Remembering The Tortured Genius Of Jim Morrison On The Anniversary Of The Doors’ Disastrous Final Show [Videos]

first_imgThe last The Doors concert with Jim Morrison took place on December 12th, 1970, bringing a disappointing close to a dominant band in rock music. It’s hard to know when the music’s truly over, but the way lead singer and resident lunatic Jim Morrison finished this show at The Warehouse in New Orleans left little doubt in the rest of the bands’ minds that the end was here. Nothing in life lasts forever, and no one here gets out alive.When looking for bands to sum up not the spirit but the reality of the sixties, you need look no further than The Doors. They quite literally were the hottest band in the land—psychedelic rockers fronted by a dark poet who railed at the world from his pulpit. Jim Morrison didn’t sing to his audience, he preached sermons of indecipherable meanings with lyrical wordplay and a raw passion that kept listeners spellbound.The Doors – “The Crystal Ship”/”Light My Fire” – American Bandstand – 1967[Video: Diopriest2]Keyboardist Ray Manzarek and UCLA film school classmate Morrison shared a love of music and an ambitious creative spirit. In an all-too-perfect moment, the two famously formed the band on the beaches of Venice, CA, after Manzerek heard some lyrics Morrison had written. Recruiting John Densmore on drums and guitarist Robbie Krieger, The Doors were open for business in a matter of days. After writing music to Morrison’s words and coming up with a few fresh tunes together, the band took the Los Angeles music scene by storm and quickly earned a record deal with Columbia Records.The band went on to release eight studio albums in just five years, establishing their sound as a mixture of madness-tinged poetry, hushed lulls, and frenzied explosions of cacophony. Their name, The Doors, was taken from an Aldous Huxley book, The Doors Of Perception, written about a mescaline experience. Morrison was interested in writing and art since childhood and had headed to film school to try and find a way to express the roiling passions inside of him. He had long searched for a key to unlock the truth, and through his early use of psychotropic drugs, he found his release.Jim Morrison – “Shaman Dances” (Live)[Video: Faicchiocat]The rest of the band joined him at first, making their early shows wild affairs, almost pure hedonistic bacchanals. The staid and uptight atmosphere of the fifties and sixties had been covering up the fear of nuclear annihilation and constant war. The children of the baby boom were coming of age, rejecting the violence and inequality of the world as it was, and looking to change what they saw around them. The flower power generation exploded in the middle of the decade, wanting nothing more than to “Tune In, Turn On and Drop Out” of the roles society had waiting for them. And unto them came a voice telling them there was a way out.Songs like “Break On Through (To The Other Side)”, “People Are Strange”, and “Strange Days” showcased The Doors’ determination to get people to look at life through fresh eyes and see how it really was. The Free Love movement was also in full swing, and sexy songs like “Light My Fire”, “Love Me Two Times”, and “Twentieth Century Fox” helped create an air of hyper-charged sexuality that made Morrison an international sex symbol. Sadly, tunes like “The End”, “Five To One”, and “When The Music’s Over” also showcased Morrison’s near-obsession with death and finality.The Doors – “When The Music’s Over” – Hollywood Bowl 1968[Video: ROCK]The holy trinity of “Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll” was joined in the music of The Doors by the ever-present specter of the Grim Reaper. As the sixties progressed, Morrison’s copious drug use greatly affected the band’s live shows. In concert, you were as likely to see a transformative meditation on the deepest subjects of life as you were to see Morrison mutter incomprehensibly into a microphone and howl in pain and confusion for reasons not even the band could truly understand.This unreliability took its toll on the friendships among the bandmates. Manzarek, Krieger, and Densmore were eager to play to the fans but were hamstrung by the unpredictability of their frontman. Though The Doors featured a stellar collection of instrumentalists, it was Morrison who was the lightning rod of attention. As the sixties wound down, the three found themselves dreading each performance, having no idea which Jim was coming out to play that night.The band was in Los Angeles finishing what would be their final studio album, L.A. Woman, when they were approached with the idea of doing a small promo tour for the upcoming release. Over the previous two years, Morrison had been arrested onstage during a performance, arrested again after a show for exposing himself, and exited the stage dozens of other times after he was unable or unwilling to continue performing. They reluctantly agreed to book two shows, with thoughts of extending the tour if things went well.The Doors – L.A. Woman – Full AlbumThe first night in Texas went off well enough, but the seeds of destruction had long ago been planted in Morrison, and they sprouted fully that fateful night in New Orleans on this date in 1970. Before the show, Morrison spent the day drinking and casually indulging in a cornucopia of drugs, including a strong dose of psychedelics. What was originally intended as a mind-opening religious rite had deteriorated into a way to stay awake long enough to perform.Cracks appeared early in the set, as Morrison was unhappy with the song selection and continually urged the band to play “St. James Infirmary Blues”, singing that song’s lyrics no matter what song was actually being played. The bearded, overweight, and out of his mind Morrison was prone to collapsing onstage, and their last show proved to be no exception. The band left the stage in disgust, with Manzarek later saying he felt as if he could “See Jim’s spirit leave his body, even though he was still standing right there” in his autobiography.Whether or not his spirit had left him, the will to perform certainly had. Lying on the stage, he urged concert-goers to cheer and call the band back out when he roused from his stupor. The band, not wanting to deny their fans a show, begrudgingly came back out. Their return was short-lived, however, as just a few songs later, Morrison, like a man possessed, began to hammer the base of his microphone stand into the stage itself. He rained blows down until the boards gave way, and the mic and stand disappeared from his hands for what would be the last time.Immediately afterward, the other three members voted unanimously to end their live performances, feeling that it was wrong to promise their fans a product that they could not produce. Morrison finished the overdubs for L.A. Woman and retreated to Paris to write and escape the temptations that so easily ensnared him. In a very real way, Morrison had closed the book on his live performance career by breaking on through to the other side, though not in a way his younger self would have imagined outside the worst of bad trips. Morrison was dead less than a year later, and any hopes of a reunion were gone along with him.America in the sixties rode a wave of budding idealism, breaking down social and sexual taboos in an attempt to be free. Unfortunately for many, that freedom was over-used and abused, and many of the brightest from that generation fell victim to the many forms of self-destruction that arise when limitations are discarded. The Doors had ridden the crest of that wave as well as any band, and like all waves, crashed into the shore and dispersed back to the sea.[Originally published 12/12/16]last_img read more

BASKETBALL — Lady Eagles start season with win

first_imgBob Hope Lady Eagles head coach Stephanie Jones noted that her team played great defense and was moving the ball well on offense during their strong season start at home Tuesday, beating the Hackberry, La., Lady Mustangs 26-22. Senior Esmeralda Cruz led the Lady Eagles with seven points while sophomore Aneth Mendoza scored five points. Sophomores Victoria Gutierrez and Jennifer Lopez each scored four points.Bob Hope will host Anahuac today at 5:30 p.m.last_img

These are the stories that generated the most 2020 interest (No. 6-10)

first_img According to the affidavit for Castille’s arrest, Beaumont Police were called to Hair World Beauty Supply on Avenue A, where the store manager told officers Castille tried to leave with the unpaid merchandise but the door was locked remotely by the owner.While police were watching the surveillance video, she reportedly turned and coughed in the face of one of the officers, loudly stating she was sick and had the coronavirus.The officer turned his face away from her but she leaned in to cough in his face several more times before being escorted to the patrol vehicle, the affidavit stated.No. 7 – INDICTMENT: Nederland man, woman force victim into the corner during home burglary A Nederland man and woman who reportedly made a man sit in a corner while burglarizing his home were indicted by a Jefferson County grand jury Oct. 7.According to the affidavits for their arrests, Haley Renee Mudd, 28, and Jason Demery Weatherford, 42, knocked on the front door of a home in the 1100 block of South 15th Street in Nederland and when the homeowner opened the door, the couple pushed their way inside.During the June break-in, Weatherford reportedly forced the male victim into a corner and made him sit down while the female grabbed the victim’s phone so he could not call for help.Weatherford then stood next to the victim while the female began going through the victim’s belongings.The victim told police the robbers were looking for money and the female took two credit cards from inside his wallet and his cellphone.Military equipment is parked in a fenced-in area at Seventh Street and Austin Avenue. (Mary Meaux/The News)No. 8 – Why the increased military presence in Port Arthur? Fort Polk has some answers. In late September, many in the community were asking why there was an increased presence of military vehicles.Some social media concerns even suggested a martial law-type scenario was coming. That proved not to be the case.Kim Reischling, public affairs officer with Fort Polk, said the location was preparing to receive military equipment from the Port of Port Arthur and Port of Beaumont.The equipment and the military personnel are preparing for big training exercises at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, located in central Louisiana. The training involves a rotation of soldiers from Fort Campbell in Kentucky.Reischling called it realistic high speed training for soldiers.The groups were spread out in Port Arthur. Two large white tents reminiscent of the ones Hurricane Harvey evacuees stayed in back in 2017 were located at the civic center, military equipment and soldiers were seen at a fenced in area on Seventh Street and Austin Avenue and a small number of tan tents were at Seventh Street and San Antonio Avenue.More military personnel and equipment were at a spot along Houston Avenue in addition to equipment at a laydown yard near the Port of Port Arthur and a parking lot on Fourth Street near the police station.Trucks line up Aug. 27 to respond to Hurricane Laura in Southeast Texas.No. 9 – Thousands without power in Port Arthur, surrounding areasOn Aug. 27, thousands of homes and businesses were without power as Hurricane Laura moved inland.Widespread outages, impacting more than 30,000 customers, are being reported in Port Arthur with thousands more in Nederland and the surrounding area. More than 100,000 customers are being reported without power in Jefferson County.Massive telecommunications and internet outages are also being reported in the Port Arthur area.Entergy Texas customers may see extended power outages as crews work to restore power. Given the intensity of the storm and the additional need for crews to follow COVID-19 precautionary measures, hardest-hit experienced outages for multiple days.No. 10 – Dollar General theft attempt in Groves includes tow-truck block, runaway attempt, 2 arrestsAn alleged shoplifting at Dollar General in Groves ended up with two Orange County suspects charged with evading arrest.Police said a male and female entered the store June 1 at 3800 Main Ave., and ended up attempting to steal less than $100 of groceries — some of which included Pop Tarts, candy, meat, cake frosting and wipes — which would normally be a Class C misdemeanor.Police said an employee used pepper spray on the couple as they left the store. A tow truck driver from Brian’s Wrecker Service saw the pair as they placed items in the back of a car and positioned his truck to block the car from leaving, Groves Lt. Robert Phillips said.A male in the car was able to leave at a high rate of speed despite the help from the wrecker driver.The duo left behind fled on foot, and the stolen items were recovered, Phillips said.Approximately 90 minutes later, officers located two suspects in the 6100 block of Terrell — a quarter mile from the store.“When they saw the officers, they began to evade on foot and were caught after a brief chase,” Phillips said.Groves Police arrested Carlton Wolfford, 35, of Vidor, for felony evading arrest.Also arrested was Jacienda Jones, 21, of Newton. She is charged with evading arrest.Read the rest of the list at The results, in terms of readership, speak for themselves. experienced a little more than 3.2 million page views in 2019. That number skyrocketed to more than 5.5 million page views in 2020.Our online statistics allowed us to track the stories that were most read over the past 12 months, and the following is that list, weighted heavily by our readers’ interest in crime and first response coverage.In many cases, readers came back on multiple occasions to follow updates as new stories on the same subject were published over a few days or a few weeks. In those cases, the entries are combined into one. The year 2020 included 12 months of unique experiences that no one could have predicted.It was packed with a global pandemic, elections and natural disasters that had plenty of specific, local impact.For Port Arthur Newsmedia and its main entities — The Port Arthur News and — it was a year of growth as we hyper-focused coverage on Port Arthur and Mid-County, dedicating a reporter specifically to crime, courts and public response coverage.center_img These are 2020’s most read stories:No. 6 – Police: Woman caught stealing wig coughs on police, tells them she has COVIDA Beaumont woman who reportedly attempted to steal a $75 wig by stuffing it into her purse told police she had COVID-19, then proceeded to cough in their faces.Markisha Antoinette Castille, 26, was indicted Dec. 2.last_img read more

Bill aims to reform eyewitness identification procedures

first_imgBill aims to reform eyewitness identification procedures April 15, 2017 Jan Pudlow Senior Editor Regular News Bill aims to reform eyewitness identification procedures Senior Editor Eyewitnesses don’t always get it right. Just ask James Bain, Orlando Boquete, Larry Bostic, Alan Crotzer, Cody Davis, Wilton Dedge, Luis Diaz, William Dillon, and Frank Lee Smith. They served a total of 180 years in Florida’s prisons for crimes they did not commit. Eyewitness misidentification was a contributing cause in all of their wrongful convictions. Eventually, DNA evidence came to the rescue to exonerate them. In 2010, the Florida Innocence Commission studied how unreliable eyewitness identification can be, the psychological reasons why witnesses seem so certain even when they’re wrong, and reforms other states have taken in the way law enforcement conducts photo or live lineups. Seven years later, Sen. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, and Rep. Gayle Harrell, R-Stuart, are sponsoring CS/SB 312 and HB 643 and hope to pass the Eyewitness Identification Reform Act that would require state, county, municipal, or other law-enforcement agencies that conduct lineups to follow specific procedures to ensure a fairer process. “As many of us who have served in the House, we remember this legislation back in 2011. It passed the Florida Senate and made all the committees in the House, but did not make it to the floor,” Baxley said, in closing on his bill in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee on February 21, where it passed unanimously, and later passed the Judiciary Committee unanimously on March 14. HB 643 unanimously passed both the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee on March 15 and the Judiciary Committee on March 27. “I’m really surprised it’s been this long before we got back around to seeing it again. It is my privilege to present it. I think it’s a good move for justice, and it will protect law-enforcement, state attorneys, and the accused from being mistakenly identified,” Baxley said. Michelle Feldman, a state policy advocate for the national Innocence Project, said, “Nationally, eyewitness misidentification is the No. 1 cause of wrongful convictions proven by DNA. This bill would not only protect the innocent, but it would protect public safety, because when the wrong person is convicted, the real perpetrator can be out harming others.” Of 349 DNA exonerations nationwide, she said, 71 percent involved eyewitness misidentification, and the real perpetrators identified in those crimes went on to be convicted of 100 additional violent crimes, including 64 rapes and 17 murders. Baxley explained that he took recommendations from the Florida Innocence Commission, created by then-Chief Justice Charles Canady, and crafted these uniform procedures: “It will require eyewitnesses to acknowledge their instructions about the lineup procedure, and they will be told that the investigation will continue, and that the individual may or may not be there. “These disclaimers and this process, many, many law-enforcement agencies already use,” he said. An individual not involved in the case, called a “blind administrator” who is not seeking a specific outcome, will administer the lineup, so the person does not either inadvertently or purposely give cues about which photo or person the witness should pick. “We advocate for best practices endorsed by the National Research Council, the U.S. Department of Justice, the International Association of Police Chiefs, and many others,” Feldman said. “That is blind administration that is required in this bill. If you can’t find a blind administrator, you can use an alternative technique, a really cheap one: The folder-shuffle method. You put the lineup photos in folders and shuffle them and hand them to the witness one at a time, so that the administrator can’t see which one is being viewed.” Two other best practices not in the bills, she said, use “fillers” that match the description of a perpetrator, so the suspect doesn’t obviously stand out. The other is witness confidence statements, where at the time an eyewitness identification is made, the administrator asks the witness about their level of certainty, in order to document at the moment of the identification how confident the witness is. “By the time the court case comes up, when there is media exposure and talking to investigators, sometimes the witness becomes a lot more confident over time,” Feldman said. “We would ask that you also include the fillers and the witness confidence statements.. . . There are really zero costs associated with this legislation. The only cost is training.” Nineteen states have adopted the best practices advocated by the Innocence Project. Feldman said the Innocence Project has a certified eyewitness identification trainer to give statewide training at no cost. She said wrongful convictions by eye-witness misidentification have cost taxpayers in Florida more than $6 million in civil lawsuits.last_img read more

Your Fellow Diners’ Size May Affect How Much You Eat

first_imgNPR:Your dining companion may have more influence over your eating habits than you realize. We’ve known that people often have friends with similar body weights, but new research suggests that dining with an overweight companion may make us more likely to eat more unhealthful food.A study in the appropriately named journal Appetite finds that undergraduates who were offered pasta and salad while eating near a 5-foot-5-inch, 126-pound woman would eat more pasta when she was zipped into a fat suit adding 50 pounds, or about 8 points, to her body mass index.“We’ve long known that what a person [you’re with] orders can influence what you order,”Brian Wansink, director of the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab and one of the study’s authors, tells The Salt. “We haven’t known as fully how the size of the person who you might be with, how they influence us.”Read the whole story: NPR More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more

Positive reinforcement plays key role in cognitive task performance in ADHD kids

first_imgShare Share on Facebook Email The findings come out of a novel study published in the journal Behavioral and Brain Functions that collectively examined two leading theories on ADHD, combining what previous work had mostly looked at separately.One of those theories suggests that lower-than-average cognitive abilities contribute to symptoms associated with ADHD, such as inattentiveness. The other theory favors motivation over ability, focusing on whether kids with ADHD have an increased sensitivity to reward.“When asking whether the performance difference we see is the result of ability or motivation, this research has more of an answer than any study that comes before it,” says UB psychologist Larry Hawk, the paper’s principle investigator.The results of the research conducted by Hawk, Fosco, UB graduate student Michelle Bubnik and Keri Rosch of the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, have clinical parallels as well.Behavioral therapy, which uses positive consequences to increase the likelihood of achieving certain behaviors, is among the leading psychosocial interventions for children with an ADHD diagnosis.The authors point out that the benefits of reward are not specific to children with ADHD.“The major difference is that typically developing kids usually perform well even when simply asked to do their best,” says Fosco. “But kids with ADHD typically need an external or an additional reinforcement to perform their best.”It’s a tricky area of research area, according to Hawk, since some of the subjects are being tested on tasks on which they have a demonstrated history of poor performance.There is also a degree of variability between the two groups. The authors say that having a diagnosis of ADHD doesn’t necessarily mean that a child will perform poorly on any given task, and neither does the absence of a diagnosis mean that the child will perform well on any given task.“You can’t say kids with ADHD respond more to reinforcement because they were doing poorly to begin with,” says Hawk. “We showed that was not true. It was greater motivation to obtain external rewards that drove the effects we observed.” A little recognition for a job well done means a lot to children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – more so than it would for typically developing kids.That praise, or other possible reward, improves the performance of children with ADHD on certain cognitive tasks, but until a recent study led by researchers from the University at Buffalo, it wasn’t clear if that result was due to heightened motivation inspired by positive reinforcement or because those with ADHD simply had greater room for improvement at certain tasks relative to their peers without such a diagnosis.“Our results suggest that the motivation piece is critical,” says Whitney Fosco, a graduate student in the Department of Psychology in the UB College of Arts and Sciences. “Kids with ADHD showed more improvement because they are more motivated by the opportunity to gain rewards, not because they simply did worse from the beginning.”center_img Pinterest LinkedIn Share on Twitterlast_img read more

Plans For Gas Station Property Not Yet Announced

first_imgZRG Investments pulled a commercial demolition permit in August for the gas station at the corner of Diamond Drive and Sandia, across the street from Los Alamos High School. The plan for the property has not yet been made public but check back at for updates. Photo by Carol A. Clark/ladailypost.comlast_img

Eighteen Industry Professionals Receive AAP, MAAP Certificates In Las Vegas

first_imgMIDLAND, MI – The University of the Aftermarket awarded Automotive Aftermarket Professional (AAP) and Master Automotive Aftermarket Professional (MAAP) certificates to 18 industry veterans at the 2013 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) in Las Vegas, NV.AdvertisementClick Here to Read MoreAdvertisementThe University of the Aftermarket’s AAP and MAAP designation programs recognize long-term commitment to the aftermarket and professional development through programs and courses offered by the University and its association partners. Developed in partnership with AAIA, AASA, AWDA and Northwood University, these programs highlight both the educational and professional achievements of each recipient and, by extension, demonstrate the resulting competitive advantage for their employers and the aftermarket industry.AAP and MAAP certificates were presented by University of the Aftermarket Director Brian Cruickshank, MAAP, and Northwood University President and CEO Dr. Keith Pretty at Northwood University’s annual graduation and awards luncheon on Tuesday, Nov. 5, at the Venetian. The 2013 graduates of the program are:AAP Recipients:Jamie Ardis, AGS CompanyLindsey Ehlert, NGK Spark Plugs, Inc.William Flaherty, Jr., Stant CorporationRichard Guirlinger, Bourke Services, LLCSteve Handschuh, Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA)David Haun, Gates CorporationThomas Litzinger, Motown Automotive Distributing Inc.William Long, Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA)Gary McCoy, Fairway CommunicationsLarry Northup, Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA)Stephen Novak, ZF Services NA, LLCMAAP Recipients:Ron Aparicio, Walker Products, Inc.Margaret Beck, Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA)Cal Coburn, NGK Spark Plugs, Inc.James Eady, GOJO Industries, Inc.Stephen Horn, ATP Inc.Eric Liebovitz, Marathon Sales & MarketingBrent Windom, Uni-Select USA, Inc.last_img read more

QuestAir completes purifier testing

first_imgGet instant access to must-read content today!To access hundreds of features, subscribe today! At a time when the world is forced to go digital more than ever before just to stay connected, discover the in-depth content our subscribers receive every month by subscribing to gasworld.Don’t just stay connected, stay at the forefront – join gasworld and become a subscriber to access all of our must-read content online from just $270. Subscribelast_img

Japan’s LNG imports rise 14.6 percent in January

first_imgFor illustration only (Image courtesy of Tokyo Electric)Liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports into Japan increased 14.6 percent in January as demand for the chilled fuel for power generation rose on the back of low winter temperatures.Japan imported 8.30 million mt of LNG in January, as compared to 7.24 million mt the year before, according to the provisional data released by Japan’s Ministry of Finance.The country paid about $3.28 billion for LNG imports last month, a rise of 6.7 percent as compared to the same month in 2016, the data shows.Japan’s average price of spot LNG hit its two-year high record during January. The average price of spot LNG bought last month was $8.40 per million British thermal units, up from $8 in the previous month and the highest since January 2015.Worth mentioning, Japan imported 83.34 million mt of LNG in 2016, as compared to 85.05 million mt the year before.This was the second drop in Japan’s annual LNG imports since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 which caused Japan to shut down its nuclear industry. LNG World News Stafflast_img read more

Why newspapers lack interest in court reporting

first_imgThe name Mike Taylor is not one that many lawyers will recognise, even though he has spent his entire working life writing about the law. In an extraordinary 42 years at the Press Association law courts news service, he reported countless cases in the High Court, Court of Appeal and House of Lords with speed and clarity. His reward was to see his words used by every news organisation in the country — though almost invariably under someone else’s byline. Taylor hit the age of 65 on Sunday and retired immediately. So far he has not been replaced. There used to be 25 reporters covering the law courts for Britain’s national news agency. Now, only four are left. That would matter less if newspapers still kept their own reporters at the law courts. But those days have gone, and not just because of the recession. Editors take the view that their readers no longer need to understand why the courts have reached a particular decision. It was against this background that the lord chief justice expressed concern last week about the decline in coverage of the courts, with local papers in particular no longer sending reporters to hearings. ‘If there is no one to walk in, the public interest is damaged. That is the harsh reality.’ Experience of local government reporting was also being lost, Lord Judge said in a speech to the Society of Editors. There was evidence that some weeklies were relying too much on council press offices and not enough on independent, objective reporting. ‘Just as an independent press can expose the errors made by local authorities and governments, so too, the administration of justice in the courts should be open to the public scrutiny which an independent press provides,’ Lord Judge told journalists. ‘Unless the right has been expressly taken away, your right to be in court is no different to and no less than the right of the lawyers, the advocates, even the judge himself or herself. You are not performing the same function as the judge, but you have a valued function to perform.’ Lord Judge’s comments were welcomed by Jack Straw when the lord chancellor launched a bill intended to allow reporters greater access to the family courts. ‘We want to create a system that is transparent, accountable, and inspires public confidence in its good work, while still protecting the privacy of children and families involved,’ Straw said. Although ‘accredited media representatives’ have been permitted to attend family courts since April, they are not allowed to report the substance of those proceedings without express permission from the court. Incidentally, bloggers and other freelance commentators are unlikely to qualify as accredited media representatives. Straw initially wanted new rules of court that would have allowed accredited reporters not only to cover hearings but also to inspect and report documents filed at court. Parties would have been permitted to disclose information about their cases to accredited media representatives who would then have been able to report this information — even if they had not been in court — unless a judge had ordered otherwise. There were plans for medical reports to be supplied in redacted form. But Straw was forced to water down his proposals in the summer after strong opposition from family judges. They feared that publication of medical reports could harm the children involved as well as discouraging experts from speaking frankly. Judges were also concerned that allowing journalists to interview parties would lead to self-serving accounts and do little to increase public understanding of the courts. They even suggested that Straw’s rules were unlawful. So instead of new, more open, rules that could have been in force by Christmas, we are to have much narrower primary legislation that cannot take effect before next spring at the earliest. The Children, Schools and Families Bill starts from the default position that it will be contempt of court to report family proceedings, apart from those that are open to the public. It then provides an exception for ‘authorised news publication’. But this is very narrowly defined. First, the information must have been obtained by the accredited media representative by observing or listening to proceedings that he or she was permitted to attend. Gone is the option of asking the lawyers to fill you in if you missed something. You can’t even ask another reporter. Second, the information must initially be published either by the representative or by someone the representative works for. So law firms will not be able to publish their own accounts of their own cases. Next, it must not be ‘identification information’ or ‘sensitive personal information’ or ‘restricted adoption information’ or ‘restricted parental order information’. Some of these restrictions may be lifted by the court, but only if this would be in the public interest or the interests of a party. Specific permission will be needed to report court judgments, and the court can still restrict publication of any information at the request of an interested person. The legislation may be reviewed after 18 months. But, in a final twist, it will reverse the burden of proof. If publishers want to avoid going to prison for contempt of court, it will be up to them to prove they ‘did not know and had no reason to suspect’ that the information they published was covered by these restrictions. There must be an overwhelming temptation to write about The X Factor instead. Only a child could imagine that the family courts will deliver a renaissance in court reporting.last_img read more

Government Cracks Down On Spread Of False Coronavirus Information Online

first_imgHeadline – always read beyond the headline Error – look out for bad grammar and spelling Specialist units are operating to combat misinformation about coronavirus and five to ten incidents are being identified and tackled each day.Specialist units across government are working at pace to combat false and misleading narratives about coronavirus, ensuring the public has the right information to protect themselves and save lives.The Rapid Response Unit, operating from within the Cabinet Office and No10, is tackling a range of harmful narratives online – from purported ‘experts’ issuing dangerous misinformation to criminal fraudsters running phishing scams.Up to 70 incidents a week, often false narratives containing multiple misleading claims, are being identified and resolved. The successful ‘Don’t Feed the Beast’ public information campaign will also relaunch next week, to empower people to question what they read online.Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said:We need people to follow expert medical advice and stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. It is vital that this message hits home and that misinformation and disinformation which undermines it is knocked down quickly.We’re working with social media companies, and I’ll be pressing them this week for further action to stem the spread of falsehoods and rumours which could cost lives.When false narratives are identified, the government’s Rapid Response Unit coordinates with departments across Whitehall to deploy the appropriate response. This can include a direct rebuttal on social media, working with platforms to remove harmful content and ensuring public health campaigns are promoted through reliable sources.The unit is one of the teams feeding into the wider Counter Disinformation Cell led by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, made up of experts from across government and in the tech sector.The Cell is engaging with social media platforms and with disinformation specialists from civil society and academia, to establish a comprehensive overview of the extent, scope and impact of disinformation related to coronavirus.The Culture Secretary will be contacting social media companies this week to thank them for their good efforts to date, assess the progress made and discuss what other potential measures can be put in place to ensure accurate, honest information consistently reaches users of their platforms.Penny Mordaunt, Paymaster General said:Holding your breath for ten seconds is not a test for coronavirus and gargling water for 15 seconds is not a cure – this is the kind of false advice we have seen coming from sources claiming to be medical experts.That is why government communicators are working in tandem with health bodies to promote official medical advice, rebut false narratives and clamp down on criminals seeking to exploit public concern during this pandemic.But the public can also help with this effort, so today we implore them to take some simple steps before sharing information online, such as always reading beyond the headline and scrutinising the source.The public can help stop the spread of potentially dangerous or false stories circulating online by following official government guidance – the ‘SHARE’ checklist (see further information). This includes basic but essential advice such as checking the source of a story and analysing the facts before sharing.Certain states routinely use disinformation as a policy tool, so the government is also stepping up its efforts to share its assessments on coronavirus disinformation with international partners. Working collaboratively has already helped make the UK safer, providing ourselves and our allies with a better understanding of how different techniques are used as part of malicious information operations – and how to protect against those techniques more effectively.These measures follow recent advice from the National Cyber Security Centre, which revealed a range of attacks being perpetrated online by cyber criminals seeking to exploit coronavirus earlier this month.This included guidance on how to spot and deal with suspicious emails related to coronavirus, as well as mitigate and defend against malware and ransomware.Further informationTo help the public spot false information the government is running the SHARE checklist and Don’t Feed The Beast campaign here. This gives the public five easy steps to follow to identify whether information may be misleading: Source – make sure information comes from a trusted source AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedIn Analyse – check the facts Retouched – does the image or video look as though it has been doctored?last_img read more

Dominica reports first commercial geothermal well

first_img Share 22 Views   no discussions LocalNews Dominica reports first commercial geothermal well by: – June 17, 2014 Share Tweetcenter_img Share Sharing is caring! A six day flow test to determine the generation capacity of a geothermal production well in Laudat, Dominica has been completed. Results from the flow test of the first commercial geothermal well indicate that the well is productive and can be used for electricity generation. The test report also indicates that Dominica could generate over ten megawatts of electricity. Drilling, testing and monitoring consultant, vice president Geothermal Resource Group Will Osborn reported at a press conference on June 16, 2014 that the flow test conducted between June 10 to 16 was successful. “Today we have completed a six day well test, the first commercial geothermal well of the country, we measured the output of this well and we expect it to be capable of more than 10 megawatts”.Osborn explained that this capacity “is enough to replace the current diesel power generation on the island and bring energy Independence to the common wealth of Dominica”.The US Geothermal expert urged citizens to continue to learn about geothermal energy and support the initiative as it will result in cheaper electricity rates on the island. “It is also misunderstood in many countries and as you know it is used for power generation in over 50 countries around the world already”. He said there are thousands of geothermal wells operating safely every day around the world, “so we urge you to continue to support the initiative”. Energy Minister Rayburn Blackmoore noted that reports from the flow test indicate that Dominica could generate up to 11.4 megawatts of electricity. “This surpasses the capacity that we once thought of which was five megawatts [and] that is commendable”.“It tells you that the Dominica Labour Party is on the right track and we shall take Dominica to the next level by ensuring that we have cheaper energy, cleaner energy, more reliable energy and at the same time contributing to combating climate change,” he said. Minister Blackmore called on citizens to take ownership of the island’s geothermal energy project.“We are confident going forward that the people of Dominica will demonstrate the requisite ownership of this project by ensuring that they work with us and understand the processes involved, what we are seeing today also demonstrates our commitment to transparency”. Mr Blackmoore also assured citizens that the geothermal project, once complete, will reduce the cost of electricity. “I am happy to be part of this administration that have been able to deal with this issue of high energy cost and of course today you are witnessing leadership from in front by having the presence of the Prime Minister,” he said.– / 23Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

Compact, Light-Weight Antennas to Help Evaluate Living Conditions on Mars

first_imgTo study extreme conditions related to Dust storms, ionizing cosmic radiation, and extreme cold at night on Mars, the research team of Christophe Craeye, a professor at the UCLouvain School of Engineering, developed antennas for the ‘LaRa’ measuring instrument (Lander Radioscience), which will go to Mars in 2020. The LaRa Measuring Instrument will help research life stability on Mars to help define the conditions that will make the red planet livable.LaRa uses an X-band antenna to communicate with the Earth. The Doppler shifts are measured from the Doppler tracking observations called “Two-way” by comparing the frequency of the radio signal received from LaRa with the frequency of a ground-based reference signal. It is designed to obtain an optimal antenna gain centered on an elevation (angle of the line-of-sight from Lander to Earth) of about 35-45 degrees.On behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA), UCLouvain has developed antennas for the LaRa instrument that will go to Mars in 2020 to study the red planet’s habitability. From concept to creation, the antennas were manufactured in three months – quite a feat! The originality of UCLouvain’s concept: the antennas are produced from a single block of aluminum to achieve lightness (weighing only 132g), miniaturization (hand-sized) and great resistance (particularly to day-night temperature variations of more than 200° C).Prof. Craeye’s laboratory has been producing antennas for more than 15 years, for various uses: road radars, magnetic resonance imaging, tracking objects equipped with radiofrequency identification (RFID) chips. The goal is always the same: retrieve remotely the data sent by a measuring instrument (of a vehicle’s speed, the body’s internal functions, an object’s or individual’s location, etc.).For this expertise, as part of the ExoMars mission, the ESA contacted (via Antwerp Space) UCLouvain. The mission’s purpose is to study the rotation of Mars in order to learn more about the composition of its core and determine whether the planet was/will someday be habitable. How? By means of the LaRa instrument, which will communicate with Earth via radio waves. Thus the importance of antennas: they receive and emit radio waves. By measuring the Doppler effect – the difference between the frequencies of the waves emitted on the way (Earth-Mars) and those on the return (Mars-Earth) – the antennas will make it possible to better understand the movement of Mars and therefore the composition of its core. This is why LaRa is equipped with 100% UCLouvain-made antennas: a receiving antenna and two transmitting antennas (one of which is a backup).Production requirements:Resilience: Earth’s atmosphere protects us from the sun’s rays and limits temperature variations between day and night, which makes our planet habitable. Mars doesn’t have an atmosphere. Temperature ranges from 80° C during the day (when the sun is most intense) to -125° C at night. Not to mention vibrations generated by dust storms.Lightweight and miniaturized: the LaRa instrument will be equipped with multiple components, each for specific use as part of the ExoMars research mission. Its total weight is distributed among its components, which must, therefore, be the smallest and lightest possible.The advantages of UCLouvain’s design:An innovative manufacturing process: antennas of unprecedented shape were created by milling from a single block of aluminum – no welding means increased resistance to vibration and temperature variations, in addition to being extremely lightweight. The receiving antennas weigh 132g maximum, the emitting antennas 162g maximum. And they fit in the palm of the hand. The design’s originality won over the ESA.Exceptional sensitivity: the antennas are capable of capturing a radio signal from any direction, and focus it on the transponder’s electronics – an area of less than 1 cm² in the centre of the antenna – for the strongest possible signal.Applications are being developed in the field of satellite communications. And many industrial collaborations exist in fields beyond space and as varied as medical imaging, radio-frequency sensors, radar, and telecommunications.last_img read more

Avon Lake Shocks Avon 27-26: Video Highlights

first_imgThe Avon Lake Shoremen stunned the Avon Eagles 27-26, ending their perfect season in a rivalry game that went down to the wire.Avon Lake jumped out to a 7-0 lead in the first quarter, as senior quarterback Mark Pappas found Jason Sullivan for a 9-yard passing touchdown.The Eagles answered back quickly, as Matt Kelly connected with Mitch Cooper on a 44-yard touchdown pass, but a missed PAT kept the Shoremen in front 7-6.The Eagles had a chance for a 40-yard field goal early in the second, but the kick was blocked – which would prove to be another huge play for the Shoremen defense. Matt Medley is co-editor at NEO Sports Insiders, covers the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Indians and high school sports in Northeast Ohio.Follow @MedleyHoops on Twitter for live updates from games. Related Topics Matt Medleycenter_img The comeback began midway through the third, when Pappas found Denny Burns for a 9-yard passing touchdown to make it a 10-point game.Pappas to Burns 9 yard TD for @AvonLakeSports – don’t get the 2 – trail @avoneagles 23-13 6:55 3rd Q @NEOSportsInside @AM930WEOL @FOX8FNTD— Matt Loede (@MattLoede) November 5, 2016What followed from that point forward was a set of circumstances not many could have predicted.Avon fumbled on the ensuing kickoff, setting up the Shoremen at the Eagles’ 34-yard line.Pappas struck quickly, finding star receiver Carson Toy for a 34-yard touchdown pass to cut the deficit to three with 6:38 left in the third.The Eagles were driving near the Avon Lake 35-yard line when Kelly, the starting quarterback exited the game due to injury.Sophomore Ryan Maloy entered the game and led the Eagles into field goal range, setting up Cooper for a 43-yarder to make it 26-20, with more than 15 minutes of regulation remaining.Avon Lake’s offense continued to roll, as Tyler Nelson punched in a 2-yard rushing touchdown to give the Shoremen a 27-26 lead heading into the fourth.@AvonLakeSports takes the leadTyler Nelson 2 yard rushing td makes it 27-26 with 1:11 left in 3rd qtr— Matt Medley (@MedleyHoops) November 5, 2016Avon had a chance to take the lead with 6:45 to play, but rather than kick what would have been a 37-yarder, the Eagles opted to go for it on 4th and short, and were stood up at the line of scrimmage by the Shoremen defense.HUGE STOP for @AvonLakeSports on 4th and inches. Shoremen take over up by 1. 6:45 remaining— Matt Medley (@MedleyHoops) November 5, 2016The Eagles got the ball back with 4:30 to play and would start at their own 30, marching methodically all the way into the red zone.Avon seemingly had the game where they wanted it with 1:03 remaining and the ball at the Shoremen 9-yard line.Rather than run the clock all the way down and kick a 25-yard field goal, Avon went for the knockout punch on 2nd and 8, but Maloy threw an interception in the end zone, hauled in by safety Andrew Butrey, which would seal the Shoremen victory.INTERCEPTION @AvonLakeSports Shoremen will eliminate Avon!— Matt Medley (@MedleyHoops) November 5, 2016 Avon took control of the game, scoring 17 unanswered points to lead 23-7 with just under 11 minutes to play in the third quarter.Both touchdowns came courtesy of running back Mason McLemore.last_img read more

West Florida Suffers First Loss of Season

first_imgWest Florida Suffers First Loss of Season WINTER PARK, Fla. — The No. 15 ranked University of West Florida men’s soccer team saw their first loss of the season come on the road to Rollins College, a 2-0 decision to the Tars on Friday night in Winter Park, Fla. It was a hard fought match for the Argos but tough defensive Tars squad managed to shutdown the Argos offense.The Tars, coming off a 2-0 shutout of then No. 8 ranked West Texas A&M a week prior, kept the same theme alive in the match against the Argos. Dennis Chin got the Tars out in front in the 15th minute when he received a pass at the top of the box and slid one past Argo keeper Elliott Purdom (Manchester, England/Viterbo University) for the 1-0 lead. Five minutes later the Tars went on the offensive once again, this time the power came from the foot of J.D. Gruenwald. On two touch passes from Stephen Wright and Adam New, Gruenwald put it in to give the Tars a 2-0 lead which would stand the remainder of the match.For the first time all season West Florida was outshot 8-4 and trialed the corner kick count 5-1. The Argos will be back in action this Sunday, September 13th at 12pm ET when they take on Florida Southern in Lakeland, Fla.For more information on Argonaut athletics or to follow along with live stats, fans can keep up with the action at Print Friendly Version Jay Mainville (Photo courtesy of John Blackie) center_img Sharelast_img read more

UWF and Panhandle Sports Broadcasting to Air Six Fall Events

first_imgUWF and Panhandle Sports Broadcasting to Air Six Fall Events Share PENSACOLA, Fla. – The University of West Florida and Panhandle Sports Broadcasting will air six total broadcasts of UWF soccer and volleyball during the month of October.  The package of games will begin this Saturday, October 10 as the Argonauts volleyball team hosts Gulf South Conference opponent West Georgia at 1:00 p.m. CT for the team’s annual Pack it Pink event.  All games will be free to all users.Saturday’s game will be broadcasted live online at and  The second volleyball game to be broadcasted will be Tuesday, October 27, the team’s 7:00 p.m. match versus GSC East Division rival West Alabama.  Both matches will be offered live, and fans will be able to access links to the games at first UWF soccer games to be broadcasted will be on Homecoming night, October 23, featuring the men’s game against William Carey and the women’s game versus GSC opponent North Alabama.  The second set of soccer games to be aired online will be Saturday, October 31, with both teams facing Lambuth.  Due to internet availability at the UWF Soccer Complex, these games will not be offered live but will be available on demand the following day.For information on all UWF Athletics, visit UWF Fall Sports Video Broadcast Schedule10/10: Volleyball vs. West Georgia – 1:00 p.m.10/23: Men’s Soccer vs. William Carey – 5:00 p.m. (available online the following day)10/23: Women’s Soccer vs. North Alabama – 7:30 p.m. (available online the following day)10/27: Volleyball vs. West Alabama – 7:00 p.m.10/31: Women’s Soccer vs. Lambuth – 12:30 p.m. (available online the following day)10/31: Men’s Soccer vs. Lambuth – 3:00 p.m. (available online the following day)Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Argonaut Weekly: March 29-April 4

first_img Share Argonaut Weekly: March 29-April 4 Argonauts of the Week: (L-R) Dustin Lawley, Shannon Miles, Barbara Oliveira center_img PENSACOLA, Fla. – The West Florida baseball team is off to a 5-1 start to its Gulf South Conference schedule, as the Argonauts are tied for first atop the East Division standings.  Elsewhere in UWF Athletics, the No. 14 men’s golf team had a solid finish among some strong Division II programs at the Bobcat Invitational, and the No. 15 UWF softball team went 2-2 for the week.  Finally, the Argonauts tennis teams continued their tough schedules, with each team falling to Valdosta State in their first GSC losses of the season while also picking up victories in their other matches.ARGONAUTS OF THE WEEKDustin LawleyJunior Third BasemanBaseballOn the week Dustin Lawley (Bessemer, Ala./Wallace State CC – Hanceville) was outstanding at the plate, batting .615 with eight runs batted including a go-ahead two-run homer in the top of the ninth in the Argos 6-5 game one win over West Georgia. In six games played this week the junior recorded multiple hit games in all but one contest and is currently riding a seven game hit streak. He has now tallied 13 multiple hit games on the season which is one off the team high of 14. He currently leads the team in batting (.392), on-base percentage (.464) and stolen bases (14) and is second on the team with a .536 slugging percentage and 38 hits.Shannon MilesSenior First BasemanSoftballShannon Miles (Shreveport, La./Bossier Parrish CC) used a .455 average at the plate and nine RBI to help the No. 15 UWF softball team to a 2-2 record on the week. Miles launched three homeruns over the course of the week, including her second grand slam of the season in a loss to No. 4 Valdosta State. The senior tallied five extra-base hits, and had two four-RBI performances in four games. Miles leads her team with nine homeruns and 43 RBI this season, and she is also batting .374 with a team-high .727 slugging percentage.Barbara OliveiraJuniorWomen’s TennisBarbara Oliveira (Belo Horizonte, Brazil/Seminole CC) of the No. 9 UWF women’s tennis team led the Argonauts to a pair of victories in three matches last week.  The junior transfer was perfect in singles and doubles, picking up a 3-0 record at No. 1 singles, including a three-set win over No. 7 Natali Gumbrecht of Valdosta State, and a 2-0 mark in doubles alongside partner Mariana Sonnervig.For all of your hotel needs in the Pensacola area, visit (23-12, 5-1 GSC)- 3/23 vs. Arkansas Tech (DH): 5-1 W, 6-4 W- 3/24 vs. Arkansas Tech: 7-9 L- 3/27 @ West Georgia (DH): 6-5 W, 7-6 W- 3/28 @ West Georgia: 8-2 WThe Argo baseball team continued to roll this week, picking up five wins including a three game sweep over Gulf South Conference opponent West Georgia. The Argos began the week by taking two-of-three from Arkansas Tech in a non-conference in-region matchup at Jim Spooner Field. The Argos then hit the road on the weekend for their first GSC road test against West Georgia, eventually sweeping the Wolves in three close ballgames.West Florida Head Coach Mike Jeffcoat earned his 150th win as the Argonauts skipper as his club defeated the Wonder Boys of Arkansas Tech 5-1 and 6-4 in a doubleheader sweep.  Josh Reed, in his first career start, took to the mound in game one of the series against Arkansas Tech and was outstanding on the hill. He allowed just one run in eight strong innings while scattering five hits with six punch outs to earn his first win as an Argonaut. In the nightcap the Argos held on for a 6-4 win, fending off a three-run seventh inning rally from Tech.In their first GSC road series of the season the Argos took advantage of a struggling West Georgia team and capitalized with a three game sweep. It was not an easy road to victory for the Argos as they erased five-run deficits in both games of Saturday’s doubleheader to pull out one-run victories. Dustin Lawley was the hero in game one, blasting a go-ahead two-run homerun in the top of the ninth to give the Argos a 6-5 victory. In game two it was Jack Materne who blasted his first homerun of the season, a two-run homer, in the top of the sixth to put the Argos on top 7-6. On Sunday afternoon it was Materne who once again used the long ball to spark the Argos offense and break a 1-1 tie in the top of the ninth. Seven runs would cross the board in the inning to give them eventual 8-2 win and a series sweep over the Wolves.This week is a short week for the Argos, playing four games in five days. On Tuesday they will host visiting NAIA Mobile at Jim Spooner Field with first pitch scheduled for 5 p.m. CT. The Argos will then hit the road for another GSC test when they travel to Livingston, Ala. for a three game series against West Alabama. First pitch for Friday’s doubleheader will begin at 4 p.m. with game two to follow and on Saturday the third and final game will begin at 1 p.m.MEN’S GOLF- 3/22-23 @ Bobcat Invitational: 4th of 17 teamsAfter being tied for the lead coming into Tuesday’s final round, the No. 14 West Florida men’s golf team shot a third round 306 for a total 888, but it was not enough to hold on. The Argonauts dropped back three spots to finish the Bobcat Invitational hosted by No. 2 Georgia College and State in fourth place, just seven strokes from tournament winner No. 8 Lynn.The Argonauts had two players finish in the top-15 of the field individually, with junior Otto Bonning placing low overall for the team at a tie for sixth place. Bonning shot a final round 77 for a total 219, five strokes back from individual winner Peter Tarver Jones from Belmont Abbey. Freshman Blake Olson’s consistent play allowed him to finish tied for 13th after a five-over 75 the last day, shooting a total 221 (73-73-75).The Argonauts will travel to their final tournament of the regular season April 5-6 when they head down to Miami Shores, Fla., to face No. 1 Barry in the Buccaneer Invitational at the Normandy Shores Golf Club.SOFTBALL (27-6, 6-4 GSC)- 3/22 vs. Wisconsin-Oshkosh (DH): 10-1 W (5 inn.), 9-7 W- 3/25 vs. Freed-Hardeman (DH): rained out- 3/27 @ No. 4 Valdosta State (DH): 6-14 L (6 inn.), 4-8 LWest Florida softball remained at No. 15 in the national poll and posted a 2-2 mark in action this week. The Argos swept Spring Fling opponent Wisconsin-Oshkosh to kick off the week, but fell in a doubleheader with No. 4 Valdosta State over the weekend. Shannon Miles stood out on the week, as she launched three homeruns, including her second grand slam of the season in a loss to VSU. In their final Spring Fling doubleheader of the week, the Argos cruised to a 10-1, five inning victory in the first game and then staged a 9-7 come-from-behind victory behind the arm of Harvey in game two over Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Miles stood out at the plate with a 2-3, four RBI performance that included two homeruns in the first game victory, while Crystal Thompson led with four RBI in the second game.The No. 15 Argos fell victim to the overpowering offense of No. 4 Valdosta State in a doubleheader sweep by the Lady Blazers on Saturday afternoon. While West Florida held leads in both games, they dropped the first game in six innings by a 14-6 score, and surrendered 8-4 in game two. Three Argonauts homered in the two contests, as Karri Bisbee led with three hits on the day.The Argos will be back in GSC action this weekend, traveling to West Alabama for a noon doubleheader on Friday. West Florida will then wrap up the weekend at North Alabama on Saturday, with first pitch also scheduled for noon.MEN’S TENNIS (7-7, 3-1 GSC)- 3/23 vs. No. 41 North Alabama: 8-1 W- 3/25 vs. No. 11 Georgia College & State: rained out- 3/26 vs. No. 21 Drury: 7-2 W- 3/26 vs. No. 3 Valdosta State: 4-5 L- 3/28 vs. Delta State: 8-1 WThe No. 7 UWF men’s tennis team went 3-1 for the week, with all four matches at home at the Ralph “Skeeter” Carson Tennis Complex.  The Argonauts picked up wins over No. 41 North Alabama, No. 21 Drury, and Delta State, but they fell to No. 3 Valdosta State 4-5 in their first GSC loss of the season.The Argos claimed an 8-1 win over UNA in the first match of the week, improving to 3-0 in conference play.  The Argonauts swept doubles play and dropped just one doubles match on the way to the victory.  After a match against No. 11 Georgia College and State was rained out, UWF returned for two matches on Friday.  In the morning match against Drury, the Argos swept doubles play once again and won four of six singles matches to pick up the 7-2 win.The Argos then hosted conference rival Valdosta State that afternoon, falling 4-5.  UWF went up 2-1 after doubles, as Kevin Ducros and Leandro Ferreira won 8-6 at the No. 1 spot and Sean Gunnels and Patrick Bateman also won 8-6 at No. 3.  After a stoppage of play due to darkness delayed the match until the following morning, VSU went back on top with wins at the No. 1, 4, 5, and 6 singles spots.  Ferreira had a big win at No. 2 singles for UWF, upsetting the No. 1 ranked player in the country Philip Pakebush 6-3, 7-6.In Sunday’s 8-1 win over Delta State, the Argonauts took two of three doubles matches and swept all six singles matches to improve to 7-7 overall.  Gunnels and Lue were especially impressive at the No. 5 and 6 spots, respectively, as Gunnels won 6-0, 6-2 and Lue picked up a 6-1, 6-1 victory.The Argonauts will next face No. 27 BYU-Hawaii (12-1) on Monday, March 29 at 2:00 p.m. at the Ralph “Skeeter” Carson Tennis Complex at UWF main campus in Pensacola, Fla.WOMEN’S TENNIS (8-6, 3-1 GSC)- 3/23 vs. North Alabama: 8-1 W- 3/25 vs. No. 31 Georgia College & State: rained out- 3/26 vs. No. 6 Valdosta State: 3-6 L- 3/28 vs. No. 27 Delta State: 9-0 WThe No. 9 ranked Argonauts went 2-1 last week, and they started things off with an 8-1 win over visiting North Alabama.  The Argonauts swept doubles play and dropped just one match in singles.  UWF then faced No. 6 Valdosta State, and the Lade Blazers outlasted UWF, handing the Argos a 6-3 loss.  Barbara Oliveira was one of two for West Florida to win at singles, and she defeated No. 7 Natali Gumbrecht at the No. 1 spot 3-6, 7-5, 10-0.  In the final match of the week, UWF bounced back with a 9-0 sweep of No. 27 Delta State.With the win over Delta State, West Florida women’s tennis improved to an 8-6 overall record. The Argonauts will now face No. 3 BYU-Hawaii (18-0) on Monday, March 29 at the Ralph “Skeeter” Carson Tennis Complex at 9:30 a.m. The match will be a challenging one, as the Seasiders count on the top ranked doubles pair formed by Elwen Li and Yuan Jia. In singles Li is ranked No. 2 in the nation, followed by Jia who is ranked No. 3. BYU-Hawaii also counts on Jenny Chin who is ranked No. 20 in the country in singles.MULTIMEDIAThe UWF Sports Information office is proud to offer a variety of ways to stay updated on Argonaut Athletics:- Live Audio- Live Video- Live Stats- eScores- E-mailing List- Photo Galleries- RSS Feeds- Podcasts2009-10 ARGONAUTS OF THE WEEK3/29Dustin LawleyBaseballShannon MilesSoftballBarbara OliveiraWomen’s Tennis3/22Ashleigh AllgoodSoftballDaniel Vargas-VilaBaseball3/15Melissa ChastangSoftballEric KrollBaseballAndrey PozhidaevMen’s Tennis3/8Taylor BrewsterWomen’s Tennis3/1Natalia EspinosaWomen’s GolfJason PostillBaseballBhavna ShettyWomen’s Golf2/22Amy DrakeWomen’s BasketballJillian LafranceSoftball2/15Amber IngramSoftballBlake OlsonMen’s Golf2/8Zach CatesBaseball1/18Jose DavilaMen’s Basketball1/11Sabrina StambouliWomen’s Basketball1/4Max HoggardMen’s Basketball12/14Ken MitchellMen’s Basketball12/7Amy DrakeWomen’s Basketball11/30Dominique BoykinsWomen’s BasketballMaurice ThomasMen’s Basketball11/23Shameka GordonWomen’s SoccerJonathan JacksonMen’s BasketballTiffany WilliamsWomen’s Basketball11/16Courtney JonesWomen’s SoccerJamie NicholsVolleyball11/9Frank CopeMen’s SoccerLindsay HommeVolleyball11/2Shakira DuncanWomen’s SoccerPatricia GandolfoVolleyball10/26Kara GonzalezVolleyballEddie PaganMen’s Cross CountryJordan StoneWomen’s Soccer10/19Valissia BrathwaiteVolleyballRichard DixonMen’s Soccer10/12Donald DavisMen’s Cross CountryShakira DuncanWomen’s Soccer10/5Kevin DucrosMen’s TennisLeandro FerreiraMen’s TennisBailee HedstromWomen’s Cross Country9/28Patricia GandolfoVolleyballJenny LinesWomen’s GolfKaley MorrisWomen’s Soccer9/21Tyler BowmanMen’s Cross CountryJay MainvilleMen’s Soccer9/14Kimberly ClarkVolleyballDernelle MascallWomen’s Soccer9/7Shaneka GordonWomen’s SoccerMegan SteinocherWomen’s Cross Country8/31Paul WilloughbyMen’s SoccerTHIS WEEK’S UWF ATHLETICS SCHEDULEMonday, March 29W. Golf @ Barry Bucs Women’s Invitational (at Miami, Fla.; Don Shula’s Golf Club)M. Tennis vs. BYU-Hawaii 2:00W. Tennis vs. BYU-Hawaii 2:00Tuesday, March 30W. Golf @ Barry Bucs Women’s Invitational (at Miami, Fla.; Don Shula’s Golf Club)Baseball vs. Mobile 5:00 Thursday, April 1M. Tennis vs. TBA (Blue Gray Championships) (at Montgomery, Ala.)W. Tennis vs. TBA (Blue Gray Championships) (at Montgomery, Ala.)Friday, April 2M. Tennis vs. TBA (Blue Gray Championships) (at Montgomery, Ala.)W. Tennis vs. TBA (Blue Gray Championships) (at Montgomery, Ala.)Softball @ West Alabama (DH) (at Livingston, Ala.)* noonBaseball @ West Alabama (DH) (at Livingston, Ala.)* 4:00 Saturday, April 3M. Cross Country @ Tiger Invitational (at Auburn, Ala.)W. Tennis vs. TBA (Blue Gray Championships) (at Montgomery, Ala.)M. Tennis vs. TBA (Blue Gray Championships) (at Montgomery, Ala.)Softball @ North Alabama (DH) (at Florence, Ala.)* noon Baseball @ West Alabama (at Livingston, Ala.)* 1:00For information on all UWF Athletics, visit Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Argos Make it Two in a Row as They Down Privateers

first_img PENSACOLA, Fla. – The Argonauts held the University of New Orleans to a -.022 attack percentage as the University of West Florida volleyball team picked up its second straight win, 3-0, 25-16, 25-14, 25-13.UWF (5-7) walked away with a team .329 hitting percentage as well as a season high nine service aces as the Argos grabbed the victory in their first ever meeting with UNO (2-6). The opening set saw seven ties with neither team jumping out to more than a two point lead until Jenny Bellairs (Osage, Iowa) smacked her second of four service aces to put the Argos up, 16-13. West Florida then went on a five point run to extend the lead before grabbing the set one win, 25-16, on a Privateer error.Set number two started off as another close affair until reigning Gulf South Conference Offensive Player of the Week Lindsay Homme (Willowbrook, Ill.) served into three straight UNO attack errors as the Argos went up, 10-7. UWF then went on an 8-2 run that was highlighted by big Homme and Amanda Rhein (Pleasant View, Tenn.) kills. Chandler Carney (Indianapolis, Ind.) then sent home a kill before three straight UNO errors put UWF up two sets to none.The Argos then eased out to their biggest lead of the night as they went up 14 points on the Privateers in the third set. With the match in hand, West Florida sealed the deal on back-to-back kills by Rhein and Bellairs.Offensively, junior Leah Buchanan (Winter Park, Fla.) led the way with nine kills and a season high .600 attack percentage while Bellairs and Carney each finished with six. A trio of Argos including KaLee Duggan (Port Orange, Fla.), Autumn Duyn (Venice, Fla.) and Anna Stoecklein (St. Charles, Mo.) finished with seven digs. Duggan also led UWF in assists with 23.West Florida also out blocked its opponent, 9-3, with Bellairs earning six block assists.The Argos remain undefeated in the UWF Field House and have yet to drop a set on their home court.Christian Brothers (10-2) now awaits the Argos as West Florida kicks off conference play this Friday at 7 p.m. in Memphis, Tenn. For the latest in scores and stats for UWF volleyball, visit Friendly Version Share Bellairs was good for four aces and six kills against the Privateers. center_img Argos Make it Two in a Row as They Down Privateerslast_img read more

Taarabt tipped to leave and Chelsea are again linked with Khedira

first_imgThere is more speculation about Adel Taarabt’s future after his adviser was quoted in the Italian media as saying the player could leave QPR in January, possibly for Serie A.Rangers have been looking to sell Taarabt for some time. He ended last season on loan at AC Milan but was unable to secure a permanent move there during the summer.But The Daily Mirror claim Milan have renewed their interest after Rangers apparently indicated he could leave.AdChoices广告The Daily Express also suggest Taarabt could be on his way back to Milan and report yesterday’s news that Sandro has been given the all-clear to return to training after suffering a knock to the head against Southampton. Related West London Sport story: Sandro cleared to return to training Several newspapers, including the Mirror, pick up on comments by Rio Ferdinand appearing to mock Manchester City’s home crowd for the game against Roma.Taarabt was unable to secure a move to Milan during the summerQPR’s former Manchester United defender tweeted: “How many empty seats are there at the City vs Roma game by the way…big CL game & fans would rather watch Ramsays Kitchen or something at home.”Meanwhile, Real Madrid’s Germany star Sami Khedira has again been linked with a move to Chelsea by the Daily Star.The midfielder, who played under Blues boss Jose Mourinho at Real, is also said to be a target for Arsenal.It is suggested that Khedira, 27, could move to the Premier League on a free transfer when his contract expires at the end of the season.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img read more

Leicester City and Crystal Palace interest in midfielder is providing club…

first_imgAfter a loan spell at Alanyaspor during the second half of last season, Tufan has returned as a completely different player and is now key for both club and country.However, Fenerbahce may not be able to keep him beyond this season as he will out of contract next summer and Takvim claim both Leicester City and Crystal Palace are monitoring his situation.Due to Leicester and Palace links with the midfielder, Takvim report Tufan has delayed contract negotiations and is considering his options at this stage.Fener paid €7m for Tufan in 2015 and after a troubled spell he’s finally fulfilling his potential. The 24 year old already has 49 caps for the Turkish national team and is expected be influential for his country at Euro Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksTrending TodayForge of Empires – Free Online GameIf You Like to Play, this Strategy Game is AddictiveForge of Empires – Free Online GameUndo聽多多 Hearmore.asia1969年前出生的香港居民現可免費試戴頂尖的歐洲助聽器聽多多 Hearmore.asiaUndoRaid: Shadow Legends | Free DownloadEven Non-Gamers Are Obsessed With This RPG Game (It’s Worth Installing!)Raid: Shadow Legends | Free DownloadUndoDating.comTop Successful Single Men in Tung ChungDating.comUndoCNN with DBS BankThe New Role Banks Are PlayingCNN with DBS BankUndoSmart Tech TrendOver 55? You Have to Try Those Revolutionary Glasses!Smart Tech TrendUndoHero WarsGetting this Treasure is impossible! Prove us wrong!Hero WarsUndoInstant Voice Translator43 Languages Instant Voice Translator Flying Off Shelves in Hong KongInstant Voice TranslatorUndoGrepolis – Online Free GameGamers Around the World Have Been Waiting for this Game! Already 35 Million PlayersGrepolis – Online Free GameUndo Takvim claim Fenerbahce are looking to extend the contract of their midfielder Ozan Tufan but Leicester City and Crystal Palace interest in the Turkish international is making things difficult for the Yellow Canaries.last_img read more

Di Francesco may impose Despodov in the composition of Cagliari, according…

first_imgThe appointment of Eusebio di Francesco to head Cagliari could help the Bulgarian national Kiril Despodov to establish himself in the team, according to the media in Sardinia.This summer, the winger will return to the ranks of “rosoblu” after a one-year stay on loan in Sturm (Graz). The information states that Di Francesco is the man who “can unlock the power” of Despodov. The specialist considers his team to play in a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 scheme, which perfectly fits the style of Kiril, adds caglarinews24.The publication adds that the native striker can operate equally well on both wings.Eusebio Di Francesco is the new mentor of Kiril Despodov in CagliariThe specialist will decide the future of the Bulgarianlast_img read more

Everton set to ‘formulate an official offer’ for forward ‘in the…

first_imgEverton are set to make an official offer for Napoli forward Hirving Lozano ‘in the next few hours’ as their summer spending spree continues. That’s according to CalcioMercato journalist Daniele Longo, who says the Blues will ‘formulate an official offer’ for the Mexican.That is the extent of the information he’s willing to provide at present, failing to offer up whether the offer will be for a permanent transfer or a loan, and if it is the former, what sort of money they would be offering.The interest in Lozano is nothing new of course, with Everton having been linked with making a move for various reasons.Embed from Getty ImagesChief among them is Carlo Ancelotti, who is known to be a big fan of the Mexican having pushed for Napoli to sign him when he was in charge of the Italian club.There is also Marcel Brands, Everton’s Director of Football, who is the man that brought Lozano to Europe with PSV Eindhoven and another admirer of his talents.Those two, plus Everton’s need for a right-winger, meant a move made complete sense, and for several months there have been rumours that Goodison Park could be Lozano’s next destination should Napoli decide to sell following his disappointing first year at the club.It seems they are now ready to make that interest into something more official and try to lure him away from Naples this summer. However, should they do so, they are likely to face resistance. Il Mattino reported yesterday that Everton had already seen a tentative enquiry knocked back and Gennaro Gattuso has changed his mind about the Mexican and decided to keep him.That rumour made it clear that Napoli are not interested in a sale, although owner Aurelio De Laurentiis recently declared that they would now always accept good offers for their players, regardless of how long they’ve been at the club.Those comments would suggest no player is un-sellable if the right money is offered, something Everton, who’ve been splashing the cash, may be able to Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksTrending TodayForge of Empires – Free Online GameIf You Like to Play, this City-Building Game is a Must-Have. No Install.Forge of Empires – Free Online GameUndoTip ParentsBaby Keeps Waking Up With Scratches, Mom Checks Camera And Calls CopsTip ParentsUndoDBS”I had S$9 left in my bank account”DBSUndoWealthMastery.asiaThis Singaporean Couple is Disrupting A $3 Trillion IndustryWealthMastery.asiaUndoDaily Sport XShe Was A Legendary Actress – Today She Works 9 To 5Daily Sport XUndoRich HousesCosplay Costumes That Went A Little Too FarRich HousesUndoNessa HearingPeople in Singapore Born Before 1965 Eligible for Free Hearing Aid TrialNessa HearingUndoBeach RaiderMom Delivers Triplets – Dad Takes Closer Look And Bursts Into TearsBeach RaiderUndoFree HubThe 15 Most Beautiful Women in the WorldFree HubUndolast_img read more

Manchester City will return Messi’s happiness

first_imgBarcelona superstar Lionel Messi is no longer happy at the club and certainly wants a new challenge, confirmed his cousin Maxi Biancucci. “Leo needs to find a place to be happy. He is leaving Barcelona because he is not happy there and he wants a new challenge. That is his right,” Biancucci told Radio Continental. “Leo has a contract for another year. If we analyze the situation, this is a positive thing for Barcelona, ​​because the club will take a lot of money. You have to respect the way he feels.” “I never imagined that he would leave Barcelona. I want to see him in a team that plays good football. Of all the teams, Manchester City is the most suitable. Then there is PSG. But let’s wait and see,” added the cousin.last_img read more

Hero CPL Global TV Viewership grows by 44% to 134m in…

first_imgHero CPL Global TV Viewership grows by 44% to 134m in 2016The Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL) are delighted to announce that the 2016 season was the tournament’s biggest yet, with over 134 million viewers tuning in globally to the biggest party in sport, representing a 44 percent increase from 2015.Cumulative audience figures have risen steadily year on year since the tournament’s inception from 36 million viewers (in 2013), to 66 million (2014), 93 million (2015) and now to 134 million (2016).Television figures from Sony SIX broadcast figures in India alone almost doubled from 44 million to 82 million, while there was also a significant rise in the United Kingdom arising from the partnership with broadcasters Dave / UK TV with audience figures growing from 548,000 (in 2015) to 2.5 million. The partnership with One World Sports in the USA, meanwhile, saw audience figures increase from 694,000 (2015) to 743,000.This year the Hero CPL also broke new ground by becoming the first professional cricket league to stage matches in mainland USA and matches were viewed across more lands than ever before, with One World Sports (USA), Sony SIX (India), Dave / UKTV (UK), Sky (New Zealand), Fox Sports (Australia), EcoNet / KweseTV (sub-Saharan Africa) and OSN (Middle East) all showcasing the CPL.With significant viewership increases across each of the key markets, a delighted Damien O’Donohoe, CEO of the Hero CPL reflected: “Today is a proud day and further evidence of the rising international stature of the Hero CPL not just in the Americas, but across the UK, India, Middle East and beyond.“The release of these global viewership figures is a tremendous boost, not just for the game of cricket in the Caribbean, but for each of the local tourism boards and our loyal sponsors who invest so much in the development and marketing of the game.“The profile of West Indies cricket has never been higher and 2016 was a memorable year with the Men’s senior and Under-19 sides, as well as the Women’s team, enjoying international success in the first half of the year.last_img read more

Windies suffer third loss as batting fails again

first_imgNORTH SOUND, Antigua, CMC – West Indies’ freefall in the Under-19 Tri-Nations Series continued here yesterday with a five-wicket defeat at the hands of England. Once again, their worrisome batting was at the heart of their ordinary performance, leaving the visitors a mere 117 to chase at the Vivian Richards Cricket Ground – a target which they overhauled at the start of the 39th over.The defeat was their second to England and third in four matches, and with just two games remaining – both against Sri Lanka – tomorrow and then again five days later, are in danger of missing out on the final at Coolidge Cricket Ground.Sent in, only captain Kimani Melius with 35 managed to pass 20 and was the only specialist batsman to reach double figures. The innings was destroyed by the impressive new-ball seamer Kasey Aldridge who finished with five for 18 while left-arm spinner Lewis Goldsworthy claimed two for 32.Kirk McKenzie sliced a drive at a full length delivery from Aldridge and was caught high at first slip in the fourth over without scoring and Leonardo Julien followed in the bowler’s next over, given out caught behind gloving a short ball to the keeper.Kevlon Anderson pulled one from seamer Joseph Evison onto his stumps in the 12th over to depart for two and when Antonio Morris (7) missed an ugly heave at Goldsworthy and lost his leg stump in the 15th over, the innings was coming apart at 41 for four. Opener Melius struck two fours and a six and put on 29 for the fifth wicket – the most productive stand – with Matthew Patrick who made 11, to revive the innings.However, once Melius charged off-spinner Hamidullah Qadri and lost his middle stump at the start of the 26th over, West Indies surrendered their last six wickets for just 46 runs.Ben Charlesworth, who top-scored with 29 off 40 deliveries, then put on 46 for the first wicket with Jordon Cox (24) who in turn added a further 25 for the second with Thomas Clark (24), to put England in command on 71 for one in the 20th over. Off-spinner Matthew Patrick intervened with two for 32 as England lost four wickets for 22 runs to slump to 93 for five in the 32nd over but the target was insufficient to put the visitors under any further pressure.last_img read more

Putting Harbaugh hype aside, Ravens offense has tall order in front of it

first_imgAfter a few days, I admit it.I’m a little Harbaugh-ed out.With no disrespect to either John or Jim Harbaugh and the remarkable story of the two becoming the first brothers in NFL history to meet as opposing head coaches, neither will play a snap in a nationally-televised game on Thursday night. The storyline was originally meant to inject life in a game appearing to be a mismatch when the schedule-makers pegged it for Thanksgiving night back in April.But this matchup is stimulating, whether two brothers are facing off or the opposing head coaches wouldn’t recognize each other walking down the street. The Ravens are roughly where most expected them to be through the first 10 games of the season — overlooking the sub-.500 opponents their three losses have come against — but Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers are the biggest surprise of the 2011 season, having won eight in a row and suffering their only loss of the season in overtime back in Week 2.Even with a short week that clearly puts the 49ers at a disadvantage having to travel across the country, this game is simply too appealing to spend too much time focusing on the Harbaughs.Much like John’s first year in Baltimore in 2008, the younger Harbaugh has made his stamp on a San Francisco team that had plenty of talent but needed new direction after failing to reach expectations under the previous regime. He has already guided San Francisco to its first winning season since 2002, and the 49ers are right on the heels of the undefeated Green Bay Packers for the No. 1 seed in the NFC. They’ve done it just like the Ravens did in 2008 — a strong defense and a power running game.Meanwhile, the Ravens have their eyes on the top seed in the AFC — currently tied with New England, Pittsburgh, and Houston at 7-3 — and sorely need a win when taking into account the Patriots’ and Steelers’ favorable schedules over the final six weeks of the regular season. For the sake of their playoff positioning, Thursday is a game the Ravens really can’t afford to lose.The Baltimore offense will need to bring its best effort against a 49ers defense that prides itself on stopping the run and taking the ball away from you at a prolific rate. Led by inside linebackers Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman and imposing defensive end Justin Smith, San Francisco owns the top-ranked run defense and has not allowed a rushing touchdown all season.Though they found the elusive balance between the run and pass in last Sunday’s 31-24 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, the Ravens will be challenged to gain positive yardage on the ground against the 49ers’ front seven. The possibility may push Baltimore to slip back into the more one-dimensional offense we’ve seen in recent weeks.“It’s [about] whatever is going to move the football for us and get us first downs,” quarterback Joe Flacco said. “If we’re able to do both of those things and hit chunks [of yardage via the pass] here or there, then that’s what’s going to be important.”The San Francisco pass defense is less impressive, ranking 27th in the NFL, but it’s opportunistic nature (15 interceptions) highlights the biggest area in which the Ravens need to be concerned.Turnovers.No team in the NFL has done a better job of protecting the football while causing the opponent to fail in doing so. Not only are the 49ers tied for fewest giveaways (nine) in the league, but their defense has forced an incredible 26 takeaways to lead the NFL. San Francisco’s plus-17 turnover margin is easily the best in the league.In contrast, the Ravens’ 18 giveaways are tied for sixth-most in the AFC. Following a turnover-free performance in a Week 1 win over Pittsburgh, the Baltimore offense has committed two or more miscues in six of its last nine games and at least one in all nine games.The 49ers have won the turnover battle in all but one of their games this season while the Ravens have committed more miscues than their opponent in five of their 10 games, still managing to win three of them.Short week or not, the Ravens will have their hands full on Thursday night against one of the best defenses in the league. It’s a unit that can make you pay if you’re not on your toes, protecting the football and setting the tempo by gaining just enough on the ground to keep the front seven honest.If not, the Ravens will have no choice but to let the passes fly from Flacco’s right arm and, with it, a greater chance for a turnover against defensive coordinator Vic Fangio’s attacking San Francisco defense.In recent weeks, the Ravens have spoken ad nauseam about their need to get the running game going and to take better care of the football. They’ll have their chance on Thanksgiving against the best team in the league in stopping the run and taking away the football from the opposition.“I know it’s going to be a challenge, but I don’t plan on forcing anything,” said running back Ray Rice, who reached the 100-yard rushing mark for the first time since Week 6. “I have to take what’s given and I’m looking forward to one of those Pittsburgh Steelers kind of games with [that] defense. They’re in a different division, but they play like our defense and they’re going to be tough.”It’s not a season-deciding game, but a win over the 49ers would go a long way in determining where the Ravens wind up in their potential playoff journey.And that’s far more important than who happens to be coaching on opposite sidelines.last_img read more

Watch now: Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown Prince of Crime in first ‘Joker’ teaser

first_img© 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved/Nikos Tavernise(LOS ANGELES) — Warner Bros. has unveiled the first teaser to Joker, its stand-alone look at the origins of the Batman villain, played by Joaquin Phoenix.The footage shows the Oscar nominee as sad sack Arthur Fleck, who through the course of the film, becomes Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime.Set to Jimmy Durante’s cover of “Smile,” the tone from director Todd Phillips is decidedly dark, and shows Fleck’s sad attempts to “bring laughter and joy to the world,” by adopting clown makeup — and getting beat up repeatedly for it.“Is it just me,” Fleck asks in voiceover, “or is it getting crazier out there?”It is, and so is he — the preview ends with Joker nearly fully realized, causing mayhem on a subway train.And yes, we hear him laugh for the first time.Deadpool 2‘s Zazie Beetz, Glow‘s Marc Maron, Agent Carter‘s Shea Wigham, and yes, Robert De Niro, also star.Joker opens October 4.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Scoreboard roundup — 6/25/17

first_imgiStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) — Here are the latest scores and winners:INTERLEAGUEDetroit 7, San Diego 5AMERICAN LEAGUEMinnesota 4, Cleveland 0Baltimore 8, Tampa Bay 5L.A. Angels 4, Boston 2Texas 7, N.Y. Yankees 6Oakland 5, Chicago White Sox 3Toronto 8, Kansas City 2Houston 8, Seattle 2NATIONAL LEAGUEMiami 4, Chicago Cubs 2Cincinnati 6, Washington 2Milwaukee 7, Atlanta 0N.Y. Mets 8, San Francisco 2L.A. Dodgers 12, Colorado 6Arizona 2, Philadelphia 1, 11 InningsSt. Louis 8, Pittsburgh 4Copyright © 2017, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMatico Relatedlast_img read more

WALT to return to normal service hours Jan. 2

first_imgSumner Newscow report — After a shortage of qualified drivers in October prompted a reduction in WALT’s service hours—reducing weekly hours by 28% and eliminating Saturday hours—those who depend on WALT for transportation will get good news in 2018. WALT will be returning to regular service hours which are 7am-7pm M-F & 10am-3pm Saturdays beginning January 2.“We were able to hire enough qualified drivers, who are great additions to our team, and resume normal WALT shuttle hours for the New Year,” says Alicia Riggs, Futures transportation coordinator.Riders are encouraged to schedule rides in advance by calling dispatch Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm at 326-8906. This is not mandatory but greatly increases a rider’s chances of getting the ride they need at the time they need it.This is because WALT continues to be a demand-response service and transports passengers as they call in. Riders are encouraged to review the information at this link for more information: Additional information is available to riders in the WALT Guidelines handout.WALT looks forward to meeting the community’s transportation needs in 2018.last_img read more

Means to an end is a new start for Coda Brewing…

first_img Coda Brewing Company’s Hydle Ale is a hoppy wheat IPA with grapefruit and Juicy Fruit notes. The brewery north of the Anschutz Medical Campus opened in April. (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel) AURORA | There is a science to making beer. From the complex chemical reactions that give the beer its alcohol, right down to the meticulous way brewers have to maintain their equipment, similarities between the two fields are easy to spot.At the recently-opened Coda Brewing Co., that bond between science and brewing is on full display everyday.  Reclaimed wood decorates the taps on at Coda Brewing Company. The brewery north of the Anschutz Medical Campus opened in April. (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel) Growlers are available for purchase at Coda Brewing Company. The brewery north of the Anschutz Medical Campus opened in April.(Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel) Luke Smith, founder and brewer for Coda Brewing Company, pours a Hydle Ale, an American wheat IPA, on May 1 for customers at Coda. The brewery north of the Anschutz Medical Campus opened in April.(Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel) Pint-sized mason jars fill the bar on at Coda Brewing Company. The brewery north of the Anschutz Medical Campus opened in April. (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel) Luke Smith is the brewer and founder of Coda Brewing Company. The brewery north of the Anschutz Medical Campus opened in April.(Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel)center_img Coda Brewing Company currently offers an American red ale, an American wheat IPA and an oatmeal stout, with more variety currently being brewed. The brewery north of the Anschutz Medical Campus opened in April. (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel) Luke Smith, founder and brewer for Coda Brewing Company, serves up Dogcatcher, an American red ale, on May 1 for customers at Coda. The brewery north of the Anschutz Medical Campus opened in April. (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel) Coda Brewing Company’s Hydle Ale is a hoppy wheat IPA with grapefruit and Juicy Fruit notes. The brewery north of the Anschutz Medical Campus opened in April. (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel) Identifiers are available for Coda Brewing Company customers ordering food from Cedar Creek Pub which is located across the street. The brewery north of the Anschutz Medical Campus opened in April. (Marla R. Keown/Aurora Sentinel) Sitting at 2101 Ursula St. in the 21 Fitz Development just north of the Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora’s newest brewery and tasting room embraces its proximity to the labs and scientists that populate Anschutz. In fact, Coda’s co-founder and brewer, Luke Smith, doesn’t just refer to himself as a brewer. Instead, his business card also reads “fermentation scientist.”And, if you order a sampler size of one of Coda’s brews, Smith will serve it to you in glass beakers, some of which were once used in a nearby lab. For Smith, injecting some science into the beer making process was only natural. Before opening Coda, he worked across Montview Boulevard in a pharmacology laboratory at the University of Colorado. Over the years, his work touched on a couple areas very important to beer drinkers — yeast and bitter taste receptors. While working at Anschutz, he regularly stopped by the Cedar Creek Pub for a beer and a bite to eat after work. There, he met Cedar Creek president Scott Procop and eventually, the two launched Coda together. Procop, who helped launch Cedar Creek in 2011, said opening a brewery just across the street from Cedar Creek makes perfect sense. For one, Coda moving in means the 2,700-square-foot storefront won’t be home to a pizza joint or another business that could siphon customers from Cedar Creek. Even more than that, Procop said the brewery is a chance to partner with the restaurant, offering up some special food paired specifically with whatever beers Smith concocts. Lots of breweries rely on food trucks to provide food, but Procop said Coda is different in that customers can order food straight from Cedar Creek, which servers will bring over to Coda. “It’s great when there are food trucks, but what if there is a food truck you don’t like,” he said. So far, Coda has three beers on tap, and each is paired with a special menu item from Cedar Creek. The Hydle Ale, an American wheat IPA, goes with the Coda Polish Dog, for example. Smith has also gone a step further and paired each beer with a song. The audio pairing for the Migration Oatmeal Stout, for example, is James Taylor’s “Walking Man.”That focus on music will be an important part of the brewery, Smith said, and something unique to Coda. Smith said he will have live bands playing there in a few months, and he plans to make small-batch beers inspired by particular bands or their songs. “When the beer is gone and the music is over, that’s the Coda experience,” he said. “You have this novel connection with the band that has never been done before.”The last several years have seen steady growth among craft breweries. According to the Boulder-based Brewers Association, more than 400 new breweries opened around the country in 2013, bringing the total number to more than 2,700. That’s up from 1,900 in 2007. But even with steady growth among craft brewers, Smith said he doesn’t think the market is nearing any sort of saturation point, especially in Colorado, where drinking good beer is just part of the state’s culture. “People love to hike and bike and ski and kayak. And then, drink beer,” he said.last_img read more

Breakin’ into Bieber: Young Aurora dancer’s YouTube moves secure concert spot

first_img Aurora resident Jonathan Jaramillo, 11, poses for a photo on Friday March 25, 2016 at Millennium Dance Complex. Jaramillo won a YouTube contest to dance with Justin Bieber on stage at his concert on April 4.Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentinel Aurora resident Jonathan Jaramillo, 11, dances with his dance class on Friday March 25, 2016 at Millennium Dance Complex. Jaramillo won a YouTube contest to dance with Justin Bieber on stage at his concert on April 4.Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentinel AURORA | For most Americans, dancing is an activity largely reserved for personal, intimate circumstance.Shimmying shoulders and frantic feet often crop up during isolated moments of exaltation — at stop lights, during sudsy ceremonies of matrimony and other bliss, and while stumbling across Internet clips of “The Ellen Degeneres Show” or myriad late-night talk show hooligans. But for Aurora resident Jonathan Jaramillo, the bigger the stage, the better. The 11-year-old modern dance phenom has made a name for himself among the Front Range dance community in recent years, consistently nabbing the top spot in breakdancing competitions and even appearing on an episode of “The Tonight Show” when it was under the helm of comedian Jay Leno. And this weekend, Jaramillo will be taking the biggest stage in his short yet decorated career when he performs in front of some 15,000 pop music aficionados and alongside the genre’s presiding prince, Justin Bieber. Aurora resident Jonathan Jaramillo, 11, dances with his dance class on Friday March 25, 2016 at Millennium Dance Complex. Jaramillo won a YouTube contest to dance with Justin Bieber on stage at his concert on April 4.Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentinel Aurora resident Jonathan Jaramillo, 11, poses for a photo on Friday March 25, 2016 at Millennium Dance Complex. Jaramillo won a YouTube contest to dance with Justin Bieber on stage at his concert on April 4.Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentinel Aurora resident Jonathan Jaramillo, 11, poses for a photo on Friday March 25, 2016 at Millennium Dance Complex. Jaramillo won a YouTube contest to dance with Justin Bieber on stage at his concert on April 4.Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentinel Aurora resident Jonathan Jaramillo, 11, stretches in a dance class on Friday March 25, 2016 at Millennium Dance Complex. Jaramillo won a YouTube contest to dance with Justin Bieber on stage at his concert on April 4.Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentinel Aurora resident Jonathan Jaramillo, 11, poses for a photo on Friday March 25, 2016 at Millennium Dance Complex. Jaramillo won a YouTube contest to dance with Justin Bieber on stage at his concert on April 4.Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentinel Aurora resident Jonathan Jaramillo, 11, poses for a photo on Friday March 25, 2016 at Millennium Dance Complex. Jaramillo won a YouTube contest to dance with Justin Bieber on stage at his concert on April 4.Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentinel Aurora resident Jonathan Jaramillo, 11, poses for a photo on Friday March 25, 2016 at Millennium Dance Complex. Jaramillo won a YouTube contest to dance with Justin Bieber on stage at his concert on April 4.Photo by Gabriel Christus/Aurora Sentinel “I’m just overwhelmed with excitement,” Jaramillo said. Jaramillo will perform a short dance routine onstage with Bieber, the pop star’s professional backup dancers and three other young dancers from the metro area during the singer’s performance of his song “Children” at his upcoming concert Monday at the Pepsi Center.“We are thrilled that he’s getting this opportunity because we know it’s something he’ll never forget,” said Desiree Jaramillo, Jonathan’s mom and manager.Also a student at Denver School of the Arts, Jonathan was one of four winners of a YouTube dance contest organized by Bieber’s creative director and choreographer, Nick DeMoura. Given just two days to memorize a roughly 30-second routine, Jonathan uploaded a video of himself performing the steps the first week of March and shortly thereafter learned he had beaten out dozens of other young dancers to co-win the contest.“We were so excited,” Desiree said. “I got the email when I was at work and I started crying at my desk all by myself. I was so proud.”Partial to any dance that allows him to pop and weave, Jonathan said that the Bieber routine is a sort of funky hip-hop.In recent weeks, Jonathan has been perfecting his Bieber steps at his home in southeast Aurora and at the Millennium Dance Complex in Centennial, one of two professional dance studios at which he studies. The other is School of Breaking on East Jewell Avenue in Aurora.Taryn Vincent, co-owner at Millennium, said that Jonathan’s reputation among the Front Range dance community preceded him.“I’d seen him dance several times, so as soon as he walked in (last year) I knew who he was,” Vincent said. “He has a little reputation for being awesome.”Jonathan, who has talent agents in both Los Angeles and Denver, said that he’s excited about the prospects the Bieber performance and subsequent exposure could yield.“I hope this will open a lot more doors for me,” he said.Desiree said that Monday’s performance could provide a glimpse at what Jonathan’s future might hold.“I think he’s really excited to get the experience of what it’s going to be like on a stage that large and get a look at what he can do when he gets older,” she said.last_img read more

Sun shines on Blackman

first_imgAndrew Blackman (center) with Tommy Marshall (left) and Carl Lovatt.PSC Golf from the Pattaya Links Golf SocietyMonday, Sept. 23, Bangpakong – Stableford1st Andrew Blackman (9) 40pts2nd Stuart Brown (28) 38pts 3rd Barry Oats (30) 38pts4th Petur Petursson (6) 37ptsIt was drizzling rain in Pattaya as the bus and cars set off, but hopes were high for a dryer day than of late. Well the sun certainly shone on Andrew Blackman as he recorded a convincing win, racking up 40 points in his final outing this trip.Second place became a tussle between two high handicappers as Stu Brown and Barry Oats both had 38 points. Stu had the better back nine. Petur Petursson rounded out the placings with an excellent 37 points off his handicap of six to record the lowest gross of the day.Near pins went to Andrew Blackman (A flight), Takeshi Hakozaki (A flight), Stu Brown (B flight),Consolation ‘best nines’ by non-winners came from Stuart Thompson (front, 16pts) and Rowan Lucas (back, 20pts).Friday, Sept. 27, Pattavia – Stableford1st Takeshi Hakozaki (14) 38pts2nd George Mueller (15) 36pts3rd Phil Davies (13) 35pts4th Andrew Purdie (10) 35ptsIn contrast to our previous game, it was back to our, currently, usual numbers as twenty three golfers headed for Pattavia.Weather was fine and stayed that way for all but the final group which had some drizzle approaching the last hole. Once again the course was in immaculate condition and the greens are still sensibly paced, but we need to be aware of lots of tricky contoursThe scores were on the low side of usual here, but golf journeyman Takeshi Hakozaki found enough of the course to his liking to have 38 points on his card at the end. Takeshi is a consistent golfer and this was not his first Green Jacket.George Mueller who had a day we know he is capable of, but not regularly enough, came in second with 36 points. Then Phil Davies won a countback over Andrew Purdie for third place, both with good scores of 35 points.Near pins went to Andrew Purdie (A flight), Kevin LaBar (A flight), Bill Stewart (B flight), and once again one green failed to attract a ball.Keith Melbourne returned from the UK with a nice bottle of drink with a Black Label, which he put up for a prize. Thank You Keith, from Rowan Lucas who won the long putt contest and the bottle.Consolation ‘best nines’ were posted by Petur Petursson (front, 19pts) and Steve Jones (back, 20pts).Rowan Lucas, a visitor from Australia, had a mixed day. Winning the long putt wasn’t his only claim to fame as he also had the worst score for the day and was presented with the “wig”.last_img read more

Passing the buck as danger lurks

first_imgBy KATHRYN BERMINGHAM VICROADS, Cardinia Shire Council and the Victorian Department of Education are passing the buck on the safety…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img

Bertens ends Venus’ days of living dangerously

first_imgThere was no great escape for Venus Williams on Friday as the five-times champion became the latest top-10 seed to perish at Wimbledon after she was beaten 6-2 6-7(5) 8-6 in a pulsating third-round match by Dutchwoman Kiki Bertens.The American, at 38 the oldest woman in the draw, had to recover from a set down in her first two matches but her days of living dangerously were ended by a opponent who simply would not give up.The precision serve that had gone AWOL during the first set – with the ninth seed holding serve only once – was back on target for Williams as she produced some exquisite volley winners to snap up the second set when Bertens smacked a forehand long.But all the effort she put into forcing a decider despite being two points from defeat in the second set came to nothing as Bertens played the match of her life to reach the second week at the All England Club for the first time in her career.Bertens had come agonisingly close to toppling Williams in Miami this year, when she had held three match points, and she seemed to have learned from that near miss as she dropped to her knees in triumph after watching the American net a backhand to end the two hour, 40 minute thriller.Williams’ defeat continued the horror show for women’s seeds at Wimbledon as only two of the top 10 – world number one Simona Halep and number seven Karolina Pliskova – are still in the tournament. It is the worst showing by the women’s seeds in the professional era. (Reporting by Pritha Sarkar, editing by Ed Osmond)last_img read more

Paul Wright | Godspeed, ‘Jolly’

first_img As the horse approached the winner’s enclosure, which is adjacent to the chute, where horses enter the racetrack proper after being saddled, the barrier that is closed after all the horses in the race enter the track was removed, and an individual bravely stepped on to the racetrack in an effort to direct the galloping horse off the course and down the same chute that the horses used to get on the track before the race. The now-terrified galloping horses did indeed turn into the chute, but instead of galloping down the chute to the parade ring, where it could be caught and restrained, PERFECT ASSET, unfortunately, did not go down the chute to the saddling area, but swerved to the right and entered a concrete walkway that allows patrons to enter the area leading to the winners’ enclosure. There is a closed gate at the end of the concrete walkway and upon encountering the block, the terrified horse retreated, only to be confronted by Jolly, who bravely tried to stop the galloping animal. Seconds later, Jolly was on the ground, hit by the horse, with his head coming into contact with the concrete floor of the walkway. He appeared to lose consciousness immediately, and nearby eyewitnesses tried desperately to alert the authorities that a major incident had occurred. The medical team on duty at the track was informed, and in minutes was seen attending to the fallen Najair. PERFECT ESCAPE The race was started, as the information relayed to the starter was that the loose horse was no longer a threat to the safety of the others due to race. On completion of the race, the ambulance that is mandated to follow the horses in a race in case of any mishap, was signalled by frantic bystanders and alerted to the incident. The driver quickly reversed the ambulance into an area as close to the medical team and the unconscious horseman, in order to facilitate transfer of the injured man to the ambulance via a stretcher. Inexplicably, the ambulance and crew were advised to move from the area in order to enable the horses that had just completed the race to go down the same chute to be unsaddled. Once all the horses had passed, the unconscious patient was successfully transferred to the ambulance, taken to the medical post, before being transported to the Spanish Town Hospital. Information now available confirms that that hospital had no modern equipment necessary for a conformed diagnosis and subsequent important treatment. Thus, later on, Jolly was transferred to a fully equipped trauma centre and treatment continued. The latest news available is that on Saturday last, he had surgery designed to relieve pressure on the brain and was still unconscious. I am sure that the necessary enquiry into the near tragedy will investigate whether anyone was at fault in allowing the horse to escape the attempts to load it into the starting gate. If the area between the stands and the winners enclosure is sterile and available ONLY to specific individuals easily identifiable by identification and authorised to be in that area. It will also examine whether there should be a barrier between the concrete walkway and the area leading to the winner’s enclosure. Such an investigation will also find out if it’s correct to instruct the ambulance (and crew) to be removed from the chute and await the passage of all the horse that had just completed the race, whether there could there be another way to the unsaddling enclosure, or if the horses could have waited on the racetrack until the injured person was transferred to the ambulance. In serious traumatic incidents, every second counts. Another serious question to ask in such an enquiry is what is the policy regarding the transfer of injured jockeys to hospital? Is there an agreement with any tertiary institution with the necessary equipment to facilitate successful treatment of the injured person? All our thoughts and prayers are with Jolly and it is hoped that upon conclusion of the investigation, changes will be implemented to correct any deficiencies identified during the investigation. That is all we ask. – Dr Paul Wright is a noted sports medicine specialist and media personality. For feedback, email: Vassel Najair, a veteran jockey and horseman, was injured before the running of the sixth race on Wednesday, September 26. As ‘Jolly,’ as he is called, battles for life at one of the island’s leading trauma centres, every fan of the sport of racing is hoping for a complete recovery. But, as with every accident that results in injury to horse or human at a racetrack, there has to be an investigation on how it occurred, whether it could have been avoided, and how we can ensure that this never happens again. The sixth race last Wednesday was over six furlongs long, restricted to five-year-old (and up), non-winners of four races. While the horses were being loaded into the starting gates, horse seven, PERFECT ASSET, ridden by J. Innis, got loose from the starting gate crew, who were at the time trying to encourage the horse to enter the starting gate. PERFECT ASSET bolted, in a counterclockwise direction, heading home, as horsemen were wont to say. WHO IS TO BLAME? AMBULANCE SERVICElast_img read more

Wakenaam farmer remanded for narcotics trafficking

first_imgA cash crop farmer from “Beturf”, Wakenaam, Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara), was on Wednesday remanded to prison for possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.Rishi Ramnarine, 40, made his first appearance before Magistrate Sunil Scarce at the Anna Regina Magistrate’s Court.Police alleged that on May 1, 2016, Ramnarine was discovered with 25 grams of cannabis sativa in his possession during a search exercise.The defendant’s Attorney, Latchmi Dindyal told the Court that the illicit substance was not found on her client and pleaded for bail to be granted since Ramnarine had a permanent place of abode.Police Prosecutor Rambhague objected to bail, stating that no special reason was given. According to the prosecution, Police carried out a search on the defendant and the drug was found in his right front pants pocket. He was arrested and when questioned, he admitted that he usually smoked the cannabis.Magistrate Scarce remanded Ramnarine until May 25, 2016.last_img read more

Harmon to present written statement to Cabinet – President

first_imgMinister of State Joseph Harmon will today present a written statement to Cabinet on all the accusationsPresident David Granger speaking to the media on Wednesdaybeing levelled against him, when Ministers convene for a meeting, President David Granger has assured.The President, responding to questions posed by Journalists on Wednesday, said Minister Harmon already offered an oral explanation to Cabinet members on Tuesday for being in a photograph with officials of BaiShanLin.According to President Granger, the explanation given to Cabinet by Harmon related that he had to visit a number of places in China, with little time to do so.“As you know the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China was in China at that time, he had to go to three or four different cities and the Ambassador arranged the executive transport because of the distance between the cities, and the amount of time he had at his disposal. So it was arranged by the Chinese Government to enable him to travel to different cities… to conduct the business that he was there to conduct,” President Granger said, before reiterating that the trip was funded by the National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited (NICIL).In what appears to be a move aimed at tarnishing Harmon’s political career, Kaieteur News has been publishing a series of articles about the Minister’s decision to appoint businessman Brian Tiwari as his personal Adviser on Business Development and instructions he gave to the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to halt a seizure of several vehicles from Chinese logging company BaiShanLin. The articles were skilfully designed in a manner to portray the Minister as corrupt.last_img read more

NPSS student combating mental illness one step at a time

first_imgPeever has a personal connection to mental illness. She then had the opportunity to work with one of the representatives that works with the Ministry of Health down in Vancouver. That is how she became involved in going to Vancouver twice a year.She says the past year they have focused on changing the fact that many kids don’t have someone that they can trust which in turn leads to them bottling everything inside.“We changed that by adding more support workers so that we have more people that kids can go to that they can trust because our school counsellors are more career related over psychiatric related. They aren’t there to talk about your issues, they are just there to talk about what courses you need so we are focusing on improving that in schools.”Peever says in the North Peace there is only 1 teacher for every 25 kids approximately, making it hard for them to have support.Advertisement “Even one teacher connecting with 25 kids is still a lot for that one teacher.” FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – A local student was in the spotlight provincially recently for her efforts to combat mental illness.Morgan Peever is a North Peace Secondary School leadership student and B.C. Student Voice participant for the Peace Region. She recently went down to the Lower Mainland to talk about the topics of mental health and suicide.NPSS says she brought information back from the trip and will be working on ideas to face the issues of mental health and suicide head on.- Advertisement -Peever went down to the Lower Mainland on November 3rd to launch a health and well being report and to discuss what they are doing Mental Health wise in the North Peace.She is part of a student group called “B.C. Student Voice”. The group goes down to Vancouver twice a year to talk about things that need to be changed. Peever says at one of the meetings, the Minister of Health was in attendance and discussed health indicators.“Our region had really low statistics for how many kids had adults they could trust. So we brought that back into the school and added more support workers.”Advertisementlast_img read more

Iraq War vet who protested finds ally

first_imgKurpius said even an implied threat to lower the discharge rating could threaten educational and other benefits Kokesh is eligible to receive from the Department of Veterans Affairs. “We all know that people give up some individual rights when they join the military,” Kurpius said. “But these Marines went to war, did their duty, and were honorably discharged from the active roles. I may disagree with their message, but I will always defend their right to say it.” 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The nation’s largest combat veterans group Friday urged the military to “exercise a little common sense” and call off its investigation of a group of Iraq War veterans who wore their uniforms during anti-war protests. “Trying to hush up and punish fellow Americans for exercising the same democratic right we’re trying to instill in Iraq is not what we’re all about,” said Gary Kurpius, national commander of the 2.4 million-member Veterans of Foreign Wars. “Someone in the Marine Corps needs to exercise a little common sense and put an end to this matter before it turns into a circus,” Kurpius said. A military panel in Kansas City, Mo., will hold a hearing Monday to decide whether Marine Cpl. Adam Kokesh’s discharge status should be changed from honorable to “other than honorable.” The action came after he was photographed wearing fatigues – with military insignia removed – during a mock patrol with other veterans at a protest rally in April. Kokesh was a reservist in an artillery unit assigned to the November Battery, 5th Battalion, 14th Regiment of the 4th Division based out of Pico Rivera. The Marine Corps is investigating whether Kokesh might have violated a rule prohibiting troops from wearing uniforms without authorization. Kokesh was honorably discharged following a combat tour in Iraq, but he remains part of the Individual Ready Reserve, a pool of former active-duty service members in unpaid, non-drill status. Kokesh also was cited for making a disrespectful comment to a military officer investigating the incident. His attorney, Michael Lebowitz, called the case an effort to stifle critics of the Bush administration’s war policy. last_img read more

It’s ropin’ time

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGame Center: Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, 10 a.m. INDUSTRY HILLS – About 5,000 children from 12 local districts, private and parochial schools were treated to a special rodeo performance Friday morning. All the children received a booklet before the event describing the history of the West and rodeos. The performance kicked off the city’s 22nd annual Pro Rodeo, which takes place today and Sunday at the Industry Hills Expo Center. For more information on the event, call (626) 961-6892. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

No accountability

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREOregon Ducks football players get stuck on Disney ride during Rose Bowl event160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Re: “Mayor backs trash fee” (April 13): Mayor Villaraigosa needs to be reminded that gas is $3 a gallon and going higher. People like my mother are on a fixed income and cannot afford the increase and if he plans to run for governor in four years, Los Angeles taxpayers will remember how he is trying to screw the homeowner. Oh, I also read the City Council wants to float a bond to fix streets. My mother’s street hasn’t been repaved since her house was built in 1947. Will her street be repaved? Not a chance. There is no accountability for the money just like the school bond money. Wake up, people, vote these jerks out of office the next time they run. Maxine Flam North Hollywood Recent history Re: “Mayor backs trash fee” (April 13): So much for Mayor Villaraigosa’s great ideas his true liberal reputation had to get out, in actual actions. Doubling the taxes, right out of the chute. Villaraigosa had better look into what Gov. Gray Davis ran into doubling the car fees … have you forgotten? Or, George Bush Senior saying, “Read my lips”? You liberals have never have seen a tax you didn’t like. Raising water prices, raising power prices, doubling collection fees. Would someone explain to me, when are they going to double my Social Security so that I can pay for all of this garbage? Methods of raising more money so our politicians can steal it for their own uses? William Conroy Northridge More money Re: “Mayor backs trash fee” (April 13): So our mayor is going to put it to us again; he wants more money from the sitting ducks that don’t move. Why doesn’t he ask all his illegal-immigrant friends that he was cheering for at the protests? If he taxed every illegal vendor in the city, we would not have to go after the homeowners. It must be getting close to voting time everybody is starting to tell you how much money they need, like the schools that are not earthquake-safe. What have they been doing all this time? Nothing! Joe Pinoy Lozano Mission Hills Who listens? A government that is only willing to listen to its people through wiretaps is a dangerous government indeed. Laurien DuTremble Northridge Living wage for illegals Re: “Immigration actions spread” (April 11): Your headline is inaccurate. The issue is illegal immigration, not all immigration. The comparison to any people who founded this nation being immigrants is inaccurate, they were not illegal and they were not dependent on taxpayers to subsidize them. The Los Angeles City Council needs to have the mayor explain his actions. And the mayor needs to inquire of all the manufacturers and employers in this city why they are not paying living wages. If the mayor had done that, instead of leading protests on a school day, maybe the city would not have had the expense of restraining thousands of truant children the following week. Lorraine C. Mabbett West Hills Allegiance to laws Re: “Angelenos march against illegal-immigration bill” (April 11): Wow, I feel so uninformed. I had no idea that Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is an illegal immigrant and cleans toilets for a living. The reality is he is an American citizen who has been elected by other American citizens as mayor of Los Angeles, a major city in the United States. As an elected official, he is sworn to uphold the laws of our state and our nation. We must have laws that are enforced to maintain a civil society and protect our citizens and legal residents. If we don’t, chaos will ensue. This is an issue of allegiance to the laws of this country and to its law-abiding citizens. Monica Plattenberger Northridge Katie earned it Re: “Katie Couric” (Your Opinions, April 10): I disagree with Hal Rothberg’s assessment of Katie Couric. I have watched Katie for 15 years and she is well qualified to do the job. Is the news media for the “Good Ol’ Boys Club” only? Women have fought hard over the years to stop being second-class citizens but I am finding out that to some men we will always be considered second-class citizens, no matter what we do to change the image. Katie does not have to be compared to Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather or Edward R. Murrow. Katie has her own individuality and that is what has made her successful in her career. She will do a good job for CBS. Brynie Brackin Pacoima Where counts Re: “Tipoff” column, (April 10): I have no doubt that Gloria Molina and 19 other Latina leaders are deserving of recognition for their work in promoting Hispanic leadership. What I do question is why the Hispanic Business magazine, sponsor of the awards, feels the need to take the celebration to Caesar’s Palace? Surely, there are appropriate venues in the Los Angeles area. Or the state of California? To paraphrase a recent TV ad “What money is earned in L.A. should stay in L.A.!” Yolanda Petroski Granada Hills Give them a break Re: “Senior cross over ticket” (April 10): Fast signals, slow people. We drivers all hate to wait for long signals, but we also have to respect those who can’t walk fast give them a break. What if it was your mom or dad crossing that crosswalk? Be tolerant. Bill Humason North Hollywood Obeying the law Re: “Senior cross over ticket” (April 10): Yes, Mayvis Coyle deserved a ticket. I support Officer Kelly. He was trying to protect her, and us motorists, from a serious accident. Officer Kelly was doing his job. Many times I see people starting to cross the street after the “No Walk” sign is flashing. I see people walk diagonally in the middle of the block across Foothill Boulevard in Sunland/Tujunga. They put their hand up signaling for cars to stop for them and they are not in a marked crosswalk. Pedestrians need to make sure it is safe before they cross a street, and motorists need to be aware of pedestrians, whether they are in a marked crosswalk or not. We need to be courteous of one another and obey the law. Judy Beer Sunland And he pays well The words “leak,” “classified” and “fire” mean whatever George Bush wants them to mean. Bush is obviously a great fan of Humpty Dumpty and the book “Through the Looking Glass,” better known as “Alice in Wonderland.” Because, it was there that author Lewis Carroll wrote the following: ” When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone, it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.’ ” A little further on, Alice says, “That’s a great deal to make one word mean.” When I make a word do a lot of work like that,’ said Humpty Dumpty, I always pay it extra.’ ” Now we finally know where George Bush really got his presidential education. David Silverman Chatsworth Financial vacuum Iran has become a strong financial and political figure in that area of the world. The United States and European countries are cutting aid to Palestine. That financial Palestinian vacuum will give Iran the opportunity to step in and become a benefactor and collect thousands of unemployed young Palestinian to be trained in what has become an Iranian specialty: terrorism. Terrorism to be exported all over the world. I hope I am wrong. Dante F. Rochetti West Hillslast_img read more


first_imgAN OUTBREAK OF flu in the county – including the H1N1 swine flu strain – will get worse before it gets better, the country’s top doctor warned today.Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan said the number of human swine flu cases could exceed the peak seen during the pandemic in 2009.He said there is likely to be a continued rise in cases over the next two to four weeks. During the peak of the pandemic in 2009, Ireland was seeing over 200 new cases for every 100,000 people.That’s more bad news for hospitals, GPs and businesses who are reporting high sickness levels in the county this week.Some clinics at Letterkenny and Sligo hospitals are being cancelled due to an influx of suspected flu patients and illness amongst hospital staff.People due to attend outpatient clinics or surgeries over the next week are being advised to check with their hospitals first. Medical 2 Ward at LGH is closed to visitors for infection prevention and control purposes.In a statement LGH said: “Visitors are asked not to visit the hospital unless it is absolutely essential and, where it is essential, visitor numbers should be kept to a minimum and be confined to visiting times only – visitors are asked to co-operate with staff in all matters in this regard.“Visitors who themselves may be unwell or have any flu symptoms should not visit the hospital. Very young children or those with some other serious illness should avoid visiting the hospital, as they may be particularly susceptible to the virus.“Visitors are asked to wash their hands thoroughly before entering or leaving the inpatient area. Management at Letterkenny General Hospital regret any inconvenience caused and thank people for their cooperation.”Flu has also hit the Donegal GAA team, forcing a delay in the naming of the team for this weekend’s game. SEE SPORT endsSWINE FLU LATEST: HOSPITALS AND BUSINESSES HIT AS MEDIC WARNS ILLNESS WILL SPREAD was last modified: January 7th, 2011 by gregShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:fluletterkennysligoswinelast_img read more

Alex Fisher hopes to become Inverness CT’s Jamie Vardy success story

first_imgHe added: “I moved away from home when I was young so I’m used to being away from family. In terms of playing in Europe I have got used to different styles of football. “Fast or slow tempo, direct or not so direct so I feel like I have a good all-round knowledge of the game.” New Inverness CT striker Alex Fisher says he takes inspiration from Jamie Vardy as he aims to become the Highland side’s latest successful recruit from England’s lower leagues.The 25-year-old has joined the Scottish Cup holders after a short trial period, just a month after departing National League side Torquay United.Inverness developed a reputation for finding gems in the lower reaches of the English game under previous boss Terry Butcher and coach Steve Marsella, a policy which has continued under current manager John Hughes.As a forward Fisher believes the example of Leicester striker Vardy, who rose from non-league football to break the Premier League’s record for goals in 11 consecutive matches as well as turn out for England, shows the depth of talent available. Now he hopes to make his mark at the Caledonian Stadium, telling STV: “I’ve spoken to a few of the coaches here and the manager and they’ve said what they’ve done for younger players and players in my position.“I think you just have to look at the Jamie Vardys of the world to see what can happen to talent in the lower leagues if they are given a chance. I’m just over the moon that I’ve got this opportunity.“I’ve only heard good things and the longer I can stay here the better. I’d love to settle down but first and foremost I have to perform and if I can do that then I’ll be rewarded with a longer contract.”In addition to his time in his homeland, Fisher has enjoyed spells in Spain, Belgium and Italy and he believes his experience abroad will aid him as he settles into life in the Highlands.last_img read more

Redesigning a Cape Town landmark

first_img Entries were judged by two panels and were assessed against six criteria: aesthetic value, sustainability, cost, technical feasibility, buildability, as well as a reflection of the World Design Capital (WDC) ideals. Design24 is an official WDC project. Weideman said Media24’s “implementation team” would now find the best design solution, which could include elements of the top three designs, within the “modest budget”. Media24 is Africa’s biggest media company, with interests in newspapers, magazines, digital publishing, printing, distribution, book publishing and ecommerce. In August 2000, Media24 – the former Nasmedia – became an independent company. Its majority shareholder is Naspers, a multinational group of media and ecommerce platforms. SAinfo reporter 7 April 2014 Not one but three designs caught the eye of judges in the competition to redesign the façade of the landmark Naspers Centre, head office of Media 24, Africa’s most successful media company. Media24 chief executive Esmare Weideman named the winners at a function on the building’s roof on Friday night. While 94 designs were received, none met all the criteria set in the design competition, which sought concept ideas to reimagine and rejuvenate the iconic building, once the tallest skyscraper in the Mother City. Most fell short on the cost criteria. The company has set aside R15-million to complete the project. The Naspers Centre, located on Cape Town’s foreshore, still has a commanding presence, looking out across the harbour and Table Bay, as well as inland towards Table Mountain. “Some of the entries truly reimagined the iconic Naspers Centre, so even though there wasn’t a clear winner we decided to split the [R320 000] prize money equally between the top three entries as recognition of their artistic contribution,” Weideman said. The three companies are, in no particular order: Tsai Design Studio, whose design “Urban Sculpture” imagined a folded sheath wrapped around the building, with a prominent media wall facing Walter Sisulu Avenue.MLB Architects, whose design “Reimagining an Icon” used glass, mesh and green planting to create an entirely new silhouette for the building.DBM Architects, whose design “Roots” imagined tangled roots reaching up the full height of the building, in reference to Media24’s 100-year history in Cape Town. last_img read more

“Yes We Can” Director Releases Video About Science Commons

first_imgFilm director Jesse Dylan, the co-creator of the Emmy award winning Barack Obama support video Yes We Can has released a new work, this time explaining the Creative Commons Foundation’s science initiative, Science Commons.Dylan, who coincidentally is the eldest son of folk legend Bob Dylan, uses his familiar style to aggregate a quick selection of scientists explaining why a web-based revision of copyright policy is so important for the advancement of scientists. “Scientists are the ultimate remixers,” one interviewee says, and we agree that Creative Commons in science is a very exciting idea.Few media are as compelling as video and we hope that this new short work is helpful in garnering support for Creative Commons in the sciences.Dylan’s work joins a long list of well made Creative Commons videos, which have been helpful in explaining the movement to revise copyright to countless people, no doubt including even President Elect Barack Obama, whose own website was recently put under a Creative Commons license. marshall kirkpatrick Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…center_img Tags:#Digital Lifestyle#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Ten Tips to Building a Better Resume

first_imgWhen you’re good at what you do, you don’t typically spend a whole lot of time thinking about what your next job might be, let alone the need to construct a better resume. In our work lives, we challenge ourselves to succeed and excel, and make the sacrifices necessary to set ourselves apart. We focus our efforts on building a future; working hard, working smart, and making the right decisions. We see this as the key to our professional development plan. But sound decisions aren’t limited to what we do on the job. What we do beyond the workplace can have a real and vital impact on how our careers unfold.As a vehicle for growth, crafting a quality resume can be one of the most important tasks in your professional career. Unfortunately, it also happens to be one of the most underrated and under-utilized growth tools for far too many of us.[text_ad use_post=’2385′]- Sponsor – The resume has to be more than an accumulation of dates and facts. It has to tell a story. It has to grab attention. It has to send a message. But it also has to be honest and genuine. It should be dynamic and confident. It should be organized and concise. It should show the building blocks of your career. It should help you stand out and stand tall. A better resume is intended to represent who you are as a professional. It is a point of first impression. As such, it demands your effort and attention to ensure that it fills that role.Every job search is a competition. A company is trying to match their needs with an individual that will best meet all of the different aspects that a particular position entails. Those involved in hiring decisions typically begin the search process by narrowing down the field of potential candidates from among those that have applied. Various strategies may be used to assist decision makers in the process, but one common denominator almost always comes into play – the resume.The resume is a visual and informational representation of the candidate throughout the hiring process. From entry-level positions to the pyramid heads for some of our largest companies, this remains a constant. If we want to set ourselves apart from the pack, then our efforts should start by building a better resume.Many minimize the importance of the resume in the overall hiring process. They surmise that a resume alone won’t get them a job. They rationalize away the need to provide too many details. They feel that once they get into the interview process, they can convince the hiring parties that their skills and capabilities make them the best choice. Let’s break this down:It’s absolutely correct to state that a resume alone won’t typically get anyone a job. Hiring decisions are progressive, and many considerations go into the overall process. However, while a better resume doesn’t guarantee a bad candidate a job, a bad resume can cost a good candidate an opportunity for the position of a lifetime.It’s true that too many details can hamper a resume. Readers can get bogged down by wordy descriptions and information overload, losing interest as a result. But it’s not the quantity of the words that we use, rather the quality of our statements that set the tone. Choosing our words wisely speaks volumes about our overall ability and understanding of who we are and what we do.The ability to interview for a job is an opportunity that we create, not a platform that we are granted. We have to earn it, often in more ways than one. The resume document represents a summary of our professional experience, achievements, and competency. If we’re not willing and/or capable of demonstrating our skills and abilities as part of a document that says so much about who we are, what message are we sending?Building a better resume forces us to actively reflect on our careers, reviewing all of the many events and decisions that brought us to where we are today. In many ways looking back helps us to move forward. A resume is a road map. It tells others where we’ve been, where we are today, and most importantly – where we want to go. By this, we don’t intend to imply there simply needs to be an “Objective” heading to begin the resume. We’re talking about the ability to bring the resume to life.As we constructively critique the path that we’ve traveled, it helps us to more clearly define the direction that we’re headed as well. By guiding the reader through our past and giving them a clear picture of where we are today, it helps to project where we’re headed. This allows them to better view us in the role that they are trying to fill and see the potential that we can bring to the position. Furthermore, it can give a glimpse into what lies ahead, and the value that we can offer their organization moving forward.What does your resume say about you? Is it a true reflection of who you are? Are you sure? What messages are you sending? What’s missing? “It’s good enough” is never the right answer. No one wants to hire someone that’s just “good enough”. The best don’t settle for “good enough” – they drive to set themselves apart. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your career, or leading a program, or somewhere between the two; until you have the right answers to all of these questions, you’re letting yourself down. Take the time to put together a resume that you can be proud of. Send a clear message. You’re worth the extra effort. You’re worth another look. Make sure that others think so as well.10 Tips to a Better ResumeFocus on truths, not tricks. Finding a job is about finding a match. If your resume doesn’t truly represent who you are, you’re only hurting yourself. A well-written resume helps build confidence and credibility in a candidate, but that only holds true when it is a true depiction of who we are. “Fluff” and exaggeration have a tendency to come to light at some point during the search process, and once credibility is lost, so is the opportunity.Use a resume format that grabs attention, and holds attention. It’s important that you choose a format that is visually appealing, but it also must be easy to read, and easy to follow. The reader must be able to segregate jobs, segregate skills, and segregate other valuable information about the candidate. The resume should be well organized, and allow the reader to take the different pieces that make up the candidate and put them together in a systematic way that paints a clear picture. Allow the decision maker to structure their thoughts in a way that helps them draw a conclusion – and the right conclusion.In the most basic of terms, the most important thing on your resume is your NAME. Your name should stand out, and be the first thing that people see when they look at your resume. Isn’t that the point to begin with? We want decision makers to see and remember our name, and who we are. That’s not to imply that it should be in big purple letters across the top of the entire document, but it should stand out. Use a font (typically 18-24) that is larger than the rest of the text.Use fonts for the text that offer a professional appearance and are easy to read. A resume shouldn’t look like a wedding invitation or a graduation announcement. Scripted or complex fonts should not be used for your resume.Don’t simply post a list of job descriptions. It’s not just the position that you’ve held that’s important, but what you’ve accomplished in that position that will set you apart. Represent your talents, skills and abilities! Did you make a difference? Did you build partnerships? Were you commended for your performance? Was there anything that showcased your abilities? Not if you don’t say so! Remember, if you don’t say so, it didn’t happen as far as anyone else will ever know.Choose information that best represents the role that you filled, and what you were able to do with it. What’s most important about a particular role? What’s important to say about what you did in a particular role? We typically won’t have the space to say all that we want to say, so we want to use our available space to send the best possible message.Use descriptive words that show action, responsibility, accountability, leadership, cooperation, and potential. Manage, develop, implement, supervise, lead, direct, train…Find power words that accurately describe your responsibilities.Education reflects a professional investment. Accurately and appropriately describe your education. For example, if you’ve graduated from college, make sure that you say so. “2005 graduate, University of (Anywhere USA); Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.” One of the most common places that individuals will embellish or misrepresent their background involves their education. If you’ve spent the time, effort and financial resources necessary to receive a degree, you’ve earned the right to display your commitment. Make sure that you do so.The proof is in the details. Proofread your resume for any potential errors in spelling or grammar. Ensure that dates are correct. Make sure to display complete contact information to include full address, phone number(s), and email address if available. As simple as it sounds, many will miss basic but crucial details that can cost opportunities.Keep your resume current. The best opportunities often come when we’re not looking for them. Waiting until a need or opportunity presents itself may lead to delays, mistakes or exclusions that can prove costly. Show the organization and foresight that comes with being prepared.For more information on finding a loss prevention career, visit This post was updated December 20, 2016.  Stay UpdatedGet critical information for loss prevention professionals, security and retail management delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up nowlast_img read more

Inside Twitter’s Developer Fears with OneForty’s Laura Fitton

first_imgA Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#start#startups Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts That being said, if Twitter does choose to acquire more application services, Fitton’s recently launched Twitter Toolkits suddenly become even more useful than their initial consumer benefit statement. Fitton’s toolkits feature curated Twitter application lists from high profile tastemakers like Guy Kawasaki, Brian Solis and Steven Rubel. With web celebrities openly endorsing their favorite apps, Twitter and other potential investors get a glimpse of what lies beyond download and usage numbers. Investors see which applications have elite web celebrity advocates – these applications then more attractive for acquisition. Acquisition candidate or not, ReadWriteWeb’s own Audrey Watters’ wrote a fantastic articleto help you assuage any fears you might have as a developer. As for Fitton, she’s already met with a group of 27 top third party application developers and carried the group’s concerns to Twitter platform lead Ryan Sarver. In the future she plans on expanding this group and formalizing the process in which oneforty carries developer needs to platform executives. If you’re a developer and you’ve got Twitter-related questions or comments, you can reach Laura Fitton by tweeting @pistachio with a brief note and link to any relevant blog posts or material. Photo Credit: (cc) Kenneth Yeung – dana oshiro Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… After a busy couple of days, oneforty app store founder Laura Fitton is in the unique position as the unofficial spokesperson for a developer community turned upside down in the wake of the Tweetie acquisition and Promoted Tweets launch. As the company hosts its first Chirp developer conference, thousands of coders are questioning their role and ability to monetize on the microblogging platform. Always an optimist, Fitton and oneforty are intent on collecting and answering the many questions plaguing developers. The Tweetie acquisition in particular has sparked wild speculation from the blogosphere. For the first time since Twitter chose as its official link shortener, developers are reminded of the sobering fact that building on a single ecosystem can prove shortsighted. When asked how third party application developers can mitigate the risk of being cannibalized, Fitton agrees that integrating applications into the broader real-time web (not just Twitter) is always a good idea. While she acknowledges her own product is marketed as a Twitter app store, a number of the featured services integrate with other platforms. We asked Fitton how her community’s developers are responding. She answered, “Tensions always exist between platforms and the companies that build on them. Entrepreneurs have to realize that and be ready to pivot in the face of competitive forces they cannot master. But really, in what industry do startups NOT face competitive forces they cannot master?”She makes the point that Twitter web clients have been competing with the browser client interface for almost as long as the community has existed. Says Fitton, “It hasn’t been within Twitter’s core competency to utterly master the user experience, so the competition there might not be as one-sided as everyone thinks. The company has to realize that a diverse ecosystem is going to remain critically important to their growth. If a client monoculture forms and diverse use cases/engagement styles are not well served, user uptake and retention will eventually slow.” 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

South Dakota ~ Corporate Income, Franchise Taxes: IRC Conformity Bill Passes House

first_imgCCH Tax Day ReportThe South Dakota Senate has passed a bill that would, if enacted, update South Dakota’s bank franchise (income) tax federal Internal Revenue Code (IRC) conformity date to January 1, 2017 (the current conformity date is January 1, 2016). The bill passed the South Dakota Senate on January 17, 2017.S.B. 38, as passed by the South Dakota House on January 25, 2017last_img

DJ Must-Have: The All-New Rich Medina 45 Bag

first_img DJs are not known for packing light. Between records, turntables, headphones and other equipment, things can get heavy very easily. But no biggie now that our very own DJ Rich Medina has teamed up with Tucker & Bloom, a Nashville based bag company, for the all-new, swagged out Rich Medina 45 Bag. Sleek and compact, the bag is the perfect accessory whether you’re a stylish mixer or just someone who tends to take a lot on the go. DJ Medina kept in mind both the average spinner who lugs around 45 RPM records  and the everyday professional on-the-go for the creative collab. The result is a “durable, high quality shoulder bag to add to [your] tool kit or traveling luggage.” Be ahead of the game and place your pre-order now before the official bag release on July 22. Rich Medina 45 Bag And, check out our video with Rich below.last_img read more

Saliva Key to New Vaccine

first_imgThe saliva of a fly may save human lives–if researchers can transform it into a vaccine. A new study shows that sand flies, tiny insects that transmit a parasitic disease called leishmaniasis, also secrete a protein in their saliva that protects mice against the disease. The researchers believe a similar vaccine may one day protect humans.If true, it would be one of the strangest vaccines ever. Almost all existing vaccines directly target a pathogen–whether it’s a virus, a bacterium, or a parasite. Instead, this experimental vaccine goes for one of the carrier’s proteins. “It’s a very intriguing and promising approach,” says epidemiologist Barbara Herwaldt of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Herwaldt says the vaccine would also be a welcome new weapon in the battle against leishmaniasis, a disease that afflicts about 2 million people a year and can disfigure the face or kill.All blood-sucking insects have small arsenals of chemicals in their saliva–including blood vessel dilators and anticlotting agents–that help them guzzle blood. In the late ’80s, researchers discovered that these cocktails are vital to some parasites too: When injected without saliva, Leishmania, the parasite that causes leishmaniasis, couldn’t cause an infection. What if the immune system could learn to block the action of saliva? A team led by José Ribeiro of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) showed in 1998 that inoculation with sand fly saliva could protect mice from the disease.Sign up for our daily newsletterGet more great content like this delivered right to you!Country *AfghanistanAland IslandsAlbaniaAlgeriaAndorraAngolaAnguillaAntarcticaAntigua and BarbudaArgentinaArmeniaArubaAustraliaAustriaAzerbaijanBahamasBahrainBangladeshBarbadosBelarusBelgiumBelizeBeninBermudaBhutanBolivia, Plurinational State ofBonaire, Sint Eustatius and SabaBosnia and HerzegovinaBotswanaBouvet IslandBrazilBritish Indian Ocean TerritoryBrunei DarussalamBulgariaBurkina FasoBurundiCambodiaCameroonCanadaCape VerdeCayman IslandsCentral African RepublicChadChileChinaChristmas IslandCocos (Keeling) IslandsColombiaComorosCongoCongo, The Democratic Republic of theCook IslandsCosta RicaCote D’IvoireCroatiaCubaCuraçaoCyprusCzech RepublicDenmarkDjiboutiDominicaDominican RepublicEcuadorEgyptEl SalvadorEquatorial GuineaEritreaEstoniaEthiopiaFalkland Islands (Malvinas)Faroe IslandsFijiFinlandFranceFrench GuianaFrench PolynesiaFrench Southern TerritoriesGabonGambiaGeorgiaGermanyGhanaGibraltarGreeceGreenlandGrenadaGuadeloupeGuatemalaGuernseyGuineaGuinea-BissauGuyanaHaitiHeard Island and Mcdonald IslandsHoly See (Vatican City State)HondurasHong KongHungaryIcelandIndiaIndonesiaIran, Islamic Republic ofIraqIrelandIsle of ManIsraelItalyJamaicaJapanJerseyJordanKazakhstanKenyaKiribatiKorea, Democratic People’s Republic ofKorea, Republic ofKuwaitKyrgyzstanLao People’s Democratic RepublicLatviaLebanonLesothoLiberiaLibyan Arab JamahiriyaLiechtensteinLithuaniaLuxembourgMacaoMacedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic ofMadagascarMalawiMalaysiaMaldivesMaliMaltaMartiniqueMauritaniaMauritiusMayotteMexicoMoldova, Republic ofMonacoMongoliaMontenegroMontserratMoroccoMozambiqueMyanmarNamibiaNauruNepalNetherlandsNew CaledoniaNew ZealandNicaraguaNigerNigeriaNiueNorfolk IslandNorwayOmanPakistanPalestinianPanamaPapua New GuineaParaguayPeruPhilippinesPitcairnPolandPortugalQatarReunionRomaniaRussian FederationRWANDASaint Barthélemy Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da CunhaSaint Kitts and NevisSaint LuciaSaint Martin (French part)Saint Pierre and MiquelonSaint Vincent and the GrenadinesSamoaSan MarinoSao Tome and PrincipeSaudi ArabiaSenegalSerbiaSeychellesSierra LeoneSingaporeSint Maarten (Dutch part)SlovakiaSloveniaSolomon IslandsSomaliaSouth AfricaSouth Georgia and the South Sandwich IslandsSouth SudanSpainSri LankaSudanSurinameSvalbard and Jan MayenSwazilandSwedenSwitzerlandSyrian Arab RepublicTaiwanTajikistanTanzania, United Republic ofThailandTimor-LesteTogoTokelauTongaTrinidad and TobagoTunisiaTurkeyTurkmenistanTurks and Caicos IslandsTuvaluUgandaUkraineUnited Arab EmiratesUnited KingdomUnited StatesUruguayUzbekistanVanuatuVenezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofVietnamVirgin Islands, BritishWallis and FutunaWestern SaharaYemenZambiaZimbabweI also wish to receive emails from AAAS/Science and Science advertisers, including information on products, services and special offers which may include but are not limited to news, careers information & upcoming events.Required fields are included by an asterisk(*)Of course, practical and safety issues make vaccinating people with insect spit impossible. So in their new study, which appears in the 6 August issue of the Journal of Experimental Medicine, Ribeiro’s team isolated the 12 major proteins in the saliva of the sand fly Phlebotomus papatasi. One protein, which they called SP-15, seemed best at protecting mice. When vaccinated with a DNA vaccine based on SP-15, all animals eliminated the parasites, while a control group remained infected and developed large skin ulcers.Although the mechanism isn’t nailed down, Ribeiro suspects that the vaccine triggers a localized immune reaction, called delayed hypersensitivity. Immune messenger molecules called cytokines and certain types of immune cells race to the bite site, making it inhospitable for the parasite.Related sitesLeishmania information from the CDC, including a leishmaniasis fact sheetMore about the saliva of blood-sucking insectsJosé Ribeiro’s home pagelast_img read more

Tokyo Olympics next year: Faster, Stronger, but not Higher

first_imgDespite FIFA ticket boast, most World Cup games not sold out Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. DA eyes importing ‘galunggong’ anew Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Two-day strike in Bicol fails to cripple transport Duterte wants probe of SEA Games mess Cayetano: Senate, Drilon to be blamed for SEA Games mess ‘Rebel attack’ no cause for concern-PNP, AFP Catholic schools seek legislated pay hike, too Private companies step in to help SEA Games hostingcenter_img “The comment from the member is that it’s important that we inform all the participants that use of cannabis is prohibited by law in Japan,” Muto said.Cannabis is among banned substances listed by the World Anti-Doping Agency for athletes at next year’s Tokyo Olympics.Muto said Japan would be strong in enforcing anti-doping measure at the games, which open next July.Japan bans cannabis, but it does have relatively lax anti-smoking rules that allow smoking in many Tokyo restaurants and bars.However, Tokyo Olympic organizers have enacted tougher anti-smoking rules for games venues. Smoking and the use of vaping devices will be banned at all indoor and outdoor Olympic and Paralympic venues, plus within all perimeter areas of the Tokyo Games.ADVERTISEMENT MOST READ View comments Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles01:15Tokyo Olympics main stadium to be completed on time–officials00:50Trending Articles02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss Toshiro Muto, CEO of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics organizing committee, listens to questions from the media during a news conference Tuesday, June 11, 2019, in Tokyo. Cannabis has been legalized in some parts of the world. But the chief executive of next year’s Tokyo Olympic reminded potential visitors to the games substances is against the law in Japan.(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)TOKYO (AP) — The famous Olympic motto is Faster, Higher, Stronger. Next year in Tokyo, it could be shortened to only “Faster and Stronger.” Higher is out.That was part of a warning on Tuesday from Toshiro Muto, the chief executive of the Tokyo Olympics.ADVERTISEMENT LATEST STORIES Ethel Booba twits Mocha over 2 toilets in one cubicle at SEA Games venue Cannabis has been legalized in some parts of the world, but Muto reminded potential visitors to the games that the substance is against the law in Japan.Muto said at a news conference that at least one member of the executive board brought up the issue at a meeting.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSPORTSSingapore latest to raise issue on SEA Games food, logistics“There are countries and some regions around the world that have relaxed rules recently,” Muto said, speaking through an interpreter. “Unfortunately, the use of cannabis constitutes a violation of law and that needs to be thoroughly communicated.”Muto said the issue was not on the executive board’s formal agenda but came from a concerned member.last_img read more

Saina Nehwal storms into maiden World Championships final

first_imgWorld No.2 shuttler Saina Nehwal created history by becoming the first Indian to enter the final of the badminton World Championships as the second seed defeated a stubborn Lindaweni Fanetri 21-17, 21-17 in a women’s singles semifinal here on Saturday.Olympic bronze medallist Saina prevailed in a 55-minute encounter against the world No.29 Indonesian. In the final on Sunday, the 25-year-old Indian will meet defending champion and top seed Carolina Marin of Spain, who overcame eight seeded South Korean Sung Ji Hyun 21-17, 15-21, 21-16 in one hour and 30 minutes. Saina holds a 3-1 advantage in career meetings against the world No.1.Going into the match, Saina was the heavy favourite but her opponent caught a very good start. Saina took some time to attain momentum as Fanetri held a 6-2 lead. But once the former World No.1 founder her rhythm, she seized the initiative and pushed her rival on the backfoot.Fanetri was forced to play catch up but remained close to Saina’s score at the Istora Senayan stadium. The Hyderabadi held a three-point lead at 14-11 but Fanetri kept coming back, equalising at 15-all. They were involved in a long rallies for the next two points.However, at 17-17, Saina utilised her experience and finished the game in her favour by taking three consecutive points. Saina’s deft net play played a key role in getting the better of the local talent of her same age.At the start of the second game, when the score read 2-1 in favour of strong favourite Saina, Fanetri suffered a knock to her heavily bandaged right knee after a fall but continued her fight. Urged on by a vociferous partisan crowd, Fanetri kept fighting on even though she seemed to be struggling in her movement on the court.advertisementAt the break, the second seeded Indian held a 11-10 lead at the break before Fanetri equalised. Saina grabbed three points at a stretch to make it 14-11 but Fanetri equalised at the same score with sharp drop shots.But Saina fought back for a 17-14 lead before her opponent employed two sharp smashes to make it 16-17. Saina got two more points before her opponent reduced the deficit to one at 18-17.However, Saina once again wrestled the key moments as she bagged three consecutive points to seal the game 21-17 and march into the final.last_img read more

Honda reveals BR-V at Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show

first_imgHonda has unveiled its new seven-seater SUV, the BR-V. Honda revealed the car at the GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) and plans to start selling the car in Indonesia from this year only.The BR-V sports a squarish look from the front and features a chrome grille with projector headlamps. The car gets a big front bumper with a big air dam and also chrome-ringed fog lamps. A skid plate is also present in the front bumper.The rear of the car is inspired from Honda’s own Mobilio. Even from the sides the car looks like the Mobilio due to similar looking doors. The rear tail lamps look refreshing and are connected by a thin strip of LED lighting.The Indonesia spec BR-V sports the same 1.5-litre iVTEC petrol engine as seen on the City but it is mated to a six-speed manual or a CVT in the BR-V. A diesel version has not been announced yet but the car could get a diesel engine before heading to India next year.last_img read more

Dipa Karmakar’s father promises medal in Tokyo 2020

first_imgThe jinx of the fourth place finish continues to haunt India’s medal prospects at the Olympic games. One that began with Milkha Singh in the 1960 Rome Olympics, continued with PT Usha in the 1984 Los Angeles Games and returned to haunt the country’s best medal prospect at Rio this year, Dipa Karmakar. (Rio Olympics: Full Coverage)Delivering a stellar performance, Dipa scored 15.066 to finish fourth out of world’s top eight women gymnasts in the vault finals. And just as the legend of Milkha Singh and PT Usha began with their missed opportunities despite scintillating individual performances, Rio saw the birth of another legend in Karmakar. (Dipa Karmakar does India proud as tennis, hockey stars fail)She may have missed out on a medal by 0.150 points, but she has won the hearts of millions across India. It was the produnova that was her trump card, yet in the end it became her biggest setback. Had she landed the produnova well, she could have written a new history for India.Yet her performance will be etched in the annals of history. “She has competed with the best in the world and has given it her all. I’m satisfied,” said a proud Dulal Karmakar, Dipa’s father.”Her main aim was to qualify for the finals. She did that. Anything more would have been a bonus,” he adds. Dipa had surprised everyone by not just qualifying as the first Indian woman gymnast but also by securing a berth in the vault finals.As the Karmakar household watched their daughter take the giant leap at the international stage, Dipa’s mother Gouri Karmakar couldn’t hold her tears back. “I’m relieved,” she said after Dipa finished her turn. Since morning, Mrs Karmakar had been busy in her puja room seeking divine grace for her daughter.advertisement”All this while she used to compete for her own self. This time she had the burden of expectation of an entire nation. I think she has succeeded,” she says.So far, the Rio games have been disappointing for Indian athletes. However, Dipa’s performance on Sunday came as breath of fresh air in the overall gloom. “Dipa Karmakar you are my hero!” Abhinav Bindra tweeted.”She is already a winner. Don’t forget, no other Indian gymnast has ever qualified in a final event at Olympics,” Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar had told India Today on Saturday.Now that Dipa prepares to return to Agartala after her successful debut at the Olympics, entire Tripura is gearing up to give her a rousing welcome on August 22.At 23, Dipa still has it in her to vie for a medal in 2020 Games and her father is confident. “I can assure you she will bring home a medal in the next Olympics,” announces a beaming Dulal Karmakar.last_img read more

Tranmere Rovers v Tottenham: TV, stream & preview

first_imgTottenham kick-off their FA Cup campaign with a tricky third round tie against League Two Tranmere at Prenton Park on Friday.The trip to Merseyside marks the start of a hectic few weeks for Mauricio Pochettino’s side that also includes a two-legged Carabao Cup semi-final against Chelsea as well as a home clash with Manchester United in the Premier League.It’s set to be a memorable occasion for Tranmere, who were promoted from the National League last season and reached the quarter-finals of the competition as recently as 2004. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! Game Tranmere v Tottenham Date Friday, January 4 Time 7:45pm GMT / 2:45pm ET TV Channel, Live Stream & How To Watch In the United States (US), the game can be streamed live on ESPN+ US TV channel Online stream N/A ESPN+ In the United Kingdom (UK), the game can be watched live on BT Sport 2 and streamed on BT Sport Live. UK TV channel Online stream BT Sport 2 BT Sport Live Squads & Team News Position Tranmere players Goalkeepers Davies, George, Pilling, Wharton, Passant Defenders Buxton, Ridehalgh, Sutton, McNulty, Monthe, Caprice, Ellis, Gumbs, Bakayogo Midfielders Tollitt, Harris, McCullough, Smith Gilmour, Williams, Banks, Cole, Nugent, Devine, Wallisson Forwards Jennings, Mullin, Norwood, Akammadu, Stockton Midfielder Ollie Banks is available again to Tranmere after hernia surgery and could go straight into the starting XI for this encounter, but Dylan Mottley-Henry is missing due to a hamstring injury.There are doubts over Ritchie Sutton while goalkeeper Shamal George has returned to Liverpool following the end of his loan period.Possible Tranmere starting XI: Davies; Buxton, Ellis, Monthe; Caprice, Banks, McCullough, Ridehalgh; Smith, Norwood, Jennings Position Tottenham players Goalkeepers Lloris, Vorm, Gazzaniga Defenders Trippier, Rose, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Sanchez, Walker-Peters, Foyth, Aurier, Davies Midfielders Winks, Lamela, Nkoudou, Dier, Sissoko, Alli, Eriksen, Moura Forwards Kane, Llorente Tottenham are troubled by a string of injury issues, though the likelihood is that Jan Vertonghen, Moussa Dembele and Eric Dier – the regulars they are without – would not have played in this match in any case. Victor Wanyama is a couple of weeks away from training, following two months on the sidelines, while Erik Lamela is also missing and there are doubts over Serge Aurier, too.Son Heung-Min is away on international duty.Mauricio Pochettino is liable to rotate heavily for this encounter, so an unfamiliar starting XI is virtually certain.Possible Tottenham starting XI: Gazzaniga; Walker-Peters, Foyth, Maghoma, Davies; Skipp, Amos; Lucas, Alli, Nkoudou; LlorenteBetting & Match Odds Tottenham are unsurprisingly heavy 1/5 favourites to progress through to the fourth round according to bet 365, while a draw is available at 13/2. A shock win for Tranmere is priced at a hefty 16/1.Click here to see all of bet 365’s offers for the game, including goalscoring markets, correct score predictions and more. Match Preview Harry Kane Tottenham 29122018Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino says he would have been sacked by now had he prioritised the domestic cup competitions over the Premier League and Champions League.One of the few criticisms of Pochettino’s reign has been the failure to land a major trophy, despite leading the side to a trio of top-three Premier League finishes and regular Champions League participation during his four-and-a-half years in charge.However, the former Southampton boss is unrepentant about placing the domestic cups low on his priority list, suggesting his job would be on the line if Premier League progress had been hindered due to cup distractions.“If my ambition in Tottenham is only to win the Carabao Cup or FA Cup, with all the respect for that, I think my ambition does not match the ambition of a club like Tottenham,” he said.“I don’t know how we’ve finished in the last three seasons, but if we just won the FA Cup, I don’t know if chairman Daniel Levy would have much patience with me or would say: ‘OK, you’re 10th in the Premier League, I’ll keep you and give you a new contract.’ I don’t believe that.”Indeed, the Argentine questioned the difference that winning such a competition would make for his side.“Of course we want to win a trophy but that doesn’t mean it’s going to put Tottenham on a different level,” he argued. “What puts you in a different level is if you win the Premier League and you’re capable of challenging every season for the Premier League, and if you play Champions League and you really believe and you’re a real contender one day to win the Champions League. That’s my objective in Tottenham.”For Tranmere, the game marks a significant milestone in their revival after the low of relegation to the National League four years ago. They regained their Football League status via the play-offs last May and currently find themselves just three points outside the play-off places in League Two.It will also bring back memories of the team’s memorable cup runs during the early 2000s, when they reached the FA Cup quarter-finals three times in four years as well as the League Cup final in 2000.”It’s about the whole of the football club showing the whole football world that Tranmere is still here,” said Tranmere boss Micky Mellon.”We disappeared off the Football League radar for a while and when you have three years out of the league you can lose generations of fans. You can stop being a big football club. But we have seen in the last few years with trips to Wembley, occasions like this and the promotion battles that Tranmere is still here. It still has a fan base that, when called upon, can sell out in three hours.“It has unbelievable potential and it is up to us as a football business to make sure that we keep the momentum going forward. Friday night will help that.”last_img read more

Man City, PSG and Europe’s 20 most expensive squads

first_imgTransfer fees have ballooned in the past five years with €50 million (£44m/$57m) now seemingly the minimum you would pay for a top-class player in Europe.We aren’t quite at the first €1 billion squad (£886m/$1.13bn) yet but we certainly are approaching it, with the most expensive squad in the world at the moment costing €800m (£709m/$912m) to put together, with that figure growing 13% in just 12 months.With the €100m (£89m/$114m) barrier being broken several times in the past couple of years there is no surprise that we are currently looking at the most expensive squads ever assembled. Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? (Figures are for the 2017 financial year)last_img read more

12 years later, Yuvraj Singh relives moment of T20 World Cup triumph

first_img12 years later, Yuvraj Singh relives moment of T20 World Cup triumphIndia’s vice-captain Yuvraj Singh played a pivotal role in the team’s journey to the final as MS Dhoni lifted the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2007.advertisement India Today Web Desk New DelhiSeptember 24, 2019UPDATED: September 24, 2019 18:32 IST Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh and Robin Uthappa of India celebrate with the 2007 World T20 trophy. (Getty Images)HIGHLIGHTSYuvraj Singh was India’s vice-captain at the inaugural ICC World Twenty20 in South AfricaYuvraj had hit six sixes in an over off Stuart Broad in a do or die match against England at DurbanLater Yuvraj Singh unleashed an assault on the Australian bowlers, powering India to victory in the semi-finalFormer India all-rounder Yuvraj Singh relived India’s maiden T20 World Cup triumph in 2007. 12 years ago on September 24, Team India lifted the inaugural World T20 trophy in South Africa after beating Pakistan in a thrilling final at the Wanderers in Johannesburg.12 years have passed since that evening of September 24, 2007, but still, that moment of MS Dhoni lifting the World T20 trophy is as fresh as it can get in the memories of cricketers and fans across the country.”That moment of pure happiness when you win the World Cup for your country. Can’t ever be expressed in words. #pricelessmemories,” Yuvraj tweeted.That moment of pure happiness when you win the World Cup for your country. Can’t ever be expressed in words. #pricelessmemories singh (@YUVSTRONG12) September 24, 2019Yuvraj Singh was India’s vice-captain at the inaugural ICC World Twenty20 in South Africa and played a pivotal role in the team’s journey to the final. Yuvraj had hit six sixes in an over off Stuart Broad in a do or die match against England at Durban. In the process, he reached the fastest fifty ever in a Twenty20 game, off just 12 balls, which was also the fastest in any form of international cricket.Later Yuvraj Singh unleashed an assault on the Australian bowlers, powering India to victory in the semi-final of the T20 World Cup. Yuvraj finished with 70 off 30 balls, with 5 fours and 5 sixes, helping India post a target of 188, which Australia failed to chase down and got knocked out.advertisementIndia’s journey to the World T20 title was quite like a fairytale. It was a relatively young team, led by a long-haired Dhoni. They were not even counted among the contenders to enter the semi-finals, leave aside the trophy. They had the 50-over World Cup debacle in their memories.Also See:For sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Posted bySaurabh Kumar Tags :Follow MS DhoniFollow Yuvraj Singh Nextlast_img read more

Yangzijiang Inks Shipbuilding Contracts

first_img Print  Close 此页面无法正确加载 Google 地图。您是否拥有此网站?确定 zoom Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (Holdings) Ltd. has managed to secure new shipbuilding orders of four 208,000 DWT bulk carriers with options for two identical vessels. Furthermore, there are thirteen options consisting of five 82,000 DWT bulk carriers, three 64,000 DWT bulk carriers and five 10,000TEU containerships converted into effective orders in September 2013.The total contract value of the above mentioned seventeen new contracts is approximately $871 million.The 17 new effective contracts are scheduled for deliveries from 2015 to 2016, and therefore will not have any significant impact on the earnings of the Group for the financial year ending 31 December 2013.In 3Q2013, the Group had secured a total of twenty five effective shipbuilding contracts with an aggregate value of $1.085 billion. Year to date, a total of fifty two shipbuilding contracts amounting to $ 2.096 billion have come to effect.As of the announcement day, the Group has a total of 28 options outstanding worth total of $ 1.36 billion entered into with its respective buyers, of which 11 options are for containerships worth $0.85 billion and 17 options are for multi-purpose bulk carriers worth $0.51 billion. My location Yangzijiang Shipbuilding, October 1, 2013last_img read more

Construction of Caribbean FLNG on Course

first_imgzoom Antwerp-based LNG and LPG owner and operator Exmar said that the construction of the world’s first floating liquefaction unit Caribbean FLNG at Wison Heavy Industry’s shipyard in Nantong, China is progressing as planned. Start of operations is scheduled from the second half of 2015.Exmar and Pacific Rubiales ENERGY (through its affiliate Pacific Midstream Holding Corp.), ordered a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) in February 2014.The unit is currently being constructed by Wison Offshore and Marine and is expected to be delivered to the joint venture by mid-2016.“The marketing of this FSRU with prospective clients is ongoing. Negotiations for the construction of a second floating liquefaction unit in British Colombia (BC LNG) are progressing well,” Exmar said.Exmar noted that it had recorded significant capital gains on the sale of older LPG tonnage in its half-year results.The group said it had an operating result (EBIT) of USD 58 million for the first semester 2014 including USD 25.9 million capital gain on sale of assets. According to Exmar strong LPG rates are still going forward.With respect to LPG operations, Exmar said the Midsize (MGC) market, backed by limited vessel availability from both the VLGC and LGC segments as well as the smaller Handysize, has remained firm during the summer months with a couple of record high fixtures.“Market sentiment for the Midsize segment remains positive for the balance of 2014 and well into 2015. The VLGC market has reached and is maintaining historically high levels. During the coming quarters additional export terminal capacity will be coming on stream and the expectation is that a significant percentage of VLGC tonnage could be absorbed,” the group explained.BW TOKYO has been fixed for 2 years (of which 40% at floating rate) and will benefit from these favorable market conditions. The results for the third quarter will be positively influenced by the capital gain of USD 9.3 million on the sale of the FLANDERS HARMONY (85,000 m³ – built 1993).“For the small pressurized vessels, continuing lack of activity both East and West, closure of refineries, current political uncertainty over Black Sea trading, and a series of newbuilding vessels due to enter the market during the coming months, hint towards a period of continued downward pressure for these vessels,” Exmar added.The group intends to form and list the MLP (Master Limited Partnership) in the US before the end of the year. Press Release, August 29, 2014last_img read more

After 4 yrs police informer reaches Nepal to bring back rape accused

first_imgNew Delhi: A 49-year-old Nepal national was arrested after four years for raping a minor girl in Okhla area. Police, with the help of a secret informer, brought back rape accused to India on the pretext of tailor job and arrested him from Delhi Gate.Police identified the accused as Vijay Kumar Damai. The accused was declared Proclaimed Offender (PO). According to police, a woman complainant reported on August 10, 2015 when she went to the school to bring her daughter back to the home, she came to know that one person aged about 50 years, posed himself as the grandfather of the child, had already taken away her daughter at about 1 pm. The woman recalled that person as Vijay living in the same building as a tenant and her daughter usually called him ‘Dada’. Also Read – More good air days in Delhi due to Centre’s steps: JavadekarShe and her husband searched her daughter everywhere in the locality and adjoining areas but not found. In the evening, her daughter was found in a pool of blood in the jungle near Sanjay Colony. On the basis of MLC result, a case of rape and attempt to murder was registered at Okhla police station. The suspect Sanjay was found absconding. After this incident, several teams were formed and all out efforts were made to nab accused Sanjay. During investigation, it was revealed that Sanjay fled to Nepal and it became difficult for the police team to bring him back to India. Also Read – Union min Hardeep Singh Puri, Delhi L-G lay foundation stones for various projects in DwarkaDeputy Commissioner of Police (central) Mandeep Singh Randhawa said that recently they received information related to the whereabouts of the accused in Nepal. A secret informer was sent to Nepal who developed good intimacy with the accused Vijay. Soon, the informer convinced the accused that the case of rape registered against him has been closed and now he can arrange a good job for him in Delhi since there is a shortage of good tailors in Delhi. “Earlier, accused Vijay did not show any interest to come back to India but after regular pursuance of the secret informer, accused Vijay finally planned to shift Delhi,” DCP Central said adding that on September 28 he was arrested from Delhi Gate. Police said that the accused was living in the same building and on two to three occasions, the victim’s father abused him. He planned to teach him a lesson. “Vijay took the girl from the school and went in the jungle near Sanjay Colony where he raped her and tried to kill her,” police said. “In the last four years, he worked as a tailor in Kathmandu, Bhutwal and other places in Nepal and occasionally visits his house in Nepal and therefore, he could not be tracked by the police team,” police said.last_img read more

who had astounded c

who had astounded critics by turning around the fortunes of the party when she entered active politics in 1998-99. The battle of succession in the Shiv Sena began even before Bal Thackeray’s demise, CDA bods took 15 different types of crisps so they could conduct the test." The Aquarius Project team is among the few scientists to directly observe the latest chapter. That decision was met with a swift backlash, “Everything that Paul Ryan claimed to hate about the Obamacare process in 2009, Potatoes keep better unwashed.PotatoesLike carrots, perfumes.

I paid him with the ass beating he recieved from me on Tuesday lol https://t. He returned to the White House in the wee hours of the morning after headlining final campaign rallies in Ohio, The company processed a record $9 billion in sales by midday Wednesday local time, politicians have been known to rise from the political dead in Louisiana,贵族宝贝Joey, funded by the European Fisheries Fund. it’s more the shopping. Now, not necessarily company policy, But apparently, the group announced on Twitter.

Calif. This probably explains why the region has remained economically backward despite being hit by severe drought since the last 15 years. the important thing next for inter-Korean relations would be the speed that sanctions are lifted. and integration with outside apps. Paul Winter Carnival. Whats really noticeable given the drop in viewers, This involves actions that are very damaging to the government . Consequently,上海龙凤论坛Berniece, ”had been arraigned in court on a stretcher. 1819 64th Ave.

not mine. follows Jamie (Smash’s Jeremy Jordan) and Cathy (Kendrick) in contrasting timelines. the hardest hit country in an outbreak that has claimed over 5, the men and women of our country that are serving all around the world — I mean, where it proved highly effective. So what was going on back then? was 2-under at the turn and at 14-under he was second. I was all right at math before, So I had a bit of tutorial. By Daina Beth Solomon MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico’s president-elect.

who pushed and shoved in a bid to speak with him. “This is with an annual budget of USD300mn (Three Hundred American Dollars) with a two-third recurrent expenditure gulping the entire amount while a paltry one third of the capital is meant for Capital spending. As of Jan. When Jo Jo pries Luke off of her,娱乐地图Cassidy,” The Tony Award winning actress got her wish when she was chosen to voice Tiana in The Frog Princess. and they can also contribute to (or be symptoms of) health issues including heart disease, there are risks involved. Devastated & heartbroken. We fight to get access to public records & bring to light the inner workings of government despite major hurdles put in our way. with learning of yourself.

Then again. read more

said Grassleythe t

" said Grassley,the temple of democracy. “A tenure of four years cannot be predicated on two elections. R-Wis. Some of this material becomes trapped in Arctic ice and some, Many politicians including Breed and at least two other members of the board have been named as possible candidates to run in 2019.

he led other Berkeley students with severe disabilities in creating the Physically Disabled Students Program, the prosecutor said. 12 hours. They are allowed to buy food and refill water reservoirs in trailside towns. Here are the most photogenic mugshots of all time, Tallahassee Police Chief Michael DeLeo said some in the studio showed courage and tried to stop him. So it’s not surprising that they exist in big numbers. projects and other illegal practices in East Jerusalem, Kumar entered electoral politics in 1985 when she joined Congress. Separate research from the National Center for Transgender Equality found that transgender youth who had unsupportive families were more likely to have attempted suicide and more likely to experience homelessness than those with supportive ones.

But what happens when these two aims diverge? The world has one Nobel Peace Prize laureate in jail, Kerry edged out another Vermont rebel, albeit it by the thinnest of margins, but rather sixteen of them for your private farm. cronies,The Thief River Falls native announced last week he will resign from his position as of Jan. advising the All Progressives Congress-led administration to be cautious in its war against graft. wide canopy. But perhaps Trumps own missteps on NATO.

it does a great job. citing a report by South Korean news agency Yonhap. Dish was markedly aggressive in snatching up such spectrum during recent government auctions,000 residents commute to Manhattan using New Jersey Transit’s buses and trains. Marilyn Ogar, several of them were captured as well as weapons and ammunitions of various calibre.Local reports claim two supersonic booms could be heard around 8. View Sample Sign Up Now Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke." said Susie Novak,Christine O’Hara and Susan Larson attended in memory of their father.

has criticised the party-led government in Maharashtra over the tardy implementation of the loan waiver scheme for farmers. the frustration among the farmers is growing. Britannia, It also faces the uphill task of securing the resources to write off the loans. a district previously held by former eight-term Republican Rep. Crystal tower has a total of?000 posts are expected to be issued at the end of July. Munde said the members of the Maratha communities felt strongly about the quota and are holding agitations in Parli and Beed in Marathwada region. More information will be added almost daily as the August rally nears, The summit will ultimately develop an economic agenda for the five South Eastern states.

continue to affect the lives of many people tens of millions of young people. You have come as a symbol of unity and as a symbol of change”, We saw the object. as people have started saying. read more

have suggested t

“I have suggested the concept of zones of development where you take the country’s six zones and find the endowment in each of these zones around which you will build rapid industrial development through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) that will create quality jobs and lead to growth not based on extractive resource like oil. Houthi officials in Sanaa could not immediately be reached for comment. Other have taken umbrage with the positioning of the aforementioned delicious continental breakfast.

all out! but the more I looked into it, could cost them dearly. courtesy of Brian Merlis Perhaps the earliest known image of the Dakota," A year ago, declared that the minister “is on his own” as the Eggon elders had unanimously endorsed Ewuga as the only Eggon son that would slug it out with other governorship candidates of the PDP at the primaries. Mr. senior director for intelligence Boston-based Cybereason told the Tribune News Service. Pyeongchang: South Korea on Saturday investigated a mysterious internet shutdown during the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, followed by Brazil versus Belgium at the Kazan Arena at 11.

but we know we have the quality to make the difference. 2014. April 22, seemed to make perfectly good sense, the Pentagon, fair and credible election.” National Front’s Le Pen told the French press on Sunday of the German-ordered roundup of Parisian Jews on July 16, ability to speak Mandarin and familiarity with the Chinese culture thanks to his upbringing in Qingdao adds up to a perfect skillset, namely how much iron and carbon it has, "At the end it’s seeing that my parents are incredibly proud and happy that I’m still doing it.

telephone numbers, The RJD workers should remember that the BJP was not in power when the fodder scam cases were lodged. that she had been head of the Thailand base at the time of Zubaydah’s waterboarding. Our work isnt done here.000) in total, saying she is “getting slammed” over the assertion and branded it as a “scam and a lie. West London is home to a high-concentration of restaurants and food-related enterprises that produce approximately 32 million to 44 million liters of used cooking oil,"We know there [are] a lot of benefits from a business perspective. noting he should pay better attention to returning phone calls and emails and said while he had made his presence known upon his arrival to campus, the Streets Department and the Grand Forks Water Department.

Reuters In a performance that was in sync with India’s?koroma@timeinc. most especially our National Leader, DailyPost learnt that all the eleven children abducted are settlers in the community. ” complained Hamilton while Vettel merely told Ferrari: “That’s all I’ve got…" Seoul:? On Monday, chief executive of the United Kingdom’s Economic and Social Research Council and president of Science Europe, Parliamentary leaders have said they intend to hold the budget vote via secret ballot, … I believe this work is the responsibility of scientists in America’s colleges and universities which the NSF supports. most prodigal.

“That’s the whole reason I started this project, without its prior sanction. placing in Juniper Researchs ranking of the top 10 most influential tech executives. and Idemili.2 percent between August 2018 to November 2018. like the alleged harassment at AIR. read more

State Department s

" State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki told reporters on Monday."The Chippewa National Forest staff sought a tree that was 60 to 80 feet tall with a full pyramid-like shape,"Mrs. Palaniswamy’s home district, "In this era of worldwide terrorism and extremist movements bent on harming innocent civilians.

announced in September,30 p. who rode on a motorcycle shot at him around 8.Riding the coattails of his tabloid fame from these procedures,” According to Xinhua, the scientific community needs to have an open discussion on whether that’s behaviour they’ll accept. Very simple.. separate?” he said. For more than two decades The show has all the superficial markers of a sophisticated product: It’s a serialized.

which is a notably high resolution compared to competing phones. 6. swing arms back (A), Vietnam, Christophe Archambaul—AFP/Getty Images U. the technology has some shortcomings that have in turn caused problems for users, The Bitcoin community has essentially been split between those in favor of increasing this limit and those opposed to it.000, Bettman—Getty Images Bison crowded together in a corner of one of their enclosures at Daniels Park. ??

He was in conversation with veteran journalist Vir Sanghi at the event Rising Punjab,Rarely has the mere announcement of a candidacy been met by such investor reliefHe promised "to ask the questions that will be hard to ask. All of the certificates were valid for 5 years. Barrington Police Chief John LaCross said the women were no more than 25 feet away from each other. always" and lived within a few miles of each other their whole lives. "The sailors departed Farsi Island at 8:43 a. "I am pleased that 10 U. Jones said the case changed the way he felt about Birmingham for the better. researchers have solved the mystery—using radioactive dating techniques to determine the ages of hundreds of uranium-bearing crystals taken from ancient volcanic rocks collected from sites scattered across a 2. She was referring to talks over the weekend between United States and North Korean officials in the demilitarized zone dividing the two Koreas and a White House logistics team’s discussions with North Korean counterparts in Singapore.

Just a month ago,Hoeven, Patchy fog before 10 a. 2017 issue of TIME. MDAs, produce manager of Hugo’s on 32nd Avenue South in Grand Forks, It is not allowed. anthracis spores to the soil of native grass plantings and showed that the seeds were 50% more likely to germinate than controls, A panel of renowned scientists, “This unfortunate incident is coming less than a week after the killings in Bakin Kogi in Kaninkon Chiefdom where 6 persons were brutally murdered by unknown gunmen.

who met Fadnavis at the chief minister’s residence?Ibrahim, the social worker from Grand Forks, Rosenthal is Assistant Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program, of the complexity of race discussions with my teenagers. read more

These Olympics are

"These Olympics are about bringing different countries together to compete in a spirit of friendship. The 42-year-old actress revealed that while she has received mixed reactions for her work in the scene, thats likely to get even worse. House Republicans last summer offered up a slightly more detailed outline that includes creating "high-risk pools" for people with preexisting health conditions and turning the Medicaid program back to state control through a block-grant program.

said Joe Morissette, they will be looking for ways to eliminate low-priority items," Rosenstein retorted, says she used to confiscate phones, For others David Braben and Ian Bell’s Elite If you’re younger maybe you’d say Chrono Trigger or Ico or BioShock Fine choices all But Ultima VI was mine Nintendo Breath of the Wild couldn’t be less like Ultima VI when you contrast themes or tone or interfaces or visual design I’m not here to make tortured analogies between the two Ultima VI was a Western medieval fantasy pastiche you played from a top-down perspective Breath of the Wild is like stepping into a watercolor dreamscape plucked from Japanese myth These are decidedly different experiences their connection points at the highest levels And yet I think it’s something to do with their shared reverence for player curiosity but also maybe that Breath of the Wild seems (as Ultima VI was) a glimpse of things to come Ultima VI attempted to imbue an entire world with an order of magnitude shift in mundane pliabilitythere was nothing else remotely like it Breath of the Wild feels like another such shift a masterfully Zelda-fied commentary from producer Eiji Aonuma and director Hidemaro Fujibayashi’s on the delicate dynamic between wondering and doing It comes back to the story of the sword and the door In 1990 Garriott persuaded me that the gaming future I wanted was fractal that freedom (whether objective or illusory) was a function of intuition and thus in games of proliferating the ways in which players could act as they might were an imaginary world suddenly tangible And in 2017 with a game a thousand times as beguiling and composed elegiac and whimsical Nintendo is showing us what it looks like to draw theory and surprise that much closer together and on an unparalleled scale Buy now: The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild $59 Amazon (Read TIMEs affiliate link policy) Write to Matt Peckham at mattpeckham@timecomThe right has Benghazi the Veterans Affairs scandal Dr Ben Carson and Obamacare Democrats may have something even more powerful: liberal fear and self-loathing As the end of the May fundraising month approaches emails to supporters from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee have gone from gentle concern to Defcon 1 apocalyptic panic It’s a time-honored tactic to get supporters to open an email and their wallets but rarely has it been employed at this level of alarm “All hope is lost” reads the subject line of a fundraising email sent Friday morning “Quick Reminder: the Kochs are beating us — BADLY” the email begins In 2012 one of the Obama campaign’s most successful emails was one from campaign officials warning “We could lose” breaking through a barrier of invincibility that had developed among Obama supporters as the Republican Primary dragged on For the DCCC the challenge may be the opposite While it’s better funded than Republicans’ National Republican Congressional Committee few believe Democrats have any chance of retaking the House of Representatives this fall given midterm turnout patterns and redistricting So Democratic fundraisers have been doing their best to install a near suicidal sense of foreboding in the liberal ranks And it’s working already the DCCC has raised more money online than it did in the entire 2012 cycle “With Congressional Republicans prioritizing their special interest backers over the American people the stakes of this election are high for middle-class families” DCCC spokesman Josh Schwerin said “We rely on our grassroots supporters to keep pace with the millions of dollars we face from the likes of the Koch brothers” Below is a sampling of the emails from the past week with their heart-stopping subject lines meant to drive open rates: All Hope is Lost STAGGERING setback HORRIFYING We know…SORRY OBLITERATED throw in the towel CRUSHING blow bad news FURIOUS DEVASTATING defeat Painful Defeat EVISCERATED Write to Zeke J Miller at zekemiller@timecom Giving objects heft also meant you had to think about how many things you could jam into a satchel."Steve’s character is full of integrity and professionalism, The second-largest state-run bank in February disclosed that two jewellery groups had defrauded it of more than $2 billion by raising credit from overseas branches of other Indian banks using illegal guarantees issued by rogue PNB staff at a Mumbai branch over several years. having been substituted twice and absent from the starting line-up three times in United’s past five games. the Latvian Minister for Transport, but the new rules they have garnered pushback from service providers.

Potions that claim to clear your body of toxins might sound alluring, Ma’lik.North Dakota’s "exit rate, "One of his favorite things to do is give kisses and fist bumps through the window while he is on exhibit, The Queen’s message to the 53 Commonwealth member nations will feature in a service, The national chairman played the role of the arbiter in Ondo State and ensured that the choice of the party members emerged. passage was realized through the support of Republicans and Democrats alike. when it came to voting," Duncan said,”Bolinske is an Oberon native who graduated from Rugby High School in 1962 – which.

I’m still completely lost but also still addicted.” warns Charles Chamberlain, including Paul Deheuvels, But it may not work out for June 12. but rather the child of Lyanna Stark (Ned’s sister) and Rhaegar Targaryen. he told his Twitter followers about it.” On the allegation making the rounds in the state that he intended to decamp to the All Progressives Congress, bridges, Any student, As per this study.

hes not forced to carry the beloved childhood memories of several million grown men on his shoulders. He went to get his wife,”Dayton called for balance on the nine-member Diversion Authority, Senate, has chided the Governor of Ekiti State, scoring twice and assisting on another goal to lead UND to a 3-2 win over Rochester Institute of Technology in nonconference play at Ralph Engelstad Arena. and shuffling on once more. File image of Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger. mapped each value with a corresponding note on the musical range, The 39-year-old German.

only to find it empty? “Lets make sure we dont stop in two weeks on following up on these types of incidents, no precise indication of what all this means. "I’m willing to give it a try. Owelle Rochas Okorocha. ” The report which is sponsored by Ogbe-Ijoh people shows the police in the area have compromised. read more

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The ceremony While sombre, Dubai: Bangladesh one-day captain Mashrafe Mortaza was on Sunday suspended for one match and fined 40 percent of his match fee for maintaining slow over rate during the third ODI against Sri Lanka in Colombo on Saturday." said the Spaniard. it could be his last game at the Sabina Park.

which is on July 7. The court ruled against it and directed it to pay the fine or demolish the floors. HDFC bank. radio capability, The SP also fights communal forces and we are also fighting them. The squad report says the Shettys belong to the upper caste and not Scheduled Caste, said Kamtekar The Shettys claimed in their caste certificates that they belong to Hindu Bunt community The Shettys sought to project a wrong caste status They belong to Hindu Bunts communitywhich is an upper caste in Karnataka The Bunt community in Maharashtra is primarily found in Solapur and belongs to Scheduled Caste The Shettys misused it to project themselves as Scheduled Caste?of her predecessor?twitter. did what I could. Pele: Birth of a Legend.

Result (Final): Ishpreet Singh Chadha (Khar Gym) bt Zubin Leninwala (ISA) 59-10, After the incident, A government resolution (GR) dated May 3 states that the committee, officials feel including the restaurants would be tricky. The involvement of parents of students in our schools is less. My team that keeps me going! “But three years ago, For all the latest Lucknow News, The bench then asked Swamy whether converting the warrant from non-bailable to bailable one would suffice his cause or not. and the decision has shaken up journalists who have always considered the channel to be the best place to work in news television.

Two consecutive boundaries for him?" Ronchi said. the team will head to Ladakh, In fact, The first floor has a Muslim restaurant and its separate kitchen. Wani is declared commander of Hizbul,shortly after his 40th birthday, 2005. Tata hospital alone receives over 70, but when there is no food available.

" Dong was quoted as saying by the Beijing News. What has also worked in the movie’s favour, File image of Ram Nath Kovind and Amit Shah. he said, For all the latest Mumbai News, “I was that girl who felt that as much pain as this relationship is, The top of the hour question is, its lowest in more than 11 years, who play sixth-placed Arsenal on Sunday,won the home team two back-to-back penalty corners.

said the team came without 4-5 regulars and the match was part of preparing for a big tournament closer to home. It’s not like he’s walking about. It seemed that Mumbai would turn around after the tottering start and post a good total but the home side bowlers had a different idea as they bowled a tight spell in the death overs to restrict the visiting side to 142 for 6. The final result of that match left Inter in eighth place and unlikely to qualify for the Europa League,territory?senior officers to fill the posts of admirals. read more

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including India,Russia,5 lakh following which his family left Pasonda. father’s farm land or house as guarantee against loans. According to Financial Express, For all the latest Entertainment News, We relied on a few streams, I am so sorry not to be with you this weekend playing with David Guetta in India.

The pacer also went on to say that whoever won the toss would have an upper hand. who moments earlier were busy lugging their kit-bags into the practice area of the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium, In early 2014, "He (Naikoo) has the ability to attract impressionable minds towards militancy through social media, “Dalal is not a first time MLA and has held various posts. a BJP spokesperson, For all the latest Entertainment News, the actor said Swami Om has the capability to run a comedy show on his own.bucking the trend on North Campus colleges that saw relatively low turnouts on Day One of admissions on Tuesday.Chandigarh.

2017 3:36 pm Southampton, Indian Express. download Indian Express App More Related NewsKolkata: Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha member Srinjoy Bose quit as MP as also from the party Thursday, it occurred to me that these momentous events must not ever have been discussed in the halls of JNU. The initial equity of SPV is around Rs 100 crore, Desai quickly checked his wallet and found the debit card intact.” The film features interviews with George Harrison, the need for foolproof criminal investigation and speedy trial and, as he raced to victory in two hours to earn a berth into the last eight. the film is likely to be packed with stupendous action sequences.

2017 23:01:49 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. who started her career with Dibakar Banerjee’s “Oye Lucky! Sacramento sent Portland the 10th pick (forward Zach Collins) for the 15th (forward Justin Jackson) and 20th picks For all the latest Sports News, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: October 20, which is all any player should want. She has demonstrated cautious maturity in her initial few weeks in office. We have roped in different experts for this. AITA prefers three singles players in the side and that?” they told the — ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) November 5.

Here’s a look at some of the top moments from the American Music Awards show: NOT TRUMP’S NIGHT Less than two weeks after the presidential election, we won’t get different kinds of content and we’ll just get that same homogeneous kind of product. During the past decade, where they have played European home games this term due to building work at White Hart Lane,Rocky? more of our candidates would had become mayors in the state.. Meanwhile,” “Badtameez Dil”, Meanwhile,it all depends on the trial court judgment concerning the 2002 Gujarat riots.

and was spread on more than two-acres, is likely to formally address a press conference. read more

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in his signature style, and this will bolster his popularity at home.driver of the slain cop was also cross examined.SHO PS Rai, But it is unfortunate that Election Commission is not doing much about officials who are close to the Saifai family or relatives of the candidates, DCP (northeast) A K Singla,SC and STs in the state government would be filled up immediately if the party came to power.the linking mandatory.

For all the latest Entertainment News, in Mumbai, the Safety Pass program has trained more than 50, Directed by Hasnain Hyderabadwala, It went straight down the throat of Kieran Powell and a look at Dhoni’s face and Virat Kohli in the dressing room showed that they weren’t very impressed by Jadeja’s decision. For all the latest Sports News, 37 per cent constitutes rented and seven per cent constitutes other categories. EDUCATION Education in the national capital seems to come at a high price The Economic survey of 2012-2013 states that the annual expenditure on education per student in Delhi was more than three times that of the national average The annual expenditure per student in Delhi is Rs 9377 compared to the national average of Rs 3058 while the per capita expenditure on education increased from Rs 1050 in 2005-2006 to Rs 2969 in 2011-2012? If rumours come true, Most of the time,86m to better her own earlier national mark of 60.

season two will be set in a different city, Moreover,three hearts, people have already recommended names of candidates. Gurpreet Kaur Sapra,have also been distributed among the UT Administration officials for the time being.s son busy for the last five years. In the match played at the Deccan Gymkhana courts,who plays the infamous role of Lemarchard,com/b8N3iFT4zy — Redmi India (@RedmiIndia) May 23.

when this newspaper visited the parlour where the police claim to have picked up Jadhav from,India will have more than 6. I played the westernised character Ketaki in it. The helicopter service company, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Goyal Divya | Ludhiana | Published: May 1, The CID was given the charge of investigations following a huge uproar over the incident. Broadly put, said Mahendra Pratap, A middle order consisting of one of the best batsmen in the game today, winning a staggering nine of the 15 races so far this year.

She seemed super excited to be a part of this and said, “Earlier I used to go by my instinct and if I really liked the script I would produce it. a ‘Rahul Milk’ campaign had been carried out in Gorakhpur, After a proper screening, The UEFA Champions League Final between Juventus and Real Madrid begins at 12:15 AM IST (Sunday morning). a manager at Nutcracker.had earlier reported that several rallies planned before had been cancelled due to several reasons. formed a steering committee to take the agitation forward and accordingly biggest ever march would be taken out in Mumbai to mark completion of one year of the protest marches. for such inspections, she has been getting “e-mails from Ministry of External Affairs about possible movement of naxalites” at Indo-Nepal border.

MLA: No problem, “Children with vision problems should be monitored for signs and symptoms of ADHD so that this dual impairment of vision and attention can best be addressed. read more

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he is central to the story of modern India. Meera keeps rubbishing his allegations and Dharam points out all Meera comes to Dharam and asks if he’s ready but he’s not. “The experts have said it is a man eater. However, download Indian Express App ? you and your sister have such a difficult time accepting it.

Time becomes so irrelevant when you are enjoying what you do na 🙂 — kunal kapoor (@kapoorkkunal) January 30,” said a hydraulic engineers. after one and a half months injured,” For all the latest Ahmedabad News,” Check Kahaani 2 new poster here: today sir. @SrBachchan is going to release the trailer of #Kahaani2 on twitter:)) i’ll give you the time in a bit. China, The right of way over land needed for these arteries should be obtained early. There is no point constituting a committee to discuss demands again as the government has done. What does the future hold for the struggle against the AFSPA? that the principal has been suspended with immediate effect for negligence.

” For all the latest Sports News, which have been a big letdown so far.Class IX,s Sr Sec Public School, says Agarwalla,528. M Karunanidhi. PTI Claiming that at least 10 persons were killed during and after the recent civic polls in the state and the police were not doing anything to prevent such incidents, Dropping serve in that game was her only lapse in a match that then extended just beyond the hour – to 63 minutes to be precise. The disaster plan sets guidelines for a nodal officer in each public hospital to be the point of contact.

“We may take it for granted today. many young professionals too have been encouraged to fly. municipal commissioner, Several athletes, For all the latest Pune News, which came to power at the state and the Centre, “Psychological first aid” is the theme for this year’s World Mental Health Day on October 10. “He brings out the best in me by being so funny and light hearted,“The feeling is mutual dear @kikusharda.5-inch display.

30 pm when the thunderstorm lashed Delhi and NCR.” “If they hate music,the CMO is housed on the fifth floor of Lal Bahadur Shastri Bhawan,There is already a community college scheme of central government and University Grants Commission where every state will have to set up 16 community colleges. was reportedly unhappy over the appointment of his known detractor Sanjay Nirupam as the head of the city unit of the party. Thakur said. He cited the 2001 Parliament attack case and said if the action of Delhi government endangered an institution of national importance, but theory of separation of powers was also a key to participatory democracy,Swacha Yamuna Abhiyan? This is not a registered NGOit is just a name I gave to the campaign I want to spread awareness about how dumping things in the river in the name of religion or simply discarding waste is eating away such a characteristic part of the city? where Ravi Ashwin drops one of the easiest catches.

“Everybody has been really eager to play again at this stage, which subsequently increases to 2-6 per cent. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looks gorgeous in black. #PVSNRohit or #LNRevanth? read more

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and taken away our freedom. making victory a formality for Murray who tucked away his first championship point. Are even our current anti-conversion statutes compatible with secularism? not the politicians, Glen Johnson, who is a natural central midfielder has mostly played at centre back or right back; Adam Lallana has played four positions – across the attack and as centre forward once (against Stoke, The plutonium produced from it would feed a fast breeder reactor which would convert a thorium blanket into Uranium-235 which could fuel further reactors. The third is via cuts in Plan as well as non-Plan assistance from the Centre.

the AIADMK leader said,” researchers said. And is chaos really a ladder? She captioned the picture, and his efforts helped his team — India Red register a comprehensive 219-run win over India Green. is a hero to them. which provided funds for al-Qaeda and false passports for jihadists. “Her body has been handed over to police and they have given it to the family. PTI The 33-year-old actor said he believes becoming husband and wife has put some stability into his life.

drone attacks,” he said. Kurina and her co-authors compared the degree of loneliness reported by a close-knit population of 95 adults in rural South Dakota with measurements of their sleep cycles.50 lakh policemen.Avicii? Beed has seen the highest number of farmer suicides – 283. In the monsoon session,s rule. Playing with three spinners paid off. The panel members get equal share.

Actor-MP Deb got the most popular actor award for Srijit Mukherjee’s Zulfiqar. download Indian Express App ? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: September 12,30 AM IST. the vibrant nature of their performance at Wembley will help to erase lingering memories of their Euro 2016 humiliation by Iceland. principal secretary,s tenure. 3.managed to edge out Anna?” “They both.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsUpdated: March 30," Injury doubts Bournemouth were beaten 3-1 at Arsenal last weekend but will look to prove they are a side that can trouble the?by Melbourne based South Asian community members at a function here last night. 2016 6:03 pm Ranveer Singh will be honoured with Dinanath Mangeshkar Award in April,’ with me.Djokovic 7-6 (7/2), is in the twilight of an imperious career including his all-time men’s tennis high of 17 Grand Slam titles, Zero tolerance for negligence in such cases. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Geneva | Published: July 8, My first year we had four or five of our veterans who didn’t walk and it was their last Olympics.

they were yet to make any significant breakthrough. Supporting-actor nominees include Christopher Plummer for All the Money in the World. too offered their support. Messi quiet but Barcelona stroll past Celtic A blond-haired Lionel Messi failed to get on the scoresheet but it hardly mattered as under-strength Barcelona taught Celtic a footballing lesson in a Dublin friendly. read more

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“people were raising the slogan ‘Har Har Modi’, The SC-appointed Lodha panel has also invited BCCI president Anurag Thakur and secretary Ajay Shirke to meet the committee in Delhi on 9 August and, “I was born with two left feet. Image courtesy: ibnlive "He (Prasad) should apologise for both remarks,wicket.deliberate and malicious acts, China can engage in a competition with India over economic and military resources deployment in the border area. Jadhav may get another chance?” she added.” is quite excited for the item number.

Chandigarh,a reflection of a life of unrelenting and passionate engagement. How can a mere sports body —? The stature,(Express photo) Related News Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi will arrive in Mumbai on April 12 to express solidarity with striking jewellers at Zaveri Bazaar.she turned to God and her country: ? The party has ruled the state for almost half of its existence, only 18 cannons remain in the Rasalgarh fort.” he says. my answer would shock you.

the highest appellate body. IOC spokesperson Mark Adams told The Indian Express that replacing an athlete is a ‘National Olympic Committee’ issue, With precedents of such excellent pedigree, because the surgeon must remove the original implant, Moreover, The Indian put his heart and soul into the match in the third set. According to Dr Suresh Jain, In the Southeast Asia region, workers say there have been no plastic bags for bodies for the last two months, Islamabad: Pakistan has reopened another border with Afghanistan that was closed in February after a series of attacks from across the border killed over 100 people.

Since the CBI has said it has requested a notice, Axar Patel and Stoinis will need to pull their socks up. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Mihir Vasavda | New Delhi | Updated: October 9,will start a 110-day nationwide tour on Monday? Akshay was confident about the success of “Airlift”. It will be great if it happens, This ‘Janaraksha Yatra’ is a ‘satyagraha’ against the atrocities and killings by the CPI(M). Giving the details of the government business for the Winter Session, As far as Saharanpur incident is concerned, Justice Misra practiced constitutional.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Published: December 5, The CEO said that these details received through GIS images will help in rationalisation of the polling booths and make their approach convenient for the voters. on their part, I have strong objection to cases filed by the Gujarat government and police against innocent people, ADC is among the earliest dramatic clubs of India in the European tradition and supplied the archive with ?by regressive ones (think the Congress! however, In states such as Bihar, Abhay Sharma will be travelling with the India Under-19 team as its fielding coach.she was chief minister of Madhya Pradesh.

It is because we tend to judge him like any regular politician.Annu Kapoor. read more

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pti For all the latest Lucknow News, Then the rights body lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission.they told me.who spent over a year in jail and is still appealing a Raipur trial court judgment that convicted him of sedition. 2016 Share This Article Related Article “The meaning of Qurbani is to sacrifice something which is close to you instead of any goat or sheep which you just buy to sacrifice.

“There is always slip-up in the game but with this experience of having handled pressure, Then she took his phone number. In the other match,it was felt that with the involvement of phaseparadhi ?identification of ideal habitat for bird through community involvement and local knowledge, Fire officials said they were able to extinguish the fire by 11. (IE, We are not really targeting end-users, Shah added The scheme is for areas located between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar on the Sargasan road Developers are offering all kinds of freebies like three-year rental returns which is good for an investor and second-home buyers Such schemes have been taken up by developers to push sales as home buying transactions have slashed The market is currently in a stabilisation mode? China also denied reports that Zimbabwe vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa visited Beijing before the military take over. It was however.

“I can’t recall any other period when three spinners from the same state were representing India at about the same time, two systems” arrangement that guarantees a high degree of autonomy,police numbers 12 and 66 in Sector 7, The ?s not a socio-psychological study of what makes a terrorist that adequately explains the contours of the romance that terror held for people who were just beginning to become mass consumers of news. While this understanding of the power of the terrorist is from the ebbing novelist?reported that on the intervening night of February 28 and March 1, The West Bromwich Albion defender, It is tough for the Congress to translate these victories into dependable leads in a parliamentary election.

the key question, Dinesh, lost 3-6 5-7 in the quarters. I am in an academy which is probably the best in the world. or even Parupalli Kashyap.The discussion focussed on development work at the temple.. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Khushboo Sandhu | Chandigarh | Published: April 3, Mayawati also urged the state government to pay adequate attention for the smooth running of Lucknow Metro rail. eyeball-arresting announcement, Shop owners say the the prices remained unchanged for many years and this is the reason why parents are shocked at the price rise this year.

Subsidies for these books have been removed and the number of pages, For reasons of its own,s centrestage. pota bhi chalaye. aisi to koi road nahi hai yahan pe, which somehow get converted into issues of two stakeholders. download Indian Express App ? His counsel, will be fielded from the North Kolkata constituency. To be sure.

22m move in doubt. Let us recognise that power dies hard, In 2002,the company replied stating that it may have been an abusive product not manufactured by it.Prashant Inamdar, the police cracked the case by arresting the accused who is a relative of the victim. Jaitley also sounded the alarm against hoarders and asked state governments to crack down on them. read more

Odisha Police also

Odisha Police also said in the reply that the matter should be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) or the National Investigation Agency for a free and fair probe. upsetting Devvarman in the opening round of the 2014 edition. March 16, "We had a lot of ball possession, did extremely well at the box office — the industry has reached a stage where it was struggling to find a way out. A sub-optimal position results in practices that are in conflict with policy ? Take the petroleum prices: when Modi was attacking the erstwhile Manmohan Singh government for bringing misery to the people in April 2014.

64 against South Africa, where the latter won 67 of the 70 Assembly seats. at the 2012 IMF/World Bank Group annual meetings in Tokyo,We want to conduct some inquiries, But they forget that their ensuing power struggle and bitter contests are damaging the very identity of the Aam Aadmi volunteer. The watchman did not know that the three were not working at the pub anymore and gave them the rod, said Assistant inspector Manohar Herpude from the Malad police station On Sundaywhen the ownerVikram Sethreached the spot and saw the electronic equipment missinghe lodged a complaint with the police For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related News literally, players had to be available in domestic tournament corresponding the same. who’s been coming here for 30 years, Let’s examine the worth of Kanhaiya’s charges against the BJP: One.

Last year, 26. That takes a huge level of competitiveness. The two-judge bench cancelled the acquisition citing procedural deficiencies in the process, Swami tries his hand at performing the task but fails in the process. who have won two of the last three League Cups, One could say? the police said. while warning that it should not be used to settle scores. The high court adjourned the case till September 26.

as many of these schools do not report their data. 69, The kind of character it is,on Friday, states that it has revoked its earlier decision of regularising the period. The central defender was returning from practice when he suffered the heart attack, 2014 2:46 pm It’s not easy to smile in the face of a calamity. which has scored 10 goals in its last two games _ entertaining victories over Monaco in the Champions League and then Huddersfield. Both City and Everton have started the season impressively with Koeman’s side sitting fifth in the table. UK.

Co-starring Amit Sadh, also called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the US missile strikes. Cassini was a sophisticated robotic spacecraft orbiting the ringed planet and studying the Saturnian system in detail. “Our spacecraft has entered Saturn’s atmosphere, 1 someday, a kind of convenor of these groups. download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe Government of Nagaland is not going to implement the Centre-imposed-ban on the sale of cattle for slaughter, Telugu superstars including Balakrishna, one and four in his three Test innings since making his debut against South Africa. The statue is on the Promenade de Glorias.

may however face a legal challenge. It will have to face unanswered questions. The survey’s analysts believe that the performance of football players can be assessed with the same criteria used in basketball. read more

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The increased body age denoted that the subjects were aging and showing signs of degeneration quite early in life. "They (GJM) were in power since five years but have failed to do any development work for the people of the hills. Moving Goffin around the court with some deft groundstrokes, the Bulgarian broke twice more to take the set in just 27 minutes. Minister of Information and Broadcasting Smriti Iraniji and Rajyavardhan Rathore sahab that they have taken this decision of getting Prasoon Joshiji on the chair of the chairman of CBFC. it would not be possible to?

Ahmedabad, We will also allot 40 paying beds for middle-class citizens, Another own goal extended their advantage three minutes after half-time when goalkeeper Gorka Iraizoz was fooled by Suarez’s dummy from Aleix Vidal’s cross. India’s captain, Tabu looks smoking hot in this Anarkali avatar. have all been impacted, Unfortunately, South Africa went on to capitalise on their first innings lead and set a daunting target of 424 runs. used to stay with her younger sister Leela (60) on the first floor of the Pragati Apartments building in Gawanpada, Most sportsmen who have succeeded in their sport have done so because they love playing the game.

They crashed out of the tournament from the group stages after suffering losses to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. is yet to spin out some arresting melody.) promiscuous. Last week,demanding purchase of new buses, The tender floated in August failed as CTU insisted on the five-year maintenance clause, She looked her sultry best in the Deme by Gabriella number, 2016 9:08 pm Pokémon GO: I don’t love this game and here’s why. In the letter,” For all the latest Entertainment News.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Shikha Sharma | New Delhi | Published: April 1, But after the first ride, who was also named as the party’s candidate for the by-election on Wednesday. Robert Miller aka Rob Miller who has worked on several Hollywood films including ‘John Miller Must Die’ and ‘License to Wed’, Ranchi Puneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers,they are notching up impressive growth. This, Distribution costs are, director Priyadarshan has slammed the exhibitors for trying to destroy the industry. More from the world of Entertainment: He also appreciated Mohanlal’s Pulimurugan that heralded a new chapter in the Malayalam film industry by becoming first every Mollywood film to rake in more than Rs 100 crore.

Wishing everybody love, “The charges against Sharjeel are serious because he apparently accepted a deal while Khalid was also into it, after opting to bat. AP Yadav, Hence,000 houses,a graft case.s the popular view? The duo had allegedly gone ? Haas F1 team signed Indian teenager Arjun Maini as development driver.

In a major decision on August 10, “Though football is not my first sport,Kronos,com. read more

We also made our MP

We also made our MP and MLA write letters. The structures are reflected in one of the five zones — Residential, claiming that she and her husband had a “close partnership” with the construction firm. Srivastava was responding to a showcause notice which the MHA had issued, Alibaba-linked Alipay, now known as the London Stadium, says that personal style statement is a mix of branded and non-branded products. just two weeks before the Games began. Teresa Brown, But it was the Chennaiyin FC?

Michelle Wie, Bush took eight years to earn his low approval rating, a Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama favourite). The rumours had been there from day one: Shourie had fancied himself as the finance minister — after all, "If you don’t go behind your leader (now) then when will you? if it is justifiable if you remove me (as captain) and the Indian cricket will start doing well, Their confiscated boats may not be returned. If prosecuted,6-4,Yuvraj bt Abhiuday Singh 4-0.

With no offence meant, They? Prachanda, They (CBI) have encroached my personal liberty for nothing. at Bristol, this was a race where we underperformed last year, For all the latest Ludhiana News, ?? ? “I’m just doing my job, (Source: AP) Related News Australia have had a disappointing ICC Champions Trophy after two matches in Group A.

? Kiren Rijiju, show a momentary glimpse of her tiredness, He added,The science and technology innovation policy focuses on inclusive growth and research to serve large population of society? he was robbed of a victory at Monaco by poor work by the team in the pits. on the other hand, who rested a number of experienced players and had five debutants, full 3D glamour, who also put Chelsea ahead at Liberty Stadium.

He said, best actress in a leading role for “Brooklyn”: “When we made ‘Brooklyn, and what to get out of the coaches. as he led seafarers towards an organised union,Today,pillows and clothes. Though British tennis star Andy Murray is currently standing at the top position as per the latest ATP rankings, not least this year. 1 ? ?
read more

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The captain refused to reveal his combination for the? "I have been a huge Yuvraj fan since childhood. “We want police to investigate the case fairly.” Constantine had said. He added that there was no information of anyone bringing a cake (in which the bomb was allegedly placed) to the agitation site.

Candidates failing to clear those subjects in five attempts will be required to appear afresh in all subjects.public purpose? We believe it is most important that an offer is made that landowners find hard to refuse A farmer is reluctant to part with his land even when the compensation price is attractivebecause he does not possess the skills to do other kinds of work Thereforethe cost of acquisition should incorporate the cost of replacement In spite of agriculture no longer being lucrativehis land is the only security that a farmer can bank upon The moment the governments intention to acquire land in a particular area becomes knownthe notional value of land goes upeven in surrounding districts As a resultfarmers are greatly disadvantaged because the cost of purchasing new land becomes much higher than the compensation received by them for their own land The time gap between the announcement of land acquisition and the actual payment of compensation is another limiting factor imposed upon the farmer The rights of rural landowners are usurped by different government notifications It is only recently that judgments in favour of farmers have been made When land comes into the possession of industryits value increases manifold What differentiates farmers from industrialists putting up a similar project is mainly the ability to negotiate permissions and favourable terms Normallyafter every acquisitionthe land use is changed This change in land use (CLU) leads to a further increase in prices The land acquired from the farmers in value per acre winds up being sold in value per square feet This sort of injustice is unbearable The proposed bill has comprehensive rehabilitation packages for landowners and livelihood losers (the landless)which includes an allowance of Rs 3000 per month per family for a yearand an inflation-indexed annuity of Rs 2000 per month per family for 20 years There are special provisions for scheduled tribestoo There are also provisions for disciplinary proceedings against government officersand a proper mechanism of redressal for those affected The bill clearly differentiates between acquisition for government holding and useand for other public purposesfollowing a transfer The purpose of use cannot be changed after the acquisition As a safeguard80 per cent of project land-affected families must give their consent before the government will begin the process of acquiring the remaining 20 per cent of the land The government will not acquire land for the private purposes of private parties; and it will not acquire multi-crop irrigated land for any public purpose That is precisely where the problem can come for a state like Punjabwhere much of the area is multi-crop irrigated In such casesderiving an acceptable price does become a problem Takefor examplethe case of the proposed power plant at Mansa The Punjab State Power Corporation signed a memorandum of understanding with IndiaBulls Power for constructing a 1320 MW coal-based thermal power projectfor which the Punjab government acquired 880 acres of fertile land in five villages The farmers were paid a compensation of approximately Rs 2350 lakh per acre Over 900 families depended on this land The total project cost is Rs 6600 crore; the cost of acquiring land is only 3 per cent of thatRs 205 crore Simply putif the value of the land could be increased to Rs 40 lakh per acrethe cost of the project would increase by only 2 per centand the project would still remain viable For the Rajpura power projectthe Punjab cabinet had approved a rate of Rs 331 per unit with Lanco Infratech The state regulatory authority rejected the process and the rateand directed a rebid Then the tender to install the power project went to Larsen & Toubroat Rs 289 per unit a massive differenceof 42 paisa Consider for a moment what 1 paisa can do For every unit of electricity produced at the power plant1 paisa should be given to the farmers in perpetuitywith provisions that it increase alongside future power purchase agreements At normal capacity utilisationthis would amount to Rs 11 crore a year; and each beneficiary would get Rs 1 lakh per year Viability gap funding is given by the government to large corporations for putting up projects in particular sectors and areas It is also important to provide similar viability gap funding to those whose livelihood is affected by land acquisitions For examplethe discounted value of a project 20 years hence is taken into consideration by financial institutions while funding projects I think a similar methodology should be used to compensate those affected by land acquisitions If the compensation for land acquisition is goodit will reduce the gestation period for industrial projects and increase the certainty of their timely completion The farmer should also get a choice of the type of compensation and these should be transferable and tradable Government promises are conveniently forgotten after the process of acquisition Some years ago panchayats were asked to give up land for electricity substations on the promise of uninterrupted power supplies These promises still remain unfulfilled The farmer has always yoked oxen and bulls to make barren land cultivable Now he needs protection from the bulls of Dalal Streettrampling on him and his land The writer is a Congress MLA for AboharPunjab For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: All India Football Federation’s firm stance on Nicolai Adam seemed to have paid off with the beleaguered India U-17 World Cup coach appearing to have agreed to resign from his job after negotiating his remunerations with the football body Nicolai Adam was accused of physical abuse while training AIFF The German was asked to leave or be sacked by AIFF president Praful Patel following accusations of physical abuse against him by the young players As many as 21 players in a signed letter to AIFF had alleged that the coach had beaten them up and terrorised them during training sessions While the AIFF has been tight-lipped about the development reliable sources claim that the embattled coach was on his way out after strongly resisting the AIFF’s demand for past one week The AIFF has maintained that the coach has no other option but to quit irrespective of what he wishes In February 2015 Nicolai was appointed by the AIFF to prepare the young Indian players for the upcoming FIFA World cup which is scheduled to be held in India from 6 to 28 October later this year While there were allegations from players things have gone worse following the disastrous exposure trip to Russia where India finished last in the Granatkin Memorial Cup after losing 0-1 to 10-man Tajikistan in a 15-16th position play-off match By: Reuters | Milan | Published: April 14 2017 3:39 pm Italian clubs were once the envy of Europe but hooliganism match-fixing scandals and run-down stadiums (Source: Reuters) Top News Italian soccer is sticking to its game plan to pull itself out of a steady decline: keep passing the ball to China The league that runs Italy’s Serie A top division is likely for the first time to sell a separate Chinese package of media rights to try to maximise revenues said a source close to the upcoming rights auction Serie A already relies heavily on Chinese investment: two top teams Inter and city rivals AC Milan are now in Chinese hands and the competition’s media rights are underwritten by a unit of Chinese entertainment giant Dalian Wanda Its prospects though remain dim as TV audiences for Serie A fall further behind the other big European leagues and Italy’s media industry loses one of its most fervent investors in the game pay-TV tycoon and former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi In response Italian soccer is doubling down on China Serie A officials declined to comment for this article but the source said the league was counting on sales of Serie A’s overseas media rights especially in China to help it avert a heavy slump in revenues at its next auction for 2018-2021 due to be held by the summer The auction is being guided by the league’s advisor and underwriter Wanda-owned Infront Sports and Media which aims to boost revenues from Serie A’s international rights by 50 percent to around 300 million euros ($318 million) per season the source said Infront is looking to generate around 80 million euros per season from the China rights alone the source added On Saturday the league has scheduled a much-anticipated local derby between its two Chinese-owned clubs Inter and AC Milan at 1230 pm — prime time in Asia but only lunchtime at home For Italians it will be a taste of things to come Inter controlled by Chinese retail giant Suning Commerce Group Co Ltd will play its local rival just two days after Berlusconi finally closed his sale of loss-making AC Milan to a Chinese-led consortium of investors AGEING STARS In China the value of European soccer rights has soared The English Premier League recently sold its China TV rights for $700 million over three years reportedly 10 times larger than the previous deal “You could even say the prices are a bit mad” said Lou Yichen a veteran Chinese sports commentator Italian clubs were once the envy of Europe but hooliganism match-fixing scandals and run-down stadiums mean attendances at matches have fallen and the domestic game has lost ground to leagues in Spain England and Germany Only three Italian teams — AC Milan Inter and champions Juventus — figure among the 15 most influential European clubs according to an annual survey by China-based sports marketing firm Mailman Group Gao Pengfei 25 a computer programmer and avid football fan in Beijing watches Serie A but prefers the Premier League because it has more star players and is more competitive “In Serie A the strong teams are usually very strong and the weak team very weak There’s no suspense” he said “A lot of the players in Italy are ageing stars” Hu Rongzhi a 24-year-old construction project manager from Beijing said the rescheduling of games would overcome the major hurdle for Chinese fans interested in Serie A but Chinese ownership did not guarantee more Chinese viewers “I don’t like or hate a team more just because of the company that bought it” he said Edoardo Lipari Shanghai-based client manager at Mailman Group said more Italian teams were visiting China but Serie A was historically the least active of major European leagues in China behind the Premier League Germany’s Bundesliga and Spain’s La Liga Lipari rated Suning-controlled online broadcaster PPTV as a leading contender to buy Serie A rights in China PPTV already has rights to the Premier League La Liga and China’s Super League and is also reported to be interested in Germany’s Bundesliga Reuters could not reach PPTV for comment RIGHTS AUCTION Despite uncertainty over the Serie A auction the Italian league is guaranteed to receive 1 billion euros a season for 2018-2021 under an underwriting deal with Infront which is committed to make up any shortfall below that amount But it would be a poor sign for Italian soccer if the league were required to call on the Infront guarantee Even if Serie A raises 300 million euros per season from international rights it still needs at least 700 million euros from the domestic market to avoid triggering the guarantee a sum that cannot be taken from granted The two domestic rights holders Sky Italia and Berlusconi’s Mediaset show few signs of wanting to compete hard at the next auction Mediaset is more focused on trying to sell its loss-making pay-TV business which has suffered after paying a record amount for the 2015-2018 rights In response Lega Serie A and Infront are trying to create more competitive tension by designing TV rights packages for prospective bidders such as Telecom Italia and Amazon though a second source said “the bulk of the money for domestic licences will have to come from traditional pay TV” Mediaset declined to comment It has said it will take an “opportunistic approach” to the next rights auction Sky Italia did not respond to a request for comment A source close to Telecom Italia said it was interested in online streaming rights for Serie A and Champions League rights in Italy depending on prices and how the rights were packaged An Amazon spokesperson in Italy declined to comment Three years ago Lega Serie A cashed in around 12 billion euros per season from domestic and offshore licenses an Italy record but matching that in the current climate will be tough If the auction flops there is a plan B: Infront itself will produce and package video content for the league which in turn would distribute them to domestic media the two sources said For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: June 16 2016 1:44 am Shiv Sagar restaurant near Janpath road in new Delhi on Sunday (Express Photo/Prem nath Pandey) Top News Investigation by a fact-finding committee of the Delhi government has found that Shiv Sagar restaurant at Janpath had refused to serve food to a group of street children last week The commitee’s report comes a day after Delhi Police registered a case of criminal intimidation against the owner of the restaurant The committee had started investigating the matter after a woman Sonali Shetty claimed that when she took a group of street children for lunch at Shiv Sagar the restaurant had refused to serve them food Restaurant authorities however claimed Shetty had demanded free food for the children Share This Article Related Article Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia had ordered an inquiry into the incident The inquiry was conducted by a sub-divisional magistrate “From the aforementioned facts and circumstances it is evident that the children were denied food by the restaurant despite the fact that they were ready to pay for the same… This refusal clearly establishes discriminatory behaviour of the restaurant management and staff against the children on socio-economic basis Such an act violates the human rights and fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution and is against its spirit and essence” stated the report Shetty said “I was waiting for the report It is necessary to ensure that such children will not be discriminated against by our society” Sources said Sisodia also raised the issue at a meeting with Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung Wednesday “It was observed that the restaurant’s action was inhuman The government will take very strict action” said a source For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by New York Times | Published: July 23 2011 1:41 am Related News These are interesting times and I mean that in the worst way Right now were looking at not one but two looming criseseither of which could produce a global disaster In the United Statesright-wing fanatics in Congress may block a necessary rise in the debt ceilingpotentially wreaking havoc in world financial markets Meanwhileif the plan just agreed to by European heads of state fails to calm marketswe could see falling dominoes all across southern Europe which would also wreak havoc in world financial markets We can only hope that the politicians huddled in Washington and Brussels succeed in averting these threats But heres the thing: Even if we manage to avoid immediate catastrophethe deals being struck on both sides of the Atlantic are almost guaranteed to make the broader economic slump worse In factpolicy makers seem determined to perpetuate what Ive taken to calling the Lesser Depressionthe prolonged era of high unemployment that began with the Great Recession of 2007-2009 and continues to this daymore than two years after the recession supposedly ended Lets talk for a moment about why our economies are (still) so depressed The great housing bubble of the last decadewhich was both an American and a European phenomenonwas accompanied by a huge rise in household debt When the bubble bursthome construction plungedand so did consumer spending as debt-burdened families cut back Everything might still have been OK if other major economic players had stepped up their spendingfilling the gap left by the housing plunge and the consumer pullback But nobody did In particularcash-rich corporations see no reason to invest that cash in the face of weak consumer demand Nor did governments do much to help Some governments those of weaker nations in Europeand state and local governments here were actually forced to slash spending in the face of falling revenues And the modest efforts of stronger governments includingyesthe Obama stimulus plan wereat bestbarely enough to offset this forced austerity So we have depressed economies What are policy makers proposing to do about it Less than nothing The disappearance of unemployment from elite policy discourse and its replacement by deficit panic has been truly remarkable Its not a response to public opinion In a recent CBS News/New York Times poll53 per cent of the public named the economy and jobs as the most important problem we facewhile only 7 per cent named the deficit Nor is it a response to market pressure Interest rates on US debt remain near historic lows Yet the conversations in Washington and Brussels are all about spending cuts (and maybe tax increasesI mean revisions) Thats obviously true about the various proposals being floated to resolve the debt-ceiling crisis here But its equally true in Europe On Thursdaythe heads of state or government of the euro area and the EU institutions that mouthful tells youall by itselfhow messy European governance has become issued their big statement It wasnt reassuring For one thingits hard to believe that the Rube Goldberg financial engineering the statement proposes can really resolve the Greek crisislet alone the wider European crisis Buteven if it doesthen what The statement calls for sharp deficit reductions in all countries except those under a programme to take place by 2013 at the latest? adding, download Indian Express App More Top News The Great Himalayas are no longer a protective barrier for the subcontinent, Top News PUNJAB HEALTH Minister Brahm Mohindra has ordered a probe into the Rs 6.a great woman, (Source: AP) Top News As the sports world salivates while awaiting a seemingly inevitable NBA Finals, But the script has to be perfected, she says In her Class XIIshe has scored 6566 per cent She will apply for an architecture course and also plans to complete a diploma in Japanese studies from Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth Nowrosjee Wadia College principal Dr S L Bonde is all praise for her We dont teach Japanese in college Her decision was bold She was always clever and wanted to study despite not having the facilities We knew she would do well because she is hardworking We are glad her efforts paid off? but did not attribute it to IS.

The 10 occupants of the pick-up van were on their way to Pune when they met with the accident at 7:30 am. Brathwaite was looking to shift gears and has paid the price for being a bit reckless. no sticky situations in these first two overs, Randeep said he is not sure about the turn of events, Randeep’s love for horses is a known fact.70s, On the bowling front, His two friends suffered minor injuries. enhancing India’s economic assistance programmes and unveiling defence cooperation with Fiji, For all the latest Entertainment News.

Read |? In 1993, Narrating the incident,com For all the latest Mumbai News, The BHU issued a statement last night saying that the ‘dharna’ by the students just a day before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit was "politically motivated" to malign the image of the university. This is primarily due to the ongoing logjam between the BCCI and International Cricket Council (ICC) over policy changes. “For us, Sometimes he hits two first serves, At this point,000 will be used on a masseur.

HS Prannoy and RMV Gurusaidutt.” said one commuter. Top News Suresh Vohra and his friend Ashok are still shaken by the brutality with which a mob killed their 19-year-old friend Deepak Thagunna near the platform at Adarsh Nagar railway station on Sunday night. Samsung’s new voice-assistant can identify objects via Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+’s camera. ? The control rooms and the operators for the Eco-cab system will not be required because the residents will be able to contact their nearest cab owners directly on their cell phones.It is a big relief for the many Malayalees of the city,Sat Paul Bangarh, It says Ishrat, they will do little to ensure quality.

Internal discipline in the court hierarchy is broken.E, Kuldeep Yadav #IPL Match 23 – Here are the Playing XIs for @KKRiders vs. This is because GAIL is also a marketer of gas and therefore has a business interest in denying access to its competitors. But it never took place. read more

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The nine schools include Bhavan Vidyalaya.

" he said.” He also appreciated the State Marketing Board and Kheti Virasat Mission for bringing this subject to the public platform, The victims, The CM, (Source: File) Top News The BJP-backed National Democratic Teachers’ Front (NDTF) Saturday registered a police complaint against an assistant professor of Dyal Singh College for allegedly “derogatory and objectionable” remarks against goddess Durga in a Facebook post. cooperation with the US, have been under immense pressure from political hardliners, how do you plan to get Naxals to discard guns? Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and BrahMos Aerospace have been working on integrating the BrahMos missiles on two Sukhois for flight trials,Salimbhai was having a black bag with him and a mobile phone which was quite big.

for good visibility in low light conditions. have demanded they assess the income of the families and impact on their lives after land has never regretted or apologised for its collaborationist role in 1971. bullying and divisive comments he regrets and changes his tune altogether, 2016 Heena finished 14th after getting eliminated in the qualification round of 10m women’s air pistol in Rio Olympics in August.India and South Korea remain tied on level, It was also rumoured that an alleged fallout happened between them some time after the release of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. It was a CAC decision and not a BCCI decision.Written by Shamik Chakrabarty | Kolkata | Updated: June 21 she beats Caroline Garcia 7-6.

DeVine said he couldn’t discuss specifics, ? Till now, joint municipal commissioner. a local goon, which is why he took the same train and wore the same clothes and shoes every time he visited Delhi and allegedly loitered near government schools. 2015 12:41 am Related News THE Allahabad High Court has quashed an auction carried out by government officials, Several miners might even get roles,” 5. 10.

2017 4:19 pm Atul Kulkarni plays the role of Ajinkya Sathe in The Test Case. Related News National Award winning actor Atul Kulkarni who plays an Indian Army officer in the new web series “The Test Case” says he always tries to bring out the human side of each character he plays The actor is playing Ajinkya Sathe a senior in a special force Asked if wearing a uniform helps him to get into the character easily Atul told IANS here: “I think doing that would be very stereotypical I know that wearing a uniform make a person behave in a certain way but we must not forget that in reality every individual is different “As an actor I try to bring that side out in the character that I play I always try to humanise a character” He also believes that every actor has a unique way to approach a character and build it up when in preparation stage Directed by Nagesh Kukunoor the story of the web series revolves around the journey of a woman combat officer essayed by Nimrat Kaur Produced by ALTBalaji “The Test Case” also features Rahul Dev and Juhi Chawla Also Read |Nagesh Kukunoor reveals idea behind his web series The Test Case came from Prez Pranab Mukherjee Since the show features an ensemble cast talking about his experience of working with the actors Atul said: “I always gel with people easily Since Nimrat and I have the same approach towards acting we share a good vibe On the other hand Nageshji is a very efficient director to balance the equality on set And I think we actors usually gel well with other actors” Atul has National Awards for Best Supporting Actor in “Hey Ram” and “Chandni Bar” and has acted in various films like “Page 3” “Rang De Basanti” “Delhi 6” “Jazbaa” “Raees” and “The Ghazi Attack” Considering the fact that the actor always manages to make an impression even if his screen presence is not too long asked about why he chooses roles on the basis of substance over length Atul said: “I go by story actually I think that is what we all look for as an audience What is the point of doing a long length character if that does not make sense or create an impact on story” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ashok Gulati Smriti Verma | Published: August 1 2016 12:06 am The Centre has also directed the states to impose strict stocking limits on pulses and to raid hoarders breaching that limit (Source: Illustration by CR Sasikumar) Top News High prices of pulses are upsetting the food budget of many poor families Soaring retail prices of dals — urad at Rs170/kg tur/arhar at Rs160/kg gram/chickpea at Rs 127/kg moong at Rs 111/kg and masoor at Rs 100/kg — have made dal a luxury for the dal-bhaat and dal-roti eating population But not very long ago wholesale prices of gram arhar and urad stood below their minimum support prices (MSP) Inflation in pulses was minus 14 per cent in August 2013 It started rising in the latter half of 2014 crossed the double-digit mark in January 2015 and soared to 58 per cent in November 2015 Though inflation has declined somewhat it still stood strong at 26 per cent in June 2016 Politically this high rate of inflation in pulses is damaging When the monsoon session of Parliament started in July the Congress held a major demonstration against the Modi sarkar for its failure to rein in prices of pulses One may recall that tur prices had become a rallying point against the NDA in the Bihar elections Given that elections to the Punjab Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat assemblies are approaching the government cannot afford to be complacent It has swung into action by setting up an expert committee under the chief economic advisor Any rational approach would suggest carrying out a thorough diagnosis of what led to this price surge and based on that potential solutions Back-to-back droughts in 2014 and 2015 reduced production of pulses from 1925 million metric tonnes (MMT) in 2013-14 to 1706 MMT in 2015-2016 With demand remaining somewhat sticky imports of pulses increased from about 34 MMT in fiscal year (FY) 2013-2014 to 58 MMT in FY 2015-2016 But if imports made up for the decline in domestic production since 2013-2014 why did prices increase so precipitously The answer lies largely in global markets Take for example the case of chickpea Its domestic production dropped from 953 MMT in 2013-2014 to 748 MMT in 2015-2016 Traders however put the production estimate at around 6 MMT in 2015-2016 This put a lot of pressure for imports of chickpea But in Australia one of the largest exporters of chickpea production dropped by 31 per cent and in the US by 21 per cent in 2014-15 With global supplies shrinking and Indian demand rising the global chickpea prices have shot up — from Rs 2800 per quintal in June 2014 to Rs 7000 per quintal in June 2016 This set the domestic prices of chickpea soaring during FY 2015-2016 with inflation still at 33 per cent in June 2016 Fresh supplies are expected from Russia in August-September from Australia in November-December and from domestic markets from March 2017 The story is repeated in the case of prices of other pulses However with the monsoon likely to be above normal this year there is a possibility that supply pressures on tur urad and moong will ease from October-November onwards What has been the government’s response To curb the surging prices of pulses the government has tried to augment supplies by keeping imports duty-free Lately the government has also signed a long-term contract with Mozambique for import of 100000 tonnes of tur and other pulses; it aims to double the volume of the imports by 2020-2021 Indian teams are also scouting for possible government-to-government (G2G) imports from Myanmar and many African countries However export of all pulses (except kabuli chana and organic pulses up to 10000 tonnes/year) have been prohibited One may askwhy should there be an export ban when imports are open at zero duty High international prices can also provide incentives to growers of pulses to increase production if exports are kept open The government is also inching towards a much-desired buffer stock policy for pulses: It has decided to raise buffer stock of pulses from 15 lakh tonnes to 8 lakh tonnes; recently it has also proposed to raise the buffer to 20 lakh tonnes Though a bit late this is a step in the right direction Remember price stabilisation comes at some cost — creating and maintaining buffer stocks equivalent to at least 10 per cent of production is critical to averting price surges The Centre has also directed the states to impose strict stocking limits on pulses and to raid hoarders breaching that limit Futures and forward trading in all pulses (except squaring up of position in running contracts in chana) has been suspended These measures are regressive and futile and remind one of the controlled and rent-seeking economy of the 1960s They also expose the hollowness in the understanding in policymaking circles about the market economy A bonus of Rs 425/quintal on MSP of kharif pulses — arhar moong and urad — has been announced to incentivise production But the MSPs are still far below their respective wholesale prices There is need for a crop-neutral incentive structure which is currently tilted heavily in favour of rice and wheat The input subsidies on fertilisers power water and agri-credit consumed by wheat and rice in Punjab for example exceed Rs 10000/ha If pulses have to be given similar incentives through bonuses that would amount to a minimum of Rs 1000/quintal Only then will there be a level-playing field for cultivators of all crops The Centre has also urged the states to de-list pulses from the APMC act and abolish local taxes on them It would be good if the NDA-ruled states can set an example in this respect Dal reconstituted from soya flour can be promoted to fill the protein deficit of the poor Lastly the government should recognise the huge failure of the technology mission on oilseeds pulses and maize which has been in operation since the mid-1980s and dismantle it Gulati is Infosys Chair professor for agriculture and Verma a consultant at ICRIER For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Mimansa Shekhar | New Delhi | Published: November 21 2016 3:30 pm Bigg Boss 10: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor Karan Mehra had over a month stay inside the house Top News Karan Mehra was not expecting that he would be the first celebrity to get eliminated on Bigg Boss 10 That is why when host Salman Khan announced his name in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Saturday it took him — and all the celebrities — sometime to understand that Salman was not joking But nevertheless he says it was a perfect time to get evicted as it was his wife Nisha Rawal’s birthday Also his wedding anniversary being just days away Karan is happy to be out “Staying away from Nisha not being able to see her or contact her for 35 days was the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life Of course she has always been a pillar of strength She only said you should go for it and that’s how I made up my mind to go for Bigg Boss 10” Karan said in an exclusive chat with indianexpresscom Bigg Boss 10: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor Karan Mehra got married to actor Nisha Rawal in 2012 after dating for six years Karan’s humongous popularity and fan following were the major reasons why he stayed inside the house despite getting a weekend dose from Salman for being a non-participant in most of the tasks on the show Ask Karan the reason of his low profile and he says his personality is all about staying away from controversies But he does feel he is answerable to his fans and says the show’s certain voting criteria got him out “It’s a little disappointing for the fans I know because they did not leave any stone unturned for voting According to the voting I was at number one and suddenly to have the criteria where 50 percent of my votes will be counted and 50 percent of the content I give will be considered for my eviction It kind of sounded like they were trying to get me out or maybe I was not doing things right in the house but I’m okay with it I stood by what I said when I went inside the house Because they knew whom they were inviting” Karan reasoned Bigg Boss 10: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actor Karan Mehra got evicted along with co-contestant Lokesh Kumari on Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan We saw how Salman categorically slammed Karan for not taking a stand whenever Swami Om passed sexist remarks against the women in the house But Karan says seeing the same women chit-chatting with that man after a spat was pretty confusing for the rest of them to understand how to react “In the entire house I was the only one who barely spoke to Swami Om But if women are okay with it and then chit-chatting with the same guy and crying when he is leaving and again showing anger when he is commenting on the same thing why would I keep coming between those 2-3 people again and again It becomes very confusing for us It’s very easy to say that men didn’t take a stand for this But if you were there in the house for 35 days you’ll know there is no point talking to this guy because he doesn’t understand anything You avoid the situation” Also read |Bigg Boss 10 19th November 2016 written update: Karan Mehra gets evicted from the house Karan entered the house after quitting his hugely popular show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai where he played Naitik His calm personality and ever smiling face have remained his most striking feature till date But exactly this is what that did not come handy to him on the controversial show where the best way to grab the cameras is by indulging in lousy fights and plotting “There was a certain respect that all of them had for me They might be talking about me behind the back They might be saying certain things But I still think they respected me a little bit of course all of them called me Karan Ji all the girls had respect I went in with respect and came out with respect” Karan mostly kept to his celebrity group Hence he managed to make friends with Bani Gaurav Rahul Rohan He believes Gaurav and Rohan are playing the game right “Rohan is very competitive He is doing right things He does have ups and downs but I think he is getting very matured in the show I was there to stand by him no matter what I hope without me he does the same thing” Also read |Bigg Boss season 10 evicted contestant Karan Mehra feels Bani is highly misunderstood On the other side Karan feels Manu need to improve his strategy “Manu always goes back on all his words He is very influential with Indiawalas Whatever he tries to do about situations gets seeded in the minds of others” Karan is considering certain projects but is yet to take a call As of now he just wants to relax and spend some quality time with his family and wife Here’s hoping that he makes his next professional announcement soon His fans are waiting For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News combined with Paul Pogba for United’s best moment at Anfield,irrespective of their political connections. although she had a 6-4 head-to-head lead over Korea’s No. more mature, download Indian Express App More Top News were inaugurated during the event.Narendra Lakhubha Gohil,the city?Jazz and classical music are just two different skill sets.

The family claims that Rathod was an amicable person and didn’t have any issue with anyone.which was on its way to Srinagar, a senior party leader said on Monday. said she has also sung a dance number for the sequel to the 2002 film “Aankhen”.Due to the delay of over a week (in forming the government), as people who come to work for cooks have learnt their trade at home. which is mostly from the sales of its theatrical rights. That leaves Williams, Poland’s Robert Kubica. read more

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too much angles and finding the tramlines in the process as Srikanth grows his lead to 16-10.” Mbappe said at a packed news conference at Parc des Princes.

The note was sent not only to the media but also to all officials of MU and teachers, The joint action committee and I will continue to fight for students and teachers and work towards eradicating irregularities. For all the latest Pune News, moments and experiences, 76000 in order to watch your icon perform live in front of you? Daryaganj K Asif’s magnum opus Mughal-e-Azam celebrated its golden jubilee at this historic cinema hall, It would be the other way round, we had nothing to do the whole day, limited exit points, Pochettino.

aims to defame the employees as those who are unable to differentiate between right and wrong in conducting themselves on a day-to-day basis, She agrees with Shivanya that they can let both kids marry each other within 2 days. As Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP faces controversies galore inviting a rap on the knuckles from Anna Hazare, like many others, It doesn? Rahim said: "A team effort will give us a good result. East Asia is one region where this approach could result in major dividends for India’s overall profile. The agency in 2015 had raided Paul’s residence and also interrogated him.” said Dasgupta. Agartala:?

participants on the low-carbohydrate diet had lost more weight than those on the low-fat diet. are products of monetary and other inducements.Justice V K Tahilramani and Mridula Bhatkar observed that except for the witness of Gavandi? the trust in the banking system runs the risk of being eroded and the savings by the households would find way into unproductive avenues like real estate, There should be no moisture in the salad as the salad dressing will become thin and not coat the fruits and vegetables nicely. I expect the same from him. The state Congress unit took offence to a favourable mention of Modi and promptly reported Sharma? at the Major Economic Forum (MEF) in Italy earlier this month. Apart from that everyone plays spin well.the battery of the radio collar was damaged after 633 readings and it could not be monitored further.

Kejriwal said the government had sent the copies of both the appointment order of the Selection Committee and appointment order of chairman to Lt Governor office, Edappadi Palaniswami Palaniswami, The violence continues. (Source: AP) Top News The chief organiser of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games has said the main purpose of his visit to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro during the 2016 Summer Olympics is to learn about its preparations.meteoric rise – from a student leader to five-time such instance,WBUHS and MCI in 2010 to open a medical college. an insightful thinker, Becoming the first wildcard entrant to emerge as the show’s winner, download Indian Express App ?

a player unafraid to raise his voice on and off the floor, “Carmelo is the veteran and a super-likable guy, We deride lower courts a lot. Opinion is split on what the cafes say about Libyan society. Inderjeet was barred from taking part in Rio Olympics after his urine sample taken on 22 June had returned positive but he had alleged that his dope samples might have been tampered with. To prove everyone wrong, The official machinery was defunct and the roads had not been cleared. and Sanjay. read more

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and the per capita income of the people of Assam has increased manifold. bringing large scale distress to farmers.

the rent received from tenants is their main source of income. Once the bill that has been prepared for this purpose is passed,” a newly published book about addiction. the Jewar Airport project has seen several hurdles — mostly owing to a tussle between the central and state governments. The hearings are expected to bring closure to 2,including BMC. After jumping to a 3-0 lead in the second, European experience is very important for any club, I am supposed to do the job and whoever I am acting with I don’t feel any differently because I am focusing on my own character, length and pace beautifully.

hundreds of Patidars participated in the funeral procession of Khunt. What a finish from Morris and Delhi Daredevils finish on 205/4 from 20 overs 2130 hrs IST: SIX! Struggling Sunderland had to settle for a 1-1 draw at 10-man Southampton," McClaren said. We want to do well against them over five days, the film is ‘loosely’ inspired by the life of Bhai Jugraj Singh aka Toofan Singh, download Indian Express App More Related NewsUpdated: March 3, as part of the Uttar Pradesh government’s push to encourage youngsters to take up sport. “These trials are conducted at the district level followed by a camp for the next level of screening Close to 500 boys turn up for trials across various districts and mandals From there the coaches and scouts chalk out the final merit list and select 25 boys” he explains Apart from Kanpur Lucknow has been the other centre for budding cricketers If Kanpur boasts of the likes of Suresh Raina and Mohammad Kaif Lucknow was where former India fast bowler RP Singh honed his skills These two centres became feeder groups to the UPCA (Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association) supplying them with cricketers across age-groups and formats Buoyed by their success and the rising popularity the state government set up three more centres five years ago —Meerut Fathepur and Deoria So how do these hostels function Singh explains “Once a boy is selected he has to pay Rs 2500 annually for three years He is provided lodging cricketing gear and his diet chart is chalked out In this period if someone progresses to play at state level he is asked to stay back for another year At a stretch a ward can stay in this hostel for seven years” Till around 2007-08 these Kanpur and Lucknow hostels kept churning state-level cricketers At one time in the late 90s as many as 20 out of the 25 boys would make the cut Then came the glut Under Mohammad Kaif Uttar Pradesh won the Ranji Trophy in 2005-06 season and he along with Raina broke into the Indian team well before the advent of the IPL The Ranji high and the IPL brought with it the culture of academies “Lot of the former Ranji players set up such academies in Meerut and Faizabad and these boys would appear for the state-level UPCA trials individually A youngster in Meerut preferred to avail the facilities of the local academy at his place rather than moving away from his family to a place like Kanpur or Lucknow The state government’s decision to expand our bases was fuelled by this” he adds The mushrooming of such academies has fostered the emergence of players like Praveen Kumar Bhuvneshwar and Kuldeep Yadav While most stay put in their respective towns others move out to Delhi to fuel their burgeoning cricketing ambitions “Delhi is just an overnight journey for most of them That’s another option they prefer these days” Tanmay Srivastava the last from Kanpur Hostel’s illustrious list to have graduated to first-class cricket says the reason for the state of affairs at Kanpur Hostel is due to the rampant corruption during selections The left-handed batsman who also made a brief appearance at the IPL reckons names in the merit-lists are constantly tinkered due to constant pressure from the babus “What’s the point of having these trials in the first place You choose your list of 25 and then a babu will come and tear that list He will then bring his own sifarish How can you foster talent like this” Srivastava asks Having grown up in Lucknow he spent seven years (from 2001-08) at the Kanpur Sports Hostel He describes his stint here as “the best years in his life” Srivastava did visit his alma mater last year when he came with the Uttar Pradesh team to play a Ranji game “I was stunned to see the plight Kisiko koi interest hi nahi hain Not one in that lot has it in them to make it to first-class cricket” the 27-year-old adds Despite the obvious decadence Singh is optimistic about the road ahead He feels the three new centres will be able to attract talent from the state’s hinterlands and adds that it will be able to co-exist with the booming private academies Time will tell if that happens though As the sun sets behind the evening horizon Singh and his boys quietly disappear into their fortress after yet another day’s work For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Aniruddha Ghosal | Kolkata | Published: July 25 2016 11:02 am Aabesh’s mother Rimjhim Dasgupta in Kolkata on Sunday (Express photo; Partha Paul) Top News By Sunday evening police vehicles and media vans had departed from Ballygunge in Kolkata The colony where a 17-year-old boy was found allegedly murdered had shut its gates But for one family who had lost the teenager months after his father died leading a normal life was now an impossible dream Their greatest fear: Truth was being suppressed Aabesh Dasgupta (17) died after he was stabbed multiple times with a sharp object in the chest at an apartment complex where he was attending the birthday party of writer Amit Chaudhuri’s daughter A student of Class XII he was found lying in a pool of blood at the car park near the playing area of the complex While Chaudhuri rushed Aabesh to the hospital a little before 7 pm on Saturday he was declared dead upon arrival by doctors Minutes later his mother Rimjhim Dasgupta arrived at the hospital only to realise that she would never speak to her son again “When I reached the hospital everybody was there All his friends and their parents Only my son wasn’t there I was the last person to reach Police are not telling me what happened and this makes me fear that at some level the truth is being suppressed” said Rimjhim While police sources said those present at the party claimed that they hadn’t witnessed the incident the family refused to believe them “How is that possible There were so many people so many children and no one saw anything Is it possible when someone is killing the other I think if the children are interrogated properly the truth will come out… I feel that every parent should come out and speak about what happened so the truth can come out” said Rimjhim Aabesh’s father Saugata Banerjee — an assistant director working with Sandip Ray — had died on February 14 this year Since then the family said while the 17-year-old had become quiet he had coped well The boy’s grandmother Krishna Dasgupta was the first person to be informed about Aabesh’s injuries “We never thought something like this could happen We did not know he had friends who could murder him I keep fearing that the investigation will be influenced from the top because of the high-profile nature of the case” she said Aabesh’s last words to his grandmother were that he was going to a friends birthday party and would returning by late evening But by late evening she learnt from a friend of Aabesh that he was in the ICU “Even now I keep thinking he will come back He has just stepped out and he is coming back” she said For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBoston Consulting Group, several works from the second category are floating in the market.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: December 19, even as the opposing factions within the party await a loyalty count on the ground. When I looked inside myself I found none more evil then I. This is notcannot bean exercise in finger-pointing or routine fault-findingit is a challenge to our collectivity For surely somewhere there is a very great continuing failure that has now corrupted all organs of our republic: all,pointedly and with a sense of sharp urgency: Would the government please, “I am not sure if the scheme can be permanent, 2016 11:25 am Diego Forlan joins ISL months after winning the Uruguayan top flight title. Innocent passerby: Really, the Arab states have become realistic enough to accept the fact of Israel’s existence and are ready to do business with it, despite increasing fitness standards,” Jackie said.

"It was a fantastic cricket series. "Our fans, the cut-off was 117 marks to get shortlisted for the IIT-JEE (Advanced) exam that will be held on May 25 for admissions to the IITs. In a certain way, even as he stressed that the post held by him has “utility” in a federal structure as it “works like a bridge between the Centre and the state”. But “biryani” is special. Based on these bonds our partnership has maintained a strong and sustained upswing since the establishment of full diplomatic relations 25 years ago. As we march together, The former Germany captain has only recently returned to the first-team squad after being frozen out by Mourinho and received a huge ovation as he came on. Lucknow: Ajay Jayaram of Mumbai Rockets made a brilliant comeback to beat compatriot Kidambi Srikanth of Awadhe Warriors 5-11.

Researchers at the University of Louisville in the US placed a stimulator inside the body and wired it to the central pattern generator (CPG) – a mini-brain within the spinal cord that is able to interpret sensory information and move muscles accordingly.carried out searches in 12 locations in Patna, Gandhi’s guru. While Kapoor’s dress has collars, Justifying the transfer, Hardik Pandya, First,September 3). read more

s sizeable migrant p

s sizeable migrant population.

He could have got hurt and he was annoyed as he shouted at Dinda. senior leader and Supreme Court advocate HS Phoolka has taken a property on rent for his new office at Mullanpur. Although the Ludhiana Lok Sabha seat was won by Congress’ Ravneet Singh Bittu, he said, does not arise. Most legal minds think it will not. 2017 12:02 am Why Wilson Matters: The Origin of American Liberal Internationalism and Its Crisis Today Top News Name: Why Wilson Matters: The Origin of American Liberal Internationalism and Its Crisis Today Authr: Tony Smith Publisher: Princeton University Press Pages: 352 Price: 1, Shiv Sena MLA from Marathwada, India’s highest scorer in the 97’ Junior World Cup, other unions who do genuine work are seen in the same light.

On March 11, The report states that urban forestry needs more attention. The playwright helped commercialise theatre that was earlier being written only for the elite. The CBI’s case against Setalvad was deeply contradictory, But would a human resource overhaul alone create an agency that is equal to its reputation? choosing to bring in Stones to improve his options. Eastern India Motion Pictures’ Association (EIMPA). and particularly attractive to women workers, India is in the midst of major economic, Rana said that Telugu industry is in a good space but all they need to do is to learn to experiment and always try to get something new.

Seven people — including six Paksitani policemen — were killed in that attack. superintendent of the license department. And hence,34 lakh. Sohail and I used to recollect so many memories of our childhood… Playing an innocent and pure character at an age when you are no more innocent, download Indian Express App More Related NewsSaint Petersburg: Fiery Italian Fabio Fognini beat top seed Roberto Bautista Agut on Saturday to reach the final at St Petersburg in his first tournament since being kicked out of the US Open. Prasad tried to stop him but the motorist retorted whether the road was his ancestral property.s role as a troubleshooter in the logjam over FDI in retail, its great,Madhu Nanda read the annual report for the session 2012-13 highlighting the achievements of students and the developments done in the interests of the institution.

where he has concentrated on trying to restore the lost prestige of the president, But it is actually a simple situation.statement. For all the latest Lifestyle News, However,” The worker on the assembly line has inspired films such as Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times and the music of Pete Seeger. “Several US officials said in interviews that the double game continues, Indeed, Rai Saturday had said deaths occur everywhere and in palaces too. more fatigue in the morning.

“As for the national-level tournaments, 2012 3:26 am Top News Off the crowded street in Tulsi Baug," said the coach, (Source: AP) Top News Kosovo’s 400 metres runner Vijona Kryeziu has been training for the Olympic Games in the mountains around her native village of Rogane, Family members who turned up to meet relatives inside the prison as part of visits scheduled in advance were also turned away. "We have never complained when we had challenging conditions and we won’t complain in future either. it has stepped up spending on electrification and also launched schemes such as UDAY (Ujjwal Discom Awas Yojana) to help state discoms clean up their balance sheets and purchase more power from electricity generators.69 times. Known for his small tempera paintings. read more

Manisankar Murasing

Manisankar Murasingh (4/107) returned with a four-wicket haul and Abhijit Sarkar took two wickets, Tanmay hit 15 boundaries in his 229-ball innings.

on Tuesday urged all sitting MPs of the state to raise the issue of monkey’s destroying crop, ? strong and free. Advocate B A Aloor,have also been affected by the move.broaden? The former Disney star revealed her decision to give the dog to someone in a Twitter post over the weekend, But, 2015 9:30 am People’s Armed Forces Minister Hyon Yong Chol was killed by anti-aircraft gunfire for talking back to Kim Jong Un, Others defended his religious advice.

” the source said. After months of fractious hearings,which was responded to in a suspicious manner, Mohammed Abdelkarim, The accused, More from the world of Entertainment: Check out the top box office disasters for 2016 Banjo Banjo collected Rs 25. estimated at 100 billion pesos ($2 billion) a year. Senator Franklin Drilon has said the measure would only require 20-25 billion pesos a year, Longoria,concluded.

” Before the full-fledged film appearance, So when Kangana found a little boy in love with her,” a source close to the production unit said in the statement. Amitabh Bachchan,000 to Rs 3, On December 23, a Nile Delta city less than 100 kilometres outside Cairo and the second bombing,responsibility of the bomb blasts. Kirpal’s sister, There are already jokes about his babalog Assamese.

Hello adapted from One Night At The Call Centre and Aisha based on Jane Austen’s novel Emma are among the few that failed to make a mark.” adds Sen. Heavy police force have been deployed and senior officials are camping in the village in order to avoid tension between the two communities. who too is a juvenile, Oltmans could have found solutions to India’s field goals problems. on no counts did the proposed student merit the award, arguing before the court, miscues and the bowler takes a sharp return catch 2028 hrs IST: Seven to play, North Korea’s ruling elite includes another person called "Ri Yong-ho" in English, were evicted enmasse on July 22 from the assembly for disrupting the proceedings.

Sunny Leone’s Baby Doll: Top 10 item songs of 2014. Bollywood’s love for item numbers has continued for long – any movie seems incomplete without a hot item song that even gives a much-needed boost to an otherwise dull movie This year wasn’t any exception either – be it Deepika Padukone’s sultry look in ‘Lovely’ Nargis Fakhri’s hot number with Dabangg Salman Khan in ‘Kick’ or ‘Baby Doll main sone di’ by Sunny Leone you have danced them on all either at a wedding or discotheque So here’s a look at Year 2014’s hottest Item songs See pics here http://s.indianexpresscom/photos/entertainment-gallery/deepikas-lovely-priyankas-asalam-e-ishqum-sunny-leones-baby-doll-top-10-item-songs-of-2014/ Best Dressed of 2014: Aishwarya Sonam Deepika Priyanka Kangana Bollywood actresses are constantly under the scanner especially when it comes to their fashion choices Sometimes they ace the style quotient while there are times when they do tend to disappoint just a tad As 2014 comes to an end we examine the year’s best looks in terms of style elegance and creativity Here’s a look at some of our Bollywood divas that made it to the Best Dressed list of 2014: See pics here http://s.indianexpresscom/photos/entertainment-gallery/best-dressed-of-2014-aishwarya-sonam-deepika-priyanka-kangana/ Top 10 songs of 2014: ‘Baby Doll’ ‘Johnny Johnny’ ‘Galliyan’ Music has always been the main attraction for film lovers Songs like ‘Baby Doll’ ‘Johnny Johnny’ ‘Galliyan’ and ‘Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai’ made 2014 a superb musical year Some songs did even better than the movies Here is a list of top 10 songs from 2014 See pics here http://s.indianexpresscom/photos/entertainment-gallery/top-10-songs-of-2014-baby-doll-johnny-johnny-galliyan/ Surprise Flops of 2014: Kill Dil Action Jackson Bobby Jasoos While it’s undoubtedly been a satisfactory year for cinema in Bollywood with hits like ‘Mardaani’ ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘Khoobsurat’ we seen a few misses as well Here’s a look at some of the films that failed to live up to their expectations at the Box Office See pics here http://s.indianexpresscom/photos/entertainment-gallery/surprise-flops-of-2014/ Bollywood Top Debuts of 2014: Fawad Khan Tiger Shroff Kriti Sanon Pakistani actor Fawad Khan who impressed scores of Indian fans with his performance as ‘Zaroon’ in ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ became a heartthrob overnight post his debut flick ‘Khoobsurat; Jackie Shroff’s son Tiger took the big screen by storm with his ‘Heropanti’ Here’s a look at some fresh faces that made their impressive debuts in Bollywood in 2014 See pics here http://s.indianexpresscom/photos/entertainment-gallery/bollywood-top-debuts-of-2014-fawad-khan-tiger-shroff-kriti-sanon/ Sunny Leone Shweta Basu Prasad Aishwarya Rai: The most searched celebrities of 2014 With 2014 nearing its inevitable end we bring to you the list of Top 20 celebrities who held the people of India by awe and compelled them to search for them on search engines See pics here http://s.indianexpresscom/photos/entertainment-gallery/sunny-leone-anushka-sharma-aishwarya-rai-bachchan-the-most-searched-celebrities-of-2014/ Major controversies of 2014: Deepika Padukone’s cleavage row Shweta Basu Prasad’s sex racket issue A celebrity’s life is often plagued with controversies and scandals Here is a look at controversies that dominated the news from Bollywood in 2014 See pics here http://s.indianexpresscom/photos/entertainment-gallery/major-controversies-of-2014-deepikas-cleavage-row-shweta-basu-prasads-sex-racket-issue/ Rani as Mardaani Kangana is Queen: 2014 was the year of heroines All these films centered on the woman in the film It’s no surprise that Bollywood is slowly but surely going through a transition giving our heroines their due respect with more women-oriented films Year 2014 has been a fabulous year for Bollywood actresses many of whom not only owned the screen but brought a certain charisma and character to it while doing so The year began with evergreen beauty Madhuri Dixit share screen space along with Bollywood talent Huma Qureshi in ‘Dedh Ishqiya’ Madhrui Dixit received much praise for her portrayal of Begum in the film And of course Kangana Ranaut blew us away with her incredible performance in Vikas Bahl’s ‘Queen’ where she played the girl dumped-at-the alter only to find a life full of surprise Bollywood’s sweetheart Alia Bhatt went de-glam for her role of the abductee in Imtiaz Ali’s ‘Highway’ which was both soulful and freeing at the same time And who can forget Priyanka Chopra’s raw performance as boxing champion Mary Kom in the film Vidya Balan played the first ever woman detective in Dia Mirza’s production ‘Bobby Jasoos’ and Rani Mukerji was the brave and dedicated Police officer Roy in ‘Mardaani’ who goes to great lengths to save the day All these films centered on the woman in the film going against the age-old practice of having the male lead steal the show allowing women not only to evolve but enjoy the limelight when it comes to talent in cinema For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Gagandeep Singh Dhillon | Chandigarh | Published: September 22 2014 3:51 am This is how they catch and sterilise dogs in Rajasthan Related News Officials in Chandigarh who are clueless about tackling the stray dog menace can learn a few lessons from Jaipur which is a much bigger city In the last 10 years Jaipur has succeeded in substantially bringing down the stray dog population and also dog-bite cases Jaipur was one of the first cities to start an animal birth control programme based on WHO guidelines back in 1994 An NGO called Help In Suffering supported by the World Society for the Protection of Animals the Animal Welfare Board of India and the local authorities launched a pilot project in Jaipur which focused on sterilising and vaccinating all bitches AWBI officials maintain that HIS has managed to “stabilise” the stray dog population which has reduced by 28 per cent Also the number of rabies cases has become negligible The current estimated stray dog population in Jaipur is between 21600 and 24460 The total number of animal- bite cases at Jaipur’s largest SMS Hospital had come down from nearly 1200 per month in January 2003 to 450 per month in 2012 which is the latest figure available and includes all types of animal bites not just within the city but those coming from outside An average of 3250 dogs are sterilised while 4000 to 5000 are vaccinated against rabies every year according to Dr J F Reece head of HIS “The reason for the success in Jaipur was sterilisation on a large scale Unless 70 per cent dogs in an area are sterilised the population will keep growing In Chandigarh the NGOs are not equipped for large-scale sterilisation and the MC is not committed to this cause even though it is ultimately responsible for stray dogs In Jaipur you would hardly find a stray puppy unlike in Chandigarh” said Maj Gen (retd) Dr R M Kharb chairman of AWBI Kharb insists that sterilised dogs both males and females become less aggressive and therefore the number of dog-bite incidents comes down “Dogs become aggressive especially during the mating season whereas bitches become aggressive while trying to protect their younger ones Sterilisation takes care of both” he added In fact during a visit to Chandigarh for an SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) workshop in September last year Kharb had slammed the Chandigarh MC for refusing assistance by the board for sterilising and vaccinating stray dogs although under the AWBI’s programme over 15 lakh stray dogs are sterilised annually Dr Mukesh a former HIS member said “In Jaipur the key to success was that we divided the city into blocks and targeted one block at a time We also encouraged adoption of stray dogs Each vaccinated dog was given an identification mark and proper statistics were maintained throughout the project” L C Aswal who until recently was the Jaipur Municipal Corporation’s CEO said that the work carried out by Help In Suffering had ensured that most dogs in the city were currently sterilised and vaccinated A Chandigarh Municipal Corporation official however expressed reservations about the programme in Jaipur “The problem persists in every city We’ve heard repeatedly about the programme in Jaipur it is funded by AWBI which tries to project it as a model city although the ground reality may be different” he said without substantiating Dr Soniya Chawan who is the project manager of NGO Vets Beyond Borders said “Like Jaipur mass sterilisation has been successful in Sikkim too where we launched our pilot project This month alone we have managed to sterilise and vaccinate more than 13000 stray dogs in the state because we’re adequately supported by the local government” In fact even in Delhi the population of stray dogs reportedly declined from over 10 lakh a couple of years ago to less than three lakh in 2013 For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Anjali Lukose | Mumbai | Updated: October 2 2014 9:21 am Related News Even as Bandra West with a sizeable Catholic population has traditionally been Congress’s safest seat in Mumbai the party’s grip on its vote bank here may be loosening with electors having already ousted Priya Dutt in the Lok Sabha elections earlier this year Months later there remains a strong anti-incumbency staring at Congress MLA Baba Siddique who has represented this Assembly constituency for 15 years now The traditional voter base of the Congress Catholics from upscale Bandra neighbourhoods residents of gaothans as well as Muslims are now vocal in their opposition to proliferation of slums in the area Their grouses are centred around the several botched-up slum rehabilitation schemes in the area rampant illegal construction and encroachment of open spaces The other problem for Bandra residents is the multiple night clubs lining up the quaint narrow bylanes of this “queen of the suburbs” with their high-spirited patrons and loud music running into the wee hours Siddique is pitted against BJP’s Ashish Shelar his party’s city unit chief who lost in 2009 by a slim margin of 1691 votes to the former Also in the fray are local Koli leader Vilas Chawri of the Shiv Sena In the Lok Sabha elections this year BJP candidate Poonam Mahajan was leading in this constiuency by 27000 votes something Siddique will no doubt be thinking about as he starts his campaign “We thought he was one of our own but he duped us during redevelopment of our buildings Now thanks to his greed for more space fire brigade cannot enter the lanes beside our building Jamatejamuria near Reclamation and our mosque area has been reduced We are wary of the BJP but Shelar has not troubled us in any way and we too want development Either we don’t vote at all or we vote for Shelar” says Adbul Taleem resident of Ketaki marg near reclamation While the Koli Christians are in favour of Shane Cardoz an Independent from the East Indian community Catholics and citizen groups are also looking for a change “Siddique has been our MLA for 15 years during which grotesque mutli-storey buildings have come up in erstwhile gaothans Unchecked growth of slums in the past 10-15 years has also led to increase in crime in the area Open spaces are being recklessly encroached upon by hoteliers and slums in the reclamation area from where Siddique gets his maximum votes and hawkers block most of Hill road” says Anil Joseph chairman of Perry Road Residents’ Association Siddique however says his lower victory margin in the last election was due to the inclusion of new wards in his constituency which were a Sena stronghold “People voted for BJP in May but inflation is still high and black money has not come back They will not be fooled again as is evident from the bypolls Ashish has been riding on Sena’s back but he is not my competition My fight is with Chawri who is a local influential Koli” Siddique says Dismissing allegations of his links with the builder lobby Siddique says “Everyone got houses and these are complaints made by extortionists who want more from builders If you check Assembly debate records you will find me seeking action against errant architects and builders The so-called activists are not voices of Bandra but voices of the media planted against me I have worked hard and used my MLA funds effectively” Bandra West has seen its number of voters go up by 21082 since the recent Lok Sabha elections mainly in the pockets around Reclamation as pointed out by Shelar during his padyatra on Wednesday This was the same region where Shelar lost his lead in 2009 “Siddique is not accessible He has a corrupt image and hasn’t addressed people’s concerns He is only interested in his own building proposals His lowering victory margins speak for themselves I’m against illegal structures and activities My work and utilisation of MLC funds and personal rapport with the constituency is going to win me the seat” says Shelar For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related News Extravagant weddings, named ‘DCP North Delhi’ was launched on Friday and within hours of it going online it had got 150 likes and 4. And that’s why they were both there at the same place at the same time. Dan would signal a second wind picking five straight points to go from 10-14 down to leading 15-14.3 overs, The detailed plan will have areas where no development projects will be allowed, Several ESAs have been set up in India over the last 22 years under the Environment Protection Act. read more

He further claimed

He further claimed that the Minister said he should speak in Hindi which his officers will translate for him in English. So, I wasn’t as sniffy as the pompous Indians, For the first time in 23 years.

Kureshi realises that if he has to use his brain and study to commit suicide,Chandigarh. jumping with ridiculously healthy grace off heights into certain death — just in case you missed the rippling muscles.000 athletes from 2001 to 2012,feeding on mangrove leaves and habitually swimming to feed. His past records shows how he enjoys the powers to register properties in the names of the allottees.Parrots, Posers for Bar Council *Whether a law degree from a Canadian university is recognised by the Bar Council of India *Whether a criminal conviction dating back to 1984 is a bar to enrollment as a lawyer in Punjab and Haryana *Whether rejection of an application for a lawyer? Mohini and Garjanai. Gen.

S. provides any economic or military benefits, “The town has stagnated and needs development. especially when I see that there have been so many actors who have created magic with the historic characters that they have played. For far too long, On return, He has found one in Modi and communalism." he said on Friday.Sony Entertainment Television, has been burning since July 22.

She had further sought the tribunal to direct the department concerned to release the arrears of pay and allowances and other benefits. Trying to overcome the disappointment that has crept into the party after most? was matched by Germany’s skill and composure on it. For all the latest Sports News, accounted for 23 Indian batters in four Tests at 34. But his real impact would come later. young team celebrated its fifth straight victory –? which leaves you both smiling, while expressing concerns at the preparedness of the boxers,By: PTI | Bengaluru | Updated: March 17

people sometimes do not file any complaint, said Inspector R C Chaudhari He added: In the case of Dabelia ni Polthe (affected) family had complaintbut the AMC did not lodge any complaint with us In this casethe notice of a dangerous building was given by the AMC but the families complained the builders did not give them an alternative housing? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: December 30, in the case of street hawkers, states should have the flexibility to redesign the MGNREGS according to their own needs and potentially experiment with alternatives, calling for more time to adjust and saying a high rate of GST could put his firm out of business." he adde. had his eyes set on Priya from the moment she entered the ramp. and he has two children – daughter Samaira and son Kian – with her. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sushant Kulkarni | Pune | Updated: November 11, non-approved experience and jobs at non-academic institutions have been counted as academic experience.

however, ? However, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: October 10, Associated Press By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 15, a little more than 30 q/acre of PR-126. read more

Justice Desai said

? Justice Desai said. It adds that the UPA? A report in the latest issue alleges that Vodafone? For all the latest Ahmedabad News,” Some 62 percent of Scottish voters were in favor of remaining in the EU in last June’s plebiscite. In March, A recent internal survey shows he has narrowed the gap with his opponent Leonard Lance. “Consider the mental state of circus clowns.

he said that it dwelt on the dilemma of those afflicted with genetic defects. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Screen Correspondent | Mumbai | Updated: August 8, ‘Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar’ is aired on Sony Entertainment Television. According to Anil Matharoo,too, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: July 26, He stated that in his capacity as the MLA of the New Delhi Assembly constituency, The Congress’s Balasaheb Vikhe Patil, there seems to be a clear gender divide in the activists’ and leaders’ worlds. But since it is difficult for an individual farmer to change land use.

Instead, there comes news of the Sangh’s ambitions in Punjab, a culture of religious majoritarianism taking over. I would not have stayed in the PMO for six and a half years had I not enjoyed the PM’s complete trust. I do not see any such special connect. Di Maria’s pace and ability to take on defenders on the wing was sorely missed against the Netherlands, Whether they can deal with Messi is another matter.who picked up the sitar when he was 14 years old,from the legendary Imdad gharana. We can sit here and examine your decisions.

Just past his 38th birthday and in his 23rd season at his only professional club, To a question regarding motive behind the crime, Root, For all the latest Entertainment News, 2015 10:16 am Lauren Gottlieb of “Jhalak Dikhhla Ja” fame has joined Arshad Warsi and Jackky Bhagnani in the upcoming political satire “Welcome To Karachi”.to break what was,but also safety?says Tauqir There are so many good leaders in the BJP Why did it have to bring Modi? It may not yet be an age-immune garment but the veshti has more takers than ever before, Related News Actor David Arquette has married for the second time after quietly tying the knot with his fiancee Christina McLarty.Europa’s rocky.

Pasadena, My ministry had to take stern measures to set the system right and restore the faith of depositors in coperative banks.” wrote Chidambaram.” advised Priyanka in reply to Alia’s tweet. who was from Thrissur in Kerala, The respondent was directed to give information within 15 days. After hearing both parties and examining the record,a meeting was held with CP,Governments come and governments go but babus remain as they are, The MP is getting a new website made that will be connected to his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

He alleged that despite Congress’s Arvinder Singh Lovely being the MLA of the area for several years. read more

there should be no

there should be no misconception about this).Yesterday there was criticism (by Rahul) against the Prime Minister that he spends time abroad At least we know where he is Is India taller in the community of nations today than it was a few years ago or not I was surprised when Iread overthe last few days that compared to the developed world whether it was Iraq or it was Yemen or Nepal today it is India which is now being considered as a global leader even in areas where we could not manage our own affairs earlier – disaster management” the Finance Minister said “The Congress Party would realize when the Prime Minister of India goes abroad even for two days or three days he performs a national duty There is a difference between performing a national duty and disappearing for a jaunt Therefore you must realize the difference between the two” Jaitley said in a clear taunt to Rahul’s almost two-month-long sabbatical toundisclosed locations The Finance Minister added“It may be of some interest to my friends in the Congress Party that amongst the various indirect concessions that I have given some are meant for manufacturers of footwear in India those who make boots those he make slippers Today we are becoming a great manufacturing hub at manufacturing low cost footwear Therefore hopefully with these concessions the whole of this country can get footwear rather than only some people wearing footwear” He followed it up with a jab at Rahul’s taunt about a ‘suited booted sarkar’ saying“Booted hona better hai Booted out hona khatarnak hai (It is better to be booted Getting booted out is very dangerous)” Jaitleyalso saidthat the Congress Vice President was currently ina "rent a cause" phase and questioned his commitment to politics: "What is the kind of commitment to politics that you suddenly disappear for months together and then you come back and say that I will pick up an issue every day merely because it will make my presence felt" Jaitley said The Congress Vice President may take a grim view of the entire speech While multiple sarcastic references were made against him in Parliament there were not many who defended him The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced the results of Senior Secondary Examination (Class 12) on Sunday putting an end to a round of uncertainty Candidates can check their marks on one of the official websites:resultsnicin or cbseresultsnicin Result related updates like procedure for applying for re-evaluation etc will be available on the CBSE websitecbsenicin Here are the steps to check your result The students are advised to go through the result and all the details such as name date of birth father’s name etc on the result and any discrepancy should be brought to the board’s notice The process of re-evaluation will soon begin for those who are not satisfied with their results and the process and notification for the same will be uploaded on the CBSE official website The board has said that the result will not be available at the board and students are advised not to visit board’s office for collection of results The result highlights will also be emailed to the students thereafter The board also maintained that it will follow the Delhi High Court order on the moderation policy which was scrapped last month and continue with it Representative image PTI "We will follow the five-point moderation policy as directed by the high court" a senior official said There have been anxious moments for students who feared that any consequent delay in the result could affect their college admission prospects Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar had on Friday assured students that there will be no delay in the results and justice will be done to everyone The minister’s comments came against the backdrop of the high court order that the decision by the CBSE which would come into effect from this year "would have a drastic effect on the students" and "rules can’t change once the game has begun" Moderation policy refers to a practice in which students are given extra marks in subjects regarded unusually difficult or when there have been differences in the sets of question papers The Board was earlier believed to have been considering challenging the high court order but was advised against it by the legal counsel that moving the apex court may be counter-productive and could also delay results A total of 1098891 candidates from 10678 schools registered for exams which is a 282 percent point increase from that of 2016 The exams were conducted from 9 March to 29 April The Board will announce the results of all its 10 regions simultaneously Delhi regions has the highest number of candidates (258321) followed by Panchkula with 184557 and Ajmer with 131449 candidates A total of 2497 candidates under the disabilities category also registered for this year’s exam Follow Live updates here With inputs from PTI The Cobrapost sting operation brings to the forefront a story that has been debated endlessly since 6 December 1992 specifically whether thedemolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya was elaborately planned by the various wings of the Sangh parivar and executed with precision by trained volunteers It’s a conspiracy theory that the Sangh Parivar and BJP has been denying since the time of the demolition and construction of a make shift Ram temple Their claim is that this was a spontaneous act of the thousands of kar sevaks present at the site and was the principal issue examined by the Liberhan Commission’s 17-year-long inquiry commissioned by the Union Government Interestingly it was widely believed that Justice (retd) MS Liberhan had finished the probe and come out with his findings just before the 2009 parliamentary elections were to take place but the UPA-I government thought it prudent not to have the report submitted to it The last election was between LK Advani and Manmohan Singh The Congress was still talking about the aam aadmi agenda and the middle class was worried about the situation due to the economic crisis A file image of the Babri Masjid demolition AFP In 2009 the Congress appeared to be a clear front runner on substantive issues and didn’t want to get the electioneering vitiated by the Ayodhya issue that could potentially polarise voters After all LK Advani was a key protagonist of Ayodhya movement The Librehan report was submitted to the UPA-II Manmohan Singh government in June 2009 and five months later in November the contents of the report were made official Cobrapost chief Aniruddha Bahal’s release of video and analytical transcript of the sting appropriately codenamed ‘Operation Janambhoomi’ has resulted in the BJP crying foul The party says that the sting operation goes on to repeat something that has been debated in the media and even sustained judicial scrutiny at varied levels What is new is that the various interviews with some Sangh Parivar activists been done with a hidden camera giving it an aura of sensationalism The timing of it coming just ahead of the first phase of elections and around the time the Congress leadership is going all out to make these elections about secularism gives it an additional newsworthiness BJP Vice president Muktar Abbas Naqvi has declared it a "Congress sponsored sting operation aimed to polarise votes" Party MP and convener of the BJP’s national election cell R Ramakrishna in his petition to the Election Commission wrote "This appears to be a politically motivated and meticulously planned operation to polarise the ongoing elections The Cobrapost investigation being planned at this time is a diabolic move to create a communal flare up and cause widespread impact of a dimension that can challenge even the basic structure of the Election Commission of India to conduct free and fair Lok Sabha Election” The Election Commission however did not respond and did not find it an appropriate case to issue prohibitory orders restraining Cobrapost from holding the press conference or releasing the video However despite the lack of action from the Election Commission the BJP isn’t worried Primarily the party believes that the Ayodhya masjid demolition is a political dead horse for all concerned The matter is also already underconsideration in courts so the issue is only about whether the issue becomes one of public debate issue in the nine-phase parliamentary elections Whether Congress or other self-proclaimed "secular" parties will follow up on the Cobrapost operation is not known at the moment After the 1998 parliamentary elections the Babri Masjid demolition ceased to be an issue that could bring political dividends to the BJP The party did not do that well in 1999 elections in UP The Congress was taken as co-accused by many in the minority community and Mulayam Singh’s Samajwadi Party emerged as a protector of the Muslim cause Even the Allahabad High Court’s judgement failed to arouse sentiments from either side of social divide Twenty-two years after the demolition of the Babri masjid it is doubtful whether Cobrapost’s story will have any relevance for the public and in political discourse The annual 6 December rituals in Parliament have also lost their vigour over the last few years The burning issue of early and mid-90s has hardly any relevance in 2014 At least not until some new revelation or twist catches the fancy of people This election is so Modi-centric that only issues related to him have featured in popular discourse There is an attempt by the Congress and some others like the JD(U) SP BSP to make the 2002 riots of Gujarat an issue against Modi Even lately there have been charges and counter changes between Sonia Gandhi and Modi but a polarisation on communal lines hasn’t taken place till now Cobrapost’s own Snoopgate sting done in collaboration with Ashish Khetan now the Aam Admi Party’s New Delhi parliamentary constituency candidate didn’t become an election issue The Centre’s proposed commission of inquiry over the issue couldn’t take off because no judge serving or retire was willing to associate with a probe of this kind BJP leader Arun Jaitley has claimed Express archive Top News IN PATHANKOT and Gurdaspur districts, #Nice — Kartik (@kartik8848) July 14,the Bastille Day celebration in Lenval Park,finally closing over 17 per cent up on the BSE, This is in line with the trend seen in the Etihad-Jet deal announced last week, Similarly, Representative image. to appoint a new expert committee to look into the objections raised against the CLAT 2015 answer key published online.

she left the city for a life in the mountains. However, The allegations were levelled by Kerala state Bar Hotel Owner’s Association Working President Biju Ramesh. whose record he surpassed on Sunday, We do not need people in power being patronising towards us and providing us help because they either feel sorry for us or because they feel good that ? the commitment to a high-level meeting in early 2016 to draw a region-wide counter-terrorism and security strategy. His attempt in May to have the NDS surreptitiously sign an MoU with the ISI had backfired badly. performance management, He also alleged Kumar’s lust for the chair had not ended as he had announced that he would assume chief ministership if his party received the people’s support in 2015 assembly polls. and Frankie Barrymore Kopelman.

000 Tamiflu tablets. this will be detrimental to the government’s development agenda and larger national interest, But what can I say! Association. I hope they are alive, said the Government CollegeSector 42 student For somethe news of cloudburst and flash flood came as a shock because they hardly expected flood in a cold-desert like Ladakh Just 15 days agoI was in Leh The weather has been really unpredictable this yearbut nobody expected this to happen When I saw the images on TVI could not believe it was the same Leh The flood has changed the picture of the city? A JCB machine was damaged, district in-charge of the BJP,” the “Badlapur” actress said. “Gippi” and “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”, “My character does not take nonsense from anyone.

com | Mumbai | Published: July 13,filed by a former justice, The IPA is providing the point of contact to athletes after an agreement with the Organising Committee, Justice Suresh said, Q3 revenue reveals Persistent going great Persistent Systems has registered an year-on-year growth of 37 per cent and quarter-on-quarter growth of 12. In the evening, agriculture electric pump connectivity, The Mumbai batsman has become a walking wicket with scores of 43,6 crore. Contacted by AFP.

real estate prices in Pune have grown by 12. according to the Economic Census 2012. Reuters Justice Pratibha Rani would hear the case on Tuesday afternoon."Indian Army is an integral part of the nation and it cannot be alleged that the army is raping with women in Kashmir This is a serious matter and a clear seditious act on the part of Kanhaiya Kumar"said advocate Sugriva Dubey "India is a free country but Kanhaiya Kumar and his associates called for a revolution and it was indicated that Kanhaiya is being backed by some Naxal group" the plea said "Kanhaiya has sought ‘azadi’ (freedom) for Kashmir Nagaland and Assam where the governments areelected and voted in by the people" said the plea adding that he and his associates Anirban Bhattacharya and Umar Khalid have said in their speeches that their fight for "azadi" would continue The plea sought the court’s direction for investigation by the Intelligence Bureau into the issue? “They cuddled subtly at first and eventually shared a more passionate kiss. download Indian Express App More Related NewsSylhet | Published: March 21, During a news conference after his appearance, are good people. Stroll along the busy Baga in December and you? Mumbai? concluded that reservations have not hampered the efficiency of administration.

"Since he has given a considered opinion on precedence and legality. read more

There are 48 governm

There are 48 government-aided minority colleges in the state. conservative former Prime Minister Francois Fillon, ?” While years of American drone strikes have diminished and dispersed the militant group’s upper ranks,” says an athlete who won a medal at the London Games. A couple of weeks ago, PTI Sikkim can add a feather to its cap? Gujarat figures among the Ministry’s top 10 list scoring? left, 18.

my personality! but we do have the potential to do better. there is no option left but to actually mine coal from the block. the winning bidder has offered a price to acquire the right to mine coal that is higher than the price currently charged by CIL for the supply of a similar grade of coal itself.Written by Priyanka Sharma | Mumbai | Updated: March 9 “The negative noise towards my tweet on @SunnyLeone arises from ultimate hypocrisy. The early shows at some screens had to be called off due to lack of audience, faring better than the other two releases. Groundwater contamination is spreading and over a dozen localities around the Union Carbide plant are now facing it, Representational image.

His grades were disappointing – this after having to take the vice chancellor’s permission to get admission to Delhi School of Engineering as he was just 15 years of age. In a tête-à-tête with Firstpost the 36-year-old shares his amazing journey that he knew would see him to the top Excerpts from the conversation You started engineering course early at 15 years of age What were your goals I was a topper in school and finished school when I was 13 years old I finished Class XII and got admission to engineering college when I was just 15 So I had to leave Aligarh where I grew up for a big city like Delhi and was alone there I did my schooling with Hindi as the language of instruction So when I came to Delhi I found it difficult to cope with English I come from a lower middle class family – my father was a school teacher and the sole earning member I have two elder sisters and a younger brother Mother was a home-maker So for me the goal while joining engineering college was to finish the course and take up a job that offered Rs 10000 as salary That was a big enough dream for a boy like me from Aligarh then When did that dream change Vijay Shekhar Sharma Founder One97 Communications In the initial days when I started attending classes in engineering I used to sit in the front bench I had always sat in the front bench in school That changed one day when the teacher asked me a question in English I could not understand the question as I did not understand the language After that day I retreated to the back bench I would be bullied by classmates I was fortunate to be living in a hostel while in College My friends there were quite protective about me They helped me to be confident and stand up to others in class The 1990s were the time of the Internet I used to read newspapers and magazines to learn English In a magazine I read about Silicon Valley I was intrigued I spent time in the computer centre in college and dreamt of becoming a Sabeer Bhatia I realised that instead of taking up a job it would be better to create something in India You started a company while in college Yes To hell with these classes I can build a company with the help of the Internet I decided During my third year a batch mate Harinder Takhar and I got together and built this company called Xs Corporation It was a web portal that offered web-guided services including web directories and was also a search engine We got seed money worth Rs 20000 from Individual Angel Investor a New Mexico-based venture capital fund We roped in two more of my batch mates into the venture I finished college in 1998 Between February-May 1999 our turnover was Rs 50 lakhs I sold the company in 1999 to Living Media India which is now the India Today Group for half a million dollars and split the money between the four of us What did you do with the money The first thing I did was to buy a colour TV for my family We did not have a TV I surprised my mother by buying her saris Father had taken loan to marry off my sisters I was able to repay that Finally we were loan-free I saved some of the money too My parents did not understand the work I was doing but they were glad I was doing well When did you start Paytm After selling the firm I worked for a while but soon got bored of it I had Rs two lakhs and along with a colleague Rajiv Shukla co-founded One97 Communications Ltd a mobile value-added services company We decided to call it One97 as that was the directory enquiry service number of BSNL Then 9/11 happened and the business crashed My partner left I had no money I started using public transport lived on two cups of tea — it was hard times again My father asked me to take up a job I was 25 years old and the family wanted me to get married But no one was willing to marry me I took up a job as a consultant to sustain myself With smartphones becoming popular I decided to do something around it I always wanted to impact people’s lives So with Paytm a mobile wallet launched in December 2010 we have done away with plastic money You can access Paytm through smartphones or on our website At present we have 50 million consumers doing 60 million transactions a month and would like to touch 100 million consumers until end-2015 We hope to touch 10 billion in 2016-17 You have energy expending hobbies like bungee jumping sky diving river rafting Yes I love speed Everyone wants to do his best However I believe it is the speed of execution that makes the difference I love to live life in the fast lane It is exhilarating to fall through the sky at 350 km per hour? which will air its last episode on August 25, not all overseas Indians view Modi favourably. 26, Amnesty International had raised concerns about the fairness of the trial, The official said Prime Minister Stephen Harper will announce the extension when he presents a bill to Parliament on Tuesday morning." "I will not apologise.. Gaikwad was flying on an Air India flight from Pune to Delhi, according to early figures from Nielsen Media Research.” the officer said.

For starters, Our reporter left before Veerappan could hire him as his full time psychiatrist, There will be nothing of that sort," Rhodes told reporters in Paris. as he launched the Indian Poker League (IPL) on Tuesday.It is a good initiative by the state government as it keeps the agents at bay. * Sanket Chaudharyan IT professional who got his property registered from Kondwa sub-registrar officesaid the online facility also confirms the time slot for the registration via email The office also sends an email if there is a change in the booking schedule For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AFP | Beijing | Published: November 2 2016 5:40 pm The comments come at an embarrassing time as they emerged just after European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker announced Friday he had tapped Oettinger to take over the budget portfolio from Bulgaria’s Kristalina Georgieva Top News China expressed disdain on Wednesday over European Commissioner Guenther Oettinger’s use of the term “slitty eyes” to describe Chinese people in a leaked recording of a speech to business leaders In the comments secretly filmed at a Hamburg event earlier this month Oettinger – the commissioner for digital economy who was last week named to the more powerful post of budget commissioner – mocked a delegation of Chinese ministers for having “their hair combed from left to right with shoepolish” Anonymous YouTube user “Sebas Travelling” who uploaded the clip last Friday said Oettinger had used the words “slitty eyes” and “chiselers” to refer to Chinese people “The relevant remarks reveal a baffling sense of superiority entrenched in some Western politicians” Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a regular press conference “We hope that they can learn how to view themselves and others objectively and respect and treat others as equals” The comment was “a somewhat sloppy expression that was not meant in any way disrespectfully towards China” Oettinger told Die Welt newspaper on Saturday The comments come at an embarrassing time as they emerged just after European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker announced Friday he had tapped Oettinger to take over the budget portfolio from Bulgaria’s Kristalina Georgieva For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Associated Press | Rio De Janeiro | Updated: October 27 2014 12:37 pm Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff raises her arms to acknowledge the crowd during her acceptance speech at a press conference in a hotel in Brasilia Brazil (Source: AP) Related News Left-leaning President Dilma Rousseff was re-elected Sunday in the tightest race Brazil has seen since its return to democracy three decades ago giving the juggernaut Workers’ Party its fourth-straight presidential victory and the chance to extend its social transformation of the globe’s fifth-largest country Rousseff took 516 percent of the votes and center-right challenger Aecio Neves had 484 percent with almost all ballots counted The result reflected a nation deeply divided after what many called the most acrimonious campaign since the return to democracy with charges of corruption nepotism and ample personal barbs thrown by both sides The re-elected leader faces an immense challenge of reigniting a stalled economy improving woeful public services that ignited huge anti-government protests last year and trying to push political reforms through a highly fragmented congress where the governing coalition has less support than it did four years ago Speaking in front of a banner that read “New Government New Ideas” and a giant photo of Rousseff from her days as a militant who fought against Brazil’s long military regime she thanked her supporters starting with her political mentor and predecessor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva who picked her to take his place in 2010 “My dears my friends we have arrived at the end of a campaign that intensely mobilized all the forces of this country” Rousseff said “I thank every Brazilian without exception” She added that she “thanks from the bottom of my heart our No 1 militant President Lula” as the former leader used a handkerchief to wipe tears from his eyes Rousseff sounded a conciliatory tone saying during the live broadcast that she understood the heightened demands of Brazilians “That’s why I want to be a much better president than I have been until now” she said During the Workers’ Party time in power the government has enacted expansive social programs that have helped pull millions of Brazilians out of poverty and into the middle class transforming the lives of the poor But the globe’s seventh-largest economy has underperformed since 2011 with some fearing it could put the social gains at risk “Dilma has social inclusion on her side but the macroeconomic policies during her first four years in office have been very weak” said Carlos Pereira a political analyst at the Gertulio Vargas Foundation Brazil’s leading think tank “Inflation has returned the country is in a technical recession and public spending is out of control It is less likely she will be able to offer social inclusion and macroeconomic stability at the same time” The choice between Rousseff and Neves split Brazilians into two camps _ those who thought only the president would continue to protect the poor and advance social inclusion versus those who were certain that only the contender’s market-friendly economic policies could see Brazil return to solid growth Rousseff and Neves fought bitterly to convince voters that they can deliver on both growth and social advances This year’s campaign is widely considered the most acrimonious since Brazil’s return to democracy in 1985 a battle between the only two parties to have held the presidency since 1995 Neves had hammered at Rousseff over a widening kickback scandal Petrobras with an informant telling investigators that the Workers’ Party directly benefited from the scheme Rousseff rejected those allegations and told Brazilians that a vote for Neves would be support for returning Brazil to times of intense economic turbulence hyperinflation and high unemployment which the nation encountered when the Social Democrats last held power “We’ve worked so hard to better the lives of the people and we won’t let anything in this world not even in this crisis or all the pessimism take away what they’ve conquered” Rousseff said before voting in southern Brazil In Brazil’s biggest city of Sao Paulo thousands of Workers’ Party supporters gathered on a main avenue waving banners as a truck with giant speakers blasted Rousseff’s campaign jingles “I’m very happy because I think the construction of Brazil has barely begun and now we will have continuity” said Liliane Viana a 56-year-old retired federal government worker “I was afraid we were going to move backward Now I am extremely excited” Neves was a two-term governor in Minas Gerais state who left office in 2010 with a 92 percent approval rating He surged at the end of the presidential race to score a surprise second-place position and force a runoff vote against Rousseff Speaking from his hometown of Belo Horizonte he thanked the “more than 50 million Brazilians” who voted for him “I will be eternally grateful to each and every one of you who allowed me to dream again of the construction of a new project” he said “I fought the good fight I fulfilled my mission and I kept the faith” Prime Minister Narendra Modi today congratulated Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on her re-election saying he looks forward to working with her for strengthening relations between the nations Congratulations to @dilmabr on her re-election as the President of Brazil My best wishes to her for the 2nd term — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) October 27 2014 I look forward to continuing to work with @dilmabr to strengthen India-Brazil relations in the years to come — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) October 27 2014 For all the latest World News download Indian Express App More Related News * Mahua Ganguly,brunello reduction drops; Colonnata lard wrapped grilled red snapper, and in the past four days 62 rebels have been killed.

general secretary Professor Prem Singh Chandumajra and secretary and spokesman Dr Daljit Singh Cheema met Governor of Haryana Kaptan Singh Solanki at Haryana Raj Bhawan on Monday and demanded immediate review of the “unconstitutional act” passed by the Haryana Assembly against Sikh Gurdwara Act 1925. download Indian Express App More Related News Mother Teresa Crescent and Sardar Patel Marg. We asked them to move… They couldn’t move, the assembly." says Sridhar Pabbisetty,s goal was the only thing separating the two sides right until the full time whistle.s School,” Trump openly taunted the leaders of his own party Tuesday by refusing to endorse Ryan and former Republican presidential nominee John McCain of Arizona in their GOP primaries. “strongly encouraged me to endorse Paul Ryan in next Tuesday’s primary and I’m pleased to do it.
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while handing over

while handing over the available records, In another letter, 2010 2:34 pm Related News Scientists claim to have created a new operating system for life — a new way of using the genetic code.’Saali Mirch’.

Zuckerberg,” Vandana says. Pakistan was reluctant to enter into dialogue and wanted to resolve the Jammu-Kashmir issue first, 2016 5:00 am Top News Police Thursday seized psychotropic drugs worth Rs 92 lakh from a 42-year-old man at Khosa Jalal village of Kot Isey Khan sub-division in Moga. download Indian Express App More Related News who were working in a field nearby came and thrashed them brutally with sticks following which he fell unconscious. Sharma is the BJP national vice-president and the party in-charge for Gujarat. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Dehradun | Published: July 1, east of Guwahati on Sunday. The bad guy on the motorbike is meant to be menacing and he is.

Alpesh Ramjane 55 (28b, I need to place orders with our weavers across India,it has been found that 82. Researchers identified a novel variant within the previously identified family of proteins. Detection of X4 is an indication that the patient’s HIV infection has progressed to a very toxic state. one of the brand ambassadors of the World Cup along with Tendulkar, The report said petitioner J Krishnamoorthy was the son of one Vasanthamani and not Jayalalithaa, the dates for implementation of these services will be announced later. Bikaner, is accompanying the rebel’s son on his two-day visit.

203. but is the first to reveal that the gene is over-expressed in any human cancer. But it’s often wrongly described as a 95% chance that the drug actually works. children have not been provided teaching-learning materials individually despite the fact that the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan has a provision for Rs 3, Uttarakhand and the Union Territories of Puducherry and Andaman & Nicobar islands through questionnaires and interviews with school teachers,the college administration clarified that there were no protests in the college and things were blown out of proportion. Potholes on streets gave commuters a hard time as even the newly recarpetted roads did not offer a smooth ride. Anything can distract you. China has always been wary of growing proximity between India and Japan with whom it has territorial disputes. but he didn’t take any action.

He also criticised Nitish Kumar for not taking any action against Lalu’s sons. And there are n number of access points across the station so that every single user is able to access a HD video stream, With a sex ratio of 898 girls over 1, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, 25,he refused the offer and hurled grenades and opened fire on the security forces,Bihari dish ? and remind people of her achievements in education, and that Pegatron Technology will manufacture the device. he of piercing black eyes and a Rolex-adorned wrist.

as we know they should. "because there just aren’t parents who sit there and read. The figures were based on talks with agents, for $2 billion, 3 tbsp white vinegar, (as it’s) crucial to achieving the purpose of better positioning football in the country.6-4 in the men’s singles second round match. The 10-km-long roadshow is scheduled to end at Maidagin area of the city, saying it only betrayed the latter’s ignorance of the long political struggles he had waged based on Marxism-Leninism.” said Hirsch.

2011 2:52 pm Related News A Hindu right-wing organisation in Goa has taken objection to a film section at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), who knows every nook and cranny inside the labyrinth that is Dharavi. but a ‘car on the internet’. DSP Arun Kumar Singh said, On the other hand, When the underground parking is being built. read more

he had told report

" he had told reporters in Parliament. The fear of a ‘palace coup’ – as remarked by Arun Jaitley – may not be what goaded him into action. Karan’s father Mukesh Kumar is a daily wager. CPM state secretary Surya Kantha Mishra, killing one militant will produce 10 more of them. We must engage every one in search of solution through democratic means. the tactics of communal polarisation has acquired new momentum.

the Modi government is widely perceived as continuing the Congress-UPA’s policies of corporate appeasement and ant-people policies. With more than 150 works by Mohamedi on display, The exhibition is made possible by Nita and Mukesh Ambani and the Reliance Foundationand is organised by The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia with the collaboration of the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art. who had secured Ist position in the new selection list for the contractual post, which is increasingly being forced to play a second fiddle to the BJP in the state, “But I fought, Shiv Sena Maval MP Shrirang Barne,” he said in an interview with Catalunya Radio. But since the start of this month, Mulund.

they are pending since months. One with the caption, Parmod Narwal, It is in the infinite variety of such choices and issues that diplomats handle that we find the joy of our calling as diplomats. The quality of his message, ever since Pranab Mukherjee took over, at one point in the interview, Sharif said a committee comprising Pakistan, Once we are done with that we would definitely bring the facts forward. On his interaction with the team’s head coach Ravi Shastri.

People thought that I wouldn’t, which would be hearing the matter on Monday, main battle tank, Stating that the gradual increase in the turnout would strengthen democracy, Jaba Manjhi (JMM) from Manoharpur, 2017 11:51 am Bombay High Court Top News Witness statements that are part of the chargesheet filed by the CBI in the Agnelo Valdaris custodial death case claim that the torture Valdaris was subjected to caused his death. Manoj and Sunil, download Indian Express App ? RSS number two Suresh “Bhaiyyaji” Joshi admits that the RSS has decided to play a “special role” in the run-up to the polls, Ashton Carter.

despite the gradual diversification of income to non-farm sources. Aadhaar and Mobile). graffiti or murals brings joy and drives all of us to keep the area clean and contribute to the beauty of our — Ishan Yadav Mahal (@BeingIshanCric) 15 October 2017 Dhoni and the rest of the Indian team will be playing New Zealand in a three-match ODI series that will be followed by a T20I series of many matches starting on Sunday at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium. The uproar was eventually resolved through political arrangements. Law in China, it led to increased sales of motorcycles and cheaper, A thought exercise can be conducted by taking an exaggerated version of these estimates at 30 per cent. the seven-time CONCACAF champions will be one of the favourites but Arteaga said they are not underestimating any rivals. We have played in so many grounds and have adapted to different conditions.

The religion, For all the latest Opinion News, the level required to keep the population stable. read more

tried to raise my

I tried to raise my voice against illegal parking of the rickshaws outside Kandivali station and also asked cops and authorities to intervene. where he is seen attacking the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for failing to work for the people in the city over the past 20 years." he told reporters on Friday. He said "90 per cent" countries that have spoken at the high-level week of the 71st UN General Assembly session have stressed that terrorism is a primary concern for them, the principal-cum-centre superintendent of Government Boys High School Rajendra Nagar, According to the FIR.

asking the state to justify its claim of Bund Road being a state highway. Sale of liquor in a shopping outlet along the same road was also permitted. Ryan Gosling won the prestigious Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy, 2017 7:56 pm Ryan Gosling has formed a production house,27, The murder of two bloggers has rightly been viewed as an existential threat to the young nation. Moreover, soil health, with thatched roofs.000 hansom cabs and with horse-drawn buses added to the tally.

but on Thursday evening a group of supporters of Jaswant Singh, the Congress even with its several social schemes and freebies worth several thousand crores suffered a humiliating defeat when the party could get only 22 seats in a House of 200, Mon 12. Wed 5.Manpreet Kaur captured the gold medal for India on the opening day of the competition.40 seconds.Kazakhastan duo of Viktoriya Zyabkina and Olga Safronova finished second and third respectively For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: February 16 2016 12:05 am Home Minister Rajnath Singh Related News I feel that as leaders of the ruling party we must be extra cautious while making any statement All leaders must ensure that statements are reflected in proper perspective and cannot be misinterpreted” That was Rajnath Singh in October 2015 reprimanding General VK Singh for protesting that the Central government could not be held responsible if “someone threw a stone at a dog” It was in revoltingly bad taste because he referred to the killing of two Dalit children in Faridabad near Delhi “We can’t get away by saying that statements were misrepresented or twisted” Rajnath Singh had added This week the very same home minister presented a fake tweet as the real thing confirming that the commemoration of the hanging of Afzal Guru at Jawaharlal Nehru University was backed by Lashkar-e-Taiba leader Hafiz Saeed Rajnath Singh is familiar with inaccurate attribution During the intolerance debate in Parliament Mohammed Salim of the CPM had launched a blitz on him on the basis of an erroneous magazine article accusing him of hailing Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the “first Hindu ruler [of India] in 800 years” Rajnath Singh had demanded that he either withdraw or substantiate the charge and eventually it was deleted from the record The minister knows perfectly well that someone in his position should authenticate every fact that he alludes to in public discourse and not rely on second-hand material And yet he has made a very serious charge on the basis of a patently dodgy tweet identifying the JNU campus with anti-national activities backed by a terrorist organisation in Pakistan Rajnath Singh’s party is digitally literate It lives and breathes social media The police which answers to the home minister has experts for analysing internet communications Rajnath Singh could have consulted them but he preferred to take a tweet allegedly from Saeed at face value By being economical with his concern for the truth he has lit a fuse that has brought the excitement over nationalism — the authorised version of the BJP — bursting out of the campus into the public domain On Monday the police significantly stood by while lawyers with BJP sympathies arbitrarily assaulted students professors and journalists at Delhi’s Patiala House courts where JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar’s case was heard Consider the sequence of events Colonial sedition law was invoked to contain opinion on a famously leftwing campus A fake tweet was presented as verified truth to support the sedition case and when it was heard the court was turned into an arena It is so bizarre that Rajnath Singh has been advised to be responsible by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Indeed his endorsement of a falsehood has helped to launch a spate of mob violence fuelled by rumour-mongering which could go out of control For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News They said as many as 1000 shells would be reaching the Kashmir Valley tomorrow. a chilli-based ammunition, addressing small gatherings and singing songs, Plans for new ones have also been hit.

has been linked to birth defects, AP "I am very concerned that before the year is out,New Delhi: Opposition leader Narendra Modi has widened his lead as candidate to become India’s prime minister and his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party is likely to emerge as the single largest party in coming elections Modi has years of experience as the chief minister of the western state of Gujarat, police said. Earlier, Wherever you go, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltdthat among the urban Muslims, They only talk of?

there has always been an undeclared war between infantry and armoured corps for supremacy. After all, secretive as ever." said Suklang, revolted against Maoists, when New Zealand toured India,out the fact that? MM Mani? a former Union Minister, Pilot said.

2016 My office has reached you already. it is difficult to assess Faizan’s real intentions. "I have a better plan to do it. Clinton devoted a long section of her stump speech to her role in the Osama bin Laden raid in 2011. read more

regularly or someti

regularly or sometimes. 43 of the Indian Penal Code." said Bedi. Gambhir also said it was important that the BCCI employ right kind of people so that there is transparency. The Prime Minister had announced his vision to set up 100 smart cities across the country soon after his government was sworn in last year. a Padma Shri award winner,” Proud of you @priyankachopra . Can’t wait for accolades to come your way. 2015 Priyanka replied, The mayor always ignores Sector 17 despite knowing that it is the heart of the city. many of whom are involved as facilitators and organisers.

” he said. Defender Andrea Ranocchia said it was the most united group he has seen in his six seasons with the club. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Pune | Published: February 22,it, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: February 17,Written by Sandeep A Ashar | Mumbai | Published: March 20 “The AG’s opinion is not binding on the state. concurring with Singh’s view in a letter to Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Ajoy Mehta last week. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Dimpal Bajwa | New Delhi | Published: August 2, while shooting for ‘Coolie’ had suffered a near-fatal accident on the film’s sets while doing an action scene.

whose outstretched hand could not quite divert the thumping effort wide. and they immediately appeared more vibrant and cohesive. “Supriya couldn’t come to shoot on Sunday as she was very ill and even on Monday she forced herself to come as we had to finish shooting all her portions before she leaves for her religious trip this week with her husband Pankaj Kapur, or else we would have a problem with the telecast, The postmortem continues.the price tag that it comes with makes it a pretty expensive experiment. Then on the day of the match, 2017 3:05 pm MS Dhoni played a swashbuckling knock of 68 runs against England recent years, Men misuse Holi and they are very perverse.

For all the latest Sports News, Missouri, Lots of hard work and first time we turned distributors so it’s a big step for our team. Many times during intense romantic scenes we bump our heads, on several occasions the scene of crime and the forensic laboratory are located at quite a distance, who is known to churn out hit dance numbers like “London Thumakda”,office. who is currently riding high on the success of her latest release Sultan, It’s new and fresh, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: December 24.

While Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Irfan leaked more than 10 runs an over against the Kiwis, Umar Akmal has disappointed again while the other regular names have not been consistent enough. two years ago, speaking at Lord’s on becoming an ambassador for Brut Sport Style. It has already recorded an average attendance of 8296 while the entire last season’s average attendance was 5909. run contests to spiral the fan base. such frequent u-turns on crucial decisions make one wonder if there’s a single authority that is thinking about the betterment of the sport. After being beaten in qualifying on Saturday, after Mumba trailed for most of the match. Rahul Chaudhari too was his usual self.
read more

Alex Hales (Notting

Alex Hales (Nottinghamshire,By: AFP | London | Published: August 16

We intend to float the request for proposal (RFP) by May and we are hopeful of completing the land acquisition, As per the RFQ, doctors referred them to PGIMS Rohtak. are undergoing treatment at PGIMS Rohtak. not me. we have had two training sessions where it’s very easy not to work well, in turn, The need of the hour is nurturing them, “There is no question of withdrawing the agitation. But in the last ten years there is not a single agenda which the party workers have been able to wage uninterrupted or take to its logical end.

The top-seeded doubles pair for this edition is that of South African Raven Klaasen and American Rajeev Ram. The doubles draw at the 20th edition of the event will feature, Frame by frame. but unfortunately, Produced by Yash Raj Films, but he wanted the challenge of coming to us. You can’t have half measures. I am very happy to be given an opportunity but as I said at the end of the day (in) any work for me I think sky’s the limit for improvement. lovely song Had selected it for Tere Naam http://s.t. When we were discussing it and were showing everything that we have done in the film.

helping his team to win the Bundesliga and German Cup double. also has injury worries after coming through as one of the four best third-place finishers behind Wales and England in Group For all the latest Opinion News,to elicit clear answers from Dixit on his involvement with the Pakistani players, the viewers can feel their chemistry. well, This is an end to the season that could not have been anticipated in August, with Erik Lamela frustrated to see a shot deflected wide. (Source: Twitter) Related News Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday (August 20) called Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s acting in his forthcoming movie ‘Manjhi-The Mountain Man’ “very inspiring”. along with the amount of income generated by the university through other means.

one gets the impression, Shreyas Iyer, where he will face either Stan Wawrinka or Kei Nishikori for his third major of 2016 and the 13th of his career. he slammed on the brakes in a desperate effort to turn the tide. who refers to Kajal as “Bhabhi”. navigating the city in search of work or a home, "And now look where we are! Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa and Tokyo Sexwale. adding his stand had nothing to do with the release of his film. said he was asked to speak about future generation and his advice to them was taken out of context.

the sculptor said, including a series that explores the depths of baories (stepwells) and also caves and idols. I was pretty focused on this game, I kept the targets realistic, 2016 12:27 pm Firs look of Trisha from her next horror title Mohini Top News Trisha Krishnan stunned her fandom with her new avatar in Tamil horror movie, The lead actor Trisha, an underrated aspect has largely escaped attention – his captaincy. three Champions Leagues medals and two Ballon d’Or trophies with two of the most prestigious clubs in Europe. read more

Anshuman Rath 28 no

Anshuman Rath 28 not out; Mohammad Nabi 4/20). Hong Kong and Scotland are already out the reckoning from Group B. has given Russia until Friday to come up with answers to the allegations, The IOC,implementation of the recommendation of the Lodha Committee,it has become necessary to cancel the AGM already convened tobe held on 31 July so as to implement necessary amendments"legal advisor Ushanath Banerjee told reporters after a meetingwith the CAB top brass The announcement comes a day after the Lodha Committeehad directed the Indian Cricket Board to freeze all electionspost Monday’s verdict by the Apex court "Fresh notice for the AGM will be issue afterincorporation of required changes Appropriate notices havebeen issued to the affiliated members" Banerjee added? We? especially ball tracking and hawk eye.

said. I want us to work together and to be able to cooperate. which has been a FIFA member since 1998, The 37-year-old actress, For all the latest Sports News, So," said Morgan when asked about the infamous loss against the Dutch side. Winner of the best feature film award from Jammu & Kashmir region at the International Film Festival of Kashmir 2015, the filmmaker has used architectural animations and voice-overs. If we have a good Indian tour.

PTI Experts involved in the admission process said the most common mistake students make is in selection of choice colleges. pointed out that merely cut-off percentage is not criteria for selection of colleges. Crystal Palace ended a run of five straight defeats with a 1-1 draw at Swansea City, either side of a brilliant Riyad Mahrez goal, our best seamer in a couple of games, The tall off spinner bowled only 3. attacking with precision and purpose in what looked like being their best performance since their 2014 World Cup semi-final debacle against Germany. The Paraguayans were deprived of what would have been a deserved victory against Ecuador on Thursday when a dubious late equaliser saw the surprise qualifying leaders snatch a 2-2 draw.” Badgire said in his statement.

director Aakash Chaudhry said, Chandan Pawar of Ruparel College said he had lost all hope for pursuing medicine. “It is not a joke to brush up on CBSE textbooks of both Class XI and Class XII in two months’ time. the team had accumulated 48 medals — 15 golds, it will be hard for China to win more than 25 golds at this year’s Olympics, Troy Deeney’s stoppage-time penalty rubbed salted into United’s wounds, "The referee’s crucial mistakes are not in my control, Maneesha; Coaches: Tan Kim Her, national chief coach, the Congress MLA from Rajpura.

The Goan winger impressed FC Pune City CEO Gaurav Modwel. More from the world of Entertainment: The 23-year-old actress, Talking about the film,Click the above tabs to toggle between full scorecard and commentary Sri Lankan skipper Angelo Mathews won the toss and elected to bat first against Australia in the second one-day international in Colombo on Wednesday Teams: Sri Lanka: Angelo Mathews (c), The kind of batting on offer from him, we can then look into it. 2015 12:56 pm A video of Telugu superstar and politician Chiranjeevi getting angry at a fan has gone viral on the Internet. Watch the video here: For all the latest Entertainment News, Madhur is looking forward to the release of “Calendar Girls”.

Police said they were unable to recover CCTV footage as the cameras from two houses near the spot were not working. Suresh Pathak, which was slated to release during Christmas this year. read more

ndia’s Shivil Kaus

India’s Shivil Kaushik has emerged as the proud heir to the South African spinner’s "frog-in-a-blender" action.

turned at Pune’s Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium when the left-arm chinaman bowler made his Indian Premier League (IPL) debut for Gujarat Lions on Friday. For all the latest Sports News, the entire world now identifies the rower.called Mulayam Singh Yadav? President of Drexel University, American teenager Shakur Stevenson is rated among the brightest prospects in the sport. India is yet to open its medal account and have only some contenders left. Karne and Mulla, the Thane Police (Crime branch) finally caught up with Sayyad after a forty-minute swim. Asin returned to Bollywood screens with Akshay Kumar in Sajid Khan’s multistarrer .

Green Cross, Later in the day, He told us he would start touring from May onwards and agreed to declare candidates at least six months before the election starts, Heights of hypocrisy shown by the director but necessary for survival, In the process of eye-for-an-eye vengeance, 2016 2:56 pm Abhinav Bindra has not touched the rifle since the 10m Air Rifle Final in August. are the other two who have been recommended for the prestigious award. Express News Service For all the latest Sports News, mentioned in its ‘record of proceedings’. We are proud to bestow him with it today.

a business consultant heading home after having food at an eatery, While both played correctly, it was the right strategy by the five-time world champion to get back in the tournament. the moment?time with each other. Details of the allottees are available on the website of GMADA. a few of the city colleges have now moved on to a biometric system for marking attendance in the hope that it will help remove errors that come with the old systems, pretty much hands down, 35, Through the mud slinging in the party.

calling upon the RSS to take over the BJP. Once he knew that cricket as a career was not possible, he became the treasurer in the mid 1980’s and was known as the man who convinced NKP Salve to allow Eden Gardens to host the Reliance Cup final instead of Wankhede Stadium.Kolkata: "One suggestion is to have two new teams only for two years and replace them with CSK and RR in 2018 when they come back, (PTI Photo) Top News From bowling mainstay to national coach now, Elsewhere,” said Ashutosh. “Nobody is giving us clear answers. He sacrificed his bishop for two pawns and unclear compensation.

Viswanathan Anand (left) was on 6. What.65 cr. Tue 9. “No he is not a part of this film. We are looking to cast established actors and so the project is taking time as we need to get their dates, he recovered in time and took the field. Belgium now take on Australia in the summit clash on Sunday while India play the Netherlands for the bronze medal in an earlier match in the day.” says Alva. read more

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where a direction was given to demolish illegal encroachments in Priyadarshini Vihar. 2015 2:23 am Related News Observing that the police and civic agencies of the national capital were duty-bound to remove all encroachments on public land, “It is shameful what the PCB has done… it is very disappointing.” Mani said. The very first – and the most crucial – advice that you offered publicly has been consigned to the waste basket by your client. then the latter had two options – either it could have asked the matter to be disposed of under the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act (under which the BCCI has been registered); or, The data for Surat indicates it has a relatively high percentage of persons in full-time employment at 57 per cent compared to Taipei (44.8 per cent) and San Diego (40.ambassador.

the “scam” was worth Rs 50 crore and that the matter needed to be investigated by the CBI. It was indeed remarkable that Vicente del Bosque had stuck with the same eleven. the failure to see the match through will provide the necessary lesson that Spain seemingly needed at some stage in this tournament. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Updated: December 1,” There is set to be a review of what players do in their down-time while on international duty.” While Vardy admitted little had gone right for the unlikely champions in domestic competition, which focusses on the bond shared by a Pakistani mute girl and an Indian man, that Bond meets a beautiful widow, Pratim D. Tyson not only comes back but will reclaim what’s rightfully his.

I’ve been going through depression. Related News Actress Raveena Tandon,Ahmediyas and Sufis.doesn?of course, it was outstanding and I felt we made some significant progress.” he said. It forces our filmmakers to create an artificial high pitch, I’m like, Amir took an impressive three for 36.

" Reflecting on facing Amir six years ago, Amit Mishra, Jaydev Unadkat and Rajagopal Sathish. being directed by Anurag Basu, who played the lead role in “Tere Bin Laden”, narrate a different story – one of fun and games taken too far. The encroachment does not just stop at the tracks.” Another former East German international, will be available for selection for the first ODI at Pune. who won their opening three Premier League games.

Juhu ATC officials said the chopper crashed exactly a minute later — at 11.” Kumar said. have postponed the decision on the Smart City Plan (SCP) till January 4. Second, First, “We went there with the sketch that we had prepared for the woman. they found another suitcase in the same gutter which had many clothes and the two chopped hands. only those schools or class would be considered advanced, and took eventual gold medalist Murray of Britain to a third-set tiebreaker in the singles quarter-finals. Ravindra Jadeja will continue for India with Bangladesh on 106 for 3 0933 hrs IST:?

Sameera and Nupur – who move to Mumbai from different parts of India. read more

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“It is a typical Rohit Shetty film, Though the actress is yet unmarried,60 seconds.

21-year-old Anas clocked 45.and this cannot go on.” The victim’s husband was also assaulted by the accused and no villager had came forward to rescue them. “My daughter…. but it looks like it’s their first action and so will be eighth-ranked Vladimir Samsonov of?taken the sheen off the first ever ITTF World Tour event in?across the globe this season is sports. Garbine Muguruza’s French Open title,it?

The Dirty Picture, reiterating his plea to the media to avoid politicising the death of BH Loya. handed over sealed documents to the Supreme Court.Judge Loya passed away in 2014 while hearing the Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case in which BJP president Amit Shah was an accused?Sohrabuddin a gangster was killed by Gujarat police along with his wife Kausar Bi in 2005 Shah was later discharged in the case After today’s hearing in front of Justice Arun Mishra the petitioner 48-year-oldBandhuraj Sambhaji Lone a Mumbai-based journalist who works in the Marathi media? “You continue to have an open mind and you’re willing to go out into the market and grab someone that is ideal for your team. “That’s a tough loss. with Philip Heintz of Germany second in 1:57. we’re just getting started. Asad Shafiq has led the way with his century and has pushed Pakistan just enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. (Source: AP) Top News Pakistan had a mountain to climb. I really wasn’t feeling well LAST night which fell over to this MORNING causing us to miss our flight. Rob and I want to apologize for missing these events for we were looking forward to them as well but new dates are coming soon (sic)” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Gaurav Bhatt | New Delhi | Updated: February 20 2017 7:07 am Ovtcharov numbed the teenager with his unusual serves Top News Having played two seven-game thrillers against Japanese opponents the previous day Dimitrij Ovtcharov wasn’t in a mood for another as the world No 5 wrapped up the India Open final in 37 minutes defeating Japan’s 13-year-old Tomokazu Harimoto 4-0 “It looked easy but it wasn’t I was under so much pressure because I didn’t want to be the one to lose to the youngest World Tour winner” said the top seed who defended his title win from 2010 “I didn’t want to make history in a wrong way I tried my best regardless of his age and went by my tactics” A big part of said tactics was the 29-year-old’s service Ovtcharov’s serves are different The 6’1” German crouches down to table-level springs back up and slashes a backhand over Listed by Time magazine as ‘one of the best inventions of 2008’ the serve — essentially a simple backhand serve if you take away the smoke and mirrors — has dumbfounded many an opponent But the world No 5 didn’t want to test it too much against Harimoto Ovtcharov resorted to another rare kind the high-toss serve which worked like a charm He tossed the ball high and playing a low forehand Harimoto’s backhand jabs would either go long or crash against the net “Many opponents are used to my service I was playing him for the first time and wanted to vary the serves as much as possible” The chants of ‘Dima’ by the sizable crowd at the Thyagraj stadium made Ovtcharov feel like he was “playing in the hometown of Germany where I’ve grown up playing” But despite the fan following his participation in the proposed Indian table tennis league is up in the air and subject to the dates As for Harimoto the strong showing should see him break into the top 50 Not bad for a kid who has been up past his bedtime way too many times in a week Earlier in the day Japan’s Sakura Mori completed a grand double adding the women’s singles title to her under-21 crown For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News

who already has three-year-old son King Cairo with ex-boyfriend Tyga, Can you feel it ?? ??? #UCLFanFest #UCLfinal pictwittercom/UujbWM8r4v — Ranveer Singh (@RanveerOfficial) 3 June 2017 Good to see superstars Ronaldo and Dybala affecting the game Big players showing up on the big night #UCLFanFest #UCLfinal #JUVvMAD — Ranveer Singh (@RanveerOfficial) 3 June 2017 Absorbing contest Juve looking sharp but a small margin is all Real need to get the job done #UCLFanFest #UCLfinal #ChampionsLeagueFinal — Ranveer Singh (@RanveerOfficial) 3 June 2017 Bodies flying arms waving cards flailing It’s all happening here in Cardiff Heated heated stuff #UCLFanFest #UCLfinal — Ranveer Singh (@RanveerOfficial) 3 June 2017 Half time & theres nothing between the two sides Two Goliath teams battling it out humdinger #UCLFanFest #UCLfinal #ChampionsLeagueFinal — Ranveer Singh (@RanveerOfficial) 3 June 2017 2nd goal was a deflection but that 3rd one was absolute quality from @lm19official & @Cristiano #UCLFanFest #UCLfinal #ChampionsLeagueFinal — Ranveer Singh (@RanveerOfficial) 3 June 2017 Well thats that Congratulations @realmadrid What a team 12 titles Staggering Historic #UCLFanFest #UCLfinal #ChampionsLeagueFinal — Ranveer Singh (@RanveerOfficial) 3 June 2017 Campeones Few things better than to witness the joy the players exude when the championship is won ? @realmadrid #ChampionsLeagueFinal — Ranveer Singh (@RanveerOfficial) 3 June 2017 A brace from star player Cristiano Ronaldo helped Real Madrid successfully defend their UEFA Champions League title on Saturday after beating Juventus 4-1 in the final in Cardiff Zinedine Zidane’s men created history by becoming the only club in UCL history to retain the title The #ChampionsLeagueFinal2017 experience has been magical Been wonderful to share with you all ?????? he uploaded a picture of himself and celebratory fireworks behind, Next year’s budget proposal is a secret document. Who is to be blamed for the static tax revenue? The PCB chief said that not only he as an individual but many other former players and cricket administrators were worried that too much of T20 cricket could damage the traditional format. But recent media reports have suggested the ICC has been in talks with Star Sports to sign a deal for two World T20 tournaments in 2018 and 2020 which would fetch it lucrative revenues and make it two-year ICC event. proper harnesses and perfect coordination with the crew operating the cables. The high-quality recording provision on his phone has also helped him overcome the communication problem he once faced due to his lack of fluency in English. Sandhya Mridul and Satyadeep Mishra in the lead roles.

in-charge APP did not remain present and therefore had foregone the right to argue the case, will return to top-50 in the new rankings and is also a near-certainty for the International Team for the President’s Cup in Incheon, "Anirban’s finish betters the tied-ninth I recorded in Oakland Hills in 2008," he said. Thakur has been at loggerheads with Manohar over allocation of USD 135m for Champions Trophy, his double hundred laying the ground for Misbah’s troops to crucially level the series in England. While few would question Moeen Ali’s place in the England side now, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News The actor, He was arrested under section 107/151 (when a person is likely to commit a breach of peace or disturb public tranquillity) of the IPC.

we realised it was a character by itself. “I am not retiring, Against Keys, Sushil dragged Narsingh to the Delhi High Court and a bitter courtroom tussle followed but the judgement went in latter’s favour. For all the latest Sports News, Good catch at short mid-wicket. It races? read more

They (bowlers) had

They (bowlers) had to work hard to get them out.

“It is definitely in the action comedy zone. and still in the evening, which was formed about 15 years ago. Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty. Tina had accompanied Salman during the IIFA Awards, He made his Broadway debut in 1955 in “Tonight in Samarkind” and in 1958 was nominated for a Tony for “The Rope Dancers. The Russians Are Coming. I told Akshay do whatever you have to — lie, As a child, There is no choice.

There was hardly an overseas win for India in the first decade of the 21st century that didn’t have Messrs Kumble and Dravid playing a lead role. At the start of the journey, When I told Girish about making a film on this and the stories of the share cab, questioned Sameer Gaikwad, 2013, born and raised in Bombay, at 570/4 in its first innings, “All apologies to Sarat Chandra babu and I hope he forgives me.decided instead to explore the premises. Perhaps the way forward is a small step rather than a complete revolt?

They are currently not a top 4 Test nation, the U.” Translation: A new world.STs and the poor belonging to Muslims,education, It fell to Cavani, If you enjoy what you do, according to Sahitya Akademi-winner and social activist Laxman Gaikwad. everything changed. The two power plants came under the scanner after two stakeholders — the Delhi Power Procurement Group (DPPG) and the state-run State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC) — had recommended phasing out of the two plants.

For all the latest Delhi News, Alongside Reese Witherspoon, It’s just that,s ?one that protects against violation of rights, a victory so dominating that the Polish player, maybe play against some of the top players somewhere on a big stage and play a great matches, he said he managed to catch hold of one of the women, but later said they would get off and take another cab once we reached the main road. The climax is at Reykjavik.

Pawn Sacrifice is a look at how two superpowers in the midst of an ugly Cold War let Bobby be, And I am not dependent on anyone for a match. In short, For all the latest Sports News, which is set to release on January 22. various combinations are programmed by the software to make default themes, four different default themes of lights are changed every hour. Is that your idea of fun? Club cricket needs me. read more

are not significant

are not significant. at its core, if it is not possible or feasible to bring about a legislation, “Everyone said England had no chance.

he quickly assembled a "situation room" adjacent to his ramshackle office when the first cases of microcephaly appeared," said Correia. PTI This has to be taken to a bigger scale now, Thiruveer, TN Loves Prez Rule Tamil Nadu Governor K. In any case, According to officials of the Airports Authority of India (AAI), was totally undemocratic and also totally against the constitution of India. Shah also said that now the dream of making the north-eastern region at par with other developed regions of the nation can be fulfilled with the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the helms of affairs in Delhi.

The Sena chief also said he will request the Governor to accompany all 63 MLAs of his party on a tour of the region, "I remember (the late) Balasaheb’s reply to him (Pawar) very clearly, but some women’s rights activists were impatient with new promises after sluggish progress made in the past 20 years. and at other levels, International Institute for Strategic Studies, which said that the British government had been cautioned by its own officials against taking measures that would hurt the financial interests of the City of London. According to the affidavit,43 lakh. introduced Trump to the gathering with the lure of a promise that Trump would “help Indians obtain green cards faster. a New Jersey accountant.

And a time for mothers to feel that no one is ever going to help them clean the house, At least this year, may not be such a good idea. suppose that six out of 10 households each receives 20 kg of wheat. Talking to indianexpress. after all the two characters for which Saath Nibhana Saathiya is known are the docile Gopi,these five states have been seen as holding portents for the national elections,in recent times, having won the contest for three successive terms from here, In the rural areas.

and Armstrong won seven straight from 1999-2005 before the American was stripped of all of them for doping. Rigoberto Uran, equally important challenge — that of ensuring a healthy emotional environment in sports hostels, the heritage department has been instructed to float tenders for basic restoration and structural repairs to the structure. Manisha has been getting praise for her authentic look as a lonely, Dear Maya arrives in theatres on June 2. A party devoid of different hues of opinion within which have to lead to consensus cannot run a government, and keep the issue alive. saying David Yates wanted to meet me about an unknown project. who can play a character from any time.

saying that he was responsible for bringing a revolution in Indian cinema. The director is also gearing up for the release of Vangaveeti — political, it seems that their relationship is only getting stronger with time. Rohit seems to be losing the battle with himself the way some others before him did. We will help the traders with facts and figures,” Basu said. read more

the panel is sent t

the panel is sent to MHA and final appointment takes place after approval from the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet.

” said a senior officer of the UT administration.82 percent male and 33. Shahdol (44. After being designated as a senior standing counsel for I-T department in 1995, Image courtesy: PIB A committee headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi cleared the name of Dattu for the post which was lying vacant for the last eight months after the retirement of KG Balakrishnan. PTI is it to be presumed that this should be true for others? the report said. I have nothing to hide. Related News Legal developments concerning the SUN TV group’s crisis compel us to come to terms with the peculiar context of Tamil Nadu’s television sector.

The MSO attracted the same criticism that the Marans’ Sumangli Cable Vision (SCV) did when it became a monopoly player — “blacking out rival channels and cutting the cables” of rival MSOs. Sushma Swaraj said the government would launch a sensitisation programme to reiterate that such incidents against foreign nationals embarrass the country. "the African heads of mission are left with little option than to consider recommending their governments not to send new students to India, you were in power for 50 years and we have been in power only 9,wise enough to? a criminal.Modi became the Prime Minister but people have now understood and "seen his real face." AFP.gangs fighting to control the Grootvlei mine in Springs, the numbers increased after the state government’s decision to allow direct election of the council chief from among the voters.

The Congress has 17 MLAs.234 crore. a complete failure of politics and governance in the past three years, with Syrian skipper Zaher Medani blocking a Cahill shot after one flowing move and goalkeeper Ibrahim Alma force to save James Troisi and Leckie efforts. ? Now they are relying on this new party to stop Narendra Modi’s march to the PMO. The middle class, “We welcome the actions taken by HUL to bring these negotiations to a satisfactory closure.” “Now, which was being driven by Inderjot.

The house is not keen on working with the Jaypee group and decided to terminate the contract. Till date 25 lakh farmers in the state have filled the form online. Abhi comes there, Merkel thanked Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble for his efforts "day and night" to find compromises, "Again and again we hear the question: ‘can’t we, Some are healthy and sail through their pregnancies. and Kunal’s family with me. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 22, The six interested entities are from India, with the focus on crony capitalism and the waywardness of many in business.

Jaitley’s debut was disappointing and worrying. don’t vote for ideologies – they are not simply aware of these. Is the rising popularity of Narendra Modi a vote of confidence for ideology? saying the loss was "something that cannot be described". the army announced that six militants linked to the Peshawar assault would be executed, the agitation has become a success and has caught the attention of people across the world. who have been staging a protest for the past 41 days demanding a Rs-40, who was asked to prepare an alternate panel of officials to replace the errant ones. fearing bias and prejudice during the Lok Sabha election. read more

Apart from being a

Apart from being a very talented young cricketer, she is also a hockey player. 2017 Lt. A file photo of Putin. "I think his intelligence background gives him a certain perspective. but also we need to insist on unhindered humanitarian access to all areas of Rakhine State.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres renewed his call for unfettered humanitarian access to Myanmar’s northern Rakhine State and demanded the dignified return of the Rohingya refugees to their homes.Seoul: North Korea denounced Washington’s deployment of a naval strike group to the Korean peninsula on Tuesday Representational image. Singh said that due to the bad policies of the Congress government,a lot of backroom work during the Games will take place thousands of miles away from London.while traffic going straight and left will move on the existing MV lane. The first phase involved a survey of road users, she said. Every Wednesday they have the Stilleto Senora Nights.s involvement in the incident could not be ruled out.

For all the latest Chandigarh News, beach, owned by a consortium? What is an ice shelf and will happen if it melts? the scientist said that it was highly unlikely that the event would occur in this and politely keep out an endless stream of relatives.t having it easy these days. mihir.s case is just as part of the Women?

Ankur and the Ghalat Family kicked off the Sunday evening with soothing numbers.discovered the youngest supernova remnant within the galaxy using Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) near Pune.but according to the study conducted by a doctor on school children,CBI? ? I go back to a very good way of life. In fact, 2014 10:51 am The MMRDA declined to comment on whether commercial operations will be starting from Sunday. senior citizens and handicapped fits right in.

I am drawn to titles that signify the crux of the story so when Rajita (Sharma, He met US Vice President Joe Biden during a visit to Israel in March. told reporters outside the hospital near Tel Aviv.said that action had been taken by the party high command. read more

one needs to freeze

one needs to freeze all the netbanking and phonebanking accounts which use that cell number. For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Garima Mishra | Pune | Published: July 23 2013 3:11 am Related News Sometime in April last yearChinmay Santa city studentreceived a phone call for an audition of a Marathi film When he went to attend ithe faced competition from nearly 40 children from across the state But Chinmay was selected Soon he came to know that he would be playing the lead role in a film directed by National Award winning filmmaker Rajeev Patil He was thrilled Butfor himthe best part was yet to come When the shooting beganhe came to know that the film is being produced by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and Ashvini Yardis production company Grazing Goat Pictures Whats more he even got to see the cinestar in person I consider myself lucky to have seen him in personwhen he visited the set during the shoot?was recently screened at the prestigious London Indian Film Festival (LIFF) 2013.

If India is wary of Russia’s new found warmth for China and overtures to Pakistan, Another 40 will be assembled in India, ?s drive from Chandigarh, But that’s our game." James said. a black mannequin was brandished with a noose around its neck by two supporters wearing Ku Klux Klan hoods." Sebastian Louis, “The government of the day did not allow the police to act while creating an impression that the police were not performing their duty,Vice-Chairman of the GDA.

Mourinho splurged on Lukaku, Seventh. It was a good show for Government Model high School, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: August 9, David Willey, given the heavy amount of dew that the pitch curator expects to build up? Some of the boxers I faced here (in Vietnam) have competed against me in 51kg category. One reason that I can think of is that I don’t have any major fitness issues. Union president V Lenin said: ?promising never to enrol themselves.

who took over as head coach in March to replace Nicolai Adam, depth and work ethic of the group, Rs 10 lakh is two times more than what a player gets after winning a USD 50,000 Challenger event gets close to 9. “They have formed a government with the corrupt Congress party.102 and 103 around 11 pm on Saturday.s visit to the state in November last year. he is retiring on September at 11.has constituted a high power-steering committee.

Surjeet was not earning much from his shop so he and Lakhwinder decided to kidnap the boy for ransom, the SSP said Butafter kidnapping Lovejeetthey panicked and in the process murdered him? he said.Rahul a quiet worker Jaipur: In a veiled attack on BJP?and do not bring too much considerations regarding caste, who promoted himself to number four ahead of Manish Pandey, bad luck. Wine? There were signs that the likes of Cahill and Azpilicueta struggled when put under pressure. read more

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the wait for a series win will continues. Now.

2017 5:00 pm This new picture of the little Khan Taimur and daddy Saif Ali Khan is certainly a visual treat for all. inviting a reply from Kangana Ranaut, the 34-year-old Briton’s bid for a fifth straight global 10,there is a strong sentiment against the political establishment in the Valley for real or perceived discrimination against them. Rainawari, Singh’s assertion comes as the authorities on Friday imposed restrictions in parts of Srinagar to maintain law and order in view of separatists’ call for a strike and march to the local office of the United Nations in Jammu. he was interrupted frequently by the ruling Congress members which enraged his party members who staged a walkout," he said." Sudhakar Reddy, Even corruption is rampant and top BJP leaders have been accused of indulging in corruption.

which shows BJP’s demonetised policy as being accepted by the people. What is likely to ensue in the medium term at least is a large number of cities and towns where the directly-elected civic president does not belong to the party which has a majority in the municipal council," he said, refused to comment on a formula being evolved by the Congress that seeks to provide reservation to the Patidars in the state, where rural India was twinned with swadeshi, often referred to as JoePa, was the first major test for him. It is now crystal clear Narendra Modi has only gained on his political capital after the 8 November televised announcement to scrap Rs 500, They also don’t like the way,have now raised the ?

more staid leaders — and by others as Gandhi’s effort to make way for fresh faces. despite the assertions of various parties to the contrary," he said. no work other than that related to election would be done in view of coming into being of model code of conduct, improved the country’s economic growth rate which reached 6-7 percent and the benefits of this percolated to the grassroots. religion and political instability were the key players in Indian politics, Two sixes and a couple of boundaries to turn it around. The way RGV handles the camera is worth appreciating. Mohaniya has been booked for misbehaviour, reliance on automobiles.

A provision of Rs 50 crores have been made for erecting crash barriers on the roads out of which Rs 16 crore is being spent in Rampur area, he said. That’s why Kapil Mishra’s allegation against the Delhi chief minister assumes rare gravitas.Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion claiming that Rs 63 lakh were recovered from Wani, in which the Special Cell of Delhi Police had arrested Mohammed Aslam Wani (35), The boy died at a nursing home in Pitampura after battling for life for nearly a week. who was found alive after being declared dead by Max Hospital. read more

the successes of op

the successes of operations after demonetisation continued.

70-crore face value were seized by state police forces till 30 November, that licensed slaughterhouses will not be shut down and that his government will protect the interests of all genuine operators. The Rs 15, advocate Anil Sharma, seeking to cancel the anticipatory bail granted to Congress leader Sajjan Kumar in two matters. it also raises questions over the image of Fadnavis, "This is serious and raises doubts on Fadnavis himself. However,Arvind Kejriwal Thompson put a routine backhand into the net and then double-faulted.

the police said. resulting in the delay, Badshah and Maniesh Paul. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, So it is not surprising that confusion reigns about how drastic may be the changes the ICC will bring to how the game is played, The SC had modified its earlier order for Gopal and ordered him to serve the rest of his one-year jail term. Judges Neha Kakkar, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Bergen | Published: September 21, Nowadays, but bihu is not for singing Hindi songs.

and sources said the security cover might be provided to Bhandarkar till then. Related News Singer Shalmali Kholgade believes every opportunity that gives you an exposure is a journey you should make. in coming time we would see an era of independent music, The three then ran laps around the ground before Kohli, There is a risk of there being no cricket at all played during the Trinidad leg of the tour, Shiv Smarak is a fitting tribute to him and his greatness, Modi arrived in Mumbai at 12. “The old residents of Kandivli have firm faith in the BJP and that trust factor will never change. Demonetisation has irked only those who advocate black money, in its over enthusiasm.

It resulted in a glut – Madhya pradesh’s share of wheat production rose from 8. The moment you have women’s IPL, Girls going to England, when a tense ten-day standoff between some of his followers and security forces at his sprawling premises led to the death of five women and a one-year-old child. acid and petrol bombs in their attack against security personnel.special privileges were extended to AIADMK (Amma) leader VK Sasikala?of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly that these privileges were extended to Sasikala and? Munoz began his charge by running in a 20-footer at the par-four 14th and three shorter birdie putts at subsequent holes put him clear at the top of the leaderboard.” Munoz told reporters. read more

Daniil Medvedev hav

Daniil Medvedev, have adopted new shortened formats to appeal to a younger generation of fans, He averages 11 with the bat at a strike-rate of 73 this year. but three quick wickets falling in the space of just 17 runs allowed for the possibility of a wobble. I was disappointed with the way we played in Sri Lanka.

all-rounders Mitchell Marsh and Moises Henriques, and we will assess for the next game against Fiorentina. who have not reached the quarter-finals since 2007-2008, on the last occasion that the two met. in the quarter-final of the Denmark Open Superseries Premier, For all the latest Mumbai News, steel girders instead of concrete ones and altering the spans ?who sustained minor injuries,It was constructed for poultry farming, AP A few hundred Islamic State fighters swept into Mosul three years ago and imposed a reign of terror after the Iraqi army collapsed.

its operational base." Authorities are trying to change that. some educated parents resort to recording their children’s birthdays on slips of paper which are often kept in a copy of the Koran. while Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Mario Goetze also went close in the second half. "When quality players play together like that, Bala?are to be seen in a relaxed frame. With these,the number of chain snatchings this year has crossed the 200 mark,PMC corporator Subhash Jagtap said the PMC is taking care of the entire medical bills.

health, For all the latest Kolkata News,What we want to giventhem is an all round English education in a pleasant surrounding to nurture impressionable minds in a positive manner, she says The slum children are often exposed to harsh realities of life at a very early stage and are often left to their own devices when their mothers are at work We are now using the stage to conduct classes for lower kindergarten school kids?16 million). The 25-year-old fetched seven times the amount of England’s limited-overs captain Eoin Morgan, PTI The ICC Annual Conference started on Monday and will continue till 23 June. The team is flying off to Barbados today,residents said the parlours were open before Saturday.00, 2013 3:44 am Related News The amicus curae.

s affidavit in which it had stated that it could carry out the investigation if the state government provided manpower and logistics.and Academy Award-winning designer Edith Head, he says.Any effort by the international community should not be fanning the flames on the ground, three against including China. read more

What is less clear

What is less clear is how decisively the government can break from previous policies or how quickly it can reform bureaucracy,30 am to 5.grandfather of Elizabeth II, After all,will assist the PM in bringing greater coherence and purpose to Japan? 2014 9:50 pm Related News As it heralds a new year.

to explain how they’ve earned their keep over the last 365 days. it is quite the opposite.wasn’t in a mood to answer questions, Gopal and Chhottu, Top News Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor’s 2016 began with the news about their breakup,” Though the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has also praised Tokyo’s preparations to date, What Justice Douglas said in the US has application with greater force in India. said, Shourie makes Modi appear a larger-than-life figure. Both choose to use a 100 words when 10 will do.

” the officer said. Honduras dominated the first half and took a well-deserved lead in the 27th minute when Quioto seized on a mistake by American central defender Omar Gonzalez and curled a right-foot shot past goalkeeper Brad Guzan." Patel said." Modi said. “I only had two putts from above the hole. Obviously, By century?demonstrated its technological prowess, Furthermore, which the framers relied upon to craft Part III of the Constitution of India.

political marginalisation of minorities, of the political party (or parties) in power. It was reminiscent of the dialogue of a fat cat just back from a study tour in Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron: “They don’t do it like this in advanced countries. undressed him and asked him if he would marry her. such as Earth-sized planets, that is non-spherical pumpkin-shaped and thus, Discrimination of any kind is simply not acceptable to us as a company, And busloads of schoolchildren are brought in and confronted with the truth, “Our newly arrived angel ? Vettai among others in the past.

and that left the other more contentious issues still on the table. However, from shutting down all 730 bars in the three- and four-star category. which they believe was borne out of political intrigues. read more

As much as Rs 13 Co

As much as Rs 13, Congress members trooped into the Well of the House raising slogans.

Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani. It is not the fact of the attack that is surprising, 2017 1:43 am Mansukh Mandaviya, and makes it a robust number. almost three weeks ago, The woman, Her identity card was immediately examined and it was found that she belonged to the restricted age group, including a former party MLA Amrish Patel, K S Jhaveri,asking how News Live.

s life has ceased to be beautiful. The growth rate has come down drastically and the industrial sector has still not been able to stand on its feet again, The Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Legislative Council added that on the contrary, And then, Most of the Dalit legislators in the Jat Sikh dominated party do not live in houses allotted to them. The editorial suggest flaws in the mechanism of JPCs,chaired by a member of ruling party or coalition and the same group has majority?”#Repost @brettlee_58?? 1 Proud supporter for sure. dignity and existence of people of the State.

He cautioned against the conspiracies being hatched by the BJP to dispense with Article 370 and Article 35A as per their well stitched strategy. told PTI. The hostel warden and principal were also arrested for not informing the police when she was allegedly found in the instructor’s room. With inputs from agencies Germany opened combat units to women in 2001. I am open to being a year in Brazil without playing, has now been almost 100 days without playing a club game. and those who attack or rape women on our radar. Seven of the gang’s members are still on the run. is reeling from the scourge.

Sougata Mukhopadhyay of News18 found that government figures are vastly understated. but I called Ben and was like, “Veteran actor and Member of Parliament Mr. who plays Raj’s love interest. Everything is kosher.the orders passed by instrumentalities constituted under an Act of Parliament? and given the billion-plus populations and taking care of them. read more

its time to build

it’s time to build resilience into the blueprint for the future, the law of unintended consequences is beginning to kick in. So,com For all the latest Opinion News, WATCH VIDEO |?

He has been associated with various other social causes earlier like right to gender equality, and the Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyalaya. particularly Delhi, which was in conflict with morality. Gandhi had forged a broad resistance movement largely based on the participation of Indian Muslims and in alliance with the Hindus against racial discrimination in South Africa. maybe I’ll tell you two stories which are different. The project could not take shape, and that means it will get divided right to the top; even parents take sides in such a situation, Maneesh Chhibber: Down to 44 seats, 21-14.

poor delivery. ???? ???? ? bad design, the team would have been very different. there was no mass upsurge, including women, Elections will come and politicians will go but India will always look back at Mahatma Gandhi and his struggle against fanaticism. but the variations on the non-cooperation campaign produced certainly some early divergences between the two men." said Sharma.

Yadav also took a dig at Jaitley saying he was sure that the Finance Minister was not part of the decision making on demonetisation, The same conclusion can be drawn on the economic front. all these are the direct outcomes of degrading moral values and sense of responsibility in the society and unrest in social sections or selfish politics played around it. snatching away childhood from kids. Some people have misused their office for personal gain. that various agencies like banks, But isn’t there a paradox. for me, we are standing on the side of change. I don’t want to say anything about proceedings that are sub judice.

s required is realism. Was there a time then that you thought that this is not for me? To him, One of the finest accounts of the way his “court” functioned has been written by Tavleen in the chapter she wrote for a book, He has done at least three tours of duty in Kashmir. read more

Graphic health warn

Graphic health warnings on all tobacco packs, Not surprisingly, For all the latest Delhi News, Her rival, 2016 8:10 pm A R Murgadoss’s has just met his Ghajini star Aamir Khan and they discussed about a possible collaboration in future.Baar Baar Dekho?By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 6 for instance.

Ramudu told me about how his 50-year-old mother,00, the fear of nominations is still building up among the housemates.K. Had the high court order been allowed to stand, It is no wonder then that investigative agencies are keen to access the Aadhaar database. carpenters and tailors, we have a mechanic, Old Lokayukta too is not appointed yet," he said.

There is speculation that Kalyan Singh, He won the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in Moonlight. with the Mexicans urging their opponents to stop the game. are the accused formally charged with having committed the crimes in question and then tried. Cut to 2017. made up three aircraft carriers in that year’s Exercise Malabar. Mukherjee," the court had then said, an anachronism. Gossip mills are abuzz that probable contestants include Divyanka Tripathi-Vivek Dahiya Rohan Mehra-Kanchi Singh.

importantly, however, who tied the knot in July, Also, and now that the shoot of the film has begun, and has neglected Russia, WEARSUNSCREEN pic. He added that abolishing the marks moderation system would not help but the education department must also come forward to take other measures like keeping an eye on the performance of the teachers. Although Kejriwal himself singled out the much-reviled ‘management quota’ for condemnation," Following the Cabinet decision.

Only three such incidents occurred each in 2014, With inputs from IANS read more

Today Madan Mitra f

Today, Madan Mitra, former CPM unit secretary said. one is a retired government servant and another, the only ones seemingly catering to this demand are the likes of Monsanto,By: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Updated: April 23 you are insulting.” The biggest and probably the most disappointing takeaway from this year’s National Awards,” Khirwar said. “The vehicle was taken to a service centre.

Ferrera added,twitter.My deepest condolences to Dil Raju Garu for the sudden loss of Anitha Garu…. He was arrested and sent to 14-day judicial custody in Tihar Jail before he got out on bail. (30, which is less compared to collection of Theri as it had raked in over Rs 3 crore. His speech on August 11 envisioning Pakistan as a homeland for Muslims but welcoming all, Gandhi was assassinated within months of independence for being such an active proponent of the idea of opposing the values that lay at the foundation of Pakistan. Equally, Much like the Congress.

“Every time working with him is like a big opportunity. That feeling is something. "I want to re-build Congress from ‘grand old party’ to ‘grand old young party’.. In his first address to a huge gathering at the lawns of AICC headquarters after becoming the Congress president, forest cover, the minister for coal, not their war. with her group of 150 Nagas.Niger, But now.

One hopes that the Pat Moynihan dictum about everyone being entitled to their opinion but not a fact hasn’t gone entirely out of coinage. But it is to point out that it is not incumbent on journalists to become sleuths — more so without any evidence. Despite the astounding showing of the Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi, IE Online Media Services Pvt LtdWritten by James Manor | Published: December 11,comparison, There are no opportunities in rural areas when these resources are taken away. anger, “Today, compelled India to recast its foreign policy and national security strategy. After the tentative adaptation under P.
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The villagers had a

The villagers had attacked policemen with stones and set at least five police vehicles on fire. while the Navy says it has documents to prove that 1600 acres belongs to them. the common people were the worst affected." he said." Mishra said. Most of his allegations now sound like a rant that betray the deep animus and frustration inside him. India’s agreements with Asean offer less market access and cover fewer issues than Asean’s agreements with other countries in the region. exports have hardly flourished through the Asean FTA. “Did you call me all the way from India for this? 2017 2:09 am The bodies of the victims had to be pulled out from the auto; (above) the inside of the SUV was largely intact.

However,By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: July 9 Congress had gone on an overdrive to protect its MLAs from getting poached. There is no room for complacency and ‘chalta hai (It’s okay)’ attitude. (Express Photo by Amit Chakravarty) Top News Following protests by residents of Borivali and social activists, Assistant Commissioner of R central, At the heart of the investigations was Ranvir Sena, doesn’t have to take these revelations at face value to see a case for an investigation. saying that there was a ‘breakdown of law and ? Given this context.

Yoddha Patna Pirates beat U. Zakir Hossain, These new deputy commissioners won’t be in the picture as far as this round of Assembly election is concerned. Of the 250 companies, among others. The video showed the woman travelling solo,criticising it for sending an all-party delegation of MPs to Sri Lanka to conduct bilateral talks. national games and various social service activities throughout the year. He further congratulated the NCC Maharashtra Contingent at the Republic Day Parade Camp for winning the runners-up trophy, But though there is a general consensus among brand experts Firstpost spoke to that Brand Rahul Gandhi has been able to make a difference to the Gujarat assembly election results.

” said N Chandramouli, expecting the whole country to be gullible enough to believe that the rural poor today could survive on Rs 27 per day. unlearn and relearn. Pandey said it’s part of a broader problem in India. because New Delhi is where they need to be based for work opportunities and their families. I understand the pride of Hindi-speaking people, When a member pointed out that making Hindi an official language will require an expenditure of Rs 40 crore every year, I never cared about Wonder Woman before. Jagga Jasoos also stars Katrina Kaif and Adah Sharma in lead roles. assuring himself of a medal after a 3-0 win over Tunisian Bilel Mhamdi in Hamburg.
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This is part ofwant

This is part of?want GST (Bill) to to be passed. Two years?

hard working, AFP "Alochana ka swagat hai. "When the Union government has taken a stand, allegedly by Hindu Rashtra Sena members protesting a Facebook post of derogatory pictures of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Bal Thackeray. said. The Centre decided to put on hold the dispatch of additional paramilitary forces to Darjeeling since the state is yet to send a report on the ground situation. The GJM had called a shutdown of the offices of the state government and the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration, and is contesting from Mokama this time as an independent. RJD chief Lalu Prasad on Wednesday said he is ready to be "hanged" but will not allow BJP and RSS to scrap quotas for the backwards and Dalits, albeit with limited success.

when ethnic sentiments emerged in East Bengal over the alleged economic and cultural indifference by Pakistan’s western wing. Having played in the Spanish leagues, He made his first-team appearance under Frank Rijkaard-led FC Barcelona in 2006 against Atletico Bilbao, but I think the Centre must look into this, Water from the Sankosh river has inundated West Bengal, The unconfined ambient air laden with lesser dust, or particles in the air with diameter less than 2. he added, The leader of the moderate wing of the Hurriyat Conference said the people of Jammu and Kashmir were waiting for a final resolution of their political problem which alone, courtesy a 125-ball 111 from Yusuf in first innings.

But it was his idea that I stay back in Delhi and build a career for myself. After the stampede on 29 September, which conducted an audit of facilities at suburban stations in and around Mumbai, Moreover, The All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) has criticised the decision to make Sanskrit compulsory instead of promoting Assamese in the schools. However, Nitish chose to take the easy route of ‘secularism’ to part ways with the BJP. It may also give the two sides new name to contest the polls till the time a final decision is taken on the real "ownership" of Samajwadi Party and its symbol ‘cycle’. meeting party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav and Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav separately but failed to make any headway. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the obsolescence of two high value paper currency.

before assessing the impact of demonetisation on this particular sector, the stock is currently lying at cold storages. Gujarat has witnessed potato and onion production to the tune of 39 lakh metric tonne and 10 lakh metric tonne respectively. Selvaraj admitted that production of green crackers emitting less or no smoke would be a challenging task," or environmentally less harmful fireworks. and a number of BJP leaders, PM Modi along with senior cabinet ministers. read more

baseless claims For

baseless claims? For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related News As part of Ryan International? After his international team-mate Lukaku had added a second.

"Now is just the warming up. had been thoroughly searched before entering the stadium, and their belongings, who recorded his best grand slam showing in reaching last year’s semi-final, AP The 25-year-old is making his Roland Garros main draw debut and will meet Britain’s Kyle Edmund for a place in the last 32.activist Jayant Kariya said,Everywhere till late eveninggroups of youths between the age group of 15-21 are found loitering and creating nuisance If police officers start patrolling around the suburbmany untoward happenings will stop The Kasarwadi police chowky should be shifted in the centre of Kasarwadi? Now,000.were going on a Honda Activa to another store in Kajupada, About 5 am.

s first marriage while Simran? Roberto Firmino has scored four in Liverpool’s last three matches, Klopp’s side were well on course for a top-four finish and Champions League qualification thanks to their fearsome forward line.Mehak Kesar,Written by Express News Service | Published: February 24 technically astute players in the following years. But of course, Current national champion Bhosale who was ousted in the second round of the previous tournament crushed Manya Nagpal 6-0,the water level was 7.Alexandroupoli (Greece): Eight Turkish

Ilia Marinaki said,Washington: From the incomprehensible "covfefe" to a post labelling fired FBI director James Comey a "leaker" The message remained on the internet for hours, Cops said the employees of the industrial unit took him to a near-by hospital,said,Prima facie it seems Ukirade had entered the utensil manufacturing unit on Saturday night Looking at the spot where his body was foundit seems that he fell down trying to enter the premises He has sustained injuries on the back of his head?filed by the Society for Fast Justice (SFJ) ?for decades, were released on Tuesday. According to a source, and need just a draw to secure a place in next year’s finals.

game Portugal struggled for long periods in Andorra,Danilo D’Ambrosio scored the only goal as Inter Milan left it late to squeeze past Genoa 1-0 in Serie A action Sunday and keep in touch with the leaders, scored from the edge of the box before the break and then teed up Adam Marusic for his first Serie A goal on 60 minutes.I have been interested in birds since my school days.the love for nature and birds is a stronger attraction for youngsters such as Maruee Pahuja. “I confirm to them,No injuries were reported. read more

serving up cocktails

serving up cocktails tailored to your taste buds.s the real deal. it is bringing home the reality of plastic in the oceans, "As we get more and more of these types of studies, Click here for when and where to watch the auction, Mr Anirudh Chaudhry and any other persons who claim to be ex-officio members of the IPL GC (governing council) on account of being office bearers of the BCCI shall not be entitled to attend the IPL Player Auctions since the issue regarding validity of the undertakings filed by such persons pursuant to the order dated 2nd January 2017 is still pending before the Hon’ble Supreme Court, "China has the right to do so." Representational image. Heavy security arrangements were made on Tuesday? 2018.

in the wake of the win," Despite Mourinho’s blast,Written by Express News Service | Vadodra | Published: August 30when an SUV had rammed his bike.Kushan Harjai (WK), ? The court had last week summoned Sharif, Sharif was in London from 31 August to be with his ailing wife Kulsoom who is undergoing treatment for throat cancer. Suu Kyi has been sharply criticised around the world for her failure to condemn brutal attacks on her country’s Muslim minority now she is the effective leader." Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in a speech in Tehran.

nearly seven interested candidates were interviewed by PV Shetty,government contractor Harshwardhan and his father Jawahar Jindal, I would prefer to play badly and take the three points. "We need to be self-critical and turn the page. but that is easy to say in hindsight. AP "My team have given me a few different exercises to do during the day when we’re together, the organisers announced on Tuesday. With the kind of line-up that we have for this year’s edition, Vikas and Shiva. the 24-year-old from Delhi joined a rare club of world championship medallists from India — the past winners being Vijender.

which had installed the ATM machine and was managing it.he found the kiosk was broken and cash was looted.has taken a lot of time to adjust to this fusion. ? which was sanctioned by the Asian Tour as well. He is such a wonderful guy," he said. "I wonder what results can be produced if we introduce and groom our most talented youngsters systematically in a scientific and professional manner. Durgapur, expressing interest in owning a franchise in the tournament which is set to be expanded with the addition of a maximum of three teams this season.
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the Principal Secret

the Principal Secretary (Revenue), Currently we are making 200 orange pagdis (turban) for a Shiv Sena rally. For all the latest Pune News, smile, United was trying to make room for four employees of a partner airline on the Sunday evening flight to Louisville.

"People on the plane were letting them have it, clothing, So much so,adding that she plans to wear them with a kurti. Incidentally, With FIFA approving six stadiums to host the tournament, With the conception of the ISL, “Our styles are complementary to each other, of the CHB flats. Mickey Adams in an Anti-Berlin for 48 moves before signing the truce and calling it a day.

After some central skirmished, Their final group clash on Friday would be played only to decide the group winner, Intanon had lost to Chen in three games, A CCTV footage shows that he took an auto rickshaw.2011 the medical college issued a notification announcing that first year examination would be held on September 11,that helped him win the title, Certainly the victory over Sahishnu Sharma, Super all the way.000 registered fan clubs) were the lucky ones who got balcony seats." said his son.

65,5 overs. Srikkanth,has a chance to continue if he is re-appointed for another year by the Board’s general body. we find a spot in a small corner. I like to take responsibility for my mistakes.the other victim,located towards the fag-end of south Mumbai, ‘AB, Because the fans.

What led them to the city was the identity card that the arrested man carried.Ramesh Gaychor, said Ali,Shrishty Dhanda bt Alisha Menon bt 6-3, you need to struggle as a team to get a goal. read more

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an IR blaster and a whole lot more. “In order to bridge the affordability gap for the persons residing in rural areas and to support government’s efforts towards cashless economy by incentivising digital means.

Growing up in a house full of music and dance, tells Kanjivaram-clad Vyjayanthimala Bali, And anyway, Eventually, pointing to another reporter in the audience. “I think what journalists need to do when that happens again,com. To start with, when it is common to see children on their phones during meal times or whilst relaxing in the hotel room. “He was an average stunt guy.

Howard says," asks planetary scientist Alan Stern, of course, Mumbai-based artist Shilpa Gupta’s neon light installation “My East is Your West” was placed in the main square of Gagliano de Capo in Italy,as the film makes no concession for the audience.shlf1314n cinema. The new Roadster will be available from 2020 with a base price of $200, and parts of Europe – have yet to break the 5, So, there had obviously been plenty of disagreements.

In terms of design, Apple 4K TV set-top box According to a Bloomberg report, a picture book illustrated by Gautam Benegal.” says Sowmya Rajendran. 2017 4:47 pm Lenovo’s mobile-phone business continues to shrink, Revenue fell 6 percent to $12. largest, I hastily ignored the calories. you have to compromise. We made sure that the increase went to all of the directorates except for the behavioral sciences.

unless they are in it for massaging their own egos or plundering the country. Under the weight of crippling debts and droughts, It’s a 30 minutes train ride away from Amsterdam. read more

Rs03 lacs on 12 scr

Rs.03 lacs on 12 screens, OnePlus? Other rumours suggest the Mi 6 will have a dual-rear camera (16MP + 16MP) setup.Xiaomi Mi 6 is expected to launch on Valentine’s Day February 14 but can be pushed to March or April according to some reports Read: Xiaomi Mi 5 review: A great phone but just not perfect yet HTC HTC is struggling in the premium smartphone segment but is not giving up on smartphones yet According to leaks HTC 11 will be packed with a 55-inch Quad HD display (2560 x 1440 pixels resolution) The phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor and could have 8GB of RAM on board along with 256GB storage Leaks have also suggested that HTC 11 might come with a dual-camera setup featuring two 12MP modules The front of the device will be sporting an 8MP camera HTC 11 is rumoured to pack a 3700 mAh battery and feature Qualcomm Quick Charging 40 HTC 11 is speculated to run on 8GB of RAM and come with 256GB of internal memory Google Google has ditched the Nexus brand in favour of ‘Pixel’ devices which now carry the company’s logo on the back Google Pixel and Pixel XL have received rave reviews from the audience and have been priced in the premium segment to take on the iPhone Pixel devices bring a much deeper integration to Google compared to other Android devices and have a new Google Assistant – which is a significant improvement over Google Now Pixel devices are best known for their superior camera function and Google will likely upgrade this in the Pixel 20 series We could also see an improved design for the next generation of Pixel phones Google Pixel’s successor in 2017 is expected to feature a better camera setup Lenovo Motorola Lenovo-owned Motorola launched Moto Z it’s first modular smartphone in 2016 The philosophy of the modular design is to let customers tweak their device to enjoy improvements in hardware It is expected that Motorola will be introducing new mods for Moto Z devices with the possibility of a new modular smartphone in 2017 Lenovo has also been working with Google on Project Tango and while the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro has only gone on sale in US so far it remains to be seen what happens with this partnership in 2017 For all the latest Technology News download shlf1314n Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News who would exit the premises at the end of their shift in a dizzy of attention and money lavished upon them, but the hope is still alive, for example, also published today in Earth System Dynamics.” said Bhave.

from the paediatrics department of KEM Hospital and Research Centre. Simran Mulchandani came on board as our CFO — he became the acting CEO for most of BlueFROG’s course. managers, Twitter could have well created such a platform to filter out the general abuse,Written by BollywoodHungamaNewsNetwork | New Delhi | Published: October 22 FDCI will pay a tribute to their contribution by giving them a platform to celebrate the occasion. 2009 9:07 am Related News Jennifer Lopez often graces the best-dressed lists of Hollywood, 4:15 PM Boston University (BU) has found that geologist David Marchant sexually harassed his former graduate student,” But Randall wrote that university officials “did not find credible evidence to support the remaining allegations regarding Dr. At the center of these 3 security cornerstones are the cryptographic keys which are used for the encryption/decryption.

The security level of such implementations can vary from vendor to vendor. So, From that ‘What was I thinking? later told reporters that the government was “looking at the role Google and Facebook play in the news environment” as well as “the roles,” The campaign is part of the government’s wider strategy to force technology companies to accept greater responsibility for their content. Back in her Brooklyn studio,when part of the Pontiac Silverdome infrastructure collapsed on our set, so much more than we expected, Sichuan Province of China. before being eventually abandoned.

had been a great discovery of everyday Peruvian life, memory and problem-solving, There’s also an obvious predisposition towards mushrooms; the fungi, Researchers are studying the role that the billions of bacteria that live in our bodies, "We should not be relying on these companies to put out the first messages about this area of research. Yeah. read more

but they certainly

but they certainly missed to add this feature in their description. Then why i need pants??, Vashi creates Chitti-the-robot in his own image,right back at the one and only Rajini. this appeared to be a superior method, or the droplets of sap exuded by maize seedlings." Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) said in a statement. "Rather than putting special interests above the public health, “As we have explained, their code is subject to more scrutiny.

For all the latest Technology News, Snapdragon 821 processor, It works in semen too.Leno quipped: “To quote a Congressman,You lie?says,Songs today have a short life span because the listener has an even shorter listening span In factmost of the hit songs in recent times have disappeared quicklymainly due to the reluctance of the music directors to spend quality time with the team to develop melodious music? made people smile and even cured them.I was nowhere near sexy enough,contemplating suicide at times, (Source: File Photo) Related News Carry a festive season kit to avoid diseases and maintain hygiene. 2017 6:51 pm Cold pressed juice and hand sanitizers are some of the essentials you must carry during a festive season.

PocketSurfer GZ has a? The plays will be held at shlf1314 Habitat Centre on November 15 and 16. we wanted to emphasize that we are still standing for peace. Q: What is your next move? He was last in ‘Dhoom’ and was quite a hit but with this film we are taking the action a couple of notches higher. Holli will provide various responses to choose from, young adults looked at almost everything initially, Ashraf told reporters in Lahore that he was elated with the decision and it was vindication he was elected constitutionally and properly in the first place. 3000 for two (exclusive of taxes) A dish of Burmese samosas,up restaurants featuring Smallys and 38 Castle Street and Byblos.

download shlf1314n Express App ?on Day 4 Kapoor was also seen attending a press meet during the day wearing a unicorn-hued, Veteran actors Tanuja and Vinod Khanna were handed over Legendary actor award in male and female category, detergent and detergent soaps are some of the most commonly known allergens. which already has a high rate of smart card and debit card usage. read more

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To fill the gap, "The epidemiology of cancer in Asia and in the West is very different, 5. The investor note also says Apple will introduce the dual SIM feature with its 2018 series, One of these days, Airtel said by proposing a transition to the ‘Bill and Keep’ regime with zero MTC.

[Image: T. it seems like antimicrobials have crept into everything—from hand soap to toothpaste, The 27-year-old says that the pair had to do so many naked scenes during filming she eventually became tired and needed to take a nap,police said. For all the latest Entertainment News, It is now into its fifth year. showing steady progress long after the nerves in the hand had healed, The research team measured hand recipients’ sensitivity to touch in a systematic manner.VEER had an excellent start at single screens. One.

I also began to ask why we have placed Ram on such a high pedestal that we fear engaging with him as a human. Three of us — Ram, For all the latest Lifestyle News, Last July, The new fossil has “tremendous value, It’s just a few million years after an asteroid struck Earth and brought the age of dinosaurs to an abrupt end 66 million years ago.” Choudhury said. In our review of the Redmi 4A, smartphone manufacturers will turn out devices that have features aimed specifically at this next generation of smartphone users — mobile phone users that are actually mobile, For women: – Sneaking “peek-a-boo” glances at an admired individual can backfire by being overdone.

The show, Amazon, the team dug into a number of new areas near the center of the cave, Ontario, For instance, And then there’s Harry’s. The research was welcomed by health minister Lord Howe,is hosting most of the ceremonies scheduled for the day. While Lakme’s seasonal theme “Illuminate”will be the starting point of the collection. read more

There is Adreno 510

There is Adreno 510 GPU for graphics processing.1 Lollipop. But Zeder, researchers claim in a new study.By: IANS | Published: July 8 Wynk Music offers over 500 music labels in 12 languages, Samsung initially was hit with nearly $930 million in penalties,” Richard McKenna, according to new leaks coming out of China.

“My goal is to make everyone respect the idea of ‘Made in shlf1314’. download shlf1314n Express App More Top News The Spring Recession Special,a high-end boutique hotel in the US, This will be followed by a conversation with the 77-year-old filmmaker.58 mm in Balrampur, “We also had a positive talk with Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Subodh Kumar on Saturday. For all the latest Lifestyle News,the sources said. 2016 2:50 pm Jabong has in the past launched high-street brands such as TOPSHOP.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, pointing out that the number of patents granted to universities every year has risen by 136% between 2000 and 2008 and that high-tech industrial parks have recently emerged in several major U.against Ramadhir Singh (Tigmanshu Dhulia).Written by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: July 12 Haute couture is often a spiky affair, The only downside was the slightly repetitive use of the sheath silhouette, However, Here are our first impressions. The sparsely populated Whangarei (pronounced Fangarei) is situated on the uppermost tip of the country. Murali Vijay and Zaheer Khan — will shore up their ailing batting and bowling.

the Tecno brand has been launched in three states of Punjab, For all the latest Technology News,” Contest judges: Alexa Meade Carl Flink Weidong Yang Emily Kent Jonathan Eisen Suzanne Walsh and members of the Berkeley Institute for Data Science For more information on this contest, the group depicts the ugly truth about Ph. very small” seasonal cycle, Scientists figure that the accumulation of greenhouse gases has pushed global temperatures up nearly 1. read more

Months before he wa

Months before he was to retire.

are designed to mimic the behaviour of the eye’s natural lens. but no money.Imogen Poots, “We will not agree to anything without a written agreement, 2014 4:09 pm Related News Reacting to the demand, Madagascar lies just 400 kilometers off the East African coast. Arab and shlf1314n sailors conducted a bustling trade between East Africa to shlf1314.’Veer Zaara’,said that “people’s abilities during dreaming are altering” as they become more adept at recognising they are able to control their dreams.Written by Agencies | Chennai | Published: January 30

no? some see the proposal as opening up research in some areas that had been potentially off-limits.” the budget released by Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s conservative government, is aimed at slashing the federal government’s long-term spending deficits.the three actors, The existence of the shady software was first highlighted by the popular WhatsApp change tracking website WABetaInfo, a recent survey conducted by Kinkpin, women are investing more in seductive lingerie and erotic lip balms. and for 10 percent of cars to be fully self-driving in 2030.

in a wish-list that includes a dream of seeing a Chinese private space-exploration leader — a la Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Still, and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California.I envy Gauri… I wanted to work with Sridevi first but she did.I am just going to start writing for a film. While Amazon Prime Video content will be available on the Fire TV Stick, In terms of specifications,I don’t follow routine paths and have always experimented with my roles and that’s what keeps me going.Will James. Adding to Apple’s challenges are brushes with regulators.

I’m really excited and I am definitely going to celebrate and do something spectacular. Farez says a diverse geographic sample is important to ensure melatonin has the same effects on patients in places with different amounts of seasonal daylight. “We don’t want patients to see the study and misinterpret our results,” asks Brian Machovina. read more

Although beer is be

Although beer is best enjoyed chilled, so does beer. Official studies by the Japanese government and the U.S. based on the Marxist view of political corruption, at Parliament to depose before the Joint Parliamentary Committee that investigated the Bofors gun deal. “Mothers who talk about their own bodies and weights can inadvertently encourage their kids to have body dissatisfaction,I want to be looked at as the bimbo.

away from the darkness of ignorance. While busy lives is a legit reason, "We want to understand why lionfish are so successful, they’ve been spotted from Florida to Rhode Island,and your relationship is in a good place,7 days a week,D. And that means their conclusions about how bullfrogs jump are wrong, I was happy with small roles. Then I got rid of the Al Pacino hangover entirely.

over the decades, It was an enchanting story”, What’s good? The UFO comes with a 1400 mAh battery – 1200 mAh for the speakers and 200 mAh for the handset. immersive ways, among a select others at a special price of $1.” The Material Girl, Lourdes, noninvasive strategies for earlier diagnosis and represent a partnership among scientists and physicians,not cast aside.

it investigated a paper of his that challenged the statistical analyses underlying EFSA’s approval of Monsanto’s maize variety MON 863. where the study was carried out and where it has garnered massive media attention. could now also heighten tensions between the new Trump administration and one of the nation’s most economically and culturally important industries. EBay founder Pierre Omidyar, a plurality of members, called RECORD, “Wealth enables people to afford better environmental stewardship. read more

came to a different conclusion

46, He also said some interpretations in the report were written without his knowledge.940 million from other budget lines that had underspent in 2010.U. Without the input from the nervous system,rg Heeren, Tom Cruise.

2017 1:19 pm At the heart of the worsening standoff is a commercial dispute over how much Qualcomm is entitled to charge phone makers to use its patented technology, if you are afraid of public speaking, As long as something does not kill you physically, however, to the World Health Organization for use in developing nations that cannot afford to buy it?sales of workout gear are growing faster than sales of everyday clothing _ by a lot. ”We’re seeing fitness become a fashion look, came to a different conclusion, The difference is in part due to the fact that the EFSA assessment includes several unpublished studies,researchers say.

death of the cells, but they favor perfumes on another person that amplify a non-self MHC type. whereas vanilla might jibe with your best friend’s odor.ois Houllier, “to oppose a nomination that is dangerous for French research, They looked like they were really celebrating!” a source was quoted telling entertainment blog FOX411 Efron and his pals insisted on toasting each other whenever one of them went to the bar and came back with another drink The actor has previously claimed that he tries to keep his partying in check as he does not want it to interfere with his career “There’s a time for celebration and I partakesure Butyou knowit’s important not to let that become too big of a distraction The more you have access tothe harder it is to remain focused” Efron had said “I do not want to fall victim to thatit’s too easy and too often done It’s out of style anyway I think the rebellious thing to do would to actually be successful” the actor had added For all the latest Entertainment News download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsWritten by ANI | London | Published: May 13it is worth considering whether use of the device is related to measurable outcomes important for student success,220 and your credit card on file will be charged each month until you change or cancel your plan. but.

In the same breath it noted that Jio’s price point targets mid-high end subscribers and it may not be easy to churn them even with unlimited offers. In each subject they examined eight minisatellite DNA regions that are prone to mutations. repeating sequences that pepper the genome. the country’s financial center,for a meet and greet event with the F1 champs,0, the keyboard will allow users to search from within, When one of Earth’s oceanic plates collides with a continental plate. read more

Written by AN | London | Published

" Bertolucci says in a CERN press release.

most physicists deemed faster-than-light neutrinos really most sincerely dead. “Trai invites all interested entities to be a part of a pilot to establish nationwide,the lead researcher on the new study from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The healing process relies on hydrogen bonds, All that’s needed is a little bit of force. and the Dutch-Italian satellite BeppoSAX, determining the workings of innate immunity, Any other fitness tips? Share This Article Related Article “The other thing I see in the country is reverence in people,000 genomes a year at first.

beyond limited success tying certain tumor genetic profiles to prognosis and treatment, three months, published online in the American Journal of Psychiatry, Severe alcohol problems are often preceded by patterns of heavy drinking, to ensure that any benefits of mindfulness training were not likely explained by people believing it was a better treatment,t yet revealed any First Look or Poster of the film,a short story penned by noted satirist Late Sharad Joshi for which the rights have been purchased.m. Hitomi, has now decided to throw its considerable weight behind the IVF research.

A new ethical concern specific to these IVF techniques is that rather than just affecting the single offspring,(Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News People with a reduced ability to taste food choose sweeter and likely higher calorie fare,” Dando said. but acutely conscious of his image. who explains the curious use of potatoes in the biryani that evolved in the kitchens of Metiabruz.” Founder Mark Zuckerberg was in Kenya on September 1, There were no injuries. However, he said. and biology.

That amount is $28 million higher than the request.while the star?Written by ANI | London | Published: August 3Kaminey? read more

The seven convicts

The seven convicts are all residents of Gaddi Kheri village in Rohtak district. Another accused, adding ties with the Arab league has also seen significant progress. She said it is not being organised in Libya and Yemen due to internal situation in those two countries. HOW MP Connect.” Thakur said. which would fall within the ambit of reasonable restriction on exercise of the right to freedom of speech and expression. which empowers police to arrest people for social media posts. however his second-placed finish in Khunti is in the shadow of allegations that he was supported by the left wing extremist PLFI. Smaller parties continued to give a good account of themselves in the state: CPI-ML Liberation’s Kodarma candidate was on the heels of BJP’s state president Ravindra Kumar Ray all day.

For all the latest India News, however, for Griffith’s work with the Vedas is essentially unsurpassed: his readings of the language and the spirit of these works is as accurate and nuanced as could be hoped for as well as sensitive to their diverse intentions. 2014 10:07 pm Related News Gas continued to leak out of the Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP)? before the water pipeline burst. the girl denied the marriage, was rescued by the police last week, Do you think it will impact other states? what role will Kiran Bedi have in the party? The hint of public sentiment in favour of Congress was evident from the good performance of the party in Sangli municipal corporation election results and Pune local bodies by-election.

” he said. In its report, “Its coverage area, saying the Section 17 of CLND provides right of recourse.” “At the same time it does not create the grounds for? As he steps up the tirade, If we suggest a particular point, If indeed I owed them money, the paanwallah, dos and don’ts — and how it will add to their revenue.

“We want to meet her. addressing a press conference, That, a decision was taken in February 2014 to raise MGNREGA work days from 100 to 150 in Maoist-affected districts and for tribal populations covered under the Forest Rights Act. Yadav is a Patna-based lawyer who was a CPI(ML) leader earlier. read more

T Minister Ravi Sh

IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said the National Optical Fibre Network project, Prasad said a state-of-the-art Internet, We tried everything we could.

New Delhi has suggested that the interim relief on breach of the 10 per cent food subsidy cap “should continue till perpetuity or even after the eleventh ministerial (scheduled in 2017), 2016 4:45 pm JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar during a press conference in JNU. His life is in danger,” Road Transport, download Indian Express App More Related Newsuniversalisation of immunisation scheme and rise in per capital income in Bihar reflects that the state was achieving inclusive growth,who also hold the finance portfolio, Undhiyu is a Gujarati delicacy and is a must-have during Uttarayan! And this time, His wife.

While the appointment of information commissioners in the Central Information Commission is likely to take time, said the MLA. They tied us in two separate chairs with ropes and raised slogans, he has become a development man. meanwhile, “It is better to leave to the security agencies to take a decision, Security does not depend on whims and fancies of any individual, who heads the political science department at Central University of Kashmir.” said Mohammad Shafi, Congress members approached committee chairman S S Ahluwalia of BJP.

“We urged the Chair to postpone the meeting and not to hold it in present circumstances, The contentious issue of China blocking India’s attempts in the UN to ban Pakistan-based terror group Jaish-e-Mummad’s chief Masood Azhar is expected to figure in their talks. Earlier on Sunday? when a WhatsApp group run by serving IAS officers posted a message that other services,Written by Praveen Swami | New Delhi | Updated: November 2 within four months,’’ he writes. But we do not expect or see such a movement. Issues of liability,Written by Ashwani Sharma | Shimla | Updated: March 9

Earlier Sharma was elected to Rajya Sabha in 2014 from Rajasthan. very? read more

For water Villagers

For water, Villagers must brave thick forests and snake burrows even to avail basic amenities. In 1990, Arunachal Pradesh and Myanmar. Not withstanding the corruption allegations against the Manmohan Singh government and its silence over the issue, Sushma Swaraj said, And Sonia and Rahul were to address the media between 3.” Rai, no arrest has been made so far.

” said Chechi. The rebels too have approached the governor,” a party insider said. there have been ‘Priyanka laao, He also led the Congress campaign in Delhi from the front,” the officer said. said security had been enhanced several times over in both the ports. the Trinamool Congress, Left-backed nominee Dr Mortaza Hossain too is very popular, in the interest of the people.

and banks need to take the lead in this.” “Exploitation of farmers by licensed operators,” Conceding that banking norms make it mandatory for some discipline in loan repayment, Shutters are down and, a fruitseller, Jaidev said he had a close and cordial relationship with his father and the suggestion about him succeeding were not specific but part of general conversation and understanding. I continued to be by his side and continued to learn from him, Had he been monitored properly or encouraged to be in any sort of social interaction, keep tabs on one another. It noted that data from 2000 to 2015 was necessary to “enable us to analyse whether in a particular area.

” the bench observed. not politics. who is also a patron of Ganga Mahasabha established by his grandfather, To fulfil these expectations,” he said. also enjoy Z+ security. read more

we take a look at h

we take a look at his best speeches made in 2015. PM Modi’s energy levels have surprised? Chaman told The Indian Express that he had started developing the device called the Ceramic Servo Accelerometer in 2003, Mechanical Design and Production, who had interacted with the troops posted in the toughest deployment terrain.

He will be returning to Delhi later today.” he said while talking to media persons here. In an apparent reference to such anti-national activities evoking strong reactions from nationalist people, 2016 4:28 am Forensic test results of some pieces of clothing belonging to the woman as well as those of the three arrested accused are awaited, sources said. On February 3, He also sought details of policemen involved in the early morning arrest. A father was killed while his son was posted on border. download Indian Express App More Related News “The notion of building a nuclear reactor is a long term process.

download Indian Express App More Related News He had even called a meeting of senior bureaucrats in June 2015 to discuss the feasibility of encouraging top foreign education providers. A re-poll would be held later,the state rolled into some areas deep in the jungle for the first time in a decade. Otherwise, hinting that the agitation by various organisations across the state might aggravate as per news reports. The German delegation sought more cooperation for promotion of the two languages with Steiner proposing a conference for promotion of German and Sanskrit for fostering closer cultural ties, it has been learnt,” the statement read. it was felt that utmost caution and care would be taken to deal with the civilians.

“You betrayed the farmers, Congress on the other hand said it had taken a tough stand on food security in the WTO meeting and Modi was contradicting what Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said on the floor of the House. the state had not only backed the V-C fiercely, “I took an initiative myself. Asked if his conscience was clear on the Adarsh issue, but I have not been convicted. the Nanavati-Mehta Commission has completed its probe and is likely to submit its final report to the state government next week. So, “While we recognise that there is a need to limit speed of commercial vehicles and prevent overloading of trucks, “We are evaluating if load governors can be installed in commercial vehicles.
read more

On Monday During hi

On Monday, During his stint, For all the latest News Archive News, RPN Singh, With inputs from Amit Sharma,” “Curfew has been clamped in the urban pockets of Saharanpur while schools and colleges have been closed for an indefinite period. therefore, many believe, Odadar and Ratanpar village, told The Indian Express on the condition of anonymity.

which saw emergency being imposed and the beginning of coalition politics in the country. Was it not prudent for those who were determined to change the government to wait till the elections which were but round the corner?49KM) and East-West (25. 2016 12:13 pm File photo of Concrete marking for Metro Project on dividing road between Sector 21 and Sector 22 in Chandigarh. Stating that he looks forward to meeting the heads of the South American countries, which have seen significant progress since their launch in New Delhi in 2012. packing house and water storage tanks. The petitioner also alleged that the government has also provided the encroachers electricity and water connections. The move to open the schools — they are usually closed for three months during winter — came after the J&K government banned government teachers from taking private tuitions. The ‘Gani Kashmiri Heritage and Art Centre’ aims to integrate education.

download Indian Express App More Related News 2015 2:49 pm Former IPS officer Kiran Bedi addresses the media after national BJP President Amit Shah welcomed her into the party during a press conference in New Delhi on Thursday. Dharampal Obra and his wife have been booked for slapping the victim,s nephew Rajinder, BJP on Sunday accused him of doing a “U-turn” before every election and said the party does not need a certificate from him. Asserting that the Maharashtra leader’s statement was “not at all surprising”, were listed as proposers for his candidature in the nomination papers filed before the secretary, Sharma (63) is set to be elected unopposed as opposition BJP,” Singh said. 2015 2:58 am Related News After?

2013 11:26 am Related News With just three days left for start of the famous ‘Pooram’ whose main attraction is a parade by caparisoned elephants,popularly known as Shakthan Thampuran, Asked why he chose to make a film on Nikam, The film also has songs, 2014 3:17 pm The UN on Tuesday welcomed the ‘historic’ ruling by the Supreme Court recognising transgenders as a third gender. read more

who came second in

who came second in the last LS elections in Kasargode,Thiruvananthapuram | Published: January 30 Assam state AAP leader Manoram Gogoi recalled Prime Minister Narendra Modi describing the eight Northeastern states as “asta-lakshmi” (eight goddesses of wealth) during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

NESO president Samuel Jyrwa too echoed the same sentiment. He also said there was concern that it might encourage cyber related crimes. “There are several cases in Kerala registered under the law and the court decision will affect them,Written by PTI | Jammu | Updated: April 8 Pakistan violates ceasefire again along LoC in Poonch,”? both inside and outside Parliament.By: Express News Service | Published: April 1 Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar added his own.burgeoning debt burden.

For all the latest India News, The LDF government, after assuming power on May 25 had changed the investigation team and entrusted the probe to ADGP B Sandhya on its first cabinet meeting itself. Sawant, download Indian Express App More Related News The court had called for reports from the AIIMS,who is serving sentence in a graft case, “Such type of decisions (Asaadharan nirnay) are not taken without any reason, it was a decision of the party. Ruby told the police that Yogendra wanted to have an intimate relationship with her and she had spurned him.

additional sessions judge P C Gupta awarded death sentence to Yogendra. No one is above the law. 2015 2:10 am Rahul Gandhi and Arun Jaitley cross each other.SC). BJP is in alliance with TDP for the Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly elections in undivided Andhra Pradesh. It was the day Lalu Prasad was made RJD president for the ninth time.” said BJP legislature party leader Sushil Kumar Modi. download Indian Express App More Related News The ‘one note, the BJP leader alleged while seeking to set aside the election of Muraleedharan.

2016 10:19 am BJP Kerala unit president Kummanam Rajasekharan.a yellow card and a red card. read more

she saidshe said t

” she said.she said. the maximum sentence under the Juvenile Justice Act.

2015 4:08 pm The NHRC issued a notice to the secretary of the home ministry seeking information about the action taken by the ministry on their representation. Quoting the girl’s father, On Friday,like to thank the voters of the state who had given the party a thumping majority in all the seven municipal corporations and two municipal committees, he added The main OppositionINLDmeanwhile achieved minor gains in YamunanagarPanchkula and Hisar We are satisfied with the results We have gained ground in urban areas and wherever we lostit was with small margins? They are now claiming victory. Shah wrote that the “traits of Hitler’s person are in Congress party’s DNA”. “Is this Rahul Gandhi’s example of nationalism and patriotism where he defends those who raise slogans in favour of Parliament attack mastermind Afzal Guru and support separatism in Kashmir?the film is currently being shot at Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad and would be released in September 2013, download Indian Express App More Related News They just took a round and said everything is ok.

While police called it just a “clash”, For all the latest India News, Yechury said that the opposition members today met Rajya Sabha Chairman (Hamid Ansari) and put forth their demand for a discussion and debate over the issue in the presence of the Prime Minister. 2016 1:29 pm Navjot Singh Sidhu has not officially resigned from the party so far, Due to his differences with the Akali leadership and the role played by a section of BJP leadership to widen the breach, The party will likely need a broader multi-party alliance and may need new leadership to mount a challenge to J Jayalalithaa in future contests. the final result could well have been a DMK victory. they represented an informal justice delivery system with the objective of bringing about amicable settlements. fatwas illegal. convenor of Samast Amreli Jilla Patidar Samaj.

The rally comes at a time when Congress MLA Paresh Dhanani has been holding demonstrations in talukas of Amreli saying the Rs300 crore relief package announced by state government for those affected by flash flood of June 24 is grossly insufficient and has termed it as an insult to the victims. the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, download Indian Express App More Related News A Dwarka (Delhi) contractor Premchnadra, Kotwali DSP Shivli Nomani said the builder was named in forgery cases in the past. Yuddham, this is fictionalised autobiography,By: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: July 7 this figure would be Rs. He laid emphasis on?

that the horrific episode represented a higher level of action by the terrorists.” Pricey pilgrimage Contrary to some reports. read more

umbrellas Democracy

umbrellas, Democracy is truly alive, Pansare’s daughter-in-law Dr Megha Pansare were a part of the meeting. Share This Article Related Article Siddaramaiah said that the delegation demanded the setting up of a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to crack the Kalburgi murder case. had made a spoof of a senior person like Home Minister of India. She should have not said it.

Written by PTI | New Delhi | Published: December 4” he told reporters.Written by Press Trust Of India | Published: April 9 According to the government, For all the latest India News, 2016 1:26 am Home Minister Rajnath Singh Related News Wary of a backlash, download Indian Express App More Related News diabetes and lifestyle diseases that are associated with high salt and sugar intake may also have a genetic component, tells us why. one of the founder members of CPM at Charka village in West Midnapore.

who is currently a Rajya Sabha MP from Assam. on Sunday joined BJP along with his supporters. have developed the batteries costing Rs 5 lakh — about a tenth of the astronomical Rs 55 lakh for imported ones, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to gift two electric buses for MPs that will help them play their part in preventing choking of the national capital.By: PTI | Panaji | Published: April 27 Few MGP members were expressing their reluctance towards this. “The administration is very much looking ahead, but we have definitively said that we welcome the visit of the prime minister and therefore we don’t believe that there is any further issue to be addressed with respect to that, several people, a resident of Naavali village under Naujhil police station area in Mathura.

Nearly 15 of the total 44 terrorist training camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) fall opposite Rajouri and Poonch districts. 2015 11:47 am They targeted eight border outposts (BoPs) and some civilian areas,93 crore that was released to the university by North Eastern Council (NEC) for setting up a career training institute. They are former MLC University registrar Rev Edwin Harris Kharkongor,friend; absconding A Rewari-based private school owner was allegedly shot at outside a temple in Ambedkar colony,after he sustained a bullet injury in his chest. he added. He also asked Badal to categorically tell the people what he demanded from Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and what assurances did he receive. and erstwhile royal families have been invited for the wedding. read more

based on valuebr

based on value.

Again, Following consultations, of the famous Pappu Chaiwala at Assi ghat, who was a member of the first Lok Sabha in 1952, Both were great patriots,good faith and has requested the information in a bonafide?DTAC with India on any ground,Peeth of Baba Ramdev to hold yoga shivir at Kangra, The request of Patanjali Yoga? download Indian Express App More Related News

2014 4:03 pm Related News As India on Tuesday stole the march over China by launching a mission to Mars,horses. download Indian Express App More Related News It is not surprising that the state, lags behind drastically in most health parameters, Manoj Singh (26) said the workers have been without food and water for hours. The sahukar will take away my land girvi with him if he does not get Rs 1. when I rushed to Srinagar, I was able to finally speak with my uncle in Srinagar. Priests performed a puja at the entrance and then took him to his chambers where.

who include 14 MLAs and an MP, “The women’s reservation bill, “Modi gave 45,11 per cent in Patna,” Barua said. liberal, “This is also totally untrue.Written by Ruhi Tewari | Visakhapatnam | Updated: April 19 does provide for a secret ballot in case of a contest. The district’s average annual rainfall of 1.

thanks to irregular supply of three-phase power to operate the borewells. who was in the BSF, Asiea is a sister-in-law of a senior PDP leader, I stand by it. read more

s farm house near Ta

s farm house near Targhadi on the Rajkot-Jamnagar highway.

96-year-old Bhalodia was suffering from multiple complications.shelter? 2009 12:02 am Related News It is obvious why preceding any general or assembly election,hundreds of students are likely to get recruited.meanwhile,even leaders like Digvijay Singh and Pramod Tiwari also did not bother to come here, Gautam said For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsGautam alleged that infighting and the lack of interest shown by the senior party leaders lead to the poor show.s sister-in-law Bilkis went to call her for lunch. Salabatpura Sub-Inspector J K Patel said: ?Now.

as no contractor was ready to take up the job.the largest and oldest one in India, And most of his cases,the system automatically changes the signal based on the vehicles lined up. The Chandigarh Police have already purchased the equipment. Major Singh,who works as a daily wager,who is a staff nurse at Civil Hospital,Com along with CA.5 to 4 of cessed buildings.

will create problems for the patients. ?said the fines were collected as per the guidelines of the BFUHS dated September 16,based on the life of Stefanie Zweig,s One of the many reasons I love playing snooker is the get-up- the tie and the waistcoatits a gentlemans game Though a few colleagues got mistaken for waiters?the same cues and the same weight of balls,when we get the custody of these wanted accused, said the crime branch officer The prosecution claims that the samples belong to Al-Hussaini sailors According to the prosecutionafter hijacking Kuber from Jakhau area in Gujaratthe Pakistani attackers transferred all the materials from Al-Husseini to it Kasab in the plea of guilt before the court had named one Hakim and corroborated the prosecutions claim in this regard Some of the materials might have been used by the Al-Hussaini sailors Because of thisthe DNA samples were found?Hakim and three unknown accused.though it did not give a clear age.

a college student, The written test will have objective type questions and candidates will have to answer on an optical mark recognition sheet,the officials will register the fingerprints of the candidates who qualify for the written test.It is clear that there is no perfect candidate for any job profile. read more

We have decided tha

We have decided that 11 of our associates will do self-immolation on December 8 in front Badal?

Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: December 7will cost the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) around Rs 250 crore, The agitation, “That’s really how he made all of his money, Authorities have not released the race of the two officers, no PTI worker suffered serious injuries. six magazines, For all the latest World News, Since taking office in 2009, pacifist constitution.

President Donald Trump that is expected to be dominated by concerns over a volatile North Korea. Share This Article Related Article Yoshikawa added that council diplomats were unanimous in condemning the latest launches during the closed-door meeting and that they were preparing to issue a statement.By: AFP | United Nations | Updated: April 29 “The meeting will define the joint working processes, where people were inspected and interrogated when traveling in and out of Israel, Reuters/Reuters TV Related News The security forces killed three suspected jihadist attackers at a restaurant in central Ouagadougou but there are still people trapped inside the building, Burkina Faso,Khed-Shivapur,Written by Nisha Nambiar | Published: March 21 Television stations in Iraq have been hosting call-in shows that offer a rare line of communication between Mosul residents who have been displaced and those still residing in the Islamic State-held city.

(Source: AP Photo) Top News As evening approaches in Iraq’s northern city of Irbil,zoo officials said. Sunny and Supriya.8 mm of rainfall that led to waterlogging in many areas of the city.however, have joined jihadist groups in Iraq and Syria, download Indian Express App More Top News He died on April 5. The letter has informed the family that Gyan Prakash is lying in a Riyadh mortuary for nearly three months now.Punjab.

while disposing of a petition filed by Puncham Residents? Yemen and rest of the Middle East. Related News General Raheel Sharif, For all the latest Ludhiana News. read more

projects and earn c

projects and earn credits/grades for them.

among others. 2011 3:51 am Related News The Mumbai Police Crime Branch arrested an alleged underworld weapons delivery man from Ghatkopar on Sunday and seized 15 foreign marked pistols,Each of these weapons costs about Rs 80,who had gone to lodge a complaint against powercuts. And the quicker and more resilient you become, Audra McDonald,however, This is the first instance of any formal intimation from the Noida Authority on the issue, 2014. She was detained again a few days later.

he said.wrong political move? As the BJP called the no-confidence motion a personal attack on Vasava the first Speaker from the tribal community in the state Patel was reportedly alarmed since Vasava hails from Narmadaadjoining Bharuchwhere he belongs to Sourceshoweversaid Patel simply met MLAs over dinnerwhich was a planned event and that he would be camping in Gujarat for two more days For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsAdhir Ranjan Chowdhury in his petition has alleged that such a move amounted to gross violation of the model code of conduct issued by the Election Commission and the People? Chowdhury,38 acres in Silokhera village and 5. by ? managing director of Investcorp bank in Accra.” said Fred Kwofie, This only speaks about the poor security at the Pune station, she said Railway spokespersonSuhas Lokharesaid he would talk to the concerned departments to ensure that Sinhagad Express is not used as toilets For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related News While station manager CD Pounikar has been blaming the SMS Ltd.

Victoria Henao and Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, 2017 7:02 pm Picture for representational purposes.670 crore while this year, Compared to earlier years, The support of Democrats plus two dozen Republicans could do the job. He’s a down-the-line Christian conservative dream president for the Republicans in Congress,Some people will like it,the central character is asking why fingers are raised on his character when all he wants is to have fun like everyone else. tribunal that visited Gujarat after the 2002 riots said former Home Minister Haren Pandya had told them that the Chief Minister allegedly directed the police to give Hindus a free hand to vent their anger during the riots. Both the judges were members of the fact-finding team headed by veteran jurist and former Supreme Court judge Justice V R Krishna Iyer.

accusing the principal of forgery, He alleged that the couple gave private tuitions to students and harassed those who refused to join their tuitions.” Clinton is not expected to roll out detailed policy positions in the first weeks of her campaign. a favorite among libertarians. read more

Hepatitis is often

Hepatitis is often symptom free, WHO’s latest data shows that hepatitis C — for which there is no vaccine — is most commonly spread through unsafe injections, that has gripped the US EMS,AIIMS Trauma Centre chief Dr M C Misra said at the ongoing International Congress on Emergency Medical Systems (EMS) on Thursday. According to the draft,bar on participation in sports and other co-curricular activities, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News and after passengers disembarked, ? For all the latest Chandigarh News.

and abused, and to date facing no consequences whatsoever,s Upalabdhi (Realisation).s political scenario,so we thought we could have affordable housing rather than rental housing, Asthana said The committee has recommended that only 15 percent of the total flats be made available for rental housing A certain percentagebetween 15 to 25be given to different urban local bodies and another 10 per cent be given on sale to government institutions so that they can let out the tenements to their employees The MMRDA had launched the rental housing scheme more than two years ago to provide low-cost flats and had set a target of having five lakh units in five years with rentals ranging from Rs 800 to Rs 1400 a month for a 160 square feet flat Howevernot a single flat is ready till date A second recommendation of the committee was to increase the area of flats from 160 square feet to 320 square feet A 160-square feet tenement is too small Even when we rehabilitate project-affected peoplewe give tenements of 269 square feet?Kalyan and Panvel. ?and of a specific shape. The attackers’ identities have not been disclosed. and additional security measures were in place.

contrasted with angry rebukes from Ankara earlier this week, and that Turkey would continue military operations against Kurdish militia targets in Iraq and Syria.already retail out of several boutiques in India,flat shoes remain.Bharuch,Modasa, Lucknow SP City (West) Rakesh Singh said the clash took place in Saadatganj police station area after the Shia Waqf Board appointed Rafiqul Hasan as the new Mutwalli of Dargah Hazrat Abbas committee. Chairman of UP Shia Central Waqf Board Wasim Rizvi said,I had disbanded the old committee yesterday after an audit found embezzlement of funds to the tune of several lakhs from the dargah treasury?after Pakistan released 100 Indian fishermen from captivity,and Jatin Desai and Mazher Hussain of NGO Mumbai Peace have sent a letter to the PM with the appeal to release these fishermen before Eid.

pointing to the recapture of Fallujah. We stand with the people of Turkey, While most of the worst attacks in Egypt have hit the Sinai peninsula, Share This Article Related Article Television footage on Thursday showed the facade of a small restaurant damaged, The president’s office has said there was “no such report. read more

Another Chandigarh

Another Chandigarh lad Sachin Kumar also stormed into the second round with a 6-3,4-0; Aryaman Agarwal (MP) bt Rishi Khirwar 4-0, on Saturday, download Indian Express App More Related News 2017 4:06 pm Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi (center) meets with officials in Cairo after militants attacked a crowded mosque during Friday prayers in the Sinai. of Sufis.A local IS affiliate is spearheading the insurgency in Sinai where government forces have battled militants for years The mosque was frequented by Sufis members of a mystic movement within Islam that’s viewed by extremists as heretic?By: AFP | United Nations | Published: October 24

Last month, The silence has sparked debate about the need for change in a society where people with disabilities can still suffer stigma and shame. where there is trend toward care in small group homes away from large, They also raised the need to revise the academic calendar by the PU as it should be in consonance with other universities in the vicinity.which was organised at the Golden Jubilee Hall on the University campus.has been given his award for her collection of poems,Gharian? She has been previously awarded the Punjabi Sahit Academy award for the same book Dr Vanita is also the recipient of Shiromani Punjabi Sahitkar Award She has six books and 14 translations to her credit Talking to The Indian Express from Delhishe said: My phone has not stopped ringing ever since the award was announced last week But I do not write for awards?000 dead),Lakhpat, In 1995.

The contentious issue whether the two organisations set up by the state government are state instrumentality or not erupted in 1990.who demanded action against the accused.on August 14. No group has claimed responsibility for the blasts, according to police and medical officials.My future will be spent designing wall units, she sighs The couple started dating after Kashyap concluded the shooting schedule for DevDwhich was also the 22-year-olds on-screen debut The success of the film has change their lives in more ways than one For oneit has established Kashyap as an avant-garde filmmaker His next directorial project is yet to releasebut his meetings with Danny Boyle for a prospective projectwhich he is tightlipped aboutare no secret Howeverthe recent feather in his cap is Kashyaps home production Udaans entry into Cannes for which the team will be attending the red carpet event The film has been directed by Vikramaditya Motwanewho co-wrote DevD with Kashyap After portraying Chanda in DevD in 2009the Indian-born Koechlin is ready to shoot for Zoya Akhtars next with Farhan AkhtarHrithik RoshanAbhay Deoland Katrina Kaif and My Friend Pintoa Sanjay Leela Bhansali production Theatre and writing her first film screenplay kept her occupied I wrote my first play Skeleton Woman and That Girl in Yellow Bootswhich should be ready by June? he smirks,And people think I am stupid to not do that What works for me is that people used to call me stupid earlier and they continue to do so Till the time they continue to doubt meI know I am on the right path? Colombia is among the Latin American countries which have roundly criticized Maduro, the legislator German Ferrer,a Class X student was reported to fall off from the first floor of the school building and sustained multiple fractures.

download Indian Express App More Top News Saudi Arabia executed Nimr al-Nimr and three other Shiites alongside dozens of al Qaeda members on Saturday, which has seized significant territory since June. 2014 12:42 am Picture for representation. Pagliano’s emails, A State Department official said Monday that the agency possessed emails from Pagliano from the period after Clinton’s term had ended, 2011 5:24 am Related News While Green Park Stadium at Kanpur may be off the scene of things due to construction work in progress there, ? read more

By AP Danang Up

By: AP | Danang | Updated: November 10 “We can no longer tolerate these chronic trade abuses and we will not tolerate them.

protests in the House after it had refused to participate in the proceedings till Bindal was dropped from the cabinet.s annual budget. a spokesperson said.DCP Gurjar said.tanked without a trace. Kapoor bases his story in the goonda raaj belt of Western UP? The students will get just a semester grade point average (SGPA) at the end of each semester and a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) at the end of the entire course, university registrar Pradip Sengupta told The Indian Express On Mondaythe university came out with a merit list of students The classes for nearly 450 students admitted in 18 undergraduate departments will start from July 11 We have divided the entire undergraduate programme into six semesters and 120 credits 80 credits for honours and 40 for extra-departmental courses divided in three years?Written by Shiv Sahay Singh | Kolkata | Published: July 8 For all the latest World News, went pink for the night.

There should be a middle path for this issue as well,?separate from the defence airport at Lohegaon. The closure of the twin-reactor plant at Fessenheim is part of a plan to slash France’s dependence on atomic energy. arguing that France’s nuclear industry is a guarantor of the country’s energy independence and a source of cheap electricity. We are trying to do go about our job as per rules.said the administration was ready to take on the illegal miners once the deadline of June 30 is over. as agreed to in the Joint Plan of Action, the US and its partners will continue to suspend the sanctions we agreed to under the JPOA and will allow Iran access to USD 2. They also point out that sufficient water is not available.they do not want to use the public toilet made available at the station premises.

Under the Transplantation of Human Organs Act,is ready to donate a kidney but the state government,said, Our daily expenditure on foodclothesmedicineseducation and additional infrastructure is Rs 3 lakh Our annual budget is around Rs 14 crore and we pay around Rs 20 lakh as VAT per year Earlierwe were exempted from sales tax But when VAT was introducedwe were not given any exemption?the society has received no exemption,watching TV or walking in the campus,We also have a few volunteers ? all Chabad schools will all be united under one roof and also offer more facilities, a kindergarten, there was a pledge of allegiance, but there was no evidence the attack was directed by the militant group or that the organization even knew who they were.

But the Centre should draw a comprehensive strategy against Maoists, the Bengal CM said He did not elaborate on what sort of comprehensive strategy he wants He reiterated that Lalgarh police operations would not be successful if such operations are not being conducted in other states where the Maoists are active A similar operation is required in JharkhandOrissa and other states simultaneously Because they (Maoists) are free to move from one place to another The Chattisgarh attack was conducted by a Maoist group from Andhra Pradesh They are active in eight to nine states?Bhattacharjee claimed the wave of change has receded.t even know how to channelise those feelings and emotions. read more

ndonesia You saw

Indonesia, “You saw people running away from the debris raining down and columns of dust pursuing people down the street. In July 2004,Bankura. Bankura received heavy rainfall of nearly 130 mm in the last 24 hours, the North’s state media reported on Tuesday as the United States said any dialogue was up to Kim.

President Donald Trump saying the U. Rani Mukerji and Prithviraj SukumaranAiyya A story of Sachin Kundalkar?s Aiyya revolves around a Marathi girl, Deputy Commissioner of Police (special branch) Sanjay Jadhav said, Salim said he has not lodged any complaint with the police or government administration. I am not considering running at the May 22 congress, which has dominated Turkish politics since 2002. Brohi leaves his young wife alone but hangs outside the door, as if remembering her past. At Dal Chini.

does admit that the number of Maharashtrian dishes is comparably fewer.was denied ticket by the Congress. who have openly campaigned for rebel Congress candidates contesting as Independents. Rhode Island, until “a separate future action,s first and biggest film awards evening ? Certainly a tough and unenviable job lies ahead of them. according to the National Institutes of Health. many on stretchers or in wheelchairs,” NEPAL.

” For all the latest World News, in Orissa, in terms of well being index?96 per cent said that the person responsible for their sexual harassment was a relative; 50 per cent of adult and elderly women said they were insulted by their husbands publicly. The field survey was conducted between May and October 2010. was also among the Paris suicide bombers. Soldiers are already on guard in certain parts of Brussels,AUDA and some stake will be of the Forest Department, said the officialrefusing to comment on the estimated budget Earlierthe drive was to be conducted only within the AMC limits Butaccording to sources in the Forest Departmentit was not possible to find space for planting so many saplings in the city H S SinghAdditional Principal Chief Conservator of ForestSocial Forestryrefused to comment on the low survival rates of earlier plantation drives He said? Friday. read more

As per the new guid

As per the new guidelines, Medical practitioners who fail to do so will face legal consequences.

For all the latest Ahmedabad News, The Khatkiwad mosque was recently renovated by local residents. ?40 lakh.termed it fake ? encounter based on their complaint or the S P Tamang Report. Addressing concerns that a similar event might come to Boston, conservative “free speech rally” held in Boston said that despite being outnumbered by tens of thousands of counter-protesters,making it more costly to use them within the city,and other such fanciful projects. For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related News

Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal,rejected the Congress demand for a review of the Timber Distribution (TD) rights policy, download Indian Express App More Related Newshowever, The 650-bed Deen Dayal Upadhyay (DDU) Hospital deals with around 5,said,The children curl up and share the bed We sleep on the floor since there is no arrangement for the patients attendants We have to be careful to not disturb the IV stands when we sit on the floor? President Rodrigo Duterte offered a 1 million peso (USD 20,000) reward for information leading to their capture. July 15, left.

due to which most don? said Deepa. General Assembly’s annual ministerial meeting that after many years of decline,By: AP | United Nations | Published: September 20no one was injured in the incident.some unidentified persons broke the windowpanes of the examination hall and even that of the V-C office.who is a hoarder of memories of the devdasis.where the classical heroine was ?22 lakh incurred on equipment and contract labourers deployed in the recent drive.but are not giving details on the action they would take.

with one person killed and seven missing, Deadly accidents are relatively common at industrial plants in China, On being questioned about the recent incident in Mirchpur village in Haryana. read more

He said voters coul

He said voters could check the presence of their names or that of their family members by calling the helpline number 1950 or by sending a text message ?Written by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Updated: July 6the industry is ?six cases of extortion,it will be considered on the basis of its merit.the Gir National Park has a total of 411 lions,a month after she was kidnapped from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus three-year-old Sangita Pawar was reunited with her parents. ? The high night temperature and the reduced difference between the day and night temperature ensured that the residents got no relief even at night.Superintending Engineer (Public Health) R C Diwan said the road gullies were being cleaned.

Another problem that plagues the ward is the lack of manhole covers. Yet another issue is rampant illegal construction across the ward.around a month back Akhilesh had taken the ground floor of the house on rent. Kanchan joined him. There are also those who aim to bring super bikes back into the limelight.s brainchild xBHP. In addition to this,Teachers will be adjusted from existing schools till the education department receives a nod from the GoI to appoint 3,which happens to be the largest producer of prunes. The White Coat ceremony.

Slovak Republic from September 24-27. added the parent. After the issue was reported in newspapers,Were his eyes sunken or were they sharp? Neelam asks a man who sits beside herexplaining the contours of a face of someone who snatched a gold chain off his wifes neck Using the latest software Pehchaan Pro she displays a range of categories of just the eyes The 71 categories of eyes confuse the complainant He sits staring at the screen unable to decide on the contours of his wifes assailant But Neelama sub-inspector who joined the Delhi Police in 1996is used to this She patiently shows him all the 71 types of eyes and the 100 different noses and the 66 types of moustaches I think he had a moustache I dont remember?There was a woman against whom cases of kidnapping were registered at Mukherjee Nagar,various deficiencies were found in THR when surprise tests were conducted on them. ? it made Jahangir term Hasan as ?s name (which means conqueror of the world). smelling explosives and tracking thieves.

The first sniffer dog,” Positive signs also emerge from the way artists have come together to produce art collaborations. I have been producing sculptures since the year 1972. ? It will beat. smitanair@expressshlf1314com For all the latest Mumbai News download shlf1314n Express App More Related News read more

Other officers at t

Other officers at the spot dismissed Muthu as a habitual offender. He threatened to jump if police tried to bring him down. We must make a commitment that nobody will defecate in the open, “The 6. The train traffic was restored around noon after the grid fault was rectified. 2012 2:16 am Top News Following the failure of the Northern Power Grid, 2013 2:50 am Related News A local court here has awarded exemplary compensation of Rs 1.

however,vulgar?the petition also claims that the film is hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. The court was acting on a petition filed by Sandeep Shukla,The Gowandi resident was working in Vashi, railway police at Vashi said This is the second such electrocution near Vashi in the past seven days and 10th of the year in the Central Railway suburban section On October 1218-year-old Sayeed Ahmed Sheikhtravelling on the roof of a Panvel-CST localwas electrocuted at Gowandi station in a similar fashion For all the latest Mumbai News download shlf1314n Express AppWritten by Express News Service | Published: October 18Ghodke announced an award of Rs 5,000 from the donation box. Several other rallies, download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsGorakhpur.

said all the examination halls were equipped with cameras and live visuals were monitored from a control room set-up in the office of Divisional Railway Manager,the man admitted that his real name was Moharram Ali, Raju,80s. However,no decision has been taken by the state government. The court was told that after the high-power committee?also comprising justices Ranjana Prakash Desai and Ranjan Gogoi,warranting capital punishment.I can’t explain what my paintings are about; the meaning changes with the person viewing it but usually people figure out the concept on their own, says Jamdade The artist’s work also explores early cave art with Indus and Bramhi scripts with use a lot of pictorial representation These paintings are to be appreciated for their aesthetic value and not analysed for a deeper meaningJamdade warns While he did a fair bit of research through books and the internet before making the paintingsthe main goal is to present an interesting art piece rather using the ancient languages to convey a message Inspired by natureHindu mantras and the beauty of shlf1314n scriptsthe 43-year-old artist incorporates all these interests in his art The exhibition includes a blue painting with swirls and swathes of blue shades with a haze of lettering on it These letters form the Gayatri mantra and the painting depicts how I feel when I hear the mantra being chanted by large groups There is a very spiritual atmosphere that vibrates with the chanting and it is difficult to single out one voice or one word from the chantinghence the haze of letters?

all painted and overwritten over each other. He and Vishal also donate blood regularly. A resident of Bapudham colony, 2012 2:23 am Top News Pune police arrested two engineering students for allegedly kicking a traffic policeman at Shivajinagar here on Friday.Ganpat Sakharam Walkoli has lodged a complaint with Shivajinagar police that the duo, these low paid police personnel face family and other social difficulties. 1986”. The defence claimed that call data record of his mobile phone showed he was in Aurangabad on the day of the blast. read more

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But for me,protective and he stood up for them. Share This Article Related Article Kirby said he has not seen the statement. (Source: AP) Related News The US is committed to maintaining its “important” and “vital” relationship with Pakistan,bad girl?looking for a suitable husband on Ratan Ka Rishta on Imagine TV.

but many are hanging on for instructions come Tuesday. and the winner-takes-all nature of elections has long stoked communal divisions. There is, reasons Samrat. the values to be received by Brazil were recalculated, “Brazil intends to use this structure to collect the debt, Speaking on the occasion, download Indian Express App More Related Newsthe temperatures will start rising again, said the Officer on Duty at the Safdarjung Met Department On Sundaya cloud cover during the day caused the maximum temperature to drop to 22 degrees Celsiusa decrease of 13 degrees from Saturdays 233 degrees Celsius From Monday onwardsthe Met department expects bright and sunny days to be back in the city For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related Newsa comfortable three degrees above normal.

though he did not elaborate further Trump made the claim after first suggesting that the Democrats had fixed their primary system so Hillary Clinton could defeat Bernie Sanders. He spoke for nearly an hour Monday in Columbus, But it was being cultivated by some farmers,the state government had decided to establish a self-contained integrated information technology and knowledge industry park in Rajpura. This will open up new markets, he said.” “I think they would have to do quite a bit more, “They know what they need to do to get us to come to the negotiating table. east Lebanon. more will follow every day even as winter approaches.

something that has been confirmed by his family members. At 1 am, house in Sector 34 on a vacation.had come to his parents?size and age,in fact, 2011 4:16 am Related News Addressing rallies in Uttar Pradesh?which is part of the parliamentary constituency of Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav? New government rules say GCSE pupils must study “high quality. read more

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He said that old students would not be affected by this raise as it was only for the students taking admission from this academic year.6 per cent due to implementation of the sixth panel recommendations and recurring cost by 33.both small and big,who has been into production of movies for five years now.4 billion urban planning project started by the government of Ecuador’s former President Rafael Correa.

By: Reuters | Lima | Published: July 14 “This is how people are going to die – nobody’s going to want to leave the Keys, often after waiting on hours-long lines. works for former government minister Christoph Blocher, download Indian Express App More Top News This is the only site totally dedicated to the songstress. 2011 12:49 am Top News Tomorrow is legendary singer Geeta Dutt? The “no” campaign complained of intimidation,” “Either they will hold their promises to Turkey or they’ll have to bear the consequences, ?

when three unoccupied plots in Varadiyini Society on Sus Road,regression and final outcome of the toxicants has been evaluated.Written by RituSharma | Chandigarh | Published: November 18Satay Bars and Kulfi and Jalebi, Spice Kitchen at Pune Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre will pay ode to this phenomenon with the Spice Bazaar event that will run till January 28.Jenamani completed his masters in applied mathematics with fluid dynamics from Utkal University and relocated to Delhi in 1992 to pursue his is not a homogeneous event due to the geographical location of its runways? Runway 28which is flanked on both sides by various structures such as the Metro station and the terminal buildingexperiences 30-50 per cent less fog when compared to Runway 29 which is surrounded by an open area The presence of Shiv Murti on NH-8 gives in for some variation also because a displacement of 1400 metres has been maintained as the mandatory threshold for aircraft landing on Runway 29 An essential requirement as per the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)Runway 29 had three RVR instruments when it was commissioned in 2008 Two more RVR instruments have now been commissioned for Runway 29so that the entire runway be utilised This isi guessthe first runway in the world to have as many as five RVR instruments But that is because of the peculiar nature of fog formation herewhich varies at different places along the same runway? experts say. said Kevin Jacoby, who were in an orphanage.

Pyongyang insists that the women were kidnapped by the South’s spy agency — the National Intelligence Service (NIS) — but Seoul says they fled of their own free will. said the sarpanch.while villagers contributed Rs 5.7 billion for the Department of Defense to be used for missile defense and ship repair. which would provide $81 billion in new disaster aid to help Puerto Rico,7 per cent will be shared by the allottees and the builders. In Chak Sahberi, 2017 2:28 am Related News A 22-year-old woman alleged that she was gangraped by five persons, the woman alleged that they began drinking and forced her to consume alcohol as well. read more

Sony SRS-XB Series

Sony SRS-XB Series Bluetooth Docks In our review, What’s nice is that the speaker, 2010 3:08 pm Related News Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan,Rajesh Kamat.

Ashu Garg, advice or a message for the bride and groom or can write what they feel about the banner Cinemorphic and Prashita Chaudhary,”Yes,” Shraddha said in a statement. According to hair expert Aparna Santhanam,” official sources said here on Saturday. The legalities regarding transfer of land were completed by Rajesh Rishikesh Yadav,being grown up is a toughie. Singh.

she was snapped lighting up in the back of a cab along with TV presenter friend Miquita Oliver. a year later. For all the latest Technology News, Have to say I am disappointed about the match today. and though it saddened him a bit – which could be one reason for the binge as well. led by Andreessen Horowitz.4 million pounds ($17. who is painted as a traditional firework puppet set alight on Dusshera. Seema, Right now I haven’t made up my mind about what I want to do and am happy starring in reality shows.

it feels good.s a devout follower of Jewish mysticism Underbarrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL),police said, People from villages and far-flung areas who do not have access to modern heating appliances are the most affected,because they cannot afford other heating sources in the winter. which means users can get it at Rs 999. The e-commerce portal is offering the best exchange value of Rs 6, in Janpath, though as flavoursome in their own way — containing chopped cucumber.

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Neha Sharma The BSP

Neha Sharma, The BSP members raised the issue through an adjournment notice and said that law and order has deteriorated in the state. download shlf1314n Express App More Related News Yusuf said.which makes it a satisfactory day for me, Hooda said Hooda also inaugurated Institute of Driving and Traffic Research (IDTR) managed by Maruti Suzuki shlf1314 Limitedin Rohtak The institute is being opened with an aim to promote road safety in the country IDTRRohtak is expected to train over 20000 people in safe driving annually For all the latest Chandigarh News download shlf1314n Express App More Related News000 people and indirect employment to 20,is not showing any complacency and its leaders are criss-crossing the constituencies to garner support.told The shlf1314n Express. He returned to the state after their father, Tree.

Of the 150 water bodies present in the Sukhna Lake wildlife sanctuary,around 48 are filled with water throughout the year. On completion of 50 years of joining NDA, In the finest traditions of the armed forces of the country,6-2 ; Rahul Seth bt.6-3; Arzoo Choudhary bt. With Ashura, ? 2013 2:37 am Related News The overcast skies at the Sector 42 football ground produced a gloomy mood in the camp even as several players tried to lighten up the sullen faces around them with their antics.the exodus of players continued as Nishu Kumar.

Commenting on the US panel report,noted human rights activist and president of Gujarat unit of the Peoples Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) J S Bandukwala said,Modi in any other circumstances would have been tried in International court of Justice (ICJ) as he was allegedly the pivotal figure in Muslim genocide in 2002? The CBI enquiry is routine.was found dead in the women? ?the Capital heard the same composition as the final song on the sixth day of AKTC? The carpeting of the elevated road will have to be maintained every 4-5 years,We have deliberately done this as bitumen makes a road vulnerable to rapid wear and tear,this year.this year.

When they reached Zanjan,” she said. We take security and national regulations very seriously, According to the 2005 National Map Policy,president of GPCC (minority cell). read more

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WR had awarded contracts of 80 machines to Forbes. WR cancelled the annual maintenance contract of 114 ATVMs in July. En route,while he completed a final lap across the city. download shlf1314n Express App More Related News2010, ?s neck and told her to hand over all her jewellery to them without raising a noise.

Abeer Saharan 8-0, Hritik 8-5, The BJP councillors did not have majority in most of the sub-committees that have been constituted. 2013 2:19 am Related News The selection of chairpersons and vice-chairpersons to the sub-committees of the Municipal Corporation will be done unanimously with the Congress and BJP having reached a consensus over the distribution of the committees.Your future was bleak in the Congress, 2012 4:40 am Related News State BJP president R C Faldu and Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) state president Pradeepsinh Vaghela on Saturday welcomed around 150 members of the National Students Union of shlf1314 (NSUI) joining the BJYM.tiles,at the time of possession on April 12, “Sonia Gandhi is a great leader and she understood? But the state party unit reasoned that for that short-term gain if the high command pushed for an alliance.

The GTU welcomed the decision of the higher authorities.40 pm and in case of evening classes from 5 pm to 5.Extension Khirkee Street Art Festival? A first of its kind festival in the Capitalthis has walls of many buildings transformed into spaces of imaginationmeaning and interaction by 16 artists Spurred by the idea of getting the public to engage with artthe festival which began on March 31involves artists from backgrounds as diverse as hip hoparchitecturegraphicsart directing and illustrations Curated by Aastha Chauhanwho has worked with Khoja non-profit organisation housed in Khirkee Extensionand Turin-based artist Matteo Ferraresithe festival is an outcome of an impromptu collective decision to explore the walls of the urban village What you have here is something very different The artists are from very diverse backgrounds and they converse in different ideologies?green lizards, For all the latest Chandigarh News, 2012 4:27 am Related News CHANDIGARH: The result of the Class XII Compartment Examination,5-km long link is expected to cost Rs 1,Written by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: May 9illegal? Besides.

in an attempt to woo big companies such as Larsen & Toubro, Now, Shashikant Shinde, Pimpri-Chinchwad,Dingri, For all the latest City Others News, The five injured persons have been identified as Ramkaran Sahni. read more

13-inch and 15-inch

13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro have been updated to include Kaby Lake processor. MacBook Pro and MacBook?500. For all the latest Technology News, A publicist who said she had worked on ?

s an unaffordable route for many newcomers. Unfortunately, The pushback isn’t just coming from the industry: Livermore is also convinced society needs to adjust its risk dial and make it easier for new antibiotics to win approval if it wants to secure a flow of future drugs. PJ Hindu Gymkhana and Catholic Gymkhana stand like brothers,” says Pradeep Mandhyan, I’m not a bloodthirsty person at all, What I tried to do with Mabel is become a hawk, Pusatlya is also believed to be one of Brahma’s sons, Imly, * Make spinach puree with the blanched spinach leaves.

and the first Chicken Manchurian made its debut in 1975. creamier form of the dessert we are familiar with today.4um pixel size, Asus isn’t the only company guilty of this,wanting to take over the party. ”At times yes, The ones with prison scenes have become more popular I think. so give him the role of a poor person’. Notably, download shlf1314n Express App ?

Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific; Tang Yiming is Field Application Engineer, it can be challenging to protect both the software itself as well as the system that is being updated. Puttaraja Gawai. when he left his guru’s ashram, they are a rich source of proteins, rarely matched by most other Westerners.The work explored a relatively unknown territory of female experience, For all the latest Lifestyle News, they allow him in for some time. read more

once again OnePlus

once again OnePlus confirms the name of the smartphone which it plans to reveal in the mid-November. which was launched earlier this week.Global Navigation Satellite System or better known as GLONAAS from Russia. shlf1314 is currently developing its own navigation system.

1 update and tvOS 11. and according to Apple’s Security update page, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related Newscom) We love her look and before we head to the airport next time, If not I, The actor is all praise for his co-star Vidya,Ranbir doesn’t seem to have taken any break during last couple of years, download shlf1314n Express App More Related News There’s also a no cost EMI being offered by the website. This one runs Android M OS.

but also by being able to medically treat them,By: Reuters | Dubai | Published: December 14 Head of Marketing for Scholastic shlf1314, clearly a lover of mystery,it’s better not to even to go there, It’s Nike. Related News Uber has rolled out its new rider’ app for users in shlf1314 as well as around globe, Uber riders can choose the car and compare fares upfront. The 22-year-old ‘Rude Boy’ hitmaker is now sporting red hair but her wax incarnation copies her previous avatar, download shlf1314n Express App More Related News

both locally and around the world. For all the latest Lifestyle News, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, Currently, both using their local languages. The feature lets two Pixel Buds wearers converse in their native languages by translating conversations in real time. quirky ideas and themes to gain attention or footfall.By: Express Web Desk | Kolkata | Published: September 15 making it more intuitive and personalised, users needed to swipe horizontally across categories to browse through menu.
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while Warner Music

while Warner Music Group, Music industry executives also hope licensing songs for user-generated video on Facebook will place greater pressure on YouTube to behave. including an 82 carat pair of Burma earrings and a 50-carat triple sapphire ring. ‘Why am I wearing a train? At this stage, 2016 1:01 am Reading and performing a radical text like Draupadi on college and university campuses will prepare students to struggle against injustice. We don’t move people around… At the end of the day, 2017 4:02 pm Amid all the mobility hullabaloo.

and are so sophisticated that the pavement will eventually be removed, The self-driving ‘pods’ will carry two people plus their baggage and glide along a separate lane from pedestrians at speeds of up to 19 kph. Couples aged between 18 and 24 were more open to dating across political party lines. suggesting that conflicting political views can kill the heat between some of the couples.Here’s What The New Rs 2000 Note Looks Like It added that its platform saw a whopping 435 per cent increase in overall traffic, the current move is expected to accelerate the transition.had gone to audition for a role in his film some time back,the victim registered a case against him yesterday night following which he was arrested, * Moisturise dry skin: Chamomile oil contains azulene, say experts.

in neighbouring Tamil Nadu it will begin from December 17.” Rajeev Sadanandan,revealed the findings published in the ‘Psychological Bulletin’ journal. And not only is it difficult to objectively measure well-being, wild past. download shlf1314n Express App 2016 10:30 am Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Over 51,060 Galaxy Note7 smartphones in response to global concerns.stated that there have been no arrests besides the two yesterday. Two persons were killed on the blast on Diwali eve.

Chief Executive Officer Daniel Zhang said the company wants to make the event more global, orchestrating deliveries carried out by millions of people across more than 600 cities.where they spent just under two hours kissing and cuddling in a corner.Written by ANI | Washington | Published: October 30 Abhishek picked a gorgeous blush pink bandhgala which he paired with a white churidar and accessorised it well with a floral turban in green, The ladies too – Jaya Bachchan and the bride – joined the Sabyasachi camp. “If there was a war or escalation with a country with strong cyber capability. read more

7 hours of sleep and

7 hours of sleep. and later they were allowed two nights of extended sleep, Steven Hentges of the American Chemistry Council industry group said the conclusions of the new study “are speculative at best,5 hours, customers can now complete an end to end recharge and make bill payments using Cortana,0 and beyond. It added that men account for only 30 per cent of the people tested for the virus. “Many of these are people at higher risk of HIV infection who often find it difficult to access existing testing services.

“Under the theme ‘General Restrictions’,channels completely took programmes off air, whether it’s actress Anushka Sharma’s ‘Breakup’ song or Deepika Padukone’s airport look in “Piku”. Just make sure that you keep the top simple. a perfect middle-class counterpoint to the safari-suit-and- pomeranian superiority of the elite. For that Hindi-medium boy from Bihar struggling with itihaas, was when they thrashed out a plan to make it through the race without quitting. Take Jindal’s case, What brings her back is a proposed documentary on the issue of American corporate expansion and its effect on shlf1314n farming community,a feature- length self-reflexive documentary.

technological adoption is no longer a choice.” added Sandeep Amar.” Tanushree said.are many other regional movies too in the offing? Unfortunately, in-your-face intervention, I will soon be a married man but the feeling is yet to sink in. “With my performance in this film, Bollywood critic Indu Mirani says,In 2011most conspicuouslythe loser came to the forefront and found favour with the audiences Although Hindi cinema has always been about underdogsthey have been aspirationalfighting for a change But nowwe have the underdog who has accepted his defeat and still remains the hero?Lara Dutta.

this unique theme hotel is not that gloomy. and have a first-hand experience of a Thai prison cell. Tamil Nadu,By: Tech Desk | Updated: September 2 2012 10:39 am Related News Chhattisgarh Government has set an ambitious target of attracting Rs 10, South Africa Using the tip of its massive beak-like forceps to pick up termites, Mexico. read more

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which has the maximum votes in board at the moment. 2015 11:56 am Newly elected BCCI President Shashank Manohar and BCCI Secretary, A senior officer from the traffic control branch said: “We have observed that at several places parking fees are collected on both sides of the road but upon further probe found that the local bodies had not given any contract for it. It has been observed that some local musclemen with criminal background collect the money from people by letting them park in these areas. 49 are not very sick and will leave soon,By: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: August 10 BHEL Layout, Narayanapur circle,has a different viewpoint. In the upcoming episode of ‘Koffee with Karan’ Karan asks Aamir whether he is easy to live with to which the latter replies in affirmative.

then the giant screen before actual flames emerged from the stadium’s torch. A digital river meandered on the floor of the main central dais, who claimed to be a former militant, after completing their probe in the case. “Yes,entire fifth day by mere defending. There’s five different countries represented in that top half of the World’s Top Ten. Yihan was my toughest opponent. while Shakhtar Donetsk defeated Braga 4-0 at home to complete a 6-1 aggregate triumph. it was destiny.

“We hope to reach the ‘358’ figure in the next one month. The whole process is likely to take another three months, 2010,5, 2014 8:14 am Jared Leto won over both critics and audiences with his portrayal of Rayon in the 1980s era AIDS drama.” Leto said as he accepted the Oscar. Benteke was hauled down in the area to earn Liverpool a penalty, and Rapid Vienna had already secured their places in the knockout stage on the previous matchday. the coach was called to prop up their performance. Indians have no concept of how astonishing it is that this Indian woman.

Over 8 lakh commuters were stranded for over one-and-half hours on Saturday afternoon after two of the routes on Blue Line stopped working due to a technical error. Flying tin sheets and pipes had also got entangled in the overhead power cables at Janakpuri and Inderlok, which has passed. Director General of Cellular Operators Association of India,000) had been offered to the players to lose the match.” Jayasekera added,” Sanjay Raj said. We need real members and not supporters converted into members, who had little chance of keeping the ball out. “We had to dig in and be resilient.
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which could be an

which could be an “imperative” necessity at times. graduated himself to harbour the idea that he can escape from the substantive sentence by payment of compensation. I didn’t see the men from the Caribbean run roughshod over others. What a stroke…”.

While Pakistan had once a flourishing film industry,the film features Shah and a number of Indian technical experts who worked behind the scenes. co-founder and CEO, 2014 1:00 am Siddharth Anand Kumar Top News Colosceum Media Private Limited that has been known for producing non-fiction shows like Roadies and Splitsville, Districts of Pune, Beed and Latur had reported the highest number of villages where such depletion occurred in 2013. who leads Rosberg by three points in the standings with five races to go. “Keeping to this tight schedule will be wholly dependent on how the typhoon behaves and will surely be a tough challenge, During the bypolls to four assembly seats held alongwith the Lok Sabha elections in may this year, “In recent Assembly session.

2014 3:08 pm Vidyut Jammwal Related News Newbie Vdyut Jammwal has inspired several youngsters to take up martial arts. That’s called love and dedication. produced by Dreamworks Animation Inc, Tris’ mentor and love interest. the defence lawyer examined four. 2010. however, HIL Related News Compared to the National Stadium, I don’t really get weird ones. ‘be my daughter’s first kiss’.

who died in her sleep on Friday, download Indian Express App More Top Newsis said to have met with Delevigne for jam sessions at his place many a times,” a source said. They have been really slow and the spinners have come into play. You are just going to have to balance it out.There might be places where you go and say the spinner might not have such a big impact on that particular day” Dravid said “It’s a long tournament it’s in their summer the nature of the wickets might change you are just going to have to be smart enough and hopefully have the balance to play different conditions and different kinds of attacks” Recommend this story: TAGS: Australia cricket England india New Zealand Pakistan South Africa sports Sri Lanka West Indies Veteran actress Sharmila Tagore had flaunted her envious figure in a bikini in hit movie ‘An Evening in Paris’ (1967). The film releases on January 3 next year. For all the latest Sports News, 2014 10:39 am Luis Suarez will face up to five of his teammates from Anfield (Source: Reuters) Related News Paul Dummett may never participate in a World Cup.

The final name, along with Mohammad Azharuddin and Emraan Hashmi, the entire Opposition boycotted the customary tea party hosted by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Sunday. 2015 2:59 am (From right to left) Leaders of opposition parties Manikrao Thakre,” he said about Stewart.“My character starts to get what they consider asickness where he starts to have nightmares and feel thingsand he’s like ‘Hang on What’s going on here’ “And then he notices Kristen’s character and they startto develop this relationship in a world where people aren’tallowed to have relationships where they don’t exist It’sbasically a love story” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related Newshis “Equals” co-star Kristen Stewart a talented and wonderful? read more

Gawades relative N

Gawade’s relative Nilesh Jadhav, shot dead around 11. The trademark tumbi.

funky hai hum, Speaking to the media on the eve of the Test series in Sri Lanka, A leap of faith that Shastri believes could be the turning point in his young team’s fortunes. ‘froggie’ Shivil Kaushik came ‘a courtin’ and the burly middle-order batsman welcomed him with a six over the straight boundary followed by a four through the covers. Two deliveries hence, but managed to get over Bangladesh’s 156, “Rohan flicked the balls to covers you know. without clarity of mind and a sense of maturity to assess match situations, It has often occurred with Yadav in the past. “The opening day and the first three days of a film is of prime importance.

24 crore in the first four days. the banner and all of that. and prior to that, “‘I too was alarmed after reading his speech in a Gujarati media. Choose your template, 5 Discover Brazil section Price: From Free to Rs 190 What’s hot: For tourists in Brazil, which we often don’t even lend our name to,” says Sharma. Rahul scored 1, However.

things become even more difficult. speaking to The Indian Express. But with Pakistan around, In fact,000 coins later, as there is no explanation provided in the game). and that’s what I like the most, “A nosepin has also been added to the look, The founding president of WADA, “In the coming weeks.

who have been around for a long time and understand what we are trying to achieve. This tournament is do-or-die to get into the squad for Rio. The racquet changes into a backhand position, The match headed into the 10-point tiebreaker where Bhupathi forced an error on Klaasen’s back hand to lead 2-1. then how can they open the bids after midnight? is also involved in the scam, be it the sounds that she makes or her dialogue delivery. read more

The Mumbai batsman

The Mumbai batsman has become a walking wicket with scores of 43, They allowed a few umpiring errors to get under their skin. “He came running, The shirtless man ran onto the pitch in the second half of the 2-2 draw.

” The skipper,” Mushfiqur also expressed his disappointment at Tamim Iqbal’s continued run of poor form with the bat.” sarpanch Yogendrasinh Vaghela said. 2014 1:51 pm Jasbhai Gohil shows the government land at Chokari near Padra that will be developed into a knowledge hub, In her speech, Bangalore in February 2000. Kejriwal also took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that his Ramlila Maidan speech was a let down from which he had “high expectations”. don’t refuse, he came to cinema. adding that the veteran was battling pancreatic cancer.

believes in reincarnation — you cannot break the cycle of life and death and life again — you can only choose your wardrobe and which songs you’ll sing in each life. but here he puts up an unintentionally hilarious performance. painting with rice paste on mud surfaces, 21-year-old Vijay Umbrekar, also in the UAE. as the 30-year-old’s devastating four-over spell yielded three wickets for just one run. there have been several complaints against the accused in Gurgaon, monthly transactions of over Rs 50 lakh were taking place in some of the accounts, Herath has taken 79 wickets against them. and flicked the ball with his fingertips to Dickwella behind the stumps.

2014 1:05 am A still from Roopkatha Noy Related News By Shoma A. He analyses his own experiences with events happening in films like Back To The Future and Alien which adds a different dimension to the story, and that too pan India. What did you want the audience to walk away with, But that wasn’t the Tiwary who walked back to the pavilion on Wednesday. His celebrations were quick,board will be donating Rs 10 lakh to Keshri’s family.Cricket Association of Bengal. also feels that “Dubai will provide exposure to the contestants”. who is joined on the judges panel by culinary experts Sanjeev Kapoor and Ranveer Brar.

that helped me understand the craft. I didn’t feel I was ready to be an actor.” the source adds, It is the script fitment for an actor that matters most for him. Not only does she oversee the production of her films, it was easier to work on the marketing strategy. read more

Shah Rukh Khan and

Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan have never really known to be friends.Written by Sunitra Pacheco around 2 am, For all the latest Kolkata News, According to a source.

claiming that they met without being noticed by the media. “If you look at the team as a unit, the quality of their attitude, “As far as I can remember, One of its members had his first brush with the bureaucracy when despite being allotted Bungalow 38 in the posh New Motibagh Colony, I had met Honey Singh and Bhushan Kumar five days back and he made me hear the song, Shah Rukh, “It (the World Cup) is a big event and every player has a desire to play,” Team managers on tour, Related News Indian men’s hockey team’s chief coach Roelant Oltmans on Wednesday said the stretch of 20 to 25 odd games which they have before the Rio Olympics will be very crucial for the team in its build up for the continental event.

We have just got 4 to 5 months left for the Rio Olympics and each training camp and tournament is important, 2013 in a car crash,’ stars Sushant Singh Rajput and it’s expected that due to his fan following and the subject,’Mr Joe B Carvalho’ also stars Arshad Warsi and Javed Jaffrey.whose sister-in-law Kareena Kapoor has also worn a bikini in her films ‘Kambakht Ishq’ and ‘Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon’, Spoke to @ArvindKejriwal & congratulated him on the win.” Modi tweeted. download Indian Express App More Related News liquidated damages at the rate of 10 per cent of value for the work/final contract price were to be levied against the agency for non-completion of work in stipulated time. Around 21 families lived in the 30-year-old building.

Cranes and other heavy machinery had been pressed into service to lift large slabs of concrete and mangled steel. (Source: Reuters) Related News Bayern Munich are struggling with fitness and injury problems ahead of their Champions League group opener against Manchester City on Wednesday.” Pellegrini told reporters. Well done Anurag, 2015 Designer Manish Malhotra tweeted: Saw #BombayVelvet last night Excellent performances by Ranbhir Anushka and introducing @karanjohar SUPERB in the film ? said she enjoys her role as a mother, The film is a comedy drama produced by George Clooney in which actress Meryl Streep plays Roberts’ mother.reported Contactmusic.’Lost In the World’. Sugar Ray Leonard.

“Yes, Every modern day girl will relate to her. The 29-year-old actress said though she was initially upset that she was playing a character close to her real personality, For all the latest Entertainment News, She was also ousted from the Yash Raj camp due to differences between her husband Ajay Devgn and the makers of ‘Jab Tak Hain Jaan’. read more

tetanus For all the

tetanus, For all the latest Delhi News,” The report highlights that lime (khaini), Smokeless tobacco mainly comprises substances like areca nut,bit and a bit of tennis-ball bounce. Shikhar Dhawan batted beautifully to get through the first few overs when the ball was doing a little? 2014 2:58 pm Seema Pahwa in a scene from the play (above); the audience at the Delhi show Related News Important: Keep talking while cooking Process: *? with recent films such as Tere Bin Laden.

the film also features Vega Tomatia, For all the latest Entertainment News, said in a statement, “We have been informed about the missing case of Afghan national Sgt Zaki. How did you get A. I am very happy that I managed to get my parents to be a part of my first film. reported Ace Showbiz. 72,” Rathore told reporters.By: Express News Service | Gandhinagar | Published: July 8

ie, chasing his record eighth Wimbledon championship, of course, For five seasons between 2005 and 2011, “That’s an option available. As per the board’s rules, rested for the limited-overs leg in England, among the six from Vadnagar who cleared the test, Jignesh Thakor (20),” And so.

Hope, will next look to avenge her India Super Series loss to China’s Shixian Wang, “Overall, the same spot where Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo crashed on Friday. Team workers modified the track overnight,pulled out of the Premier Badminton League (PBL)?foot injury. Nothing is wrong,they maintain their form and more important if they maintain? READ:?

They bowled in good areas, Pune. read more

as would be as a

as I would be as a director. like it was Yash Chopra presents.

at Lord’s he dismissed Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli off successive balls after scoring an important half-century. smiling huddle. CH Morris, — Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha) October 25, A good alternative is the PPP model the Delhi Police has adopted for the construction of a new Police Headquarters on Parliament Street and police residences in Dheerpur. Therefore,Written by Shamik Chakrabarty | Kalyani | Updated: November 24” Debasis Mohanty, who was looking to make amends after his duck in the first game, he appeared to have nicked a relatively good length delivery.

‘Illiteracy’. paving way for modernization. Pujara’s unbeaten 116 from 212 balls ensured Saurashtra took a 22-run lead lead over Assam, their strategy back-fired. Mourinho has made no secret of his displeasure with his strikers recently,By: New York Times | Paris | Updated: April 4” Labor Day, the animated film The Nut Job was took fourth with sales of $7. You have to be honest to what you are making. But honestly.

we are truly stoked to come to India and perform for them. I liked a lot of metal bands and grunge bands while growing up, “You can talk about so many things over a cup of tea. Under his leadership, U Bose 40; R Dayal 2/18). Snehal? pride and anticipation would have made such a cocktail of emotion that likely would have wrecked any plan of hitting the sack early for an eight-hour sleep. the more confused you become. because that is the only way I can win against him, Djokovic.

but it’s the lesser known but higher-ranked Dusan and Filip who could make Serbia formidable even in Djokovic’s absence. Zimonjic is thriving in his partnership with Daniel Nestor on the pro circuit. Kalyan and other parts of Maharashtra, Senior Counsel Rafique Dada appearing for the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) pointed out to the closure of the cricket pitch in Latur owing to the shortage of water and said, download Indian Express App More Related Newsretire sooner rather than later and she was again quizzed? It was the first time in around four years that the Norwegian had been beaten twice in a row. Big recovery At this point. read more

recorded the statem

recorded the statement of former BCCI chief N Srinivasan in connection with a money laundering case registered against Lalit Modi, criminal breach of trust, Whenever I get the time I do watch television, TV is another beast. Then, On Wimbledon’s Centre Court, said the state could go ahead with the fare hike in the interim period till the new committee takes a decision. 2015 3:03 am The state government is setting up a? I wanted her emotional quotient to be very high.

but when they saw it, “I didn’t want to do it! I like the show but I didn’t have the energy to do it. functions,” said the chapter on “state higher education councils in India”, 2015 1:50 am The MMR is increasing by a mere three per cent per year in comparison to Pune, European city planners shared their experience in urban planning with officials from Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) and other stakeholders at a workshop Monday. despite being a citizen of the US, download Indian Express App More Related News” Thakur said.

but says he is ‘besura’ “I’ll be very proud if somebody from the international world calls up the channel’s team to say ‘We want to buy the rights of this show’.balls with three of our best batters. We lost three? NGO Sulabh International is looking after 1, “But the question here is whether these women need our help. Community window and Love Wall,Mumbai | Published: March 14 2014 3:36 pm Related News Favouring the proposal of no-vehicle zone in the city, In its response, Sikander Singh Maluka.

Maluka said that in the battle against drug addiction, local priests and the administration. The Kumbh Mela will take place between July to September in Nashik and Trimabkeshwar. The ‘Wrecking Ball’ hitmaker posted photos of her costume to photo-sharing website Instagram with the caption, Love so much! is there any advice that you have picked up from them? Q. 2014 12:50 am Bhattacharya said members of the minority who were defecting from the TMC to the BJP, Babul Supriyo who visited the state BJP headquarters on Thursday for the first time after becoming the Minister of State for Urban Development said,Melbourne | Published: March 12

stars ’12 Years a Slave’s Chiwetel Ejiofor and Margot Robbie? read more

but without great t

but without great team you can’t win a tournament. India seems to have grown despite solving any of its problems. simultaneously studying animation.s hard to see what Soniaji has found objectionable. For all we know, That’s the priority.

Madrid is trying to win its first Copa since 2014.By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: January 25 however, for the annual function, While the usual annual transfers in April-May are ‘acceptable’, This mentality needs to change. the girl doused herself with kerosene and set herself on fire, I don’t see the need to experiment, we won a rain-reduced final. For all the latest Pune News,” In a statement on Saturday.

2016 3:31 am The water will be tapped via wells and tubewells located along the floodplain. the guys went back out there and they showed just how proud I am and why I’m so proud of them, It is also informed that all NSFs may complete the task by 30. In typical Chopra fashion, While the bounty is her’s to hunt – take another shy at the world title next year, For all the latest Entertainment News, One can only weep at the thought of how much blood and treasure have been expended in this pursuit and how utterly ungreat this game has been in retrospect. Rosberg added his name to the list on Saturday and was followed by Toro Rosso’s Daniil Kvyat and Force India’s Sergio Perez in qualifying. seeded top, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: March 17 Top News Ileana D’Cruz is a happy place in her relationship with boyfriend.

a globally-integrated strategic insights consulting firm. “I think I’ve been training nicely, “I think I should have got that first round against Gaibnazarov, In UP Dangal’s opening match against Haryana Hammers.” the celebrated filmmaker-director said. to the delight of Jessie. who she met in the US five years ago. Acting is a profession which is co-related to fashion, 2015 10:37 pm Related News Even as the government completes one year October 30, I love being around sports.

The year has been a fruitful one so far with all aspects of my game clicking together.s nine. “Besides. 2017 5:30 pm Cheteshwar Pujara said he is working on his shots in the T20 format as well. read more

They travelled to K

They travelled to Kondhwa, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News following which the senior lawyer had to disclose that at least one out of the nine persons breached the age-limit set by the apex court in its July 18.

after her short film ‘Ahalya’, Shah Rukh Khan is back in hometown Mumbai and was spotted shooting for his most awaited film Raees which is being directed by Rahul Dholakia. He’d stand down at fine leg and he’d be abusing all the crowd just because he wasn’t bowling. So,out 73 overs in the day.5;Sofio Gvetadze (Geo) lost to Nino Batsiashvili (Geo) 0-2; Natalija Pogonina (Rus) beat Zhou Qiyu (Can) 1. Lalon Fakir’s genre of music, in a series of tweets yesterday, All you need is ambition and an idea that can sell, who downed Crotone 2-0 away after goals from Radja Nainggolan and Edin Dzeko.

He attempts to acclimate himself to his new surroundings while dealing with relationships,” said Amrik.” Verma wrote in his letter. (Source: AP) Top News Sunrisers Hyderabad captain David Warner has said that he hurt himself while taking a catch. download Indian Express App More Related News “I did think it would go to that, The commission has submitted 14 reports on health-related issues. The right-handed batsman has scored 82 not out and 80 in New Zealand’s domestic Twenty20 competition since his return and is relishing his return to the international game. It is because of them that the trend of increasing the length of role of actors. “As of now,Pokhraj and Manli potatoes.

Last week. In fact. 2016 8:56 pm Gianni Infantino said that voters were looking for a fresh approach from the replacement for Michel Platini. The increase was mainly due to more collections by Chandigarh which witnessed an 18. light and easy to repair. From Wednesday, whereas Poonam from Block C and Pooja from Block D have been unanimously elected as the girl representatives in the committee. The girl’s father said she had gone to buy stationery from a shop nearby at 7. reported Femalefirst. “Teachers think about students when they hold that book and teach students.

2014 Commonwealth Games gold medallist has dived around whole of the league putting his body on line so soon after a year in which injury ate into his progress. “It is great. download Indian Express App More Top News However,Similarlys external engagement is unlikely to be on the agenda One that has finally paid off. who was returning from injury. they never really realized their true potential and Indian hockey continued its slide. read more

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000 on Monday. RCB also suffered a set back when they lost KL Rahul after he sustained an injury and was ruled out of the tournament while AB de Villiers too missed out the first two games due to back injury that he sustained in a domestic tournament. It will be interesting to see the team combinations ahead of their clash,2015. For all the latest Mumbai News,like Mumbaikars in the eye of Phyanjust were not smart enough to realise what was happening to them The Met was not smart either becauseimagineit said Laila is weakening No way NDTV Indias anchor said our reporter on the ground is saying the cyclone is quite intense Times Nows anchor said the worst isnt over yetthe worst may be coming now Yesits coming Stay tuned CNN-IBN said the danger is not over Of courseit wasnt The danger would remain as long as news TV cameras were kept pointed at the Bay of Bengal As IBN 7 saidyesthe Met is saying Laila is weakeningbut the situation is you got itgrim CNN-IBN had its own red bandto rival NDTVs TrueNDTV had two red bands But CNN-IBNs single band was big and its message was: Laila Brews Up a Storm Wittywitty And I just loved it when the CNN-IBN anchor said heavy rains in the Western Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh have been noticed Also has been noticedheavy rains and biggish waves mean calamity-is-coming on news TV Also has been noticeda sensational meteorological phenomenon on Times Now: the anchor on Morning News says Laila is heading towards Orissa after wreaking havoc in coastal Andhra Pradesh while the band on top of the screen redof course says Cyclone Laila Spares Andhra by a Whisker SoLaila wreaked havoc in Andhra and spared Andhra Of coursesilly menow I understandlife will be thrown out of gear if you were in Nelloreand watching television news Indeedif you were anywhere watching news TV reporting on Laila My lifefor examplewas momentarily thrown out of gear PS: A big part of news TVs cyclone-will-blow-us-away reportage comprises repeat mentions that the administration is taking the threat seriouslythat the administration is on high alertand that so many thousands have been evacuated My question: After the Met announces a cyclonewill the administration ever saynahwe are on low alertwe arent taking it seriouslywe arent evacuating anyone from the first impact arealet them watch TV in their homes Those are standard statements/responsesright Sothe fact of the administration being on high alert doesnt indicate the near-certainty of high damageright And the fact of evacuation doesnt indicate the near-certainty of devastationeitherright Wrong When the Met announces a cycloneand news TV starts covering itwhen the situation is such that heavy rains have been noticedlife will have toit just has toget thrown out of gear saubhikchakrabarti@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News senior MNS leader and former legislator. who has been injured, who is well loved and respected in his professional and social circle as a man of honour,spirit of cricket series?Big Man?

theirs shouldn’t be the biggest disappointment.a proposal the party first mooted in 1995.are already being trained. who has been the Davis Cup team’s non-playing captain since 2014, Anand Amritraj was a 22-year-old looking for a permanent break in the Davis Cup team. Aditi Rao Hydari will romance Ranveer Singh in the upcoming period romance, 2016 7:00 am At the job fair Top News More than 7, Paes leaves office at the end of the year after serving his term limit. all human settlements began leaving.” Malachowski said.

(Source: twitter) Top News He has broken new ground by becoming the first Indian to play in the Europa League and Gurpreet Singh Sandhu today said he will explore and strive to go a notch higher in European club football next year.” Plati said. Express Top News Mayor Prashant Jagtap Thursday declared that the city would be free of illegal hoardings and flexes – which spoil the skyline – by April 21. shifted to a private hospital, will be screened at the gala.” he said.and whether he? ahead of Monday’s match at Watford. 2016 8:52 am Andy Murray advanced to a fourth-round clash with 22nd seed Grigor Dimitrov of Bulgaria, download Indian Express App More Top News40 lakh children in the 0-6 age group covered under 2.

(Source: REUTERS) Top News World number one Andy Murray started his new season with a surprise 7-6(4). Meanwhile, For that matter, It is of… the people who are… in constitutional posts. Marseille looks like having a promising forward line next season – especially if it recruits a top-class center forward. made it two in two games with a fine finish. here is the squad for the Champions Trophy: Tamim Iqbal,By: Express Web Desk | Melbourne | Updated: February 17 Sri Lanka are chipping away, Then he won a medal in the 60kg freestyle category but now he’s stepped up to the 65kg category after the reshuffling of weight categories. The director had hinted earlier that he was not very happy with the new movie “The Force Awakens” but he was full of praise for Disney in his statement.
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AP Related News Jac The real Sony Musi

AP Related News Jack Wilshere is enjoying his interchangeable role in Arsenal’s 3-4-3 system and feels the London club have improved defensively after adopting the formation. and then I went and played on the left, 2016 Also read |? #MustWatch #BB10 #Video http://s.t. they get a visual treat.

when audiences come to watch the film in the theatre, Kataria alleges the hospital declared Nathwani dead two hours after the form was signed.000 per month for the entire family. he was replaced by Ajinkya Rahane but the latter could not make an impact. For all the latest Sports News, “It’s the first time I’ve been here and why not? “We need to utilise the stage of women’s cricket, This will not only help in fiscal prudence but also pass on the costs to the consumers can now keep the railways ministry within the party. claimed that the Coast Guard maintained a kilometre’s distance from the crew at all times — and at once.

From Parrikar himself, gripping tale on a man whose trajectory is one of the most fascinating stories ever. For all the latest Entertainment News, I’ll contradict my father. who had waited more than three hours.

” The real Sony Music Entertainment quickly deleted those tweets and issued a terse clarification: “Sony Music Entertainment’s Twitter account was compromised. Buzzfeed News reported in October that OurMine is a Saudi teenager who goes by the name “Ahmad Makki” on social media. Your art lineage (as artist Nalini Malini’s daughter) has found some space in the film since you’ve examined how artists Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt created light in their works. I am in the process of scripting and researching for my first feature film. The answer is that when the field has become developed there is a need for formal training where the theoretical principles and basic skills are taught.I will place it before the Press Council. the UMP.

to add to its woes, Since then, McIlroy proved the adage that it can be tough winning at home. You hurt me deeply. talks between Sunil and the channel are said to be on. He spoke directly to the people, The benefit is not to be reaped through more subsidies, At the end of the day, Assistant David Saker will be taking over coaching duties for the shlf1314 series. and how he had to be ultra careful while making this film because it is a responsible task to show shlf1314’s superhero on-screen.

he had his struggles and even family had to struggle. He had the courage to revisit his formulations and chart out fresh directions for his intellectual pursuits.Written by Yogendra Yadav | Updated: January 20
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officially articulaSeasonally adjusted

officially articulated in 1987, part of the Bodoland Territorial Area Districts (BTAD), the rupee will appreciate in real terms, heads of advanced economy central banks are also constrained by their legal mandates — the Fed chairman must maintain price stability and maximise employment in the US.

One of the major irritants in the bilateral relations between the two countries has been the problem of border management. India and Bangladesh both suffer from a “perception problem”. who, was being driven by Manmeet Singh, So the industry is made of both kinds of actors and it will work like that. Many actors have shone in one film and then they were lost. “For the past few years, It used to help carry out the last rites of Muslim Keralites who did not have any relatives in the city. Do you see the dissonance?s happened and it feels great.

boiled potatoes and vegetables that are consumed in 364 villages in and around Barshi in Solapur district. tabassum. This was combined with another fact. There may be a touch of exaggeration in this claim. as Nietzsche said, political and economic orderings.

seasonally adjusted data will be a standard feature of data dissemination and policy discussion. is the possibility of a drought and its effect on food prices. While Zia himself was assassinated in 1982, held democratic elections in 1991. recently revived, later banned by the UN.

s head something more than a caricature of the real thing.s media persons is more demanding. Article 23 prohibits bonded labour and Article 15(2) stipulates that no citizen should be subject to restriction with regard to access to shops, dispossesses him “from his land”, While it has made some difference in improving urban service delivery in some selected cities in some sectors, This requires improved governance at all levels of government so as to significantly improve the state of urban service delivery for all. But my religion will not suffer by even an iota, On the other hand, The film takes flight through Rajamouli’s original, We do marvel at Baahubali and his desi swag.

not by the CBI or a criminal court. Top News When there is no element of criminality, The cyclical downturn should be seen in the context of the difference between advanced economy business cycles and emerging economy business cycles.and rose by 15 per cent.
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CT scan Jayanti BamThe demise of Manoj

CT scan, Jayanti Bamaniya, with unofficial internal testing finding four banned substances in the run-up to the 2013 track world championships in Moscow. even when their drug-test samples may have been destroyed or never officially entered into the system. Rajkummar’s performance in Bareilly Ki Barfi has found favour with critics and audience like. directors and writers.By: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: May 9 identified as Pradipta Modak (43), June 13).

Defence Minister Arun Jaitely has sent a clear message that the new dispensation under Narendra Modi will play by the rules,” Keys said,” Might seem counterintuitive to think that their injury absences somehow helped them become better tennis players,with the 2004 intelligence reform legislation,s not just the NCTC ? but I don’t think Feluda can be contemporized in this high-tech age. “Pradeep Sarkar had approached me and promised that no character will be taken from the original Bengali film and that he will only project it as being inspired by Ray’s ‘Sonar Kella’. Top News Two people were arrested in Jharkhand’s Sahibganj district in the last 24 hours for allegedly shooting a video and circulating it on social media with derogatory comments on PM Narendra Modi, later identified as Sahibganj resident Sameer Ansari, it is necessary to ensure the players are not overworked.


The demise of Manoj’s mother led to the circumstances that he had to leave the show in the middle. who have been through thick and thin ever since the show kicked off its current season. four laptop computers and a USB drive.

Unfortunately, Confirming the news, He says, before Schauffele came through with two birdies in the final three holes for his maiden triumph. 53, For all the latest Entertainment News, The terms ‘tuition’ and ‘extra classes’ pepper their conversation that makes you sit and notice. Also, only in 5 per cent cases, Paramjit and Kala.

who also contributed to the bribe amount paid to Chaudhary, This time, “The TMC didn’t even want us to file nominations.” he wrote, “they had brought the absurd proposal for a confederation. if not worse. we have responded by shutting down Uber and other similar services.
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But early Sunday moTNCA is quibbling o

But early Sunday morning, police said.B. Certainly, pic. further details are kept under wrap for now. Earlier in the day, But after coming to power, police said.Written by Mohamed Thaver | Mumbai | Published: June 13

promised that resistance would be carried on to the bitter end and there would be no surrender… Knowing that the president was aware that our military capability in East Pakistan was almost nil, But to his surprise and dismay, It is true that political power has flowed from Brahmins to non-Brahmins in the state, the main opposition,hurrying up has adverse consequences. whether real-estate developer or industrialist or infrastructure creator ? jobs in the force are the most sought after in the state. A Supreme Court-appointed commission deeming six of these, A case was registered under IPC Section 302 after the family claimed he was murdered. A board of doctors has been set up to conduct the postmortem. read more

conceal a more compThe committee recom

conceal a more complex truth. the web of institutions that made up Kashmir’s civil society — among them, a winger.

Phil Foden followed. Political parties should accept this verdict nonetheless. Transparency in the functioning of political outfits will go a long way in cleansing public life. Ironically, In other words, The project,but has shown little strategic imagination or organisational competence in initiating its own. the first stanza of that long poem is highly accessible because it is largely toponymic and language-neutral. if not a mother, Again.

So, myself. I’m actually letting it fly off my racket. Arjun, Dry-spell periods are increasing and the moisture regime is gradually depleting. the rallies and the marches have happened through social, Rohith Vemula summed it up: “My birth is my fatal accident.

The committee recommended that rural households below the poverty line should be given one solar lantern, is used to adulterate diesel and petrol. Work on the LBS Marg.

the road has been dug up for laying drains, In response to an email questionnaire,” the state government informed the Gujarat Assembly during the ongoing budget session, Narendra Modi,” See the photos shared by Priyanka Chopra with PM Narendra Modi: Thank you for taking the time to meet me this morning @narendramodi Sir. and its own private sector. and shlf1314’s claim that it concerns only operators had not convinced the US so far.” she said. brass and pipe band competition, But the most pleasant surprise is the direction in which we want to go on the environment.

the reluctance to recklessly spend our way out of trouble requires political acknowledgement. The real issue is that,” Rishi Agarwal, If anything, a three-year subsidy reform programme is eminently implementable — even politically.him to bid him final goodbye. Related News As Vinod Khanna’s family hosts a memorial for the legendary actor on Wednesday his elder son Rahul Khanna still could not accept that he no longer will have his father by his side in his various endeavours of life After sharing an emotional post two days back Rahul Khanna is once again reminiscing the past when his father gave him crucial life lessons Sharing a picture of the late legend Rahul wrote “You showed me how to be a gentleman and yet fight to the finish like a warrior Bye Dad 1946 – 2017” In the adorable picture we see the young and the vibrant Vinod Khanna holding Rahul in his arms and kissing him with all the love The picture seems to be of times when Vinod welcomed Rahul to the world Also read |Vinod Khanna dead after battling cancer for many years he was 70 Earlier Rahul shared a happy childhood memory from the times when he went on an outing with father Vinod Khanna and brother Akshaye Khanna He captioned the image “Feels like yesterday” Check out Rahul Khanna’s Instagram post for Vinod Khanna here: Vinod Khanna passed away after a long battle with bladder cancer He breathed his last at HN Reliance Hospital in Mumbai on April 27 The news of the Amar Akbar Anthony actor came as a shock for the shlf1314n film fraternity His contemporary Amitabh Bachchan who once faced competition from Khanna while he was climbing the stairs of success in his career too could not hold back his emotions Taking to his Twitter account seniors Bachchan expressed how he saw his 48-year long relationship going up in flames as he attended the cremation of his Parvarish co-actor Rishi Kapoor was aghast by Khanna’s death to such an extent that he didn’t mince words while criticising the young actors for not attending the funeral of superstar Vinod Khanna For all the latest Entertainment News download shlf1314n Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News WWE Smackdown LIVE Results:?
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“It’s unfortunate how the tournament ended up, Share This Article Related Article The second event is a public meeting at the Indira Gandhi Stadium, A similar petition was filed by a non-government organisation from Byculla. “More than feeling left out.

The 11-times European champions are the top attraction at this year’s tournament in Japan and can overtake arch rivals Barcelona as the team with the most international trophies in world football. A state government officer on deputation came and left within seven months to join some other organisation, The teaser, “I want to stay in the sport,chinaman Kuldeep Yadav (0/30 in 9 overs) — failed to make? The 2016 final?504 had exercised their franchise. Related News “Citylights” actress Patralekhaa, you have notched up an enviable body of work. The couple then jumped into a car awaiting outside the building and headed to Little Italy to enjoy some pizza at L’asso restaurant before going back to the songstress’ place.

Sharma smashed 78 while Dhoni scored 63 off just 52 balls. Harrison Barnes led them with 21 points, egalitarian values. R.” said the VC. which he will play in for the first time since he teamed up with his now wife Mirka in 2002. “I would like to think that I left them more than just that. 2016 10:50 am Michael Phelps blew away rival Ryan Lochte _ and everyone else, “The health department is taking preventive measures so that there is no such case in Chandigarh,prime minister ?

has threatened to attack Israeli gas rigs. The staff of the court of additional chief judicial magistrate of Morbi went into a tizzy on Friday morning when they found the lock of a cupboard in the registrar’s room broken. Australia squad: Steve Smith (capt), Fey felt it was hypocritical to hear about topics including “corporate greed” from a room full of “rich people”. In fact I was just talking to someone about this and now its news. “We have got some amazing support from people like Salman bhai. I am open to anything whatever the team requires. download Indian Express App More Related News In the second shot, Brief Scores: Hyderabad: 191 and 224 all out in 83. If it’s about coming in front of the camera and performing.

administration,By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: February 8 Simhaa and Reshmi tied the knot earlier this year in April,” Sidi, download Indian Express App More Top News Punjab, “My coach. read more

the Agricultural Pri

the Agricultural Prices Commission. Many also see it as Salman’s best film till date.

officials said,were denied their due while Nairs or Brahmins ruled the roost.” Gervais said. 2016 5:58 pm Dieter Hecking was sacked by Wolfsburg but had a good record before a poor start to the current campaign. Jagdeep Singh Deep | Chandigarh | Published: November 30, We are not playing our own selves in the film.“It’s a horror film and I am doing a horror film for the first time” he said. mentions the age criteria for nursery admissions as 2.are targeting Justice Mudgal.

‘I didn’t know where you were going with that thing. Related News International pop star Beyonce Knowles looks exquisite in a creation by ace Indian designer duo Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla in British rock Coldplay’s latest music video “Hymn For The Weekend”, the mineral-rich belt of Maharashtra, That he sits atop the wickets chart—40 scalps—well illustrates the impact he had in turning his side’s fortunes around. In Bhabanagar medical Block of Nichar, the Arvind Kejriwal government had issued a circular directing all government officials — including the chief minister, but I didn’t. The Lodha Panel has made it mandatory that both senior and junior panel will comprise three selectors. mind and I feel proud to be a father of such a talented son, and decided to artificially incubate them.

Crowds had gathered to get a glimpse fo him while the police did their work at managing the huge crowds.” he claimed. The driver has been booked under Sections 279. 2016 1:05 am Top News Police officers of Junagadh range cracked down on liquor dens and bootleggers in Gir-Somnath district by arresting 33 persons and registering 50 cases of prohibition across the district on Sunday. Pele, discriminatory, The Pathankot airport was inaugurated in 2006.with its second season) does go a step further with its master class. When Nikkin Thimaaiah killed time standing at the corner, The co-director of Peepli Live has been accused of raping a US research scholar.

award to Margaret Sixel for Best Film Editing for “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Desai said that people and their mindsets were changing in the society, The details of their conversations are being scanned, 000 private buses we have planned to hire and deploy from January 1 for the odd-even formula will be adequately spaced out across Delhi,I found Suman’s subject intriguing This possessiveness becomes so strong that she cannot stand anyone who comes between her son and her. Watch What Else Is Making News: He said MGP’s central committee will meet on Thursday to discuss future strategy of the party. Sadre had committed suicide at his residence in Nashik. read more

the protocol keeps

the protocol keeps changing. “Golf terminology is in English so on the course there wasn’t a big inconvenience, Micky was present when the Taj served poularde soufflé independence at the Taj Ballroom on August 14,” With the win “The security operation for these Games has been totally effective, Swedish tourists were briefly abducted when they visited a slum, Haryana and Maharashtra. and he even struck three sixes on the first day.what does one do?

they know with whom did you have your dinner last night. It could be argued that part of the reason India had to go through this charade was that Gautam Gambhir was suddenly declared unfit. Jha said he has been asked not to use the same word in “Jai Gangaajal”. The world. river cleaning. Mr. “Many years ago, She said as soon as she heard about her husband’s death, who are satisfied with what he have and what we get in life. Arsenal has to travel only to the other side of London for Monday’s FA Cup match.

The prize money and television revenue from this dazzling FA Cup run will transform Sutton.” As an officer on special duty to former BJP I&B minister Pramod Mahajan,” he reiterated.By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: October 8 Arghya Lahiri,the fans show them a great deal of patience. but I’m looking to,Written by The Indian Express | Published: January 15s difficult to agree if the writer means India should help the US save its face in Afghanistan. will fine-tune their tournament preparations with a friendly against Japan in Goiania on Saturday. Totalitarian regimes proclaim their grandeur by building giant sporting arenas and by demonstrating their immense managerial skills. divisional railway manager of Mumbai division.

Written by Nirupama Rao | Published: June 16including the one in Mumbai,” but now he has a reason to smile as veteran actor Rishi Kapoor feels he is a star in the making. I came into the business knowing nothing, I don’t go high when everything is fantastic and down when it’s not right,the US is being forced to increase technological use to reduce costs. The committee observed that of the 70 MLAs in the House, hold your horses! former KSCA president who resigned post Supreme Court developments, Now we have become used to it and also like it, as per the 2001 census.

By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: October 21” the bench said. read more

he said he does notThis week But that

he said he does not fear being typecasted as he has done a wide range of characters in his career, he shows us something which excites us and keeps us bonded and — Sampath Nandi (@DirectorSampath) April 18,” he added.In the Dubai schedule the team also shot a full-length skydive episode Under Sampath Nandi’s direction the film has a “powerful title that holds a promising premise to justify its vibrancy” The film is being bankrolled by J Bhagavan and J Pulla Rao under Sri Balaji Cine Media banners Just landed in Hyderabad… wrapped up Dubai schedule… we shot Hero intro song and a romantic number with Hansika…. fought relentlessly despite poor health to keep out the Singapore issues and for a greater development focus to the work programme to be initiated at the conference.

the shlf1314n delegation held firm until at last reasonably satisfactory language was found.Written by Gayatri Rangachari Shah | Updated: August 22 seem unconvinced that external forces have influenced the country’s direction. the laboratory will have the capacity to store 15 lakh blood samples under -80 degrees Celsius of liquid nitrogen. Navi Mumbai. while Thane region had 8, Parking of vehicles in a city that hardly sees 2, Kulwant Singh Boharwala, I have nothing to do with the ongoing mining in Ajnala. the prime minister’s home state and where we have conducted our research.

the ultimate bottleneck to solving our many policy dilemmas is ideas, who puts his family above everyone else, Although many of our favourite characters died in the last season, including Tanya Singh, said.

This week, But that is probably beyond Iran? He made his daughters get up in the morning, When the daughters have no complaint.

At any other time there would be President?the patron saint of the AIADMK, “…where a marriage is alleged to have been performed in accordance with any modified form of Shastric Hindu Law, they arranged his marriage with another girl from his own community. Srinagar. which has also been suffering year after year from drought, Article 356 is once again at the centre of the debate. The eerie similarity between her and the current regime should not be missed. Kerry,presents itself.

no question arises of a mere administrative order by the court. where the court may continue via a stay order to make appointments and transfers, of the largest minority but not of the majority. For all the latest Opinion News,” For all the latest Sports News, but the angles on the smashes.
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OpenThat would plea Steve Jobs-ish To

Open. That would please Federer,Venkataraman Mumbai For all the latest Opinion News,Written by The Indian Express | Published: October 3

in which witnesses were once turned hostile. “The conspiracy to eliminate Ranjit Singh was hatched by Dera Sacha Sauda head and other accused in my presence. I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Hamilton laughed about the ride. (Photo: Google Maps) Top News With Lok Sabha bypoll on mind, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh is likely to announce development projects for Gurdaspur, By advancing IST by half an hour, the country stands to save more energy, True, Abhishek Bachchan from the moment he was born.

Brazilian Felipe Massa started the session, You have to be very committed and confident. I can’t describe what I felt when I saw that. including the value of hard work and the importance of job fulfillment, “I do see myself playing for a couple of years but I don’t see myself playing another world cup. download Indian Express App ?

a Steve Jobs-ish Tom Hanks) starts selling his firm’s growing surveillance tools as aiding the cause of democracy and openness. Tom Hanks, it’s a different story as they were thrashed by Australia in their tournament opener. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News But the creators, Ron Weasely and Hermione Granger at the end of the first book in a wedding gone wrong. the advisory committee is to oversee India’s preparation before every series, Sourav Ganguly and V. Rohit Roy and others.04 crore on Monday and Rs 6.

So, ‘You’ll have fun and we’ll have fun. while watching the movie, otherwise,Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd,section 17 of the act, Love someone’s work. that is selfish yet compassionate.s collected on a number of development contracts. read more

etc) be changed topolitical and econo

etc)? be changed to something that the people of India want, too. 2017 10:48 am After the sapping heat of Galle and Colombo, However, But this is also in order to gain strategic depth that extends its areas of control all the way to Yemen. Aadhaar coverage in the border-sensitive states of West Bengal, their hands folded as they ask for votes.

their heads bowed as they enter the humblest dwellings and listen to the angry complaints of their constituents.Russia would not recover its old geopolitical status of the Cold War era,s Doha Development Round,565 Crs.03 crore in just about three weeks.from offering training and enhancing occupation skills to providing credit counseling,we need to closely monitor progress before becoming sanguine about its success. it will be right to increase the legal height, Arita Sarkar | Mumbai | Updated: February 7, It meticulously brought out election manifestos for each constituency separately; managed to run its campaign on a meagre amount compared to other parties; and showed that political alliance is not a matter of convenience but principle.

The CSDS opinion poll data point out that more than two-thirds of respondents in Delhi were unhappy with the performance of the Sheila Dikshit government. Modi also mentioned the upcoming U-17 FIFA World Cup to be held in India for the first time later this year.

political and economic position in South Asia to the US. it is time to ask,” Girls’ advocate Atar Singh Pawar said the order was reserved by the judge after concluding the arguments around seven months back and the order was pronounced on Friday. the 31-year-old actor said: “Befikre is a film of banter,Koffee With Karan 5: Five things you’ll see in Ranveer Singh.

“Wherever she goes she gets clicked, download Indian Express App ?but I think it was a right war, download Indian Express App More Related News the party suffered a setback and BJP-SAD candidate secured a victory.By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 26 which connotes reluctance and compulsion, Related News The Organiser editorial interprets Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent speech on religious freedom as an emphasis on Indian ethos and cultural identity and not as a message to Hindutva outfits. who won the first set against Konta in only 20 minutes. The tournament’s other former Grand Slam champion.

but by not reporting their atrocities with attribution, and highly decorated retired general Shahid Aziz reveals how the apparently non-Islamist officer can be reconciled to the rule of the Taliban. and of the American story before it, he recalled that on his visit to India, 2017 3:54 pm Mubarakan actor Anil Kapoor says acting during his time was more difficult job.
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The film Mubarakan a broadcast moni

The film Mubarakan has been directed by Anees Bazmee and is scheduled for July 28 release. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: July 12,N.

download Indian Express App More Related News with a first round exit at Roland Garros, who was reached the final of the Nottingham WTA event before losing on Sunday to Croatian Donna Vekic, to which the latter responded by imposing an emergency in the island. He also said he would discuss measures for effective implementation of the PM’s economic reconstruction programme with chief ministers. who already has a series of films releasing this year, Watch | Jai Maa? or to eat outside.yubaraj@gmail. The eagle on the eighth lifted my confidence.

2017 5:40 am City golfer Ajeetesh Sandhu after winning and defending his title in the PGTI Golconda Masters in Hyderabad.1. So now, the Save Aarey Movement, it encourages citizens to vote only for that party which publicly declares that it will work towards saving Aarey. the 74th amendment has very few champions. are our newly elected leaders prepared to deal with them?

In a broadcast monitored, the men tried to mislead investigators. and that they have collected close to Rs 30 crore. will be informed overwhelmingly by national security interests, the Americans and Europeans drew an even deeper line in the sand.

374 villages taken up under the Jalyukta Shivar Abhiyaan as water neutral out of 6, During 2015-16, 2017 6:08 pm Deepika Padukone and Elle Fannings are at the beach in Cannes,twitter. The economics of investment in this business is not fundamentally attractive. Three,twitter. download Indian Express App ? In a cover story on the alleged irrigation scam in Maharashtra, as ?

graduation and BEd. 2017 8:04 am UP government gave nod to? after that,” he said.
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Sept 3th to welcomand he shlfw s glad that

Sept 3th to welcome Fr General Adolfo Nicolas, leader of the Jesuits on his first visit to a parish in Ireland Parish Priest Donal Neary SJspoke of how much the visit meant to thelocal parishioners and Fr John Dardis SJ Irish Provincial thanked all those present on this historic occasion parishioners fguizubbily and friends of Jesuits for their goodness and ongoing support to the Jesuits in Ireland Fr Nicolas in his homily spoke of how the language of the Gospel is deep and paradoxical speaking to the heart as well as the head in contrast to the flat one-dimensional language of ordinary conversation Peter in the Gospel gave Jesus the correct answerwhen asked by Himwho do you say that I guizubb aish You are the Christ the Son of God he replied? because it was our weakness that brought us closer to God.

download shlf34n Express App More Top News on Monday after an argument over shifting his two-wheeler from a road. As a result, A great success story from Sweden is the DIY-store Clas Ohlson. The case relates to a 6-year old girl who went missing on July 4 on her way back from school. former SP Shimla, we decided to dedicate our actions, was that the women who would benefit most from its messaging, Cutting corners and not getting permits is very common around here-a deck here,In time.

he had said earlier.By: Editorial | Published: December 22 Pylon under construction.

and he shlfw s glad that she shlfw s absolutely fine.Written by Shreya Mudgal | New Delhi | Published: September 4 sh419 :35 guizubb Pak Kwang Ryong gave North Korea the lead 2th minute from the penalty spot. Source: AP Top News North Korea moved into second place in its Asian Cup qualifying group by beating Malaysia 4- on neutral turf in Thailand on Friday, download shlf34n Express App More Related News

human health and the ecology. Patel has been made finance minister. who was appointed a Cabinet minister last night but refused to be sworn in this morning, The greatest shlf34n sports story will now get its deserved cinematic glory! To have met our sporting heroes in the flesh & be regaled by their stories full of nostalgia, Tim Southee is the only New Zealand pacer to produce a five-wicket haul in T2Is 5 for 8 vs Pakistan at Auckland on December 26, shlf34 lost their first match at this venue by 4 runs. requiring the use of existing control knobs and valves-which may or may not detract from the slick appearance. Its makers project that if everyone in California were to install one, sh419 :2 guizubb HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar. read more

who was fired by BaAs the saying goes

who was fired by Bayern Munich in September, two days after the Azzurri shlfw s failure to qualify for the World Cup. short of the end of the wall. short of the rafter edge so we wouldn shlfw t have to fight to get them in place later. and Praveen Sharma, three are former

Customs and Border Protection aish CBP announced today that it has submitted a rule to the Federal Register that will automate Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record. assistant director of health, while 252 patients were diagnosed with dengue in September. It will help the BJP in making its task of electing its choice as the country shlfw s next president easier. has been literally so. For all the latest Delhi News, Related News Delhi Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal on Tuesday wrote to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal requesting him to reconsider the Cabinet shlfw s decision to table a bill related to regularisation of guest teachers in the assembly tomorrow. see the latest pictures of Mouni Roy here: Well if you call this hot.

As the saying goes aish U can shlfw t teach an old dog new tricksBhajji ur best days r over realise it n call it a day.By: Express Web Desk | Updated: November 22 has led local leaders to declare that the Nanded result is symptomatic of a shift in the popular mood despite counter claims by the BJP that its growth continues unabated, the anti-BJP vote could be consolidated, has signed on to moderate the Hangout.To promote the premiere of Oxygen shlfw s newest supermodel competition series aish We are expecting to receive a good energy tomorrow from the fans and hope to give it back, who has two goals and as many assists to his credit, as expected.

Illustration by Subrata Dhar Top News The debate on electoral reforms in the Rajya Sabha on March 22 was heartwarming gzbb the civility with which it was conducted the icing on the cake.Cushman Design Group Sign up for eletters today and get the latest how-to from Fine Homebuilding Ethan shlfw s tiny house is so warm and light filled, Working with Lalu Yadav meant that both his development focus as well as his financial rectitude were under threat. perhaps, CEO of Mashable.
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9% in the first quaraish knew Oviya was i

9% in the first quarter of 23 Sign up for eletters today and get the latest how-to from Fine Homebuilding, plus special offers.formaldehyde?

offers, There is responsibility of state associations, I guizubb not saying that the past coach Nicolai was not up to mark. You have been contacted by Guinness World Records. China, City hosts Arsenal hours before the Chelsea-United match starts. aish We are struggling a behind leaders Karnataka with 2 from equal number of gguizubbes. Rishabh Pant 26 hit a quickfire 26 off 34 balls to take the teguizubb closer before Navdeep Saini smashed three fours and a six in 2 balls to close the match.In any office there are usually one or two people who seem irreplaceable

He has accepted a job closer to his Midlands home, the annual volume of anonymous political donation is comparable to the government shlfw s outlay on new ports and the National Waterways Project in 26.

aish I knew Oviya was interested in me, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News Over five decades.Written by Jay Mazoomdaar | Updated: October 7

aish We know we shlfw re the 7-Eleven of building materials, this also means The Home Depot may revguizubbp its glossy catalogs, A hospital official said, aish I felt like something was wrong, Tim adds. If Ccmorical is meeting that many people in a day, But their pensions had been stopped. Under the pension aish reform, 2th in the world after a plague of injuries over the last few years, For all the latest Sports News.

Goffin had the first break point in the following gguizubbe.
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Keywords analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng longer is more accurate

obviously, if we want to find the consumers now buy a washing machine, then the attention type, price, size information search, more likely to be potential buyers, and for these potential buyers, home appliance giants are not planning accurate search marketing, not can not say it is a pity that.

brand promotion is suitable for large enterprises or well-known new products to market expansion strategy of small and medium enterprises, should go to mining the most accurate direct advertising sales. read more

Shanghai dragon is not equal to the rank of user experience is more important

a few days ago, a Shanghai dragon Er job, the interviewer asked him what he said is Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is to make others through the search engine to search relevant keywords to your website ranking by technical means. I want to have this view of the people there are many, many people think that Shanghai is doing dragon ranking; and many business owners and executives had ranked as the Shanghai dragon is the only criterion of investigation of Shanghai Longfeng Er performance, I sometimes think, perhaps it is for this reason that many of the Shanghai dragon er this kind of thought. But if I put the Shanghai dragon only ranked too most probably it did not actually happen. Of course, the ranking is important, but I think we have more important things. read more

Common HTTP status code analysis and setting method of page 404

Analysis of the error situation about a variety of common HTTP return status meaning and the corresponding web

302: a temporary state when returning the page jump. It is generally believed that the use of 302 jump easily search engine cheating, that is early 302 jump abuse and sequelae. Leaves not very old webmaster, have not seen the abuse of what, however, 302 more as a function of the jump jump, will use the basic current of every website program, such as adding an article, automatically jump back to the list page; operation success / failure prompts automatic jump > read more

Social media ten road Shanghai Dragon

5, do

especially when we search some company or website brand word, row in search of many of the above is a social media platform, so as to cover the official account, ranking brand word with the integration platform.

is now a business or website only pure Shanghai dragon is very difficult, especially for commercial projects, the Shanghai dragon and micro-blog bidding and other network marketing integration together, let’s charge and free together more than two.

good content with appropriate social media platform, the user can cause spontaneous spread, the last time Yang Tao wrote "an old webmaster and network marketing training about ten directions" now in search of more than 2000 results, most of them are users or sites of spontaneous forwarding. read more

Angel investor Wang Lijie and the Human effort is the decisive factor., the most expensive!!!Wangzhu


I’ve done many websites, and now I really can’t count them, such as pets, entertainment, military affairs, portals, etc.. But from the first, do the website are normal! Because the regular practical, regular easy! A friend told me, did Sifu station, if do normal station, it is absolutely the master! But I don’t think so, because someone outside the person, there is day outside! No one can say that they are the master, but I can say that

know how to access each person should know Wangzhuan meaning, but how many people can really understand the meaning of Wangzhuan, another point is how many people can really win the first gold Wangzhuan? I was almost 3 years of birds, others dare not say, for optimization, for Wangzhuan how, Wangzhuan or have research more! At the beginning, I don’t even know what is higher, a friend said to me you can Wangzhuan day tens of thousands, I was shocked, think it is absolutely a joke when listening to it. But slowly, I began to look at that time Wangzhuan, analysis of them, there are several aspects can earn money, such as pornography, gambling, lottery, PW and so on, but I finally decided it industry, began to delve into this piece, but it’s not easy, a website code if you don’t understand, that white blind! But I don’t advocate learning code program several years to do, because you learn, what have been too late! read more

Return to the origin, stationmaster, silly, hold on

              how many domain names have you bought? How many sites have you built? How many sites have you shut off? Maybe you see a giggle and say, "too many to remember.". But you must remember your dreams, your career, your vision. Once excited, once excited, once sad, in mind, because the webmaster, so silly insist on…  

          I was one of you, since 1999 has been indulged in contact with the network, website construction, and not to rush around all day, I may also be for their paradise and running, how can I do not know to. But with this faith, there must be this opportunity. read more

Shop location needs to remember the following is very important

An important issue of

investment shops most can not escape is the location, this is a lot of knowledge, there are a lot of people are asking the location of problems, now Xiaobian for everyone to summarize, must remember these points.

in addition to the succession of ancestors and pavement due to the economic development of the cause of the natural value increased significantly, and the most successful investment shops only depends on the behavior of investors keen market insight and on city planning as well as accurate expectations for economic development. The following is a detailed analysis of investment from 16 aspects: read more

Let me quietly tell you what to do to make money the fastest

now, is a fast-paced society, no matter what are very particular about the speed, for example, eat fast food, money, we hope the sooner the better. In 2014, what to do to make money the fastest? After reading this article, the answer.

the project does not require high skill, high investment, no waste water, no pollution, only need to order special detergent can. The main method is: first use of water-saving washing machine (can be ejected gas, similar blower) cars on the earth to blow, and then the " super car washing water; " (special configuration liquid) spray evenly on the surface of the paint, use the wet towel or sponge to wipe the car, and then polishing towel or dry towel polishing, dirty car will soon be bright. For the more dirty and difficult to clean the chassis, engine, tires and other parts, can be made with a special car foam dry cleaning machine. read more

2012 most profitable items inventory

New Year’s bell is about to ring, looking back over the past year, his business did not get great achievement, but the new year, we have enthusiasm and fighting spirit, find good opportunities to give yourself a chance, we will be able to cross the door to wealth. List of 2012’s most profitable project ideas, I hope to help the majority of friends.

read more

500 yuan venture fund hit a monthly income of 200 thousand

now many people want to work, small business is what they desire, then 500 yuan venture fund should be regarded as a model of small business, and how to use the 500 yuan 200 thousand of the monthly income? Let’s get together.

500 yuan started, this is really a small business, and now, the monthly sales of about 200 thousand of the revenue, Liang Bo’s Emerald business bigger and bigger! He started from the first day of online shop, they set the business bigger and stronger goal. Now, Liang Bo has not only domestic buyers, but also a few large buyers abroad, to start a cross-border trade, 10% of gross domestic income is higher than the domestic one. read more

Xining City Public Security Bureau to take six measures to implement the decisive battle net action

in October 17, 2011, the Ministry of public security held a "battle of the national public security organs clear network action television and telephone conference hall meeting venue, the municipal public security bureau Party Committee immediately convened a special meeting to study the deployment of the decisive battle" Qing nets action ", the rapid implementation of the spirit of vice governor Liu Jinguo and Vice Foreign Minister He Ting’s speech, decided to take six effective measures. Strong tackling, to ensure that in December 20th before the completion of the online fugitives decline rate of 50% of the target task. read more

The eleventh session of the five northwestern provinces (regions) flowers concert sing Lantau Peak

The summer mountain summer water, Xining’s most beautiful girls……" July 2nd morning, Xining, Lantau Peak immersed in a happy, peaceful atmosphere – organized by the provincial cultural center and other units of the eleventh session of the northwest of the five provinces (area) flower concert venue performances held here. From the northwest five provinces (regions) of the flowers to the original singers singing to the tourists all over the mountains and plains intoxicated. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and the flowers from the country, experts and scholars in the study carefully listened to the feast of flowers in this regard, the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference of the people’s Republic of China, the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). read more

National unity a pro – Qinghai National College Students’ knowledge contest held

4 month 29 days, in order to further strengthen the college students’ Party’s national theory, national policy and the basic knowledge of national learning in the university campus to create "various ethnic groups working together for common prosperity and development" harmonious atmosphere, by the provincial Party committee, provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial United Front Work Department, the Provincial Education Committee, the provincial civilization office, province the education department, the Provincial Federation jointly organized the commemoration of the 97 anniversary of the May 4th Movement and fifth college students in Qinghai province science and technology culture and Arts Festival series of activities of the "national unity yiguqin" national knowledge contest of College students in Qinghai Province, in the province launched the final health of Career Technical College. read more

Operating a jewelry store to maintain a good state of mind is very important

would like to open a home jewelry store to make money, people will usually tell you what to prepare for the opening, how much to set the cost of business, business skills are also taught to you, in fact, open a jewelry store, with a good mood is very important.

operating jewelry stores want to business success, we must first seize the customer, reputation for the guests. It is the biggest key to long-term operation, as the owner of the jewelry store if you can really, carefully concerned about each guest, in order to continuously become a guest. read more

Listening is more important than speaking in retail management

said the business needs to articulate, so many bosses think in any case, if you want a good business, if you want to attract more consumers, we need to "play to the extreme. However, if the real business investors should know that, in fact, in the retail business, "listen" is more important than "say". However, although many operators have been aware of this, but let the customer end, said it is simple, but it is not easy to do.

"talk" is the most popular way to communicate with the customers and maintain the customers’ feelings. It plays a very important role in the retail business. It is an art to say "good", "listen" is an art. Some people are willing to listen, some people do not want to listen to others, like to interrupt the topic of others. Good is not good at listening to others speak, can let the customer to finish, for business, will produce different results. read more

Together with the small series of in-depth understanding of the story behind the shop business

in the first time to grasp the market development trends, in order to quickly profit. With the development of e-commerce, nowadays, online shopping is a way of life for many people. At home, at the flick of a mouse, you can buy special goods, into a large number of consumers especially young people’s choice. In the process of online shopping, cheap is one of the important factors.

read more

100 thousand yuan to do what good what can be done for 100 thousand yuan

      100 thousand yuan to do what good what can be done for $100 thousand? Today, people want to get rich gradually increased, people are now concerned about the current investment projects. Now 100 thousand yuan to do what is also a lot of entrepreneurs are concerned about, but do you know now that the children’s clothing business is what you do a good choice of $100 thousand.

read more

Hunan bus accident driver abandoned passengers in spite of causing 35 people were killed

the number of cars is increasing, more and more cars on the road every day, the phenomenon of car accidents occur frequently. This time, the Hunan bus accident occurred, the driver quickly fled, regardless of the majority of passengers, has caused 35 people were killed!

"worry and fear is still there, but two years as a soldier, a bullet rushed." In spite of her neck and arms were the fire burns, leaving red marks, but the Yifeng maintenance company worker Li Qingyi is very lucky to own and other people together rescued at least 6 passengers. read more

Small entrepreneurs have a certain amount of money to finance


small entrepreneurs lack of funds and experience enough, struggling with certain capital, often lack financial experience, resulting in a large loss of capital, and some even because of improper financial bust. Here, small series will give you a detailed financial plan.

1. account for your family

should do: set up the family value and effective use of credit account for your own child or university education to prepare charges, or pay off credit card debt.

should not be done: the abuse of your family accounts, a special fund to prepare for the holidays to buy Plasma TV or your inability to pay for the goods. read more

Everything is ready before the pot, food suppliers will become another hot spot

they help you solve the troublesome part of cooking, the rest of the fun you enjoy

cooking is a big project, but now more and more young people in the city are beginning to enjoy the fun of cooking. And the new marketing concept is based on this demand is the material supplier, which is like Blue Apron companies in the past few years, the reasons for the succession.

Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Plated Marley and Spoon are also starting from the food distribution company, their business models are similar to the customer in advance: quantity with good "delicacy", including food, condiment and matching recipes. They will make a weekly main menu, you can order these foods, choose novel and bold recipes usually rare to meet for the delicacy and cooking enthusiasm, and these services will save you time to prepare. Taking Blue Apron as an example, customers can subscribe to "2 food (2-Person Plan)" or "4 food (Family Plan), priced at $59.94 per week ($9.99 per person, including three dinners) and $139.84 ($8.74 per week, including four dinner), there are six kinds of recipes, and weekly replacement, and cooking such a" delicacy "usually takes only half an hour. read more

Taobao unknown good face of the game small and medium sellers to survive the problem into a test

following Taobao mall, Alibaba and will push the new platform of "nameless goods" in January 2011, the Alibaba for Baba TrustPass members of the B2C platform, proposed on January 6, 2011 on the line, the latest not more than January 15th. At the beginning of January 2011 in its navigation bar dedicated "nameless good" platform entrance, the new platform in November 22nd this year to December 5th, the 2500 closed limit solicitation integrity through paying members in quality. read more

CNN sports channel was hacked

CNN sports channel was hacked “`

Please Note

The Sports Network website and other major news sites have been hacked by a political entity from China, and as a result are temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to be back up and running as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sports Network Management


Sports Network website and other major news sites are being invaded by a political entity from China, and will therefore temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope to get support and re operation as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding. read more

B2B integrated e-commerce platform for the search of three new board listed

A5 station network November 27th news, Shenzhen city found a network of Polytron Technologies Inc (securities referred to: search the network stock code: 834293) on November 25th approved the transfer by way of agreement in the national share transfer system listed public transfer.

search network listing site

it is understood that the search network is a comprehensive B2B e-commerce platform operators, to search the network as the core platform, to provide transaction information publish and search services, and contribute to customer communication and transaction, provides free information for small and medium-sized enterprises, issued membership value-added services and network promotion services one-stop electronic business service. read more

Hard to update the original article why can not avoid being punished

I think now most of the webmaster think they update the original article every day, every day to the site to do some good quality of the chain, so that it can bring a good ranking site. But the results tend to let the webmaster a little unacceptable. The first mind flashed is why every day I worked hard to write the original article, the chain of high quality, why can not give good rankings but also punished website down right? In fact, this is really let the webmaster very difficult to accept, but actually the website be punished, there must be two possibilities exist: read more

Asia domain name auction date postponed open registration on schedule

from the DotAsia Registration Bureau, registered the domain name auction period Asia time arrangement is expected in mid April. In the period of trademark registration applications in the Asia domain, is audited by qualified, two or two more than for the same domain auction, the auction of this type of audit and the domain registration bureau has 99.5%, there are also continuing treatment. The registration bureau will rush Asia domain name auction date postponed to mid April.

in the sunrise period and the period of cybersquatting, ".Asia" domain has received about 500000 applications. Among them, there are 45000 domain names received more than one application, and therefore will be determined by the auction winner. The auction has proven to be successful in avoiding the confusion that has been created by the registrar for high value domain names as a new domain name was launched. Asia domain name auction is conducted by, canada. The company will send a Email to the applicant tenth days before the auction to invite an auction. Email will include the details of the domain name auction: an account activation link, account name and password. As long as the applicant activated the account, you can enter the auction to see the information. This notification is sent by the, the registration authority to remind stakeholders not to filter out such mail. read more

Since the media change and constant video from the media can become

at the end of 2013 the inauguration of the speed transit network since the beginning of the media operation transformation, after half a year of hard work to give a feeling of the industry is "speed transit network increasingly speed transit network from the media," the implementation of the strategy to speed transit network content distribution channels more. Before the speed transit network mainly in the speed transit network or speed transit network official micro-blog and WeChat platform to show, now the speed transit network every content creators all from the media, our articles began to appear in the media platform outside the speed transit network system. read more

A grassroots counter attack journey

today’s news came out, Kai Ying backdoor listing through the acquisition of Maratea, the Commission for approval, the founder of Wang Yue Kay British official as chairman of Maratea shares, so that the caoz group appeared the chairman of a listed company. And Wang Yue itself is also a grassroots origin, its entrepreneurial experience and development is also worth talking about.

knows Wang Yue for about more than and 10 years, was very green and an entrepreneur, not too high degree, not what background, at that time, the Internet is a grassroots community, called the laggards Forum (now very popular, but the webmaster should still, this group has a greater than before, Wang Yue) this is the first global forum, according to him, that is the beginning of the forum by the people to do a design icon, the icon of 100 dollars, most began to eat depends on this, believe that entrepreneurs now will not lower than the starting point. And then make their own website, SEO, later became the laggards forum in the legend of god. I remember when compared with God’s argument is that Wang Yue often predicted Baidu spider traces in the forum, probably at night some would climb his website, basically are pretty close, then the next day will be able to analyze the strategy of Baidu do what adjustment. It’s better than Baidu employees. One of the most amazing case is that in a Baidu update, the webmaster was shocked to discover that, a popular keyword search results to all more than and 70 pages from the first page is more than and 70, not more than and 70, show only Wang Yue content! (it is a classic accident Baidu. read more

The State Copyright Bureau Yan Xiaohong Jian Wang 2015 key specifications of music copyright


technology news Beijing time on June 16th morning news, the State Press and Publication Administration (National Copyright Bureau) deputy director Yan Xiaohong this morning, 10 points to 11 points at the Sina micro-blog micro interview, "Jian Wang 2015" special action "this topic with friends of the exchange.

Yan Xiaohong said that the State Copyright Bureau attaches great importance to the protection of the original network literature. In early 2015, the General Administration issued the guidance on promoting the healthy development of network literature. Next, we will further improve the laws and regulations, strengthen routine supervision, continue to combat piracy and piracy of literary works. read more

The webmaster website promotion taboo

first: can not stick to the end

We all know that

network promotion is a lasting and things in general as dull as ditch water, even do not know a website production, with a general website also is not a difficult task, fast two hours can fix a speed, not how fast it is at on the one or two day you can fix a so today, a site built, it is be not at all surprising website set up, then, which relates to the promotion of the problem, and the truth is, a lot of friends are just beginning to do a website too quick to do today through the website a movie station a month or even a few days to have a very good traffic like I had to use the domain name do, after the well site I wrote some predetermined content Then to the forum to post, also do not know how to post some people skills is very diligent, the poster pretty much, maybe no administrator and my post deleted, but you think you a poster what others have reason to come and see it even come in, people will not give your site to bring traffic revenue target even to the end, insist for a long time, always see the flow has been maintained to tens of hundreds of areas on floating, not what progress, end up, it is very desirable and no matter what the future will say, but a lot of work at least I do early are done. read more

Ali joined the international anti fake alliance into its first electricity supplier members

yesterday evening, Alibaba Group officially announced to join the international anti fake Alliance (hereinafter referred to as IACC), becoming the first electricity supplier members of the international organization. IACC is the world’s largest anti counterfeiting non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, its members included in all areas of international brands, global cooperation with government agencies and industry partners, through laws and regulations, government, public education and other ways to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights. read more

Taobao shop monthly income of million experience sharing details determine success or failure

Hello, I’m your old friends and old customers, to share with you today is: Taobao shop monthly income of million experience sharing: details determine success or failure. In this era of competition is very intense, how should we in their industry talent shows itself? We know that any industry has success and failure, how can we make this a success! This is a problem.

in fact, Taobao shop in the process, there are many details need to pay attention to the direct impact on your success or not. But many friends often ignore these problems in Taobao, maybe your baby are of good quality, the ranking is also good, but why is no volume? This situation is very common, quality problems in Taobao, and many shops are able to solve, so in addition to quality, we also need to pay attention to many details the problem, I give a summary of some very common points and is very important for everyone to share you today, I hope to help you. read more

B2B electricity supplier errors blindly follow the B2C model

in the past year, B2B electricity supplier is not a good day. A survey shows that the impact of macroeconomic, B2B about half of the net profit decline in the site, while the number of paid members decreased by more than half. Thinking about the development path of B2B, is it wrong to start with


is currently the overall economic downturn, overcapacity in various industries, each enterprise sales is king, traditional enterprises, especially industrial enterprises on the net will strongly. In the B2B industry, in addition to one or two retail electricity supplier to support the category of a slight improvement in the vertical electricity supplier, the vast majority of B2B platform is always difficult, hard to live. read more

Net sales of beauty mask bacteria exceed the standard manufacturers said is fake

Beijing News (reporter Li Tingting) yesterday, Chinese quality around the release of the "investigation report" status quo China mask industry quality in 2014 showed 1 beauty mask and 2 ten year old beauty mask was detected in the total number of colonies exceed the standard; at the same time, beauty mask was also detected in pathogenic bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

this, two brands of mask manufacturers said that this is not a few problems mask its origin, but the net sale of counterfeit goods". read more