Ministry of public security, the basic level of public culture, literature and art team in Datong pe

Ministry of public security, the basic level of public culture, literature and art team in Datong performances


Ministry of public security public security grassroots line theatrical team in Datong performances

recently, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Ministry of public security under the leadership of Liu Shibin, the Ministry of public security, public security and cultural base for "a line of 38 people came to Datong County of Xining City, dedicated to a wonderful performance for the local police, armed police officers and soldiers, by the local police and their families, Gong Anying strong families, difficult to police on behalf of a warm welcome. People of all nationalities. Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy party secretary Shen Sen, deputy director of the municipal public security bureau Party committee, political department director Dai Yanzhao watched the show. Datong County Public Security Bureau on behalf of the police, armed police, fire officers and representatives, as well as representatives of the model, some of the police, the family and the community of nearly 1000 people watched the show.

4 pm that day, Datong County, the town of small square filled with a happy atmosphere. In the warm and cheerful song and dance "hard work", the Ministry of public security, the grassroots level of public security culture show officially opened the curtain, colorful programs won the audience bursts of applause. "Since put on the uniform, I will remember to serve the people, the people are my parents, is the backbone of our republic……" Full of passion "Chinese police", to sing the voice of the police sketch; "East sunrise rain" is to show the police as a great sacrifice to protect the peace, deeply touched the hearts of the audience.

"public security culture grassroots line" is the Ministry of public security so far the largest organization of grassroots condolences performances. More than 30 literary squad players from Shanghai, Guangdong, Hainan and other more than and 10 provinces of the public security organs, they displayed a variety of art forms to the police in combating crime, protecting the people, maintaining stability in the brave and selfless dedication, "the three focus" and "three building" the requirements to the grass-roots public security organs, the Ministry of public security party and transfer care to grassroots police, public security police sent to the masses of the people love the people, and promote a harmonious relationship.




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