Moderate price off-season help of business

business season, even if the goods are sold at high prices, do not worry about sales problems. However, the annual Spring Festival season is popular in general after a month at the beginning of ten business will gradually cool down. Right when I count it inventory, found most of the product sales is also good, in addition to the beverage brand because of too much inventory pressure a lot, there are a lot of other goods inventory, and did not appear out of stock and squeeze phenomenon, therefore I also secretly.

In order to make

drinks sold faster, I have to drink in front of a doorway into the door, so that customers can see, but the effect is not obvious, a few days down the door of the customers are asked not to buy the price, this let me feel helpless.

after lunch I go out the trash, back when I saw the morning to shop and asked the two old customers drinks prices, each carrying two barrels of two flavors, 2.5L Huiyuan fruit juice, although the heart is not happy, but still with the two customer call move,

sorry small late, go to your store in the morning to see your home Huiyuan Juice price to sell 13 yuan, people in front of the house was sold for $12, a bucket on the difference of $1 ah

listened to the customer to do, I feel very strange, "no? Huiyuan fruit meter into the price of 50 yuan per box, each box of 4 barrels, the price will be $12.5, how can sell $12? I have not been playing with that peer price war phenomenon, the customer has no reason to cheat me,

with questions, I went home to call the Huiyuan Beverage supplier, only to know that after the beverage prices fell 1 yuan per barrel. And I’m a year ahead, I’ve got a lot more. Suppliers also said that the market price changes quickly, which is also very helpless.

I calculate the remaining liquid, if it continues to sell 13 yuan, in the warranty period will be sold to consumers, but on the other hand, if I was a customer the same goods one yuan price, I will not buy, because the price will have a negative impact on the whole shop, so I immediately put the phone down the Huiyuan fruit juice price to 11 `? 5 yuan coins, although the sales price will cause a loss, but the price to second days – customers increased significantly, but also led to other goods go, no wrong I know your decision.

many people are not in favor of commodity prices, that this is not a healthy competition. However, as the saying goes, will have to lose, through this thing again for a management "concept, in the market for the cold period, lower prices to attract customers, promote the amount of goods go is a good means of Guan Jian moment don’t insist on original benefits to small and moderate prices, not necessarily is a bad thing.

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