Chinese and foreign photographers focus Xining xiadou

On September 20th, Chinese and foreign photographers "beautiful Qinghai photography collection" the last station in Qinghai city of Xining province held. The same day, the photographers came to the provincial capital Nanshan Park, in the face of the plateau forest landscape, the masters issued heartfelt praise.

Nanshan, it was an opportunity in landscape photography, photographers came to Phoenix Pavilion, Nanchan temple, Glasgow Dandong miniature landscape and other scenic spots, through the lens of a true representation of the ecological landscape in Xining.

the large-scale photography collection activity is in accordance with the central propaganda office publicity planning and implementation, by Chinese photography Copyright Association and the Qinghai provincial government propaganda office organized a large-scale photography collection activity. The organizers invited from Italy, the United States, South Korea and the China intercontinental photographer photographer composed of luxury lineup, into the Hoh Xil line, Yushu line, Huangnan line, line and Golog around Qinghai Lake in Xining – Hainan – east sea the 5 coverage in Qinghai province and the national key ecological and protected areas along the line. The in-depth photography folk songs creation. Photographers photography collection activity rare this done their homework, they take on the aerial equipment, a photographer even with the value of 1 million 500 thousand yuan of sophisticated photographic equipment into the heart of Qinghai, shooting the beautiful Qinghai scenery and colorful ethnic customs.

"Qinghai left a deep impression to me, I love the mountains here very much, especially the spectacular landscape of snow capped mountains, grasslands is a must." The Qinghai folk songs, photographers have highly.  

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