Xining City Chengdong district to carry out the activities of common love love day the whole society

March 3rd, Eastern District of Xining City CDPF by the combination of centralized and scattered in the area, organized a "love day" publicity and education activities.

this year, the Twelfth "national love day" is the theme of "rehabilitation starts — to promote newborn hearing screening". Around this theme, the East District Education Bureau, district hospital, Hui District CDPF CDPF, Lane Street and Halal Muslim Lane communities, village residual Association, concentrated in the international village square, by hanging to recover from that began to vigorously promote the newborn hearing screening "and other slogans for the content of the banner, set point counseling clinic and show the students to ear ear for content creation, posters and Community Association staff residual elaborate blackboard, sporadic newborn hearing screening materials science knowledge, vigorously promote the newborn hearing screening of newborn babies in our country, meaning to screening the background and the present situation, after the intervention, the hearing screening of newborn hearing screening process, high risk children with hearing loss and other factors. There are 70 students dressed in school uniforms in the crowd distribute promotional materials, active atmosphere of the scene; Xining CDPF leadership inspection guidance, but also inspired the enthusiasm of the staff on site.

in order to "love day" propaganda and education into the campus, rehabilitation specialists Chengdong District Education Bureau, District Federation invited the provincial federations, through the "banbantong network" of Xiao Quan primary school 37 class more than 2400 students the ear ear education.

in the East District of "love day" of the Communist Party of China set the propaganda point 8, banners 31, show the students creative posters, 28 pieces of community made residual Association blackboard newspaper 40, posting 260 slogans and distributed more than 2100 copies of promotional materials, effectively creating "began to promote the rehabilitation of newborn" hearing screening from the discovery of the social atmosphere.  

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