Chaos buried buried in the northern part of the Xining Civil Affairs Department launched a civil war

Beishan is a green area of Xining, but the chaos is buried here is a long-standing problem. Over the years, the Xining civil affairs department to governance, but the transformation of the Grave Tombstone, and take out in the near future. As of August, funeral Management Office of Civil Affairs Bureau of Xining City, the transformation of the 263 seat re pile up Grave Tombstone, which is higher than last year’s numbers rebound.

August 13th, the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau funeral management office deputy director Shi Guode said, after several years of governance, Beishan rhyme ieguchi toll station west, east of the green area of Beishan market chaos phenomenon obviously improve buried buried strife. A lot of people will be grave in situ transformation, and a tree, each grave with flowers mourning, the phenomenon of burning less green area. No transformation of the tomb will be one by one by the civil affairs department. But after the transformation of many people will buried tombstone re erected, and pouring cement, flat head has been piled up high.


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