Habitat coffee form

ranks first in the world’s three largest beverage coffee, has a pivotal position in the world. Is he still has an important role in the economy: it is the second most widely traded commodity after oil, has been used as western life necessities, now has to enter the China, and has gradually gained people’s approval, the position is consolidating. What are the best coffee brands in China?

nest — "heart nest habitat", where you can let your heart be perched third living space! Nest (Anhui) coffee chain brand group is based on the study and absorption of many European coffee culture and the essence, characteristic and cultural connotation to create local brand of coffee. Habitat nest is a coffee shop as the carrier for the dissemination of coffee culture, for customers to create a fashion, leisure, physical and mental release of the third living space!

years in undisputed nest and brand image, to the world-renowned espresso original culture as the basis, to ensure that the pure taste at the same time, to meet the people’s tastes, a unique leisure coffee culture, accurate in the domestic market. In the introduction of Western coffee mature management mode at the same time, people in Europe and the United States will continue to explore their nest food culture and food culture Chinese combination, created by consumers and sought after fashion leisure places.

We always believe that China

will be the largest market in the future of the world coffee consumption, the potential is limitless, so we always adhere to the most suitable Chinese own leisure coffee. We believe that the nest has a professional management team, is bound to improve the system, the Chinese style leisure coffee bigger and stronger!

join form:

a franchise

1, habitat nest headquarters will own the trademark, proprietary products, proprietary technology, management mode, chain mode, such as the form of franchising paid to the franchisee in a specific area to open stores;

2, the franchisee to pay all the costs involved in the franchise contract, in accordance with the requirements of the nest chain stores to join the standard investment in the store.

two, equity congregation raised

1, in order to ensure the competitiveness of the shop, nest headquarters through years of exploration, actively respond to the "Internet plus" thinking, all stores must comply with all the chips shop principle;

2, the public to raise a total of 108 shareholders, joining their own holdings of 51%, the other 49% equity investment by the average person to enjoy the;

3, habitat nest headquarters and the franchisee signed

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