City Women’s Federation 1115 to allow women to benefit

In the party’s mass line of educational practice, the Municipal Women’s Federation Party firmly relying on the "1346" practice carrier, combined with their own reality, focus on the implementation of the "1115" method (around a target, based on a fundamental, highlighting a starting point, the implementation of the five act), seriously practice the mass line, to help women get benefits.

to put into the construction of city women’s Federation of women’s strong position, warm home "as the goal, do a solid job of organization of women, women, women, guide service work to safeguard the rights and interests of women and children. To "serve the overall situation, service for women and children" as the fundamental, to maintain good, to achieve good, the development of women and children, the most fundamental, the most direct, the most realistic interests. In "100 100, 100 couplet to do 100 activities as the starting point, the city’s women’s Federation cadres contact 30 Village (community)" women’s home ", actively for the broad masses of women to do practical, problem-solving things. At the same time, the implementation of women’s business to promote the development of urban and rural women in action, leading to join the economic development and social progress of civilization in building a new work; the implementation of women’s civilization harmonious action, leading women to contribute in maintaining social harmony and stability; the implementation of women’s rights and promote the stable operation, leading the majority of women play a unique role in the social and family construction; the implementation of women taught the strong quality of action, leading women to enhance the value of your life in society; the implementation of women’s services to improve the ability of action, leading women’s organizations at all levels to further enhance their level of scientific construction.  

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