One can not miss the whole brand goods stew delicacy

called you know the goods chowhound stew this brand? Do you know the name of the braised goods come from? There is a long story behind it.

legend of Emperor Qianlong Jiangnan, eat lunch, for carrying food is not much, it is difficult to complete, then select some herbs, chef main ingredients were rare and secret deployment, more than ten kinds of flavor sauce, used to brew "bear, deer tail" and other valuable ingredients taste, the perfect show Manhanquanxi brilliant. The emperor Longyan, given name "Han stew", inherited.

Chinese delicacy, braised word at the head! Fresh ingredients, secret sauce, food sealed stew, without cover, do not stir, not by air disturbance, let the aroma of food, nutrition, health tonic Jiapin is. "The goods enjoy delicacy – braised potpourri pot" to poultry meat and poultry as the main ingredient, with onion, sweet potato, celery, Chinese wolfberry as the ingredients, combined with sauces, all over the country and more than ten kinds of flavoring bags, arbitrary selection, meat collocation, the achievements of the new flavors of


on the market enable products are mostly introduced several packages, then no tricks, because they cannot control the ingredients between odor. The exclusive secret sauce braised goods after 100 years of inheritance, containing a variety of rare ingredients, scientific and accurate proportion to resist new functional odor sauce. Headquarters unified package output, to ensure that a variety of flavors can be authentic reproduction, such as 100 stores



issued dozens of series of products with a combination of classic delicacy pot. Nutrition, beauty, health care, diet and other types of large, so that diners have multiple choices, a "pot" foot addiction.

the stew is a food and beverage brand is worth you to join the project, if you are on the brand to join what other problems want to know, please leave a message in our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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