of".Asia "domain name. There are millions of high value ".Asia" domain name can be "first come first served" registration."

from the.Asia domain name cybersquatting is like a raging fire can be seen as the.Asia domain name auction online gold real estate potential and the importance of domestic domain name. .asia domain name will become a new driving force for the domain name market, will become an important platform for promoting the whole of Asia and even the global online activities and business communications.

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