The eight departments of the province jointly carry out special rectification of the salt Market

5 23 January to September 10th, Qinghai Province Economic and Information Committee, Qinghai provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial public security department, Qinghai provincial health and Family Planning Commission and other eight departments jointly carry out salt market rectification, to ensure the safety of our province salt market, to create a good environment to promote the reform of the salt industry.

according to the State Council "on the issuance of salt reform program notice" and the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of "strengthening the safety management of manufacturing and selling fake salt salt to carry out special rectification letter" requirements, our province decided to carry out the special rectification of manufacturing and selling fake salt, to crack down on the production and sale of counterfeit and inferior salt and salt doping adulteration and other illegal activities, rectification and standardization of the salt market. According to reports, last year, the province handled a total of 117 cases of salt related cases, the confiscation of counterfeit salt of 43.85 tons.

it is understood that the special rectification work is divided into self-examination, rectification, remediation, summed up four stages. By letter departments shall be responsible for organizing the special rectification work, strengthen industry management and administrative law enforcement efforts to crack down on illegal salt behavior, and the establishment of manufacturing and selling fake salt "blacklist" system. The renovation process, will publicize the iodine deficiency hazard knowledge, increase efforts to crack down on manufacturing and selling fake salt, increase the inferior salt, industrial by-product salt source remediation efforts to control the increase of rural and pastoral areas, urban high, remote mountainous areas and the endemic areas of iodine deficiency disease and prone to salt, increase the food processing sectors the rectification, focus on rural markets, agricultural and sideline products market regulation, to increase salt consumption regulation, focus on the food and beverage industry, the school cafeteria renovation, and through the "credit Qinghai" website disclosure of manufacturing and selling fake salt typical case.


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