Suning exposure 1 hours of sales even broken two years double record of 11

news today, November 11th, Su Ning said the sales data of the double 11 1 hours prior to the state power grid. After the start of the double 11, 11 minutes and 34 seconds, Suning sales in 2013 more than double the total amount of the whole day of the day; 25 minutes and 18 seconds, sales of more than double the total amount of the whole day in 2014 of 11.

Su Ning said that the dual 11 hours before the sale of the situation, the user is mainly concentrated in Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, the top 6 cities. From the platform point of view, the majority of mobile end users, about 86% of total users, from the age point of view, the user is 95 after the crowd of 53%. In addition, Suning’s double 11 hi buy night party, a total of 54 million 753 thousand people attracted to watch, and added a new member of the 328%.

Sales of

in various departments, the characteristics of Museum Zigui Museum of orange, one hour sales of 55 thousand pounds; the Ministry of communications, the flagship of red rice 4 thousand yuan, total sales of 264321 units; the supermarket business, keep track of new zero lactose milk (box) sales of 150 thousand boxes; ice washing department in the end, ice wash products pre-sale payment in 2015 11 more than double all day long; kitchen division, online sales of water purifier 20 thousand Taiwan, dishwasher year-on-year sales reached 10 times growth; Electrical Division of life in the United States in the microwave 211A an hour to sell 60 thousand, Xianfeng heater DYT-Z2 an hour sales of 20 thousand units; black division, PPTV55 inch color TV, 1 minutes and 36 seconds to sell more than 10 thousand Taiwan; digital division, Canon 700D camera, 1 hours sales exceeded 2000 units.

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