Xining multi linkage for the Qing food exhibition escort

in order to ensure the smooth development of the 2015 food fair, in the municipal Party committee and government’s strong support and promotion, the relevant departments of the city invested a lot of manpower, material resources, and actively carry out preparatory work. So, the preparation of Xining? In order to ensure the smooth progress of the food show, Xining has done what work? In this regard, the reporter interviewed the Xining City Council Secretary General Zhao Zhixing.

to meet the Qing food exhibition, Xining has done what work?

answer: Xining set up a leading group to step up the atmosphere to create, city sanitation, public transport vehicles, security protection, etc..

* good publicity. Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department to lead, contact the relevant media inside and outside the province, to carry out a comprehensive coverage of the exhibition, to create a public opinion atmosphere. At the same time, led by the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, with the district government, and actively coordinate the relevant units to carry out the work of the exhibition atmosphere.

city sanitation regulation. Municipal Urban Management Bureau with the city is the city comprehensive environmental remediation hundred days of action and air pollution remediation work, and actively carry out environmental remediation work, has arranged for construction waste disposal of sediment transport, food waste collection and transportation, city sanitation, entrance door plaque and outdoor advertising "in front of three" special rectification work and road dust and public facilities cleaning work.

* to do public transport vehicle protection. City Traffic Bureau led inspectors to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the city bus and taxi car capacity car appearance, health, security services, to ensure the normal operation of vehicle. At the same time, increase the investigation and punishment of illegal operating vehicles. During the exhibition, according to the needs of tourists and the public on passenger vehicles, the opening day of the opening of a bus from the South Gate management station to the South Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition center.

safety protection. The Municipal Public Security Bureau, the City Planning Commission, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Food and drug supervision and Management Bureau, traffic bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau and other members of the unit will show security, health and epidemic prevention, food safety, fire and other issues have made a plan and emergency plan. To do a good job in the exhibition during the comprehensive management of social security, safety and traffic safety, fire safety, hotels, restaurants, stations and other places of health and safety epidemic prevention work. At the same time, water supply, gas supply and communications departments have also taken measures to arrange special arrangements to protect the normal operation of public facilities.

How to

in Xining, the exhibition? Which products?

Answer: according to the requirements of the Organizing Committee of

Province on halal industry Xining 144 square meters of special work, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, CCPIT, Datong County, East District actively carry out the exhibition design, exhibitors screening, industry exhibition planning etc.. There are about 40 Muslim business related products exhibition, including dairy products, meat products, products, food and beverage categories (non-alcoholic), such as the six major categories of textile products. In the exhibition area, in order to show the development of Xining city in the form of graphic and product;

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