Special inquiry focus on consultation subsistence

How to put an end to human relations, the relationship between Paul?" How to define the object of science?" "How to solve the problem of low household separation?" "Please reply"…… November 12th morning, such a dialogue in the Xining City People’s Government in the six floor conference room repeatedly appeared. This is not an ordinary question, but the City District People’s Congress organized a special inquiry.

why special inquiry choice is low? City People’s Congress Standing Committee, the relevant person in charge explained: this work has been the focus of attention of the people, hot and difficult, and directly related to people’s livelihood." To this end, the city people’s Congress from the beginning of August this year, began to layout related work. Not only to develop a detailed implementation plan, also part of the organization of the District People’s Congress and specialized personnel, by listening to the reports, home visits, discussion etc., to carry out preliminary research on the city residents of the lowest living security work.No effect of

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