Group Zibei website industry development in labor pains in

in June 3rd with the rise of the United States buy site Groupon, the domestic group buying site also quickly swept up. Just a few months, the domestic webmaster to loot group purchase this fat group from the United States to Allah group to cool group, Poly Group, "group" Zibei website emerge in an endless stream.

, according to Nanfang Daily reported that since Renren, no rice network founder Wang Xing founded in March, the U.S. mission network, just a few months time, there have been more than and 300 sites have been on-line. Although this follow-up rate shows a keen insight into the domestic foreign new profit model, but also shows the overall copy, the lack of innovation in the early stages of the development of new industries. Therefore, in the trend of the situation, but also hidden inevitable crisis was eliminated.

follow the new profit model to buy

American buy site Groupon was founded in November 2008, through the sale of discounted goods and services, Groupon current weekly net profit reached or even more than $1 million. Groupon expects revenue this year will be $350 million. In April this year, the company received a $130 million investment in the latest round of financing, this round of financing for Groupon valuation of $1 billion 350 million. Groupon did not raise the funds for the company, because Groupon is now profitable.

earlier, U.S. technology blog TechCrunch, founder of Arlington once said that the group purchase website Groupon CEO Mason revealed to him, the site was cloned in Russia and Chinese.

such a favorable income of a project, it is not surprising that lead to follow suit. The success of Groupon led to a large number of similar sites to come out, the emergence of many European cloning Groupon "buy once a day," the idea of the site. At present, the world’s leading website of imitation Groupon was founded in the United Kingdom Snippa, Germany’s Daily Deal and CityDeal, etc.. At the end of the month, the Brazil group purchase website Peixe Urbano (city of fish) officially launched, providing services to the group purchase nearly 70 million Internet users in Brazil. Peixe Urbano founder Vasconcellos acknowledged that the site has a lot of similarities with Groupon."

at the same time, the number of domestic buy site also sprung up like mushrooms. Founded in March, the United States Mission network as the representative of the first group to buy the site on the line, driven by the establishment of hundreds of late buy site. Allegedly, in just two months time there are more than more than and 300 buy site. And the reason why a project launched so fast, in fact, the overall structure of the Groupon site and a city recommend a product every day, almost completely copy the business model.

industry development is inevitable " labor pains " elimination is difficult to avoid

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