2016 chicken to make money so the most profitable chicken 1000 yuan a

is a chicken on the table poultry we usually eat chicken, also has many kinds, good chicken prices are very expensive, such as ginseng chicken, just listen to this name that this chicken should be very expensive, of course, if the chicken breeding, business is certainly is very hot, go to look at it!

and the special culture of the market is the key to determine the special breeding project, because of special economic animal breeding cost is higher, and the price is more expensive, consumer, product demand elasticity, for people do not understand things, promotion is difficult.

2015 chicken to make money? Relative to these special breeding projects, chicken or money. Of course, if you want to make a lot of money, these traditional breeding project also hides great opportunities, now the small series for you some examples, look at these rural yangjihu money trick:

30 yuan a kilo of chicken

1995, Zheng Yuquan Ling Bai, from planting mushroom and other edible mushroom bacteria gradually turned to one of the first to test the water – cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum Ganoderma lucidum, will succeed. But when Zheng Yuquan was happy, a real problem stumped him. No one recognized, we all know that Ganoderma lucidum is a good thing, but are recognized in the wild, do not believe that the cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum." Even with the price of gold spores of Ganoderma lucidum, can only be free to recommend

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